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Association Items

Crime, Suspense, & Science Fiction Novels and one Play in which chess figures.


KNIGHT SINISTER, Adam Hall (author of the Quiller Memorandum), NY, 1971, first published in 1951. p, exc, 207p. $5

PAWN IN JEOPARDY, A. Hall, NY, 1971 (first published in 1954), 205p. p, exc, $5

SEX MATES OF A CHESS MISTRESS, Ted Mark (one of the pseudonyms of Paul Little), NY 1975, chess is deeply involved in this story.172p, p, exc, $6

THE DESTROYER: DEATH CHECK, R. Sapir & W. Murphy,NY, 1972, 187p, p, vg, $5. b) NY, 1974, p, exc, $5

THE MINIATURE MAN, R. Muir, NY, 1987, h, exc, with dj. involves a game Fischer-Fine NY, 1963 in a strange way. 249p. $11 


THEY WOULDN'T BE CHESSMEN, A. E. W. Mason, NY, 1985 (first published in 1935), 343p, p, exc, $6