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IN  MEMORIAM -- JAMES SCHROEDER  Even though Jim took an imperial and insulting stance toward nearly every one he dealt with, he did sometimes score against some people-- the  shotgun effect.
 He also loved chess. He raked me over the coals on a continuing basis... sometimes maybe with justification, but he sometimes forgot that most of us are not having everything all that easy either. Maybe it would'nt hurt if all of us would try to remember sometimes to give each other a break and try kindness at least once in a while. He is beyond that now, but I forgive him and remember some of his humor.

It also should  be noted that he was a strong player, especially when he was teen -ager.

THE KNIGHTS AND KINGS OF CHESS, G. A. Macdonnell, London, 1894, h, vg, corner bumped, sl. spotting of fc. 206p. Full of interesting descriptions and anecdotes of the players of that day. The Times: "A book of amusing gossip."  Chess Monthly" Sparkles with fun, epigram, portrait, and caricature from the first page to the last." $185.  b) h, vg, James Barrett's copy with his chess bookplate, $200

MEET THE MASTERS, M. Euwe, London, 1945, 2nd ed, h, exc with dj. The English translation of Zoo Schaaken Zij (They Play Chess Like This). 279p. A famous book which analyzes the styles and accomplishments of the eight AVRO 1938 masters with illustrative games. Kmoch gives the same information for Euwe himself. $ 45

LEGADO, A. Alekhine, Madrid, 1946. Spanish. 247p. h, covers poor and warped. Contents good. An important piece of Alekhiniana since it has his very interesting Prolog; his survey of his 1937 match with Euwe with detailed notes; the Reshevsky - Kashdan match of 1941 with his full notes; a course of study for Arturo Pomar (then the great hope for Spanish chess, though as history would have it he never quite got to ride the crest of the wave); and his games in various war-time tournaments, most of which he won plus selected games in those events and in Spain. $70

 LEV ABRAMOV, E. Dubov, Moscow, 2008, h, exc, 206p. 60 of his best games with notes to most and biography.  Russian. $65


DEVELOPMENT OF A GRANDMASTER - MICHAEL ADAMS, Bill & Michael Adams, Pergamon Chess, Oxford/ NY, 1991, p, mint, 143p. 50 nice, well annotated games. $18


DVE ZHIZNI GROSSMEISTERA ALATORTSEVA, Linder & Linder, Moscow, 1994, h, exc, 377p. Alatortsev's games with notes & biography, scarce, Russian. $75.


 AJEDREZ HIPERMODERNO, Madrid, 1945, A. Alekhine, 2-vol. set, with vol. 1 rebd in stiff boards with original covers bd in. Vol.1, 390p. Vol. 2 381p. The book is largely a collection of selected games with notes by Alekhine though only 18 are his own games. Sold only as the set, p, vg & h. exc. $100

300 IZBRANNYKH PARTII ALEKHINA, V. Panov, Moscow, 19564, h, exc, 639p. Panov, himself a very strong player, has the advantage of studying these selected games in great detail after seeing the analysis of many others before making judgments. $55*

SPECIAL ALEKHINE NUMBER, BCM, March 1956. With (then) 13 hitherto unpublished games and a selection of photos. $12

CHESS ISSUE (Jan. 1946) on the ALEKHINE "AFFAIR", Alekhine's rebuttal, letters on his behalf. Entire issue. $6 

POLNOE SOBRANIE PARTII 1921-1925 A. Alekhine, Vol 2. Moscow, 2012. 356p. h, mint. It is not clear to me whether in this new edition any errors and new comments have been added. $44
ALEKHINE, D. Lovas, Kecskemet, 2010, The Chess Greats of the World series. p, mint, 145p, English & Hungarian. critical positions from 50 of his games with the full game overleaf. $11
AUF DEM WEGE ZUR WELTMEISTERSCHAFT 1923-1927, Alekhine, Berlin, 1955, 2nd ed. p, exc, 227p. 100 games in this short period including the full match with Capablanca. With his usual fine notes. Includes a few of his blindfold and simul-taneous & consultation games. $35. b) 5th ed, Berlin, 1983, h, mint, 226p, with a Foreword by Teschner and 2 pages of corrections and notes. $40
THE UNKNOWN ALEKHINE - 1905-1914, F. Reinfeld, London, 1949, h, vg, ELRS. 278p, a selection of Alekhine's games during this period when he was a rapidly developing player. $25
MY BEST GAMES OF CHESS 1908-1923, A. Alekhine, the premier games collection of all time,  h, vg, from Barrett's collection with his chess bookplate. With some marginal check marks in pencil. $30. b) h, vg, with worn covers, $16. c) London, 1927, 1st edition, with several bent pages, the frontispiece photo of Alekhine is of better quality than in the later editions, covers worn, $25. 
MY BEST GAMES OF CHESS 1924-1937, A. Alekhine, London, 1939, Bell ed, first ed. h, vg,, 285 p, Another classic. front cover sl. faded on part of cover.   $39
MY BEST GAMES OF CHESS 1908-1937, Alekhine, Dover ed. 1985. The two volumes (1908-1923 & 1924-1937). p, exc, $17.*
MEINE BESTEN PARTIEN (1908-1923), Berlin/Leipzig 1929, & AUF DEM WEGE ZUR WELTMEISTERSCHAFT (1923-1927), Berlin/Leipzig, 1932, bd together but with the spine strip gone and with the pages loose in 4 sections. Contents fine, but needs rebinding. Would make an excellent copy properly rebd. $40 as is . b) Berlin, 1966, 2nd rev. ed., p, vg, with International Master Becker's bookplate, a forward by Richter and an 8-page survey of Alekhine's career by Tartakower. $22
SHAKHMATNOE NASLEDIE A. A. ALEKHINA, Moscow, 1953, Russian, h, vg, 456p. With an inscription in Russian. Kotov's deep analysis of 183 of Alekhine's best games. $35*
SCHACHGENIE ALJECHIN - LEBEN UND WERK, Müller & Pawelczak, Berlin, 1953, p, exc. 276p, 100 of his best games with excellent notes, biography, and many good photos. One of the very best books on Alekhine. $48
DAS SCHACHGENIE ALJECHIN, I. & W. Linder, Berlin, 1992, German. 319p, h, mint, $24
ALEXSANDR ALEKHIN, Yu. Shaburov, Moscow, 1992, h, mint, 252p, mainly biography + 30 games with notes. Many interesting photos. $22
ALEKSANDR ALEKHIN, A. Kotov, Moscow, 1972, Russian black hardback series, h, exc, with dj. 254p. 75 of his best games with Kotov's penetrating notes. $24
226 KOROTKIKH PARTII ALEKSANDRA ALEKHINA, V. Charushin, Nizhny Novgorod, 1992, p, exc, 144p. Lt. notes to most of the 226 games. $18*
COMPLETE GAMES OF ALEKHINE -Vol. I 1892-1921, J. Kalendovsky & V. Fiala, Olomouc, 1992, 187p, exc. research and much new material for English-speaking readers. h, exc., with dj, 334 games—many hithertoo unknown in the West. This volume contains more significant Alekhine material than any other Alekhine books I have seen in the past 30 years. $40.   Vol. III 1925-1927, 494p., 295 games, many with full notes and with many excellent photos. h, exc. In this volume three of the great mysteries of his life are discussed, though none conclusively in my opinion. $40.
NA PUTAKH K VYSSHIM SHAKHMATNYM DOSTIZHENIYAM (1924-1927), (On the Way to the World Championship), Alekhin, (Moscow/Leningrad), 1932. L/N 3020, scarce. h, exc, With a new 5-page preface by Vainstein.  248p. The Russian edition. $75 
ALEKHINE 222 PARTIDAS, Madrid, 1990, Spanish, 126p, p, mint, 222 selected games w/o notes. Figurine algebraic. $8
ALJECHIN, DER GRÖSSTE!, E. Varnusz & A. Földeak, Düsseldorf, 1994, h, exc, 342p. 1111 of his games with light notes to most and extensive notes to some. Incldes surveys of the various periods in his career. $50
DEUX CENTS PARTIES D'ECHECS, A. Alekhine, Vol. II, games 101 to 200, BCM ed, 1979. xvi + pp 251 to 488. Entirely in French. In addition to his wonderful notes there are some biographical detailes of his career. p, exc. $22
ALEKHINE IN THE AMERICAS, Donaldson, Minev, Seirawan, Seattle, w/o date, p, vg, 47p, with separate player index. Notes to some. Exhibition games, an interview of Alekhine, some photos, $15. b)p, exc, $18 In both cases xeroxes of two additional Alekhine simul wins are included.
ALEKHINE IN EUROPE AND ASIA, Donaldson, Minev, Seirawan, Seattle, 1992. p, mint, 118p, 619 games from Alekhine's simultaneous exhibitions, clock simuls, blindfold displays from Europe and Asia 1905-1945. Some deeply annotated by Alekhine, Averbakh, Bogojubov, Donaldson, Kmoch, Minev, Seirawan, Tartakower and others. Indexed by ECO code, opening, and players. With two additional simul wins are included in xerox form. $24
ALEKHINE, D. Lovas, Kecskemet, 2010, The Chess Greats of the World series. p, mint, 145p, English & Hungarian. critical positions from 50 of his games with the full game overleaf. $11
ALEXANDER ALEKHINE'S BEST GAMES, Alekhine, algebraic ed, with slight additions and corrections by John Nunn and a Foreword by Gary Kasparov, NY, 1996, 304p. This is a selection of the best 118 games chosen from Alekhine's famous two volumes of his own games (1908-1923 and 1924-1937 along with Hugh Alexander's book coverimg the last phase of Alekhine's career. The corrections and additions are interesting and significant. $29
MY BEST GAMES OF CHESS, V. Anand & J. Nunn, London, 1998, p, mint, 240p. 40 very well annotated games. $24
DAS SCHACHLEBEN IN SOWJET-RUSSLAND, A. Alekhine, the original edition, Berlin (1921), p, vg, piece chipped off fc (only advertising on verso to title page affected). $20


ADOLF ANDERSSEN, H. von Gotttschall, the original Leipzig, 1912 ed. 553p. 751 of his games with notes and another 36, also with notes, in an appendix. A magnificent book. h, exc, with the bookstamp of the famous Swiss collector, Robert Blass. Blass had the unfortunate habit of stamping many of his books on the title page or the frontispiece, as here where the ink of the stamp shows through somewhat to the plate of Anderssen. $200*. b) h, exc, close to mint, with a plastic protective wrapper, $230. c) h, vg, spine sl. slit at edges but with good adhesion, contents exc. $185. d) 1912, h, exc, FGML, ELRS, $225.

WISWANATHAN ANAND, N. Heymann, Maintal, 1992, p, exc, 79p. German. Selected games with notes. Has some of his early games at age 15. $14

VISHWANATHAN ANAND, Ostojic et al, Hungary, 1996?, p, mint, Hungarian & English, 130 games with notes to only a few. $15

VISHWANATAN ANAND, Ostojic & Subotic, Chess Emporors series, Hungary w/o date. p, mint, 85p. 130 games with Informant - style notes to some. $15
ANDERSSEN I, Weltgeschichte des Schachs series, 604 games with diagrams every five moves. Brief notes to selected games bd into the back of the book. Biographical section with reproductions of some of his letters. h, exc, No second volume was ever published.$80. b) h, vg, cover sl. sun-faded, $75. c) h, good, bottom of fc sl. water stained & separate booklet with note supplied as Xerox copy, $50

FRICIS APSENIEKS 1894-1941, G. Salmins, Liepaja, 2006. 199p. Latvian. Biographical games collection for this strong Latvian player. $35

GROSSMEISTER KONSTANTIN ASEEV, S. Ivanov, S. Ionov, A. Lukin. St. Petersburg, 2008.  h, exc, Russian. 204p. Though little-known in the West, Aseev was a very strong player. h, mint, $80 

GEDEON BARCZA, Brno, 2000, SNZZ, p, mint, 22p. Czech, a few games with notes and several w/o notes. $4

EVGENY BAREEV, S. Gordon, Three Girls Publishing, p, exc, w/o place or date of publication. "Elo 2600 Series". 100 of Bareev's games w/o notes. $5

PRAXIS EINES THEORETIKERS, Albert Becker, Selected games. Buenos Aires, 1975, ltd ed of 400 copies. p, vg, 82p. German. $42
MASTER SERGEI BELAVENETZ, M. Beilen, Moscow, 1963, p, vg, 30 fully annotated games + a discussion of his style, contributions to chess, etc, scarce, Russian. $48.

