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HOW TO GET BETTER AT CHESS: CHESS MASTERS ON THEIR ART, Evans, Silman, & Roberts, Los Angeles, 1991, p, mint.254p. Despite the title, this is a really wonderful chess book which gives a lot of good advice from very strong players, but which is also a compendium of example games from most of the world's best players with interesting notes. In addition the anecdotes about many of the world's best are gems! $24

MODERN CHESS MINIATURES, Barden & Heidenfeld, p, exc, sl. discoloration at leading edge, 148p, 161 brilliant miniatures. With good notes. $5

THE FIRESIDE BOOK OF CHESS, Chernev &  Reinfeld, NY, 1949. h, vg, for beautiful games, positions, chess problems As good as it gets! in all theses categories!. Both authors were superb, both had fabulous memories of the chess literature and had joy in demonstrating their discoveries to others. Minor  corrections. $19

CONTENDERS FOR THE CROWN, R. Keene, London, 1994. Interesting for his evaluations of the contenders for the World Championship title 20 years ago along with a good selection of high-level games. 160p. $18


AUS VERGANGENEN ZEITEN,  L. Bachmann, 6 vols bd in 2. h, vg, sturdy bindings, a complete set, Essentially a collection of most of the known early games of Cochrane, Staunton, Horwitz, Kolisch, Mayet,  and even two by a Brandreth in London in the 1700's. With notes to many. About 1000 pages.  $325

BREVITY AND BRILLIANCY IN CHESS. M. J. Hazeltine, NY, 1866, h, exc, xvi + 249p. 

A good collection of largely early American games with light notes to some. $135.

10 CHEMPIONOV MIRA (10 WORLD CHAMPIONS), Averbakh, Kotov, Lilienthal. Covers the 10 Champions from Steinitz to Spassky with annotated games and positions for each. 157p. p, exc, Russian. $8


100 MASTER GAMES OF MODERN CHESS, Tartakower & Du Mont, Dover ed, NY, 1975. p, exc. A follow-on volume to the 500 Master Games above. Another fine set of well-annotated games. $10. b)London, 1954. h, good, but with many inked-in marginal notes, $13


100 PARTIDAS MAGISTRALES DEL AJEDREZ MODERNO, Tartakower & DuMont, 5th printing, 1969. The Spanish ed. 214p, p, vg, $15


100 PREISGEKRÖNTE SCHACHPARTIEN, W. Földeak, Berlin, 1952, h, exc, with original covers bd in. 135p. With good notes to each game. ELRS., $28. b) Berlin, 1964, 2nd ed, 136p, p, exc, $30


107 GREAT CHESS BATTLES, A. Alekhine, Oxford, 1980, transl. by Edward Winter. h, exc. A collection of games selected and annotated by Alekhine in the period he lived in Spain during WWII. They include 31 of his own games and also a good selection of the three masters he likely considered his most likely match opponents in a title match after the war. $32


175 CHESS BRILLIANCIES, P. Wenman, London, 1947, h, vg, pages not numbered. A collection of sprightly games with lt. notes. $18


200 MEGNYITASI SAKKCSAPDA, E. Gelenczei, Hungary, short games & opening traps. 20 moves or fewer arranged by openings. Many little-known games. 144p. p, vg, $18


200 MINIATURE GAMES OF CHESS, J. Du Mont, NY, 1965, p, vg, 287p. light notes. $14. b) Philadelphia, w/o date, (1940s), h, vg, but with many many marginal additional games in the hand of the person who evidently added hundreds of games w/o any note of the player's identities. $7. c) p, fair, covers soiled. OK for a working copy. $5  d) London, 1963, p, vg, 287p. $14


300 SCHWARZE GAMBITPARTIEN, W. Schneider, Band 1, Ludwigshafen, 1987, 45p. These unannotated gambit games are from 32 different gambits by Black. $6


444 SRAZHENNYKH KOROLYA, A. Roizman, Minsk, 1987, h, exc. 270p. A further 444 short sharp assaults on the King with lt. notes to each game. Arrangement by openings. Very good choices, not like some books I've seen where the win is by elementary blunder or "cheapo". $14


50 MINIATURE GAMES BY WORLD CHAMPIONS, Karpov, Moscow, 1986, Russian. h, exc, orig. covers bd in, ELRS, 160p. $16


50 MINIATYUR CHEMPIONOV MIRA, A. Karpov, Moscow, 1986, 50 chapters filled with miniatures (30 moves or fewer) by World Champions. 160p. p, exc, $16


500 MASTER GAMES OF CHESS, Tartakower & DuMont, in 2 vols., London, 1952, h, exc, with djs. ELRS, Vol. I, 508p, 237 games. Vol. II, Games 238-500. + 26 games at odds, blindfold, etc. 391p. With good notes to the gasmes. Bell edition. A notable collection. $95. b) Dover ed, NY, 1975, a one volume edition, 664 + iv p. p, vg, sl. word at cover edges. $18