SHAKHMATNAYA SEM'YA BELAVENETS, V. Barsky & S. Yanovsky. Moscow, 2012. h, mint, 287p. Russian. Biography + annotated games plus games and photos. $38. 
SERGEY BELAVENYETS AND NIKOLAI RYUMIN, A. Woodger, Nottingham, 2001, 96p, 35 annotated Ryumin games + 35 Belavenyets games with notes. p, mint, $25
100 PARTII NA YURI BENDEREV, S. Sergiev, Sofia, 1977, p, exc, Bulgarian. 157p. Notes to about one half of the games. $36
AMERICAN GRANDMASTER, Joel Benjamin, London, 2007, p, mint, 268p, an entertaining games collection by a popular US GM. $25
JOEL BENJAMIN, Haines & Schiller, 42p, p,exc, 64 games with very light notes, $5

PAL BENKO- MY LIFE, GAMES AND COMPOSITIONS, P. Benko & Jeremy Silman, Los Angeles, 2003, h, mint. A mammoth and excellent work on one of the leading players of the past 60 years.The layout is very nice with many photos and additional interesting material such as interviews with Benko and a long section on his chess compositions and endgame material. There are 138 of his best games with excellent notes and an excellent survey of his openings for he was a great expert on openings.  $45

MODERNE SCHACHSTRATEGIE, Tartakower, Breslau, 1930, h, exc, rebd with original paper wrappers bd in. 139p, with 50 of Ossip Bernstein's best games with Tartakower's usual witty and perceptive notes. $78 b) Olms reprint, h, mint, $42

COMBAT: MY 50 YEARS AT THE CHESS BOARD, Sidney Bernstein, NY, 1977, p, exc, 117p. 142 games with full notes, scarce, small edition. $25
BLACKBURNE - THE BLACK DEATH IN SPADES, R. Long, Davenport, 2011, p, mint, 42p, 42 of Blackburne's games with light notes. p, mint, $13
J. H. BLACKBURNE - THE FINAL YEARS, O. Hindle, CP ed, Nottingham, 1968, 79p. 56 games from his later career with notes. At least until the appearance of the young British masters such as Tony Miles, he was Britain's greatest player—a man who gave even Emanuel Lasker several sound defeats. p, exc, $20*
GROSSMEISTER BOGOLJUBOW, Brinckmann, Berlin, 1953, p, exc, 107p, 50 of his best games with notes, & 14 more of his games with interesting positions the author examines. German. $42
BOGOLJUBOW, J. Ganzo, Madrid, 1974, p, exc, Spanish. 122p. 30 of his best games with notes + his analysis of the openings. $18
KLASSISCHE SCHACHPARTIEN AUS MODERNEN ZEITEN, E. Bogoljubow, Pt. I, 1919-1920, 26 games annotated by Bogoljubow, mostly Bogo's games. 51p, h, exc. $32 Pt. II, 1920-1921,h, exc, $32. 67p. 32 Bogo-annotated games of which 8 are Bogo's games.
GROSSMEISTER BOLESLAVSKY, A. Suetin, Moscow, 1961, part of Russian hardback black series, h, exc, 255p. Biography + 140 of his best games with notes. $24
I. E. BOLESLAVSKY - IZBRANNII PARTII, I. Boleslavsky, Moscow, 1957, 254p. Russian. p, exc, FGML, ELRS, 100 of his best games with deep notes praised by Fischer. $55. b)p, exc, $48.
VICTOR BOLOGAN SELECTED GAMES 1985-2004, V. Bologan, Milford, 2007, p, mint, 52 of his best games with excellent notes. With a foreword by Kasparov. $30
SHAKKI STRATEGIAA JA TAKTIIKKAA, E. Böök, Helsinki, 1945, p, vg, 119p, Finnish, 56 thoroughly annotated games, $60



MIKHAIL BOTVINNIKA. Soltis, h, mint, Jefferson, NC, 2014.  88 annotated games + biography. He was a worthy world champion, but I think his title is a bit besmirched by his managing to evade a challenge by Reshevsky in the years  1947 to 1955. His status as a "scientist" is somewhat questionable since he was actually an electrical engineer and his main contributions were there. As he himself once admitted, he was no match for Milan Vidmar in that field. Had he not been World Chess Champion, it is highly doubtful that he would ever be mentioned as more than a significant contributor to programming computers to play chess. Easily the best book on Botvinnik in English.  $50

PARTIDE ALESE, M. Botvinnic, Roumania, 1950. 362p, scarce, 100 of his best games & 6 studies, $48
BOTVINNIK'S BEST GAMES, Botvinnik, in 3 volumes, Moravian Chess. Botvinnik states that the analysis has often been revised from his early notes and new analysis sometimes added. Vol. 1, Vol. 2. Vol. 3, Olomouc, 2001, 464p. 130 selected games from 1957-1970 with Botvinnik's fine notes. h, exc, $40 per vol.
BOTVINNIK THE INVINCIBLE, F. Reinfeld, Philadelphia, 1946, h. good, covers worn, spine strip frayed. autographed by Bogoljubow, a fine selection of very good games. The notes are unattributed largely Russian sources as edited and augmented by Reinfeld. $175. b) Philadelphia, 1946, h, vg,w/o dj. inscribed by Koltanowski, $32
BOTVINNIK'S BEST GAMES 1947-1970, Botvinnik, NY, 1972. p, exc, transl. by Cafferty, 237p, 111 of his best games with his fine notes. $28

BOTVINNIK'S BEST GAMES Part 1. 1927-1934, Fred Reinfeld, NY, 1937, h, exc, Numbered copies. Quite scarce. 73p. This was the limited edition fore-runner of his later excellent BOTVINNIK THE INVINCIBLE with additional games. $125.

100 VALOGATOTT JATSZMA, M. Botvinnik, h, exc, Budapest, 1982. 335p. 100 of his best games with his fine notes. In Hungarian. Covers the period 1925-1970. $26

BOTWINNIK LEHRT SCHACH, H. Müller, Vienna, 1949, German. 358p. 100 of Botvinnik's best games with excellent extensive notes. h, vg, $42.
HALF A CENTURY OF CHESS, M. Botvinnik, London, NY, 1984, 278p. 90 of his best games from 1925-1966 with his superb notes which he has revised and perfected over previous editions. p, vg, $28
IZBRANNYE PARTII (1926-1946), M. Botvinnik, Moscow, 1951. 296p, 100 of his best games with his fine notes + 6 of his endgame studies. h, exc, ex-library with release stamp. $45.
KEUR VAN MIJN BESTE PARTIJEN (1926-1936), M. Botvinnik, transl. from Russian by G. Oskam, Dutch. ELRS, 120p, 60 of his best games with full notes. h, vg, browning pages, not brittle. $20
SHAKHMATNOE TVORCHESTVO BOTVINNIKA, V. Baturinsky, the famous 3-vol. set which is probably the most exhaustive documentation ever of a great player's career. The three vols. are h, vg. Vol. i, Moscow, 1965, 632p, 283 annotated games. vol. II, Moscow, 1966, 704p, games 285-500. Included is a long section on openings and endings and an essay on the Soviet school of chess. Vol. III, Moscow, 1968, 560p, games 501-699. $95* the set.
WELTGESCHICHTE DES SCHACHS BOTWINNIK, Botvinnik, Hamburg, 1959, h, exc., 400 Botvinnik games through 1958 with lt. notes to some. $79
ACHIEVING THE AIM , M. Botvinnik, Oxford, 1981, h, exc, 226p, Almost entirely a biography with 10 virtually bare scores referred to in the text. $45
GYULA BREYER - SEIN LEBEN, WERK UND SCHAFFER FÜR DIE ERNEUERUNG DES SCHACHS, I. Bottlik, Unterhaching, 1999. p, mint, 179p. A very nice book with biography and annotated games. Also includes some articles of his from various sources. $26


BRONSTEIN - EL GENIO DEL AJEDREZ MODERNO, R. Toran, Madrid,. 1957, the original Spanish ed. 238p, 50 fully annotated games. p, exc. $32

200 OPEN GAMES, D. Bronstein, NY, 1973, h, exc, with dj, & protective plastic jacket, 240p, light general notes at the beginning of each game. $32. b) London, 1974, with dj, $30.

200 OTKRYTYKH PARTII, D. Bronstein, Moscow, 1970, the original Russian edition of 200 OPEN GAMES, h, vg, ELRS, 248p, $12
BUCKLE: RITRATTO INEDITO DI UN DILETTANTE, V. Laudi, Brescia, 1994, p, mint, 59p. Only 3 games & 3 illustration + biography. Italian. $11
VLADISLAVA BUNKY, M. Bunka, Czech Republic. Czech. Biography & examples from the chess compositions of Bunky. h, mint, 108p. $18
AMOS BURN, THE QUIET CHESSMASTER, R. N. Coles, Brighton, 1983, large format, p, exc, 82p. 62 of Burn's best games with full notes. $20
AMOS BURN - A Chess Biography, R. Foster.p, 2-vols, mint. Now only available in paperback. With all his extant games. A fine research effort. $50 
MASTERPIECES OF ATTACK- THE BRILLIANT GAMES OF GM MARCEL SISNIEGA CAMPBELL, G. Velasco, Grand Prairie, 1997, 299p, 663 games, some annotated, by the little-known GM Sisniega. p, mint, $30
ESTEBAN CANAL, A. Zichichi, Brescia, 1991, p, mint, 151p. Italian. A collection of his best games with notes plus several articles by him about great players such as Lasker and Capablanca. $25



ZNAL JSEM CAPABLANKU...G. Sosonko, h, mint, Prague 2001, 215p. Only partly on Capa. With many exc. photos incl. some of Capa. Czech. Much on Sosonko, Tal, Botvinnik.X-1,  $32
CAPABLANCA VESZIT, Chalupetzky & Toth, p, vg, 58p. Hungarian. A book of Capa's games he lost in tournaments and matches as opposed to exhibitions. With extensive notes. Scarce. $125
MUNCHAUSEN VERSUS CAPABLANCA - A CHESS BAGATELLE, P. Parr, 1986, 7p, UNKUT BOOKS, No. 5, Levin, New Zeland, 1986. 300 copies. p., mint, $5 

JOSE RAOULCAPABLANCA - EIN SCHACHMYTHOS, Lauterbach, Olga Capablanca & M. Botvinnik, p, mint, Düsseldorf, 1989, German, 77p. Includes 31 of his best games with notes. X-1, $15

CAPABLANCA'S 100 BEST GAMES OF CHESS, H. Golombek, NY, 1st US ed, 1947, h, exc, with dj. (dj worn & spotted in one corner). With some curious errors such as "Em. Lasker vs Capablanca at Lake Hopatcong, 1926). (It was Edward, of course), 332p. With the nice Bell-style diagrams. $45. b) BCM Classic reprints, Great Britain, 1989, 270p, p, mint, good notes. $22. c) McKay ed, NY, w/o date, p, vg, $10. d) London, 1947, h, vg, Cozzens' copy with his lightly pencilled marginalia, $25
GLORIAS DEL TABLERO — "CAPABLANCA", Jose Gelabert, Havana, 1923, Spanish. 226p. 100 of Capa's best games with notes by Gelabert (a life-long friend of Capa's). With several otherwise unknown photos of Capa and with all the games of his matches vs. Marshall, Lasker, and Kostich. h, vg, cover somewhat worn. Quite scarce. $295
J.R. CAPABLANCA 75 SEINER SCHÖNSTEN PARTIEN, H. Golombek, Berlin, 1970, 194p, p, exc, the German ed., the German ed. of Golombek's book. $26
CAPABLANCA - HET SCHAAKPHENOMEN, Euwe & Prins, The Hague & Batavia, 1949, the original Dutch ed, 381p, h, exc, with dj. 175 games, many with notes. A fine copy, $70
THE IMMORTAL GAMES OF CAPABLANCA, F. Reinfeld, New York, 1942, 1st ed, 239p, 112 masterpieces with good notes by Reinfeld. h, with worn dj, vg, with a few marginal pencilled checkmarks, $26. b) h, vg, no marginalia, with well worn & taped dj. $28. c)Phila, 1942, vg, ‡ $25 d) h, vg, no dj, lt penciled marginalia (some worthwhile, other in code), $24. e) h, vg, covers worn, some check marks, $20. f) p, mint, Dover ed, NY, 1990, $10
THE UNKNOWN CAPABLANCA, David Hooper & Dale Brandreth, London, 1975. h, mint, a collection of Capa's 208 best simul and exhibition games with good notes plus a tabulation of his records in tournaments, matches, simuls, clock simuls, consultation games, etc. $20* including the addendum & errata sheet not available elsewhere.
KAPABLANKA, V. Panov, Moscow, 1959, h, exc, 232p, Russian, biography + 64 fully annotated games. $35
KAPABLANKA VSTRECHI S ROSSIEI, A. Sizonenko, Moscow, 1988, p, exc, 142p, largely a prose account of Capa's trips to the USSR from 1913 to 1936 with many photos not known in the West before this. Only a few games. $18
KAPABLANKA V ROSSI, Linder & Linder, Moscow, 1988, h, exc, 270p. Biography + a good selection of games he played in Russia along with notes. Too bad they did not give some of the many photos taken of Capa in Russian. $22.
TROFEI DI CAPABLANCA, L. Penco, Milan, 1954, Italian. Scarce. 151p. Includes the article by his wife Olga Capablanca on the Nottingham 1936 tournament along with 24 selected games from among his best. There are also some little known photos and an interesting introduction. p, vg, spine chipped. $95
CAPABLANCA IN THE UNITED KINGDOM (1911-1920), V. Fiala, Olomouc, 2006, h, exc, 379p. Fiala has unearthed quite a bit more Capablanca material in the form of reports of his simuls and articles about him in Britain in this period. This is to be followed at some point by a companion volume covering the period 1922-1939. $38
MY CHESS CAREER, J. R. Capablanca, London, 1920, 1st ed, h, exc, very nicely rebd, with J. Barrett's chess bookplate. A famous book with Capa's own account of his career up to that time. $58. b) h, vg, London, 1920, $40. c)p, vg, Dover ed, $10
THE GAMES OF JOSÉ RAUL CAPABLANCA, R. Caparros, Yorklyn, 1991, h, mint, all of Capa's known formal games plus 619 of his exhibition games. w/o notes. With extensive records of the opponents, place, date, result, ECO code, and game #. $40
J. R. KAPABLANKA, Moscow, 1983, p, exc, Russian translations of Capa's princpal books: Chess Fundamentals, My Chess Career, A Primer of Chess, 270p. $18

CAPABLANCAS VERLUSTPARTIEN, Fritz Görschen, 2nd ed, Hamburg, 1976, 160p. A nice book giving all of Capa's tournament and match losses plus a few of his simul losses. German. Good notes. p, exc, $22
CARL CARLS UND DIE BREMER PARTIE, Richter, Berlin, 1957, p, exc, 42p, 53 of his best games with biography and some of his compositions. $42



SEMNADTSAT' VESEN MAIA, Gufeld & Eremyan, Moscow, 1980. p, exc, 112p. Biography & 30 of her best games. She was Women's  World Cha,pion 1978-1991. $24

MIKHAIL CHIGORIN - THE CREATIVE CHESS GENIUS, Jimmy Adams, Caissa Editions. The fullest and best book on Chigorin in English by far. Much material translated from Russian sources. 292p. 100 of his best games with full notes. h, mint, $50
IZBRANNYE PARTII CHIGORINA, E. Bogoljubov, Leningrad, (1926), scarce. 169p. 175 of Chigorin’s best games with Bogo’s notes. h, vg, pages browned but useable with care. A poor copy. Bound With DEBYUT BUDUSHCHEGO (The Opening of the Future), Tartakower, Leningrad, 1925, 70p, pages browned, pages loose in both books, $30 b) Only the Chigorin book, vg, with the chess bookplate of the famous collector Dr. M. Niemeijer, ELRS. $190.
M. I. CHIGORIN, N. I. Grekov, Moscow, 1939, Russian, 480p. 275 of his games with notes to most plus extensive discussions of his style . The best of several editions (more games & other material).h, vg, $140. b) Moscow, 1952, h, vg, ELRS, 376p. 120 of his games with notes. An attenuated version. $75

M. I. CHIGORIN, V. Panov, Moscow, 1963, Russian. p, exc, a biography with a few x-tables, but no games. 156p, $15. b)rebd. in stiff cardboard, ELRS, $16
TVORCHESKOE NASLEDIE M. I. CHIGORINA, I. Romanov, Moscow, 1960, Russian. 407p. h, exc, ELRS. 177 annotated games. Biography, discussion of his style. Excerpts from his columns in Shakhmaty Listok, 1876-1881. $60
MIKHAIL CHIGORIN - SELECTED GAMES, E. Bogoljubov, London, 1987, p, mint, 128p. a revised edition in English of Bogoljubov's original Russian book (game count increased to 240 games and with some others deleted from the Russian original). Informant style super-condensed notes. $24
MIKHAIL CHIGORIN, M. Yudovich, Moscow, 1985, h, mint, Russian, 207p. 59 of his best games with extensive analysis and biography. $26*

COLLE: 51 BRILLIANT CHESS MASTERPIECES, F. Reinfeld, NY, 1950.  h, exc, with protective plastic jacket. A nice collection of fine games for this ingenious player with good notes. The first edition was published by the Black Knight Press  in 1936 and is extremely scarce. $65


BILLY COLIAS - MIDWEST MASTER*, Rantala, Schiller, & A. Watson, Moon Township, 1996, p, mint, 190p. A nice book with 100 annotated games. $18

LUDVIG COLLIJN -1878-1928, Stockholm, 1928, Swedish. A series of articles commemorating the 50th year of his life, with such notables as Tarrasch and Marshall as contributors to his service to chess. p, exc, $25

75 YEARS OF AFFECTION FOR CHESS - A TRIBUTE TO HARLOW B. DALY, H. Lyman & S. Dann, p, exc, Boston, w/o date, ca 1975, 140 games w/o notes by the veteran New England player who still played tournament chess at 80. Small ed. $30. b) p, vg, $25.  Daly had tournament wins over Dake, Weaver Adams, A. Pinkus, Percy Bridgman (Nobel Laureate in Physics in 1946), and Em. Lasker, Alekhine, Mieses, and Pillsbury in simuls. 
IF YOU MUST PLAY CHESS, A. Denker, Philadelphia, 1947, h, exc, with dj(chipped & worn), 190p, 1st ed, 55 exciting games. $28
"THE ENGLISH MORPHY" ? THE LIFE AND GAMES OF CECIL DE VERE FIRST BRITISH CHESS CHAMPION, O. Hindle & Bob Jones, Exmouth, 2001, p, exc, 130p, small edition. 101 of De Vere's gameswith biography & many pictures and photos. $22
J. H. DONNER GROOTMEESTER, E-J. Straat, Amsterdam, 1993, p, exc, 96p. Dutch. Biography + about 100 of his best games with Informant-style notes, $23

RECONCILING CHESS: A MARCEL DUCHAMP SAMPLER, A. Savage, Davenport, 1998, p, mint, edition of 200 copies, 20p. Includes an Alekhine simul game vs Duchamp and confederates. $10
THE CHESS BIOGRAPHY OF MARCEL DUCHAMP (1887-1968), V. Fiala, Vol. I, 1887-1925, h, mint, 324p. With many of his games that could be found plus wide digressions into the chess in the locales he lived in. Duchamp was, of course, one of the giants of modern art though only a light-weight master in chess. A good research effort which turned up many other interesting games as well from the NY and Paris chess scenes. $40
SHAKHMATNY GORKYI, l. Bychkov, Volgo-Vyatskoe, 1985, p, exc, 71p, a games collection for players of the Gorky region, but mainly for Dubinin whose games , many with full notes, dominate the book. $24
GORDOST' ROSSII, V. Charushin, Nizhny Novgorod, 1994, p, exc, Russian. 207p. Mainly the games (157, most with notes) and a few chess compositions of the Russian master Peter Dubinin. $29
THE COMPLETE GAMES OF OLDRICH DURAS, J. Kalendovsky, CP ed, Nottingham, 1997. p, exc. 180p. The only book on Duras in English to date. 539 games with lt notes to some. $30
OLDRICH DURAS, J. Louma, Podgorny & Richter. Prague, 1954, Czech, 391p, h, exc, scarce, ‡. 199 annotated games plus a selection of his EG studies & chess problems. Duras was one of the very best players in the world in the first two decades of this century. The best Duras book. $110.  b) h, exc, with dj, $115
DURAS VITEZI, F.J. Prokop, Prague, 1944, p, exc, 147p., 142 of his best games with lt. notes. Czech. Also has a selection of 73 of his endgame studies and chess problems. $75. b) h, exc, FGML, ELRS. $90. c) h, exc, $85

30 ÅR VED SKAKBRAETTET, Jens Enevoldsen, Denmark. 1952, 362p. Biography, photos, (including two of Alekhine I have not seen elsewhere) and some of his games. Danish. Scarce. He was Larsen's guide and mentor.  $185
MAX EUWE—BIOGRAFIE VAN EEN WERELDKAMPIOEN, A. Munninghoff, Euwe, Welling, Amsterdam, 1976, h, exc, with dj, Dutch. The best book of Euwe's games in terms of biography and number of games (many annotated). 496p. 268 games, many with notes. $85
MAX EUWE - THE BIOGRAPHY, A. Münninghoff, Alkmaar, 2001, 351p. Roughly an English translation of the 1976 book above, but with many important differences including the difference in languages and in the number of games. A superb book. p, $26
CAISSAS WELTREICH, M. Euwe, Euwe's chess reminiscences. Berlin, 1956, p, vg, 109p. some good photos are included. A few positions, but no full games. $40. b)p, exc, $44
MAKS EIVE, Moscow, 1979, h, exc, with dj, part of the Russian hardback Black series. Based on the book published by Andriessen in Holland in 1976 by Munninghoff (see above). 247p, h, exc. $30
MAX EUWE, H. Kmoch, Berlin, 1938, h, exc., with chess bookplate 161p, 144 games with lt. notes, German. $65.
DR. MAX EUWE - EINE AUSWAHL SEINER BESTEN PARTIEN, Richter & Teschner, h, exc, 2nd ed, Berlin/NY 1986, 160p. 48 of his best games with excellent notes. $32
EUWE SLAAGT!, H. Kmoch, Amsterdam, 1937, Dutch, h, vg, 206p. 144 games with good notes. $65



LESSONS FROM MY GAMES, Reuben Fine, NY, 1958, h, exc, with dj, 1st ed, 50 of his best games with light notes, 225p. $38. b) h, vg, w/o dj, $30. c) h, vg, a few lightly pencilled marginal notes, $24

REUBEN FINE - A COMPREHENSIVE RECORD OF AN AMERICAN CHESS CAREER 1929-1951, A. Woodger, Jefferson, 2004, h, mint. 392p. 882 of Fine's games (virtually all that are known). With extensive notes to many. $75

NEW YORK MAGAZINE, 1984 article on Bobby,exc. 6 -page article, entire issue, $10

BOBBY FISCHER, Issue # 2 (Feb. 2008) of NEW IN CHESS, Devoted mainly to commemorating Bobby after his death in Iceland on Jan 17, 2008. Full of fine Fischer material including the tragic and compelling photo of him walking alone in the Thingvellir —site of the first parliament in the world in 930. One copy only, $30. 