99 SCHÖNHEITSPREISE AUS 159 SCHACHJAHREN, L. Steinkohl, Maintal, 1995. p, exc, Brief notes to exciting games. 128p. $12


A SAKKJATEK GYÖNGYEI, L. Forgacs, Budapest, 1910, FGML, ELRS, h, vg, penciled checkmarks, L/N 3206, Hungarian, 96p, selected first-rate games with lt. notes. A very scarce early games collection. $130


A TREASURY OF BRITISH CHESS MASTERPIECES, F. Reinfeld, Drexel Hill, 1950, h, exc, with dj. 244p. $32


ANTOLOGIJA SAHOVSKOG MAJSTOSTVA JUGOSLAVIJE, Vukovic, Rabar & Marovic, Zagreb, 1972, p, exc, 184p, several hundred games by the leading 100 or so Jugoslav masters. $30


AROUND THE CHESS WORLD IN 80 YEARS, N. Divinsky, 2 vols, p, exc, *, Vol. 1, with the games Lasker vs, Pillsbury, Rubinstein, Capablanca, Alekhine, and Botvinnik, with notes, in turn; and Vol. 2 the games Capablanca vs Alekhine, Rubinstein, Botvinnik; Alekhine vs Rubinstein. This is an interesting statistical study of the games between the top six players in that time period. $38 the set


BEST GAMES OF THE YOUNG GRANDMASTERS, C, Pritchett & Kopec, London, 1980, p, exc, 217p. covers Miles, Timman, Browne, Andersson, Hübner, Ribli, Ljubojevic, and Kasparov. How fast time moves! Except for Kasparov none of these players would be ranked in the top ten today. 87 games with interesting notes.$23


BEST OF BRITISH CHESS 1945-1989 PART 1, C. Leach, (Great Britain), 1991, p, mint, 73p, 179 games with notes in fine print. $18


BEST OF BRITISH CHESS 1945-1989 PART 2, C. Leach, (Great Britain), 1993, p, mint, 69p, 173 games with notes in fine print, $18

BLICK NACH DRAUSSEN, L. Steinkohl, Wiesbaden, 19948, rebd with orig. paper covers bd in. 64p. 60 fine attacking games. $32


B'LGARSKI SHAKHMATEN' ARKHIV' 1931-1981, S. Sergiev, p, mint, contains hundreds of games from Bulgarian tournaments w/o notes. 432p. Bulgarian. $30


B'LGARSKI SHAKHMATEN' ARKHIV' 1933-1948, S. Sergiev, p, mint, Bulgarian. 344p. Has the games of the Bulgarian CHs for those years. $30


B'LGARSKI SHAKHMATEN' ARKHIV' 1949-1955, S. Sergiev, p, mint, Bulgarian, 383p. Has the games of the Bulgarian CHs for those years. $30


B'LGARSKI SHAKHMATEN' ARKHIV' 1957-1962, S. Sergiev, p, mint, Bulgarian, 325p. Has the games of the Bulgarian CHs for those years. $30


BRITISH CHESS MASTERS PAST AND PRESENT, F. Reinfeld, London, 1947, h, exc, with dj. 93p. 52 well-annotated games by British masters from Cochrane to Golombek. $19


BRITISH CHESS, Botterill, Levy, Rice, Richardson. Oxford, 1983. h, exc, with dj. 297p. An interesting book because it is based on the games and compositiions of British OTB players, postal players and problemists of recent times including the lesser-known players, many of whom are represented by entertaining games with good notes. $60


CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS, P.W. Sergeant, revised by Reinfeld, NY, 1960, h, exc, a notable book with 64 world championship games with good notes and with commentary on the matches for the championship. $26


CHESS BY YOURSELF, F. Reinfeld, Philadelphia, 1946, Viii + 144p. Ten games with questions for the reader to find the best move and with answers to each question and a scoring system for evaluating the reader's responses. h, exc, with dj. $20. b) h, exc, $18


CHESS EXEMPLIFIED IN ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO GAMES OF THE MOST CELEBRATED PLAYERS , William Greenwell, Leeds (1890), L/N 1061. h, vg, with light notes. 142p. With interesting ads for chess sets, boards, and books in the back. $85


CHESS FROM MORPHY TO BOTVINNIK, I. König, NY, Bonanza Books edition, w/o date. An American version of the Bell edition. The Preface by the author is dated 1950, h, exc, Priomarily a study of chess theory in certain key openings such as the Ruy Lopez, Queen's Gambit Declined and Accepted, the English Opening, and the King's Gambit Accepted and declined via entire games in these openings. A very good book. $38


CHESS IN THE USA 1945-1972: Part 2: SICILIAN DEFENCE, C. Leach, (Great Britain), 1994, p, mint, 109p. 272 games with notes in fine print. $18