BOBBY FISCHER UNCENSORED, David Delucia, Darien, 2009. h, mint. The total edition was 130 copies of which 30 were kept by the author for his family and friends. Right now , other than a few that may have drifted into the marketplace from buyers who needed the money, the space, or had edicts from wives or girlfriends who are chessophobes, I think I have the remaining six. The price now is $425, and when I get down to the last two, I'll sell those at auction. 394 pages printed on heavy fine paper with numerous reproductions of Fischer letters, hundreds photos, Fischer games scores(some not previously published), reproductions of the front covers of many tournament books and comic books of his, documents connected with play in various tournaments, many letters displaying his extreme anti-Semitic attitude, as well as his hatred for the Soviets, and confounding all this—his friendly letters to Jewish chess player friends. This will forever be a document humain for this complex, mixed-up, paranoid human who just happened to be the world's strongest chess player and who also was the creator of many scintillatingly beautiful games of chess against the world's very best. Price in the US is $445 including postage and insurance. Price outside the US is $425 plus postage and insurance.

BOBI FISER ANTE PORTAS, Trifunovic & Bjelica, Belgrade, 1966, p, exc, with bookplate from a top-notch collection. Serbo-Croat, 125p. A book with excellent Fischer material including some simul games not given elsewhere to the best of my knowledge. $60
BOBBY FISCHER - PROTI CESKYM VELMISTRUM, Filip, Hort, Kavalek, Navara, Pachmam, h, mint, a very special book (77 numbered copies) on fine paper with excellent photos and an appreciation by the above authors of this GIANT of a chess player, a genius wracked by emotional problems. I now have 6 of the 77 copies for sale, $90.
A LEGEND ON THE ROAD, John Donaldson, Seattle, 1994. h, exc, with dj. 124p. A fine account of Fischer's greatest simultaneous exhibition tour in which he contested over 2000 games and achieved a 94% result—fantastic in view of the strength of the opposition. Includes about 100 games, some with notes. $42
THE UNKNOWN BOBBY FISCHER, Donaldson & Tangborn, Seattle, 1999, p, mint, 191p. Additional games, photos, commentary on Fischer and some letters of Bobby's to Larry Evans. $22
BOBBY FISCHER – HIS APPROACH TO CHESS, E. Agur, London, 1992, p, exc, one of the most interesting books on Fischer, 276p. $30
RUSSIANS VERSUS FISCHER, Moscow, 1994, English. The original Moscow Chess World edition. h, mint, 396p. Easily one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting books on Fischer because the Russians give comments that are not just idolatrous. $29
BOBBY FISCHER'S CHESS GAMES, R. Wade and K. O'Connell, London, 1972, h, exc, with dj. 448p, with contributions by Barden, Bisguier, Blackstock, Golombek, & Keres. In addition to the 660 known formal tournament and match games of Bobby's to this point in his career there are excellent surveys of his career by Keres, Barden, Bisguier, etc. $70
MY 60 MEMORABLE GAMES, B. Fischer, New York, 1969, h, vg, w/ dj, 1st ed., 3rd printing with dj in exc. condition. 382p, h, exc . Inscribed by someone. $165
ROBERT JAMES FISCHER - GESAMMELTE PARTIEN, p, mint, Nürnberg, 1989, most of Fischer's games in an inexpensive edition, no notes, figurine alg. notation, 132p, $15 b) p, mint, Nürnberg, 1991, mint, $15
DAS SCHACHPHÄNOMEN ROBERT FISCHER, Kramer & Postma, Amsterdam, 1966, 1st ed, Biography + 108 of his best games with notes. 326p. h, vg, $48
MOI 60 PAMYATNYKH PARTII, R. Fischer, Moscow, 1972, the Russian edition, with a preface by Smyslov and a 37-p survey of his style and career by Suetin (neither is in the US ed.) h, exc, with dj. $28
KAK POBEZHDALI BOBBI FISHERA, E. Mednis, Moscow, 1981, the Russian edition of HOW TO BEAT BOBBY FISCHER. h, exc. 279p. It would be interesting to know if the analysis has been changed at all compared to the original English edition. There is a 2p introduction by Karpov. $23
HOW TO BEAT BOBBY FISCHER, E. Mednis, p, vg, Bantam ed, May 1975, a great book due to the excellent Mednis notes and the very instructive games. 247p. $10
BOBBY FISCHER, L. Hays, complete games, Dallas, 1995, p, mint, 288p, all his then known games with very light notes to some. $22
SCHACH-PHÄNOMEN BOBBY FISCHER, A. Pasternak, Zürich, 1991, German. 160p. h, mint, many fine photos of Bobby and his contemporaries such as Tal, Keres, Petrosyan, ... Articles on him by Unzicker, Kotov, Botvinnik, Euwe,.. Has his match with Spassky and 245 of his games w/o notes. $45
SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER, F. Waitzkin, h, exc, with dj, 227p. Much more about the chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin than about Bobby Fischer. Too bad some of this prodigy' games were not presented too. Interesting nonetheless in terms of the story of Waitzkin's development. $20
HOW FISCHER PLAYS CHESS, D. Levy, NY, 1975. p, vg, 158p. 65 games with good notes. $18
BOBBY FISCHER, W. Kübel, p, exc, large format. German. West Germany, circa 1973, several hundred of Fischer's games with lt. notes to many plus Kübel's very frank evaluations of Fischer a la James Schroeder! Interresting and provocative! $14

FINDING BOBBY FISCHER, D. J. Ten Geuzendam, Alkmaar, 1994, h, mint, sl. bumped at bottom corners. 254p,. Interviews with leading players Anand, Kasparov, Karpov, Judit Polgar, and...Bobby Fischer himself. There is a really fascinating interview of one of the world's greatest collectors, Dr. Niemeijer of Holland plus other interviews of Najdorf, Gligorich, Larsen, Smyslov, Botvinnik,...  X-1, $50

VYBRANE PARTIE ROBERTA FISCHERA, V. Babula, Z. Hracek et al, new analysis for selected significant games. r, mint, 96p. $22 

NEJEN O SALO FLOHROVI, G. Sosonko, Czech Republic, 2003, h, mint, with dj. Czech. 207p. No games. Biography and contributions by Kasparov, Korchnoi, Miles, Gufeld, Baturinsky, Timmab, Euwe & Bagirov. Plus  41 very nice photos of Flohr with other great players icl. Alekhine, Euwe, Keres, Sosonko, Tal, Lutikov, Vaganian...  $29

SALO FLOHR - Mel Jsem Bojovat!, S. Gross, V. Houska, J. Kalendovsky &P. Matocha, 72p. Czech. More of  memorial to Flohr with outstanding young Czech players illustrative games with notes. $13

ROSADY SALO FLOHR, J. Kalendovsky, Brno, 2000. 66p, small edition, games photos, biography.Czech, 57 selected games with lt. notes to some. p, mint, $18

GROSSMEISTER FLOHR, Baturinsky, Moscow, 1985. h, exc, part of the Russian hardback Black series (but this volume evidently was issued w/o the black dj), 255p. With 75 of his best games with full notes and considerable biography and discussion of his style, etc. $28
SALO FLOHR - MASTER OF TACTICS- MASTER OF TECHNIQUE, J. Adams, Nottingham, 1985, h,vg, poorly bd (as produced), pages are incipiently going to fall out, small edition of a few hundred copies, 238p. 100 of his best games with good notes. $38
JAN FOLTYS, Podgorny, Prague, 1956, Czech. h, exc, scarce. 281p. A strong international player with some impressive tournament successes such as Karlsbad/ Marienbad 1948. Several hundred of his best games with extensive notes to most. $135
LEO FORGACS, W. Foldeak, CP ed, Nottingham, 1999, 56p, 62 of his best games incl. wins over Alekhine, Chigorin, Spielmann, Nimzovich, Mieses, & Maroczy among others. p, exc, $20

200 GAMES OF CHESS, G. B. Fraser, Dundee, 1896. Quite scarce. Fraser (1831-1905) was one of the top Scottish players and analysts of the last half of the 18th century. This book consists of correspondence games from  various  correspondence tourneys organised under Fraser's leadership between 1887 and 1896. Light notes are given, 169p. h, exc, $180*

SEMEN FURMAN, Karpov & Makarychev, Moscow, 1988, p, exc, 159p. part of the Russian softcover black series. 115 of his best games, 86 with notes. Furman was a very strong player who was Karpov's trainer for a good part of his development into a world-class player. $24

VIKTOR GAVRIKOV,(V ANALIZE I ZA DOSKOI), Kishiniev, 1996, p, exc. 55p. A little known Russian player who took the scalps of some much more famous players such as Tukmakov & Romanishin. 20 fully annotated games. Russian.  $20  

KADAS GABOR, (KADAS MESTER CSODALATOS VILAGA), Szenttamas, 2013. h, exc, 254p. Hungarian. $35

SEMNADTSAT' VESEN MAII, Gufeld & Eremya, Moscow, 1980, Maya Gaprindashvili and her games (30 annotated). 111p. p, vg. $14
V ANALIZE I ZA DOSKOI, V. Gavrikov, Kishinev, 1996, 56p, 20 of Gavrikof's best games with notes. p, mint, scarce, $26
GROSSMEISTER GELLER, Damski, Moscow, 1976, h, exc. Part of the Russian hardback Black series. 288p, 64 of his best games with full notes and a few positions for discussion. $25. b) h, exc, w/o dj, ELRS, $22
JOURNAL OF A CHESSMASTER, Stephan Gerazadowicz, Davenport, 1992, p, mint, a very nice book by a top US postal player with many interesting postal games. The notes are good and entertaining. 291p. $26
ERNÖ GEREBEN, G. Gottardi, Kecskemet, 1991, p, exc. 236p. German. A strong but relatively little-known Hungarian player with 50 of his best games with very deep notes by Geller, Lutz, Gavrikov, Reshevsky, Sax, Uhlmann, Knaak,.. + biography, some good photos, etc. $45
AIVAR GIPSLIS, Moscow, 1987, Russian black series, 159p, Russian. 90 games (51 annotated), p, exc, $22
35 GADUS DRAUGOS AR SAHU, A. Gipslis, Riga, 1984, Latvian. 95p. 50 of his best games with notes. p, exc, $22.