CHESS IN THE USSR 1945-1972 Part 2: THE CLOSED RUY LOPEZ, C. Leach, p, mint, 102p. 262 annotated games in fine print. $18


CHESS MARCHES ON!, R. Fine, 2nd printing, 1946. A fine games collection with Fine's excellent notes. h, fair. A good working copy, but with many underlinings. "As Is". $5

CHESS  MASTERPIECES, W.H. Watts, 50 selected games,London/ New York, (1924), p, exc. With protective plastic jacket. Light notes and some good photos of the leading players. $24


CHESS MASTERS ON WINNING CHESS, F. Reinfeld, NY, 1974, p, exc, 261p. 19 copiously annotated notes by a variety of great players. $19


CHESS STRATEGY AND TACTICS - 50 MASTER GAMES, Reinfeld & Chernev, Phila, 1946, h, exc, with dj. 179p. An excellent selection with good notes.


CHESS STRATEGY AND TACTICS, F. Reinfeld & I. Chernev, NY, 1933, the Black Knight Pressedition. In the 40s this was re-issued in a smaller-format. 101p. 50 very well annotated games from 1870 to 1933. $45


CHESS STUDIES: COMPRISING ONE THOUSAND GAMES ACTUALLY PLAYED DURING THE LAST HALF CENTURY, George Walker, London, 1844. Actually 1020 games w/o notes. h, vg, contents fine, but part of spine strip lacking, 3/4 leather and marbled boards. Wth an interesting 15-p introduction. With coat-of-arms bookplate of James D. Gallie, $235


CHESS UNDER THE MICROSCOPE, P. Motwani, London, 1998, p, mint, 256p. A very entertaining and instructive book with an original bent. Various games, not only the author's, are given microscopic examination. $21


CHESS: 60 YEARS ON WITH CAISSA AND FRIENDS, Alan Phillips, British Master and co-champion of Britain in 1954, Yorklyn, 2003, paperback, 185 pages. A collection of 200 games by British players from the 1950s to the present. 100 are Phillips¹ games and 100 are sparkling games by other British players, all with light notes. Also there are 37 good photos of the best British players of those days. $19


CHESSLETS, Dr. J. Schumer, London, 1928, a hodge-podge of different classifications: 1 collection of 14 outstanding games with notes based on literary quotations. 2) stalemates in master play. 3) False conclusions. 4) chess problems. 5) Chesslets. h, vg, a minor defect on 3 lines (with xerox of that whole page provided). With bookplate of the Philadelphia master and chess columnist, Isaac Ash. $48


CIEN NUEVAS PARTIDAS DE AJEDREZ (1939-1940), Zaragoza, 1940, h, vg, pages browning, but quite usable. 243p. Very detailed analysis of these 100 games. $50


COMPARATIVE CHESS, F.J. Marshal, Phila, 1932, h, exc, with dj(chipped & worn), 145p. Largely games from the Prague 1931 Olympiad where the US Team took the gold in an exciting last round. In my view Marshall's notes never did justice to his playing strength. He really was a "natural" player who was largely intuitive. $28

CONTENDERS FOR THE CROWN, R. Keene, London, 1994. Interesting for his evaluations of the contenders for the World Championship title 20 years ago along with a good selection of high-level games. 160p. $18

DANSK KORRESPONDANCE SKAK, V. Junker, Aabybro, 192p.Danish. 50 deeply annotated Danish postal games. Scarce. p, vg, $75 


DAS KLASSISCHE LÄUFEROPFER AUF h7/h2, H. Wieteck, Mönkloh, 1989, 50 annotated games featuring this famous bishop sacrifice. p, exc. $20


DIE NEUEN IDEEN IM SCHACHSPIEL, R. Reti, 1st ed, Vienna, 1922. A famous book. 121p. h, exc, rebd. $36


DIE NEUEN SCHACHSTERNE, H. Wieteck, Maintal, 1995, p, mint, 160p. 100 annotated games by the younger masters. $15


DIE WELTMEISTER DES SCHACHSPIELS, Barcza, Alfoldy, & Kapu, Budapest, 1975, the German edition. In two vols. Vol. I from Morphy to Alekhine, p, exc, 362p. Vol. II, Botvinnik to Fischer, p, exc, FGML, ELRS, 347p. Games with deep historical commentary. Too bad that this work has not been translated into English. In my opinion it is one of the most interesting things that needs translation into English. Sold only as a set. $75.