GEORGI GESHEV, P. Ivanov, Sofia, 1993, p, exc, 95p. Bulgarian. 75 of his best games with full notes to most. $48
THE CHESS OF GLIGORIC, David Levy, Gligoric's chess career 1945-1970, NY1972. h, exc, with dj. 192p. 63 first-rate games with good notes. $28. b) h, exc, blank front endpaper lacking, $26
SVETOZAR GLIGORIC - COLLECTED GAMES, Colin Leach, 201p, 371 games with Informant-style condensed notes. p, exc. $30

100 PARTIJA SVETOZARA GLIGORICA, Vukovic & Bozic, Belgrade, 1952. Serbo-Croat, 100 of Gligo's best games, most with notes, 135p & biography, 64p. p, vg, ELRS, $42

GLIGORIC'S BEST GAMES OF CHESS, D. Levy, RHM Press, 1972, p, exc, 192p. 63 of his best games with full notes. $26.
VELEMAJSTOR GLIGORIC, Cicek & Ivkov, Osijek, 1973, 249p. Serbo-Croat. 64 games with full notes plus biography and some excellent photos. $26

PARTIDAS MAGISTRALES DE ROBERTO GRAU, L. Palau, Buenos Aires, 1958, 3rd ed. unaccountably scarce, especially since ity went through 3 editions.135p. 40 of his best games incl. wins over Euwe, Fine, and a draw with Alekhine. p, exc, front endpaper clipped. Spanish. $75
SHAKHMATNOE TVORCHESTVO N. D. GRIGOR"EVA. Kan & Konstantinopolski, Moscow, 1954, Russian. 20 of Grigoriev's best games with full notes plus most of the book devoted to the endgame—especially rook endings. 488p. $65
ERNST FRANZ GRÜNFELD- BAND I, M. Ehn, Vienna, 1993, h, mint, 200p, Covers his career from 1911 o 1920. Has 246 of his games in that period with notes to most. To the best of my knowledge the second volume has not yet appeared. $45

EDUARD GUFELD, Moscow, 1985, with appreciations by Kasparov, Tal, Taimanov, Teplitzky. 191p, Russian. 106 games, 66 with full notes. p, vg, "BIG EDDY". One of the most colorful characters of Soviet chess. $24
OT KANDIDATA DO GROSSMEISTERA, S. Guliev, Moscow, 1997. 50 well-annotated games by this strong but relatively little-known master. 145p. h, mint, $40.
KORNEL HAVASI AND DR. GEZA NAGY, W. Foldeak, Nottingham, 1996. p, exc. 52p. A short games collection for both of these lesser-known Hungarian players with biography + 26 annotated games for Havasi and 20 for Nagy, who was also a very strong postal player. $18.

HEINICKE - KUNST DER POSITIONSSPIELS, Hamburg, 1981, p, exc, 85p.German. Heinicke was one of the leading German players from the late 30's to the 1960's. About 50 of his games with brief notes and biography. He was close friends with Klaus Junge's family. $28

ALBERT BEAUREGARD HODGES - The Man Chess Made, Hilbert & Lahde, p, mint, 2013. Biography plus 340 of his games. In his day Hodges was recognized as a strong player at least in the NY City area for many years. $35 
CHESS GLADIATOR - ASA HOFFMANN, Seattle, 1996, 97p. p, exc, 68 games with notes. Includes a blitz game win over Fischer. $20

RATMIR HOLMOV (KHOLMOV), A. Woodger, Nottingham, 1999. p, mint, 96p. 64 of his best games with light notes. Holmov was a very strong GM who took part in no less than 16 USSR Championships and was Lithuanian Champion ten times. He tied for the World Senior Championship in 1990 at age 75. $20
HONFI NAGYMESTER (1930 -1996), Honfi & Negyesi, Zalaegerszeg, 2000, p, vg, 248p. Hungarian. 345 of his games & positions from games with thorough notes to some. $48
HOOKED ON CHESS - A MEMOIR, Bill Hook, Alkmaar, 2008, p, mint. A few of Hook's games, but with mainly fabulous stories of his chess exploits and those of others along with many good photos. $23

REFLECTIONS, David Hooper, Yorklyn, 2000, ltd ed. of 100 numbered copies. 42p. A games collection 52 of his best games with light notes and some interesting comments about British players and the BCF, among other topics. Includes a few game snippets and some of his endgame study compositions. hardback, 8⁄ x 11-in. A true collector's item. $85
NOTES OF A SOVIET MASTER, A. Ilyin-Genevsky. Yorklyn, 1986. Hardback, 54 pages. Translated by Bernard Cafferty from the original Russian edition of 1929. A fascinating account of this prominent revolutionary's early chess career and Soviet chess in the 20's buttressed by 50 of his games from his entire career including his immortal sacrificial win over Capablanca (then reigning World Champion). $25.  b) ZAPISKI SOVETSKOGO MASTERA, A. Ilyin-Zhenevskiy, Leningrad, 1929. 61p. With only a few of his best games and strange-to-say w/o his most famoustwin at Moscow 1925 where he won an outstanding game vs Capablanca. p, vg, $75
A. F. ILYIN-ZHENEVSKY: OBTSESTVENNYI DEYATEL', ISTORIK, SHAKLHMATIST, St. Petersburg, 2006, Russian, p, mint, 55p, 500 copies. Biography,  poor photos, & 3 games [vs. Alekhine1/2], Capablanca (1), and Botvinnik(1/2)] $25
KAROL IRZYKOWSKI PIORO I SZACHY, Limanowicz & Lissowski, Warsaw, 2001, Polish. 139p. p, mint, $28
POLOVIN VEK V SHAKHMATA, P. Ivanov, Sofia, 2003, p, mint, Bulgarian, 287p. 166 of Pavel Ivanov's best games with notes. $30

VABANQUE - DAWID JANOWSKY (1868-1927), D. Ackermann, Ludwigshafen, 2005, h, mint. German. An enormous labor-of-love book (xv + 724 p). Biography + 335 of his most interesting games with full notes in an attractive layout. A very impressive book!  Janowsky is seldom remembered today except for his love of the two bishops and a hatred for the endgame—which he sometimes played abominably, but at the turn of the century he was among the world's best and with his swashbuckling style often produced very interesting games.  He was a top contender at Vienna 1898  (3rd after Pillsbury & Tarrasch); at London 1899, 2nd after Lasker and equal with Maroczy and Pillsbury;  2nd/3rd with Lasker after Marshall at Cambridge Springs 1904; Monte Carlo 1901 (1st ahead of Schlechter & Chigorin). The author did a wonderful research job as well.   $95.

DAVID JANOVSKY, Voronkov & Plisetsky, Moscow, 1987, h, exc, Russian. 416p. 175 of his best games (a few fragments) plus excellent biographical material on one of the most creative and colorful players of the first quarter of the 20th century. ELRS, $27. b) h, exc $28
KOSTBARKEITEN DER PROBLEMKUNST, G. Baumgartner, (Switzerland), ca. 1965. p, vg, scarce, small ed. mainly a book devoted to Hans Johner's chess problem compositions, but with 22 of his best games with notes 7 brief biography. $65
TANETS NA KRAYU VULKANA (Tvorchestvo Klausa Yunge), V. A. Charushin, Nizhni Novgorod, 1993, 127p, Russian, p, exc. 90 of his best games with notes + biography. Had he survived WWII there can be little doubt that he would that he would have been a very bright starfor he was already playing at GM strength. $22

GATA KAMSKY - 150 SHAKHMATNI POBEDI, S. Sergiev, Sofia, 2009, p, mint, with Informant-style notes. Bulgarian. $20
GATA KAMSKY, N. Heymann, Maintal, 1992. p, exc, 80p. 90 games w/o notes to , light comments. $12

SHAKHMATNYE VSTRECHI, I. Kan, Moscow, 1962,p, exc, 141p. 68 of his best games with full notes, a discussion of his style and his meeting Lasker and Capablanca in 1935 and 1936. $30

MIKHAIL KANTARDZHIEV, S. Sergiev, Sofia, 1910, p, mint. 128p. 90 of his best games. plus photos and brief biography. $31

ALESANDAR KHALIFMAN, G. Nesis, St. Petersburg, 2000. h, mint, Russian. 93 of his best games with full notes. 252p. $26


CHESS IS MY LIFE, A. Karpov & A. Roshal, Oxford, 1980, h, exc, 359p. a fascinating biography into which is woven a fine selection of Karpov's games with his own notes. $44. b) p, exc, $32
STO POBEDNYKH PARTII A, Karpov, Moscow, 1984, h, exc, 319p, 100 of his games with his own deep notes. Russian. $22
KARPOV - UN GENIO DE NUESTRO TIEMPO, Studenetzky & Wexler, Buenos Aires, 1980, 1st ed, p, exc, 279p. 84 of his best games with full notes. Spanish. $25
SCHACH MIT KARPOV - LEBEN UND SPIELE DES WELTMEISTERS, Roshal & Karpov, Hamburg, 1978, p, exc. 149p. Mainly biography + 9 annotated games. $16
THE COMPLETE GAMES OF WORLD CHAMPION ANATOLY KARPOV, O'Connell, Levy, Adams, London, 1976, p, exc, 373p, the 541 known games of Karpov's (some with lt notes) up to Sept. 1975. $28
THE GAMES OF ANATOLY KARPOV, O'Connell & Adams, NY, 1974, h, exc, 352p, 347 games, most with notes, good photos and some biography, $32
DEVYATAYA VERTIKAL', A. Karpov, Moscow, 1978, 303p, h, exc, mainly prose, though with 12 very deeply annotated games. Has 40 very good B&W photos. $18
ANATOLI KARPOV, D. Donskoi, Moscow, 1984, h, vg, ELRS, a photo album. Russian. Hundreds of fine B& W photos of him and his chief opponents up to 184. $25

K IS FOR KARPOV, J. Adams, London, w/o date, circa 1974. r, vg, with 158 of his best games plus some x-tables for some of his very strong early events. Lt. notes to some. $25
IZBRANNYE ETYUDY I PARTII, H. Kasparian, Erevan, 1959, Russian, one of the greatest endgame study composers of all time. 246p. 42 of his best games with full notes + 150 of his beautiful EG studies. $70


MOI SHAKHMATNY PUT' *, GARRI KASPAROV, a grand trilogy of his many great games with his deep notes. Vol. 1,1973-1985, 524p.100 games.  $55.   Vol. 2, 1985-1993, 503 p. $55. 100 games.  Vol. 3, 1993-2005. $55. 131 games. 503p. Truly one of the greatest game collections of all time. Single vols can be bought. All three are h, mint with dust jackets. 


ISPYTANIE VREMENEM, G. Kasparov, Baku, 1985. h, exc. 297p.  Good paper. Russian. The first great collection of his games. His strength may be judged then by his score of  7 to 4 in a match vs Korchnoi in 1983  and 8.5 -4.5 w/o loss in a 1984 match with Smyslov. X-1,  $30 

GARRY KASPAROV'S GREATEST CHESS GAMES, Igor Stohl, London, 2005, Vol. I. h, mint, 320p. 74 of his best games with Stohl's exc. notes. Stohl is one of the best annotators today. $35. b) Vol. II, h, mint, London, 2006, 349p. Another 55 beautifully annotated games from Garry's best. Stohl's notes are truly fabulous. $35
KASPAROV: HOW HIS PREDECESSORS MISLED HIM ABOUT CHESS, T. Karolyi & Nick Aplin, London, 2009, p, mint, 271p. A novel work which shows the influence of his predecessors on his own games. $23
MY GAMES, G. Kasparov, London, 1983, p, exc, 163p, 372 games w/o notes plus 10 with detailed notes, $30 b)p, vg, $18
GARRY KASPAROV, Vitali Melik-Karamov, Moscow, 1988, p, exc, a photo-filled book with a biography of Kasparov. 48p. $24
SOLT DEZSO KASZPAROV, 223p, p, mint, Hungarian. 222 games, some with notes. $22

GARRI KASPAROV- THE CHESS PRODIGY FROM BAKU, E. Brøndum, Copenhagen, 1980, p, exc, 67p. These are his early games from age 11 to 17. 65 games. The earliest book on him in English. $20
FIGHTING CHESS MY GAMES AND CAREER, G. Kasparov, trans. by E. Schiller, Macon, GA, 1983, 136p, p, mint, wonderful games with brilliant notes. $24. b) Kasparov & Wade, London, 1985, 2nd enlarged ed, p, exc, 185p, $26
VOLSHEBNIK SHAKHMAT, G. Akopyan, Erevan, 1981. Russian. A book on the games and endgame studies of Henrik Kasparyan. h, exc, 214p. Kasparyan is one of the greatest EG study composers of all time. This book has a good selection of his games (he competed in 4 USSR championships) and over a hundred of his studies. $24
KASPAROV'S BEST GAMES, Madras, 1984, K. Seshadri, p, exc, 62p. Most games with notes. $20 