DYNAMIC CHESS, R.N. Coles, NY, 1966, Dover ed, p, exc, 195p. An excellent collection of fighting games with good notes. $8


E. BYKOVA, Moscow, 1951, p, vg, 184p. On Soviet female players with records of ladies events, brief biographies, and 50 well-annotated games. scarce. $46


EPIC BATTLES OF THE CHESS BOARD, R. N. Coles, rev. ed by Reinfeld & Horowitz, NY, 1952, h, vg, 50 fully annotated games174p, $20


EPIC BATTLES OF THE CHESSBOARD, R. N. Coles, NY, 1971, p, vg. covers worn. 50 fighting games woth nice notes. 173p. $5


FERNSCHACH KURZSCHLÜSSE, E. Dyckhoff, Düsseldorf, 1947, scarce. 24p. 44 brilliant brevities incl. 5 by Keres and 4 by Kurt Rattmann (the very successful chess book dealer). p, vg, ELRS, FGML. $30


FIFTY CHESS MASTERPIECES 1941-1944, R. Fine, Dover ed, NY, 1977. Originally published in 1945 as CHESS MARCHES ON. These games were originally published with Fine's excellent notes in his monthly column in CHESS REVIEW. p, exc, $10


FIFTY GREAT GAMES OF MODERN CHESS, H. Golombek, Philadelphia, w/o date (1942). Full notes. h, vg, $24. b) h, vg, with several pages of intensely packed inked-in notes. A good working copy. $6. c) Philadelphia w/o date, h, vg, with dj, marginal check marks. $18.


FIFTY GREAT GAMES OF MODERN CHESS, H. Golombek, Philadelphia, w/o date, h, exc, with dj, 88p. Great games, nice notes, $20


FINDING BOBBY FISCHER, D. Ten Geuzendam, Amsterdam, 1994. Although Fischer is mentioned a lot, this is basically interviews of leading players including Fischer as one small part. The interviews are extremely good reading, especially some of the stories Najdorf tells. 254p. A fascinating book. h, mint, $49.


GEMS OF THE CHESS BOARD, P. Wenman, Bristol, 1940, p, exc, 57 little-known fine games, though with sparse notes. scarce. $35


GRANDMASTERS IN PROFILE, D. Bjelica, Sarajevo, 1973, p, exc, 272p. Has only a few games, but this is a very interesting book because of the excellent accounts of the GMs quotes and description. Treated are Botvinnik. Bronstein, Euwe, Tal, Fischer, Spassky, Reshevsky, Smyslov, Stein, Gligoric, Keres, Korchnoi, Ivkov,.. $45.


GREAT GAMES BY CHESS PRODIGIES, F. Reinfeld, NY, 1972. p, vg, 246p. 56 annotated games by the four American prodigies Morphy, Capablanca, Reshevsky, and Fischer. $16


GROSSE REMISPARTIEN, W. Heidenfeld, Düsseldorf, 1968, German, 80p. p, exc. A very nice collection of 35 exciting drawn games from the period 1896-1966 with deep notes to these generally very tactical games. $22


HEITERES AUS DER WELT DES SCHACHS, Houska & Opocensky, Prague, 1961, h, exc, ELRS, 237p. Really not a games collection at all, but with so many biographical anecdotes this truly fascinating book is my candidate for the most desirable chess book to be translated into English. $60


HOW CHESSMASTERS THINK, Paul Schmidt, Coraopolis, 1988, p, mint,127p. A revised and expanded English version. These games are fully annotated, but only one is a game by Schmidt. All are by top-notch players. $22


HOW TO DEFEAT A SUPERIOR OPPONENT, E. Mednis, Los Angeles, 1989, p, mint. 312p. Although intended largely as a book of instruction, this is also a very good collection of 68 interesting games with exceptionally good notes. Notable is that all of these games are from 1973 and each involves one Soviet player. $21


INSTRUCTIVE MODERN CHESS MASTERPIECES, Igor Stohl, London, 2002, p, exc. 319p. 50 outstanding modern games with copious notes. This book won at least two book-of-the-year awards. As good a book as one can find in terms of displaying the richness of modern chess at the highest level. $25


INTERVIEW WITH A GRANDMASTER, A. & C. Summerscale, London, 2001, p, mint, 144p. Interviews with some of the top chess stars in 2001:Adams, Seirawn, Short, Akhalifman, Lautier, Sofia Polgar, Hodgson. Sutovsky, Rowson. A really excellent book not only for the interesting insights into the chess thinking of 9 very strong players, but also for the extremely well annotated games. Hopefully they will do another such book for another group of players, though today I think there are at least another 20 who deserve similar interviews and sample games.$20


IZBRANNIKI KAISSY, I Kagan, Petrozavodsk, 1983, p, exc, 214p. The World Champions from Steinitz to Karpov with discussions of their styles as well as examples from their games. Russian. $18


LEARN CHESS FROM THE WORLD CHAMPIONS, D.N. L. Levy, Pergamon Press, 1979, h, exc, 206p. Due especially to Alekhine's very revealing evaluation of Capablanca's style just after his win over Capa in their great match, this book is extremely good both for its instructive value and  additional evaluations such as Spassky on Fischer as well as excellent material by Tal, Botvinnik and Smyslov.  An outstanding book! $40 