BECOMING A GRANDMASTER, R. Keene, London, 1977, 155p, Biographical with a selection of his best games with lt. notes. p, vg, $18
IZBRANNYE ETYUDY I PARTII, H. Kasparyan, Erevan, 1959, ELRS. 246p. Scarce. h, vg, cover corners chipped. 41 of his best games with notes plus 150 of his superb endgame studies. $48. b)h, exc, $56
ARTHUR KAUFMANN A CHESS BIOGRAPHY 1872-1938. Urcan & Braunwarth, Jefferson, 2012. p, mint, 66p. A fascinating book about a little-known but strong player who occasionally dropped in on the chess world and left his imprint by beating very strong players such as Reti, Tartakower, Marco,.. Many good hithertoo unknown photos. $45


KERES' BEST GAMES - Part II, NY, 1937, Reinfeld Limited Editions, numbered copies of which this is #31-P. Quite scarce. p, exc, 

 103p. 53 fully annotated games. Notes by Becker, Behting, Belavenets, Euwe, Kmoch, Reinfeld, a.o. $175
PAUL KERES CHESS MASTER CLASS, I. Neishtadt, Oxford, 1983, h, exc, 182p. Mainly positions from Keres' games to illustrate principles and themes with full analysis. A first-rate instructional book. With some complete games as well. $38
KERES VINNER, E. Ridala, Upsala, 1960, p, exc, Swedish. 55 of his best games with full notes & x-tables for his major successes. $28

SCHACHLEHRER PAUL KERES, Jacob Neistadt, Heidelberg, 1986, p, mint, 248p, a superb book from which anyone can still learn. In addition it may be regarded as a games collection for Paul Keres, a player surely cheated out of being a world champion by the vagaries of world politics. $23
KERES' BEST GAMES OF CHESS 1931-1948, F. Reinfeld, Dover ed, NY, 1960, p, exc, revised ed. with 90 games. $13. b) London, 1946, h, exc.  224p. 77 of his best games with good notes. $30
PAUL KERES—PHOTOGRAPHS AND GAMES, M. Keres, Tallinn, 1995, with a foreword by his wife, Maria, and a beautiful preface by his friend Olafsson. 1944 of his games with no notes to most, and some fine photos as well. h, exc. $45
MEIE KERES, V. Heuer, Tallinn, 1977, h, exc, with dj. Estonian. With many excellent photos of top player especially Keres and photos of Keres' early days. Much biography and many of his games with lt notes to some. If one can read Estonian, this is the best biography. $55
THE LATER YEARS OF PAUL KERES, Keres, London, 1969, h, exc, with dj, 183p. covers the years 1952 to 1962. An outstanding collection of fine games. $35
KERES' BEDSTE SKAKPARTIER 1931-1937, F. Reinfeld, detailed notes, transl. by B. Nielsen, Copenhagen, 1947m p, vg, some foxing of endpapers. Danish. 88p. 28 games. 88p. $32.
50 PAUL KERESIN LOISTOPELLIÄ, E. Ridala, Mikellissä, 1957, p, exc, Finnish, 99p. 50 of his best games from 1935- 1955 with full notes. In the period 1929-1957 he won no less than 20 tournaments outright and was tied for first in 22 tournaments and tied for first in 8 others, some among the strongest ever held up to that time—a stunningly brilliant record. $36.
KERES, Weltgeschichte des Schachs series, Wildhagen, Hamburg, 1960. h, exc, ex-library with release stamp, 500 of Keres' games with brief notes to some in a separate booklet (included), diagram every five moves, $75
PAUL KERES: THE QUEST FOR PERFECTION, Keres & Nunn, Seattle, 1997, p mint, 272p. superb notes by Keres and edited by Nunn for Keres' games from 1950 to 1975. $24 Vol. 2 only, $25

PAUL KERES' BEST GAMES  Vol 2 E. Vernusz,Pergamon Press Edition, p, vg, 278p. 
volume 2: only. OPEN & SEMI-OPEN  GAMES,$26

SHAKHMATNOTO NASLEDSTVO NA LEKSAND'R KHADZHIPETROV, S. Sergiev, Sofia, 2009, p, mint, only 300 copies, 423p. Bulgarian. 600 of KHADZHIPETROV's games.Many good photos, some in color. Notes to many games. $38
ALEKSANDAR KHALIFMAN, G. Nesis, St. Petersburg, 2000, h, exc, Russian, 252p. 93 games with full notes & biography. With some good photos. $29
KHALIFMAN - LIFE & GAMES, G. Nesis, London, 2000, p, exc, 208p, 96 selected games with full notes. Largely a translation of the Nesis book in Russian. $25
SULTAN KHAN, R.N. Coles, East Sussex, England, 1965, BCM Quarterly #10, 1st ed, 143p, h, exc, ‡, $25. b) p, exc, $28
RATMIR KHOLMOV, Moscow, 1982, Russian paperback “black series”. p, exc, 142p, 63 annotated games of this very strong Russian GM. $22. b) rebd, h, exc, with original cover bd in. ELRS, $26

EN PASSANT - CHESS GAMES AND STUDIES, G. Koltanowski, Edinburgh, 1937, p, exc, with a plastic protective cover, autographed by Kolty and presented to Maurice Fox (a former Canadian Champion). With a pasted-in post card drawing of Kolty which is also autographed by him. 92 p. with a xerox of a newspaper article on Fox when he won the Canadian Championship for the 5th time. In addition to his other  games plus anecdotes all of the games of his 30-game blindfold simul in Antwerp in 1931 (20+, 10 =). $92
ATANAS KOLAROV - 300 IZBRANI PARTII, Sofia, 2010, p, mint, 223p, Bulgarian. Many with notes. Photos. $30
ALEKSANDR KONSTANTINOPOLSKI, I. Romanov, Moscow, 1985. p, exc, Russian black paperback series, p, ex, 160p, 104 games with full notes + a few positions. A player whose activity in tournaments & matches extended from 1928 to 1966. $20

KORCHNOI*, V. Barsky & A. Bykovsky, Moscow, 2012, h, mint, 303p. 25 of his most recent games (1997 on) with very deep notes + biography. Russian.  $40
KORCHNOI 125 GAMES, A. Kalnajs, Chicago, 1972. p, exc, 138p. Notes taken from Soviet and Latvian sources for most games. An excellent book due to the interesting notes. $24. b)p, vg, $20
KORCHNOI'S 400 BEST GAMES, Korchnoi, Wade, Blackstock, NY, 1978, h, exc, with dj, 264p. with condensed Informant-style notes. $32. b) p, mint, $25. b) h, mint, with a protective plastic jacket, $27
KORCHNOI'S CHESS GAMES, Levy & O'Connell, Oxford, 1979, p, mint, 291p, almost 1700 games with condensed notes to some. $26
PERSONA NON GRATA, Kortchnoi & Cavallaro, Davenport, 1981, 147p. Largely an account of the nefarious goings-on before and during the famous Kortchnoi-Karpov 1978 match. With the match games themselves with lt. notes. p, vg. $12
VIKTOR KORTSJNOI, Korchnoi, Amsterdam, 1977, p, exc, Dutch. 207p. Extensive biography + a good selection of his games from 1973-1976 with full notes and another section with selected games from 1952-1973. There is also a section at the end with x-tables for 32 tournaments, almost all extremely strong events of which Korchnoi won 21 outright and shared 1st in 3 others—an absolutely phenomenal record without equal at least up to that time! $18
VIKTOR KORCHNOi - IZBRANNIE PARTII, Korchnoi, St. Petersburg, 1996, h, exc, 106 of his best games with fine notes.226p. Easily one of the most successful tournament players of all time, especially considering the strength of the competition. $32.
ALEKSANDR KOTOV, Moscow, 1984, h, exc. 304p. Russian. 77 of his best games with full notes by Kotov. Also has other games contained in essays on his style and methods of analyzing positions, etc.$28
KRAMNIK - MY LIFE AND GAMES, Kramnik & Damsky, London, 2000, p, exc. 272p. 178 fine games with penetrating notes. $25

VLADIMIR KRAMNIK, Ostojic, Barlow, Spadijer & Nikolic. English, Serbo-Croat, & Italian. p, mint, 82p, 130 of his best games, $10


KAUNISTA SHAKKIA, E. Böök I. Kanko & P. Saharinen, Helsinki, 2009, 102p.p, mint,  a games collection for the Finnish player Ragnar Krogius (1903-1980), $44


BENT LARSEN,  * Vol. I, by Bent LarsenGermany, 2009Christopher Lutz, Editor. h, mint, 328 pages. Not just a good book—this is a GREAT BOOK!! Evidently translated from the original Danish. In the period 1964 to about 1970, the young Larsen, a real fighter,  was on par with the greatest, including FischerHis incisive Viking style was  a breath of fresh air and together with Fischer was a challenge to Russian chess hegemony after WWII. The number of his first places in strong tournament is extraordinary. His notes here are first rate with many interesting opinions and revelations plus some special games added to elucidate his ideas. The diagrams and typography are also excellent. His games with his notes are a joy to play over.  Bent, we shall not see your like again!!  $52
50 IZBRANNYKH PARTII 1948-1969, Bent Larsen, Moscow, 1972, h, mint. the Russian edition of his games, 223p. $30


BENT LARSEN - THE FIGHTER, E. Brondum, Copenhagen, 1978, h, vg, 171p, in English, 75 of his best games with full notes. A great player no doubt. In the mid 60's he and Fischer were the only non-Russian players who could win tournaments ahead of the Soviets.  $42


STEINITZ  - LASKER, M. Levidov, Moscow, 1936, p, vg, Russian. 304p. scarce. A discussion of the chess careers of both these great masters. $85.
LASKER'S GREATEST CHESS GAMES 1889-1914, Reinfeld & Fine, Dover reprint, NY, 1965, p, exc, 75 games. Extensive notes. Too bad they never completed a 2nd volume.  $8. b) NY, 1935, h, vg, with the original title DR. LASKERR'S CHESS CAREER-Part I. 1889-1914, but with book mark ribbon stains at top of most pages not affecting text.  165 p. The first ed. With Cordingley's bookstamp. $20. c) h, exc, with protective plastic wrapper, 1st ed, NY, 1935, with bookplate of a well-known American collector, George Stoney, $49