LEHRREICHE KURZPARTIEN, J. Benzinger, Hamburg 1964, p, exc, 193p. 350 instructive short combinational games arranged by openings. $24


LESSER-KNOWN CHESS MASTERPIECES 1906-1915, ed by Fred Wilson. NY, 1976. p, exc. A good collection of games with brief notes from the Year-Book of Chess. 369p. O/P. $25


LESSONS WITH THE MASTERS, L. Evans & K. Smith, Dallas, 1989, p, mint, 133p. 20 fully annotated instructive games. $18

LIEDER OHNE WORTE- Sammlung Erstklassiger Schachpartien, Aus dem 1942 Jahre, VI Folge, Collected by Chalupetzky & Toth, p, vg, 72p. 150 choice games with very lt. notes. $26


LOS NIÑOS PRODIGIO DEL AJEDREZ, P. Moran, Barcelona, 1973, p, exc. 137p. 54 games, largely by Morphy, Capablanca, Reshevsky, Pomar, Fischer, Mecking as well as a few by players at an advanced age. $18


LYUBIMAYA IGRA – SHAKHMATY, Moscow, 1968, h, exc, 223p. chess in the Russian armed forces. Games, compositions (problems & EG studies). With some strong players such as Savon & Gufeld at the time they were in the Soviet forces. $20. b) h, vg, ELRS, $18.


MALE EESTIS 1965-1969, K. Rötova, Tallinn, 1972, Estonian. 261p, h, good, with some light waterstainingof the endpapers. A collection of many games in Estonia in this period with detailed notes and a chapter on rook & pawn endgames. $32. b) h, exc, $40.

MASTER CHESS, L. Prins, London, 1950, h, vg, with dj.  A very notable book. 205p. Excellent notes and very interesting gmes. Scarce. $48


MASTER CHESS PLAY, P. Wenman, London, 1951, h, vg, with a handwritten openings index on the endpapers. 106 selected games with light notes. $30


MASTERS OF THE CHESS BOARD, R. Reti, London, 1965, Bell ed, with dj, h, exc. 211p. One of the game's great classics despite some rather silly factual errors such as stating that Capablanca studied at Harvard (It was at Columbia University). $32. b) London, 1969, h, exc, with dj, Bell ed. $28. c) London, 1974, h, exc, with dj, $28 d) Dover reprint, 1976, p, exc, $9


MEET THE MASTERS, Cathy Forbes, Brighton, 1994. A very entertaining book due to the freshness and zest of the young author in chasing down interesting players such as Fischer, Seirawan, Kasparov, Short, Keene, Timman, Anand, Adams,... A few games are included, but the interviews are the thing. 160p. $22


MEET THE MASTERS, M. Euwe, London, 2nd ed, 1945. h, exc, with Barrett's bookplate, 279p. An English translation of the Dutch book in which Euwe introduced the Dutch public to the 7 players he was to compete against in the great AVRO tournament of 1938. Euwe's books are all of high quality. He gives evaluations of their play with sample games and positions. Kmoch rounded out the book with material on Euwe himself. Includes some good photos. Wood added a few more paragraphs to each chapter. $35. b) h, exc, $32. c) Philadelphia, 1940, h, vg, $36


MEMORABLE CHESS GAMES, W. Moffatt, Stroud, 1913, h, exc, with chess bookplate of a previous owner. Scarce (365 copies). 321 games in which the author asks questions about the play. Answers at the back. $140


MODERN CHESS BRILLIANCIES, L. Evans, San Francisco, 1994, p, exc, 287p, 101 brilliant games with lt. notes, good selections, though many are well-known. $22


MODERN CHESS MINIATURES, Barden & Heidenfeld, London, 1960, h, exc, with dj, 148p, 161 well-annotated short games, $30. b) p, exc, NY, 1977, Dover edition, $12.


MODERN CHESS, B. F. Winkelman, Phila., 1931, h, vg, 233p, a selection of games by the great masters from Philidor to Capablanca along with a few games by the author, who was in the 1920s to 1940s one of the best players in Pennsylvania, light notes to some. $25


MODERN MASTER-PLAY, Yates & Winter, London, 1929, h, vg, with some light pencilled marginalia. 105p. An excellent selection of games with good notes. $40. b) London, 1929, h, exc, with James Barrett's chess bookplate, $46. c) h, fair, some loose pages, covers worn, some good photos. London, 1929, $20


MOSKVICHI ZA SHAKHMATNOI DOSKOI, Shaburov & Matsyukevich, Moscow, 1980. p, vg, chess life in Moscow: many photos, annotated games, compositions. 140p. $18


NETERPENIE DOBROTY, V. Vasil'ev, Moscow, 1980. h, exc, rebd, ELRS. 176p. No games. Largely about Soviet female players. $16


NEUE SCHACHSTERNE, S.G. Tartakower, Wien, 1935, 143p, pages uncut, p, exc, Representative games of 30 of the then newer masters of that time with Tartakower's exc. notes. $15


OD STEINITZA DO BOTVINIKA, V. Vukovic, Zagreb, 1950, Vol. II. Alekhine - Euwe - Botvinnik. Serbo-Croat. h, vg, corners chipped. ELRS. 252p. Vukovic had the reputation of being an extremely good analyst. He gives the games between each of these players and their chief rivals with his very deep notes. $32


ONE HUNDRED CHESS GEMS, P. Wenman, Phila., w/o date, ca. 1939. Great games but skimpy notes. h, exc, $28


OXFORD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHESS GAMES, Vol. I 1485-1866, Levy & O'Connell, h, exc, with dj (partly sun faded), about 4000 games from this period. A monumental work with lt notes to some. $85


PARTIDE DECISIVE IN CAMPIONATELE MONDIALE DE SAH, C. Stefaniu, Bucarest, 1989, p, exc, 479p, gives the games w/o notes for the world championship matches through the Karpov-Kasparov matche of 1986, $28


RELAX WITH CHESS AND WIN IN TWENTY MOVES, F. Reinfeld, NY & London, 1948, h, exc, a nice collection of little-known miniatures with good notes. 154p. $14. b) US ed, NY, w/o date. h, exc, with dj. 150p. $16

SAMOUCHITEL' SHAKHMATNOI IGRY, E. Schiffers, a reprint  of the Moscow 1926 ed, Moscow, 2010, h, exc, 622p. Some 503 games arranged by openings with light notes plus some endings and instructional material. Russian. $53


SCHAAKMEESTERS, G.Kloosterboer, Gouda , 1925, p, exc, Biography & Games of the Great masters, Dutch. 76p. With 8 drawings of Morphy, Anderssen, Paulsen, Kolisch, Steinitz, Zukertort, Capablanca, Lasker, & sample games. Uncommon. $60


SCHACH UND SCHALOM, L. Steinkohl, Düsseldorf, 1995, a study of the prominence of Jews in chess, illustrated with 81 annotated games and many stories. 189p., p, exc. $24

SCHACHKAFFEEHAUS, A. Schneider, Kecskemet, 1999, p, mint, 160p, Quick wins in 2 to 10 moves! German.  $14


SCHACHKUNST IN DER UDSSR, S. Sprecher, Vienna, 1947, h, vg., spine strip repaired. 208p, German. An excellent collection of 51 choice annotated games, the notes being by top Soviet players. The games are from 1933 to 1947 and there is an extensive discussion of the Russian school of chess with examples. $28

SCHACHMEISTER DENKEN, P. Schmidt, 2nd ed, Heidelberg, 1960, 78p. 15 games between top players are subjected to extremely deep analysis by Grand Master Paul Schmidt. An excellent book. p, exc. $23


SCHACK OCH SCHACKMÅSTARE, G. Stahlberg, Stockholm, 1952, Swedish. p, exc, the original edition of CHESS AND CHESSMASTERS. With chapters and illustrative games for the leading players from Lasker to Bronstein. $45.  b) Stockholm, 1959, Swedish, autographed by Stahlberg, p, exc, $145.


SCHNELL MATT!, C. Hüther, Munich, 1913, h, exc, scarce. 333 brief brilliant games by famous masters and strong amateurs. xxxiii + 115p. The largest number of games are by Morphy and next by Anderssen, but with many by unknowns. $55


SECRETS OF THE RUSSIAN MASTERS, Alburt & L. Parr, NY, 1977. Rather elementary notes, but good for instruction. 229p. h, exc, with dj. $25


SHAKHI V UKRAINI, Y. Semenko, The Ukraine, 1993, h, exc. 223p. Largely an anthology of games by Ukrainian players, but with a section on EG studies as well. $28 b) h, vg, tops of a few pages torn not affecting text, $15.


SHAKHMATIE DUELI, A. Roizman, Minsk, 1976, p, exc, 174p. 200 short sharp games from master practice arranged by opening. $13


SHAKHMATISTY BELORUSSII, V. Nikiforovich, Minsk, 1972. p, exc, Chess in Belorus with mainly games plus a chapter on chess compositions. 109p. $20


SHAKHMATMYE MINIATYURY - 400 Kombinatsionaykh Partii, A. Roizman, Minsk, 1978, An excellent selection of combinational miniatures with light notes, arranged by openings. p, vg, $12. b) p, exc, $14


SHAKHMATNYE BATALII, M. Boenizdat, Moscow, 1970, Russian. 208p. A collection of annotated games by Russian armed forces players along with EG studies by them and their contributions to the openings. Among the masters are some well-known players. h, vg, ELRS, $15. b) h, exc, $18.