EMANUEL LASKER - BIOGRAPHIE EINES SCHACHWELTMEISTERS, J. Hannak, Berlin, 1952, h, exc, with dj, The original German edition. 315p. A good biography with 100 annotated games. $38. b) h, vg, ELRS, $32.
THE COLLECTED GAMES OF EMANUEL LASKER, K. Whyld, Nottingham, 1998, h, mint. This book has 1390 of his games incl. some simul and exhibition games. 229p. No notes, but gives game sources. Easily the largest collection of his games extant. $38
LASKER - THE ULTIMATE STREET FIGHTER, R. Long, p, mint, Davenport, 2010, 41p, 50 of Lasker's games up to 1919 with light notes. 48p. $13
EMANUEL LASKER - ALL GAMES, Russian Chess House, largely languageless with Informant-style notes. 2 volume set. Sold only as a set. Vol. I, 1889-1903, 388p, 356 games. Vol. 2, 1904-1940, 344p, h, mint, games 357 to 653. $110.
MYSLITEL', B. Vainshtein, Moscow, 1981, 287p, a biography which includes 108 Lasker games of which 47 have full notes. Russian. part of the hardback black series. h, exc. $24
LASKER, V. Zak, Moscow, 1963, Russian, 198p. Biography + 59 of his best games with full notes + selected positions. a) p, vg, $42. b) fc worn, spine stripchipped away, bc lacking, contents vg, $25.
EMANUEL LASKER, VOLUME 1, E. Varnusz, Games 1889-1907, Budapest, 1998, p, mint, 327 mainly annotated (Informant style) notes. Worthwhile, but naturally such abbreviated notes leave much to be desired. p, exc, $28
EMANUEL LASKER Vol. 3, Ed. by Ken Whyld, The Chess Player, Nottingham, 1976, p, exc, 104p. Games 504 to 1142. This is the last volume of a three-volume set begun by Cordinlingley carried on by D. Hooper and finished by Whlyd. Includes a bibliography and openings index. $22.
CHESS FOR FUN & CHESS FOR BLOOD, Rd. Lasker, NY, 1950, 5th ed, 224p, h, vg, a very entertaining book. Nicely inscribed to a friend. $55.  b) NY, 2nd ed, fc sl. stained, vg, $20 
V. I. LENIN I SHAKHMATY, M. Kogan, (Leningrad ), 1932, Russian,48p, p, vg, FGML, ELRS, scarce, $65
IZBRANNYE PARTII I VOSPOMINANIYA, G. Levenfish, Moscow, 1967, p, vg, with some penciled marginalia. 199p. Levenfish was a very strong master fully as strong as Botvinnik for a period in the mid-30s. 79 of his best games with full notes. $32. b) p, exc, $40.
CHESS FOR FUN & CHESS FOR BLOOD, Edward Lasker, Dover ed, p, vg, covers worn, 224p, an interesting book with some good games explained in great detail. $3
ANDRE LILIENTAL', Dvorkovich, Moscow, 1989, p, exc, part of the paperback Russian Black series, 158p, 67 of his best games with good notes. $20
ZHIZNY- SHAKHMATAM, A. Lilienthal, Moscow, 1969, Russian. p, exc, 60 fully annotated games. $36. b)p, vg, with some marginalia on a few pages. $28
ÉLETEM A SAKK (LILIENTHAL'S BEST GAMES), A. Lilienthal, Budapest, 1985, 339p, Hungarian, 128 fully annotated games, many photos. a) p, vg, $26. b) p, good, last several pages sl. waterstained, $20. c) p, good, back cover damaged, $18. d)p, exc. FGML, ELRS, $24.
LILIENTHAL'S HUNDRED BEST GAMES, edited by G. Negyesi, Kecskemet, 2001, p, mint, 245p. 100 of his best games with full notes naturally including his famous win over Capablanca at Hastings in 1934. A very interesting GM! $28
SAMUEL LIPSCHÜTZ, A. Gillam, CP ed, Nottinham, 2000, 76p. 96 of his best games with lt. notes to most. Lipschütz is a largely forgotten American player in good part because his ill health and relatively short career (about 1883-1900). Perhaps his greatest triumph was his 6th place in the mammoth NY 1889 tournament ahead of Mason, Judd, Showalter, Bird, ... p, exc. $20

ERIK LUNDIN SPELAR UPPSINA SCHACKMINNEN 1924-29, S. Jonasson & L. Holmstrand, p, vg, 178p. 126 of his best games. Swedish. A fine attacking player.  $65
SHAKHMATNOE NASLEDIE A. S. LUTIKOVA, Aleksandrov & O. Lutikov, Novosibirsk, 1993. h, mint, 303p, Over a hundred of his best games with most deeply annotated. $60
VLADIMIR MAKOGANOV, V. Asriyan, Moscow, 1991, p, exc, 159p. Part of Russian black series. 75 games, most annotated, + extensive biography. A tough customer with wins over the likes of Botvinnik, Keres, Reshevsky,... $24.
MINA BÄSTA PARTIER, H. Malmgren, Örebro, 1953, h, exc, Swedish. 153p, With 79 of his best games with commentry, some by Euwe, Tartakower, & Stahlberg. Most are his postal games since he was a world-class postal player. $105

MAROCZY'S HUNDERT SCHACHPARTIEN, B. Kagan, Berlin, (1921), L/N 3235. German, h, vg158p. Full notes, $45
MAROCZY GEZA, J. Szily, Kecskemet, 1957, h, good, 2 pages damaged & replaced by xeroxes, ELRS. Hungarian. 100 of his best games with extensive notes. 198p. $30. b) h, exc, $48
GEZA MAROCZY - LEBEN UND LEHREN, W. Földeak, Berlin, 1971, 104p, 55 of his best games with full notes. p, vg, back cover creased, $20. b)p, mint, $24

MARSHALL'S CHESS "SWINDLES", F. J. Marshall, NY, 1914, h, exc, fc roughened sl,  quite scarce. 134p. Full notes. Nicely inscribed by Marshall. $550 

FRANK MARSHALL, UNITED STATES CHESS CHAMPION, A. Soltis, Jefferson, 1994. h, mint, a very good games collection for Marshall with much biography and 220 games with good notes. 383p. $45
YOUNG MARSHALL, J. S. Hilbert, Olomouc, 2002, 282p, 173 games, some with full notes. An interesting study of the young Marshall (1893-1900) showing his very erratic development in those years, sometimes winning handily and more often losing miserably to players virtually unknown today. h, exc, $39
FRANK JAMES MARSHALL, T. Hagemann, Hollfeld, 1987, p, mint, 88p. 40 of Marshall's best games with fragmentary notes to only a few. With some of his analysis of a few lines and a brief biography. $13
MY FIFTY YEARS OF CHESS, F. Marshall, NY, 1942, 242p. 140 of his best games with his own notes. 242p. with considerable underlining and comments in the first part of the book. h, vg, covers sl. worn. $23. b) FRANK MARSHALL'S BEST GAMES OF CHESS, NY, 1960, Dover ed, with change of title (same contents). p, vg, $11.

50 LEM ZA SHAKHMATNOI  DOSKOI, Frank Marshall, Moscow, 1998, the Russian edition. 266p. h, mint, Appears to be a direct translation of the original US edition.  $40
HENRIQUE MECKING - LATIN CHESS GENIUS, S. Gordon, Davenport, 1993, p, mint, 167p. 344 Mecking games of which 24 are annotated. $24
MEMORIAL TO VERA MENCHIK,a 1944 issue of CHESS dedicated to the memory of probably the strongest female chess player up to her death by a flying bomb in 1944. With a fine article on her greatest games, 8 games with copious notes with full notes. She was noted as being an extremely kind and friendly person. $18

VERA MENCHIK, E. Bykova, Moscow, 1957, p, vg. 175p. Her many wins against strong players are legendary. They included Euwe(twice), Mieses, and others. Russian. Ninety-three of her best games with notes to most. $48
VLADAS MIKENAS, V. Dvorkovich & Ya. Damski, Moscow, 1987. p, exc, 160p. Estonian born IM who settled in Lithuania 1n 1931 and who played for that country in five olympiads. Russian. 69 of his best games with good notes. $30
PRIBERH PRUMERNEHO SACHISTY, Petr Mlynek, Brno, 2015,h, mint. autographed numbered copy. 422p with about 100 of his games (including interesting some losses) of this very inventive players games with notes. Also has over a hundred photos. $48.    
ALABAMA'S FIRST CHESS MASTER, B. N. Edwards, Grand Prairie, 1997, p, exc, 22p. Milan Momic. Three games with notes. Small ed. $5


EL GENIO DEL AJEDREZ: PABLO MORPHY, Coria & Palau, Buenos Aires, 1955, 1st edition.126p, 90 of his best games with notes. Wityh Barrett's chess bookplate, Spanish. p, vg. $35 

PAUL MORPHY - THE PRIDE AND SORROW OF CHESS, David Lawson, a new edition, edited by Thomas Aiello, 398p. A welcome addition since the original hardback is so sought after that it fetches high prices. This book remains the most significant on the life of Morphy, but it left the way clear for Caissa Editions to do the best analysis of his games in English to Macon Shibut and later an English version of Morphy's games by Maroczy (translated by Sherwood) from the German original. No doubt Maroczy was the strongest player to analyse his games in print. My main criticism of the Lawson book is that it virtually avoids the critical event in Morphy's entire life: the Civil War. There is good reason to believe that Morphy was not fervent in the Southern cause and that there was an underlying suspicion of his feelings among the general population. When added to Morphy's perceived attitude that he was regarded as  nothing more than a chessplayer, i.e. a sort of freak, is it any wonder that his sensitive nature would not be able to handle the horrors of the transition of the once grand, romantic, intriguing city of New Orleans to a war-torn city which had to accommodate thousands of semi-butchered casualties of the worst disaster to ever take place in the United States. Much of his time during the war he was in Cuba and Europe instead of taking his share of hardship and grief  at home. p, mint, $19

MORPHY CENTENNIAL TOURNAMENT MEDAL- YANKTON S. D. 1957, scarce, likely scarcer than the much earlier Sage Morphy medal. $210 

SHAKHMATNYE PARTII PAULYA MORFI, G. Maroczy, Priboi, 1929, translated from the German by A. A. Olshevsky under the direction of A. Gorfinkel. Russian. With an English translation in Lawson's hand of the Gorfinkel  and a 3-page translation into English in Lawson's hand of the introductory sketch. These two articles laid in the book. h, vg, This book has 290 of Morphy's games. $125

PAUL MORPHY, G. Maroczy, translated by Robert Sherwood from the 1909 edition published in Germany. Maroczy was the strongest player who ever annotated all of Morphy games and thus to non-German language readers, it should be of special interest, especially since the standards for analytical notes is far higher even in 1909 than were accepted when these games were played.  There are all of Morphy's then known games analyzed, though a few are game fragments when the full game was not known. This 600-copy printing is the  only printing which will be made. h, mint.  $50.

HALF HOURS WITH MORPHY, Rev. E.E. Cunnington, London, 1902, 80p. h, fair, contents fine but spine strip chipped. 44 of his games and game endings. Contains the cream of Dr. Max Lange's great work Paul Morphy; Sein Leben und Schaffen. $20
PAUL MORPHY AND THE EVOLUTION OF CHESS THEORY, M. Shibut, Yorklyn, 1993, h, mint, with addendum (separate pamphlet) with an additional 52 games. 341p + 15p addendum. All of Morphy's known games with some interesting assessments of his play by Steinitz and Alekhine. The author, himself, gives a much deeper, more realistic view of Morphy's play than has often been promoted and backs his views up with numerous examples and with much original analysis. $50.  b) Dover reprint, p, mint, $15
MORPHY LA ESTRELLA FUGAZ DEL AJEDREZ!!, J. Sanz, Madrid, w/o date (circa 1947), 93p, p, poor, pages browning & fragile. The paper is such low grade paper that I doubt that copies not kept in controlled temperature/humidity surroundings would be much better. The book is usable with care. $2. b)p, exc, 2nd ed, 102p, w/o date. $14

PAUL FELIX SCHMIDT, A. J. Gillam, Nottingham,2017, p, mint, 229,At long last a nice book has appeared for a very strong player who has deserved one at least 40 years ago! He was a contemporary of Paul Keres and for a while was like as  strong as Keres, but as well as Keres had his life twisted badly by WWII. Gillam has tracked down several hundred games (many with good notes and x-tables).Sadly with few photos.  Schmidt fortunately emigrated to the USA in 1952 with his family and switched to high--temperature chemistry and industrial life where he had good success. $30.
PAUL MORPHY – A SKETCH FROM THE CHESS WORLD, Max Lange, Moravian Chess reprint of the London, 1860 ed. h, exc, xii + 356p. An English translation of the original German text by Falkbeer. Games + biography. $38
THE EXPLOITS AND TRIUMPHS IN EUROPE OF PAUL MORPHY, F. M. Edge, Moravian Chess reprint, of the NY 1859 ed. Note that reproductions of photos and prints in Moravian Chess reprints are generally of poor quality. h, exc, 203p. Biography w/o games. $38.  b) the original US edition, NY, 1859, Appleton & Co., h, vg, with the original 4 plates, $85
PAUL MORPHY, B. Hörberg & J. Westberg, Stockholm, 1961, Swedish. A volume in the series Schack Spelets Världs Mästare. 127p. 100 of his best games with full notes. $40.
PAUL MORPHY, G. Maroczy, Berlin/ Leipzig, 1925. This edition has some corrections to the 1909 ed. 290p. Maroczy is the strongest player who did a book of Morphy's games. 403 games. small clip off bottom corner, photo foxed, was Ken Whyls'd copy, $40

b) Olms reprint of the 1909 ed. h, mint, $45.