SHAKHMATY V MOLDAVII, P. Savin, Kishniev, 1968, p, exc, 155p. Chess history in Moldavia with games, x-tables from events there, compositions by Moldavian composers. $15


SOLITAIRE CHESS, I. Horowitz, NY, 1972, p, vg, ELRS, FGML,. Has 62 games in which the reader is asked to find the best move and is then ranked on his accuracy. p, vg, 128p. $5

SOVETSKIE SHAKHMATISTKI, E. Bykhova, Moscow, 1951, 182p. p, good, 2 pages with insect damage not affecting text. Primarily a collection of 50 of the best Soviet female players games with notes. Information is included on many female players scarcely known in the West with photos and X-tables. $45


SOVIET CHESS, N. Grekov, NY, 1949, h, exc, with dj, Transl. by Theodore Reich [but what book did he translate? Horowitz had a bad habit of just taking over other's intellectual property. Look at what he did with Wellmuth's Golden Treasury of Chess,(noted in the listing of that book)]. A very nice collection of 105 great games with good notes. 256p. $42


SOVIET CHESS, R.G. Wade, Hollywood, 1976, 288p, p, exc, a nice book filled with games of Alekhine to Polugayevsky, with notes and other material. Included are chapters on chess problems and endgame studies. $28


STELLUNGSPIELE, Eliskases, Kecskemet, 2000, p, mint, this is actually a book on positional chess with some of Eliskases' games with deep notes & with a good many notes by other players—also with very deep notes. 163p. $24

STRÖVTÅG I SCHACKVÄRLDEN, G. Stahberg, Skara, 1965, Swedish, h, exc, 120p,  with chapters on some of his experiences while strolling throgh the chess world. $41


THE ART OF CHESS ANALYSIS. J. Timman, NY, 1980, p, exc, an outstanding book with deep analysis of 24 carefully chosen games to illustrate the fine points of analysis. $25


THE BATTLE OF CHESS IDEAS, A. Saidy, NY, 1975, 2nd ed, an inspiring games collection. Original and entertaining.170p. h, vg, with dj, $20


THE CHESS-PLAYER'S HANDBOOK, H. Staunton, London, 1893, h, vg, with protective plastic jacket. Contents exceptionally clean & fine. 544p. This can be classified as a general work, but it is also a repository for hundreds of complete early games. $80


THE ENGLISH CHESS EXPLOSION FROM MILES TO SHORT, M. Chandler & R. Keene, London, 1981, p, exc, 122p. Representative games for the top British players plus x-tables, chatter about the individuals and teams. $18


THE GOLDEN TREASURY OF CHESS, I. A. Horowitz, (actually Horowitz conveniently disregarded the fact that the vast majority of the book was authored by Francis Wellmuth). The original hardback edition had 540 games but Horowitz pruned some games and added a trivial number to yield his own version with 323 games. Cornerstone Library edition, NY, 1974, p, vg, first 4 leaves sl. waterstained. With an unattributed game on the endpapers. $4. b) Galahad Books edition, NY, 1969, h, exc, with dj. with 322 games incl. a 1966 game. On page 5 under favorite games the "I " in the sentence "In the course of the decades in which I have devoted to the preparation of this volume" there is no trace of attribution to the actual writer, Francis Wellmuth. The cover states "compiled by I. A. Horowitz", but that is an untrue statement since the vast majority of the games were compiled by Wellmuth, whose name appears nowhere in this edition. $12


THE GREAT CHESS MASTERS AND THEIR GAMES, F. Reinfeld, NY, 1952, h, exc, w/o dj, 302p, With 14 annotated games to illustrates the styles of the greatest masters from Anderssen to Euwe. Reinfeld has written a fascinating brief history of chess in this era, albeit with some historical inaccuracies. $27


THE MODERN CHESS INSTRUCTOR, W. Steinitz, parts 1 & 2 Olms reprint, h, exc, ‡, with dj & protective plastic jacket, the original editions (of which Part II is super scacre) were NY 1889 & NY 1895. xli + 193 + vii + 64p. Most of the Part II copies were destroyed in a fire before they were fully distributed. The contents largely consists of openings analysis, but with many full games included with the author's notes and with the complete Havana 1889 Steinitz-Chigorin match. $45


THE MOST INSTRUCTIVE GAMES OF CHESS EVER PLAYED, I. Chenev, NY, 1965, p, vg, 279p. 62 very well chosen beautiful games with illustrative winning themes. $20


THE RUSSIANS PLAY CHESS, I. Chernev, Phila, 1947, h, good, spine split, contents fine, 200p. 50 choice, brief, brilliant games by Soviet players with short, entertaining notes. $10. b) h, exc, $18.


THE SOVIET CHAMPIONSHIPS, Cafferty & Taimanov, London, 1998, h, mint, with dj. 224p. Coverts the Soviet chess championships from 1920 (Alekhine won) to the 58th event in 1991 with one or two of the best games from each. Good notes to a wonderful collection of games. $35


THE SOVIET SCHOOL OF CHESS, Kotov & Yudovich, Moscow, 1958. 390p. A fine games collection though somewhat tainted by Soviet propaganda. English edition. Features many lesser known players with excellent games in which many more famous players scalps were taken. Interestingly calls Alekhine their greatest player. h, exc, with dj. $35. b) Dover ed, NY, 1961, p, exc, $10. c)THE SOVIET CHESS SCHOOL, re-titled, Moscow, 1983, h, exc, 195p.heavily revised, many good photos, with some of the newer masters. $28

WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP - STEINITZ TO ALEKHINE, P. Moran, London, 1986, p, exc, 204p. The 17 formal matches in this time frame. Light notes to many games. An interesting tid-bit: Moran includes the statement that in the Lasker-Schlechter match (1910) there was a "plus two condition", i.e. that the winner was the first man to acieve two wins. Unfortunately he does not back up his statement with a reference. I am sure that there was indeed a "plus two condition"—nothing else makes sense in view of Lasker's insistence of similar conditions in other matches. $27 


THE WORLD'S A CHESSBOARD, R. Fine, Philadelphia 1948.h, exc, with dj(worn). Probably Fine's best book due to the good selection and the fine Fine notes. He also gives several of his losses, but most of the games are by other players. $38


THE WORLD'S GREAT CHESS GAMES, R. Fine, NY, 1951, Crown edition. 287p., a very good selection with Fine's good, but in this case, light, notes. h, exc, with dj. $24. b) h, exc, $18. c),Dover ed, NY, 1983, 397p, a revised and expanded ed, p, vg, $13


THE WORLD'S GREATEST CHESS GAMES, G. Burgess, Nunn, & Emms, London, 1998. 560p.p, mint. One of my favorite games collections due to the many (100) fabulous games, one of which (Adams-Torre) was certainly not a game. It was merely something that Torre pointed out to Adams after a game as an interesting conclusion. Adams was a weak player who was very helpful to the dirt-poor young Torre. There was no tournament in New Orleans in 1920 that the already very strong Torre would have played in, and other games of Edwin Ziegler Adams (not to be confused with Edward Adams of New York, who was a strong player) show him as a real patzer. $22


TRUD, TALANT, POBEDA, M. Yudovich, Moscow, 1960, h, vg, Russian, FGML, ELRS, with dj. part of the Russian "Black Series". 271p. Truth, Talent, Work. An analysis of games from these standpoints. $22.

THE TWELVE BEST GAMES OF CHESS, R. Keene, NY/ Toronto, 1991, h, exc. 96 p. Keene's pick of the 12 best games with light notes and excellent photos. $28


WARRIORS OF THE MIND, Keene & Divinsky, London, 1989, h, exc, with dj, 342p. A good games collection , but I find his thesis of "A Quest for the Supreme Genius of the Chess Board" unconvincing due to the somewhat arbitrariness of choice of the tournaments. $37

WEN DIE GÖTTER LIEBEN..., H. Wieteck, Bad Bramstedt, 1988, p, mint, 63p. A collection of games by strong masters who died young. Incl. are Pillsbury (33), Schlechter (44), Zukertort (46), Breyer (27), Noteboom (22). $25


WINNING QUICKLY WITH BLACK, Ya. Neishtadt, London, 1996, p, mint, 160p. 107 quick victories by Black with brief notes. $19


WOMEN IN CHESS - PLAYERS OF THE MODERN AGE, J. Graham, Jefferson, 1987, h, exc, 115p, a good start at recording some of the modern female player's achievements, but without sufficient credit to the overwhelming strength of Russian female players in the in the 40 years or so after WWII. Also with a rather weird inclusion of giving a win by Graham against Gaprindashvili in a simul after an elementary blunder by her in a humdum game. $26


WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONS, E.G. Winter, Oxford, 1981, p, exc. 185p. The best account by far of the lives of the World Champions from Staunton to Karpov, at least up until the much longer and different perspective of Kasparov's MY GREAT PREDECESSORS. Each champion's biography is written by different expert. $32


WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP - BOTVINNIK TO KASPAROV, Wade, Whitely, Keene, London, 1972, p, exc, 298p. Has all the World Championship matches from The Hague/Moscow 1948 to Karpov-Kasparov 1985 with lt notes and overall summaries of each match. $25

RUUTULAUTA ROIHUAA, J. Norri, Helsingissa, 2012, Finnish. 72p. p, mint, A nice collection of 40 modern Finnish games with notes. 1978-2012.  $33

SHAKKITAKTIIKAN TAIKAA, Y. Rantanen, Helsinki, 2012, Finnish.  p, mint, 76p. A collection of 43 largely tactical wins of Finnish players vs other European players (1968-1978). With notes. $33