SHAKHMATNYE PARTII PAULYA MORFI, G. Maroczy, h, vg, (Leningrad 1929), L/N 3205, the Russian ed., 272p, 290 games, 450p. $75

MORPHY'S GAMES OF CHESS, J. Löwenthal, London, 1901, h, vg, with the nice frontispiece engraving of Morphy in fine condition. vii + 487p. $85
MORPHY’S GAMES OF CHESS, J. Löwenthal, Moravian Chess reprint of the London, 1913 edition. h, exc, vii + 485p. Most of his known games plus antiquated notes. $40. b) London, 1884 ed, h, vg, spine has several slits, text fine, frontispiece engraving of Morphy good with some foxing, 487p, $75.
PAUL MORPHY REMEMBERED, by David Lawson, in the May-June 1950 issue of The American Chess Bulletin,  $8
POVEST' O MORFI, A. Zagoryansky, Moscow, 1968, h, vg, Russian, 229p. Entirely a prose account of his life. No games. $25

MY 75 YEAR CHESS CAREER, Walter Muir, Pittsburg, 1997, p, mint, 354p. A biography of ICCF Master Muir with several score of his postal games. Some with notes. $24

NEDOIGRAL, NEDOLYUBIL... MIKHAIL MUKHIN (1948-1977), A. Vaiser, Moscow, 1913. h, mint, 256p. Russian.  A little-known but quite strong and significant  player (introduction by Karpov), 303 of his best games, many annotated. $38

ISKATEL' SHAKHMATNOI ISTINY - GM YAKOV MUREI, V. Teplitzki, Rishon Le Zion, 2008, 226p, p, mint. In part a collection of his games along with his discussion of a few other games. X-1,  $35 


YOUNG NAJDORF, T. Lissowski, Nottingham, 2010, p, mint, 150p. It is stated that the book contains every known game by Najdorf up to the end of 1939. With notes to many. $26

SCHAAKROMANTICUS MIGUEL NAJDORFs, , S. Postma, Venlo/ Antwerp, 306p. 151 of his best games with full notes to some. Dutch, Incl. x-tables, tournament records, etc. $34

NAKAMURA, D. Lovas, part of the series  The Chess Greats of the World, p, mint, 158p, $9 
NAPIER: THE FORGOTTEN CHESSMASTER, John Hilbert, Yorklyn, 1997. Hardback, 354 pages, 321 games, many with notes. Extensive historical background. Especially strong on New York City area chess around the turn of the century. $38
NEZHMETDINOV¹S BEST GAMES OF CHESS, Rashid Nezhmetdinov, Yorklyn, 2001, paperback, 185 pages. 102 annotated games plus biography. The games are superb and the notes are excellent. One of the best biographical chess games collections ever published. Nezhmetdinov had a plus score in the 20 games he contested against World Champions (+6 =9 -5). $28
SUPER NEZH CHESS ASSASSIN, A. Pishkin, Davenport, 2000, h, mint, with dj. 100 of his best games (or game fragments) with notes, but quite inferior to the book by Nezhmetdinov himself (above). In addition there are too many omissions with some rather foolish excuses, e.g. the statement on p. 135 that "The preliminary moves are not known." Nezhmetdinov's own book gives the full game. Maybe Pishkin was just lazy? There are many other errors in attributing games to the wrong tournament, etc, but the games themselves are so good that the book is good anyway. $30
IZBRANNIE PARTII, R. Nezhmetdinov, Kazan, 1978, Russian, h, vg, 68 annotated games +32 MG & EG positions. A book much praised by Tal. $48
RASHID NEZHMETDINOV, Ya. Damski, Moscow, 1987, p, exc, 176p, 63 of this extremely original master's best games with notes plus other material, Russian paperback Black series. $20
NICK'S BEST, L. Day, Selected Games of Bryon Nickoloff, Montreal, 2007, p, mint, 295p. 73 of Canadian Master Nickolof's games with good notes. $30

ARON NIMZOWITSCH ON THE ROAD TO CHESS MASTERY1886-1924, P. Skjoldager & J-E. Nielsen, Jefferson, 2012. h, mint, 456p. A very fine and deeply researched book on one of the great chess theorists of the 20th century. Many games and photos along with biography and interesting stories which shed light on Nimzowitsch's character.  $50

ARON NIMZOWITSCH 1886-1935 - A REAPPRAISAL, R. Keene, G. Bell ed, London, 1974, h, exc, with dj, 334p. Probably Keene's best book. $38
GROSSMEISTER NIMZOVICH, R. Keene, Moscow 1986, a Russian rendition of the famous Keene book Aron Nimzovich – A Reappraisal, 287p, Part of the Russian hardback series. Russian. $ 20
NIMZOWITSCH, A. Becker & F. Chalupetzky, Kecskemet (1928), L/N 3102. Hungarian. 23p. p, vg, covers loose, 23 of his best games with notes & a few positions. $20.
HYPERMODERN CHESS: ARON NIMZOVICH, F. Reinfeld, NY, 1958, Dover edition. p, vg. 221p. A very nice collection of 58 well-annotated games. The notes are light but entertaining. $8
MY SYSTEM, A. Nimzovich. NY, 1958, McKay ed, h, exc, with dj & protective plastic jacket, 372p. One of the true classics of chess literature. $30
GROSSMEISTER NIMTSOVICH, R. Kim, Moscow, 1986, Russian. h, exc, 287p, 45 of his best games with full notes plus others to illustrate facets of his play. $20
D. NOTEBOOM, M. Euwe, Amsterdam, 1932, h, exc. 123p. Biography + 30 fully annotated games of this very strong Dutch player who died at an early age. . Dutch. Scarce. $110. b) h, vg, but with 4 pages with a child's scribbling in ink (not making text illegible). $60
OJASEN OIVAL LUKSIA, K. Ojanen & V. Salonen, Toijala, 1975. p, exc, Finnish. Scarce. 199p. The best games of the Finnish master Kaarle Ojanen who scored 58 points for Finland in 12 Olimpiads from 1936 to 1972. $55. b) h, exc, with dj, the hardback version. $68

KAARLE OJANEN - ELÄMÄ JA PELIT, H. Hurme et al, Helsinki, 2009. Finnish. h, mint, 272p. An extremely fine production with 92 of Ojanen's best games with full notes. His wins include one over Paul Keres in 1960. $60

34 MAL SCHACHLOGIK, A. O'Kelly, Berlin, 1964, 92p, p, exc, 34 of O'Kelly's World-Class postal games. Interestingly, even though O'Kelly was a strong IGM over the board, in postal chess he was among the top ten or so in the world(he was the 3rd World Correspondence Champion). Here are his adventuresome games in that medium. $55
KAREL OPOCENSKY - PRVNI CESKY SACHOVY PROFESIONAL, Hort, Houska, Kavalek & Matocha. Prague, 2011, h, mint, biography, games, and many fine photos. A leading Czech player and raconteur. 157p. X-1, $45
MEINE 100 BESTEN PARTIEN UND MEINE PROBLEME, L. Pachman, Düsseldorf, 1978, 127p, p, exc, German. Pachman was known for his accurate notes and great openings knowledge. $28.
A SELECTION OF GAMES AT CHESS ACTUALLY PLAYED BY PHILIDOR AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES, with notes by George Walker, a Moravian Chess reprint of the original Londonm 1833 ed.xvi + 112p. $20
PILGRIMAGE TO HASTINGS 1973, J. C. Owen, p, mint, Avon, CT, w/o date. iv + 43p. The author placed 3-7th in the Third Week "A" Hastings tourney in 1972/73 and recounts his adventures there with a few of his games with notes plus selected postal games in US events from the strongest US events from the 1940s to the 1950s with brief notes. $18
MEINE 100 BESTEN PARTIEN UND MEINE PROBLEME, L. Pachman, Düsseldorf, 1976.p, exc, 127p. 100 of his best games with very good notes. $28
CHECKMATE IN PRAGUE, L. Pachman, NY, 1975, h, exc, with dj, ‡, 216p. No games, just biography. An account of his life as a chesssmaster and of his miserable life after his arrest in his native Czechoslovakia on political charges by the Russian dominated Communist government and his disbarment from international chess tournaments. $30
ENTSCHEIDUNGSPARTIEN, Pachman, Düsseldorf, 1972, the German translation from the original Czech edition. 157p. ELRS. $18
PACHMAN'S DECISIVE GAMES, L. Pachman, London, 1975, h, vg, ‡, with some check marks and underlining, 259p. The title is somewhat misleading since this collection is not Pachman's own games but instead his selection of decisive games in chess history, starting with Baden Baden 1870 after some previous examples from early games. With Pachman's good notes. $28 b) Düsseldorf, 1972, p, exc, the German edition titled Entscheidungspartien,157p. $22 
SOROK LEM ZA SHAKHMATNOI DOSKOI, V. Panov, Moscow, 1966, p, vg, 174p, 50 of Panov's best games + biography & chess essays. $28. b) h, rebd in stiff boards, orig. soft covers bd in, ELRS, vg, $24.
VASILI PANOV, Ya. Estrin, Moscow, 1986, p, exc, part of Russian black series. 192p., 80 of his best games with full notes & biography. $24

LOUIS PAULSEN 1833 - 1891 UND DAS SCHACHSPIEL IN LIPPE  1900- 1981. H. Paulussen, Detmold, 1982. p, vg, 
312p. Includes some games by Wilfried Paulsen as well as those of his brother Louis. German. Lt.  notes and much chess history for that area of Germanyincluding many photos. $62. 

PEICHO PEEV - IZBRANI PARTII, S. Sergiev, Sofia, 2011, p, mint, 368p. Bulgarian. 350 of his games with Informant-style notes. $32 
VLADIMIRS PETROVS ­ A CHESSPLAYER¹S STORY ­ FROM GREATNESS TO THE GULAGS, Andris Fride, Yorklyn, 2004, paperback, iv+ 191p + 9 photos. Vladimirs Petrovs from Latvia was one of the world¹s leading chessplayers from the mid thirties to the early forties, but due to the political tragedies that befell the Baltic States in WWII, he became a victim of the Soviet oppression and perished in a gulag in 1943. True to the Soviet style, he also suffered the fate of so many who were imprisoned and murdered: obliteration of their records, lives, accomplishments In great part, not only was his promising career cut short, but many of his fine games were lost or intentionally forgotten.

Petrovs greatest chess accomplishments were his tie for first at Kemeri 1937 with Flohr and Reshevsky, ahead of Alekhine, Keres, and Fine, and his outstanding performance at the Buenos Aires Olympiad in 1939 where he achieved a 72% score at first board for Latvia against the world¹s best players including Capablanca, Alekhine, Eliskases, Keres, Tartakower, and Stahlberg, among others. As Golombek wrote: "Petrovs played the best chess at Buenos Aires 1939". In this book there is a biographical account of his chess career along with all his 265 games that could be found. Notes, often by Petrovs and other outstanding players, are given to many of his best games. In addition information is given on the status of chess and chess personalites in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Petrovs' style was largely positional, but he played many ingenious games involving advanced tactics as well. As White in the Catalan Opening he was extremely strong, as the reader can ascertain from studying those games. Hopefully, this work will help to set the record straight historically and will commemorate the artistic chess achievements of a world-class player. $25


A. D. PETROV, I. Lindner, Moscow, 1955, h, vg, covers worn, 246p. Extensive biography + a good selection of his games. Russian.  $60

GEROI DOVOENNYKH OLIMPIAD, D. Kryavin & G. Petrova-Matisa. h. mint, 283p. Some  games or excerpts from games of V. Petrovs against top platers in Olympiads with many superb black and White photos. $39

EL AJEDREZ SUPERIOR, O'Kelly, Madrid, 1968, Spanish. p, exc, Petrosian's best games with full notes. 203p. $18
PETROSIAN'S BEST GAMES OF CHESS 1946-63, P.H. Clarke, London, 1973, Bell ed, with dj, h, exc, 60 of his best games with excellent notes. $42
PETROSIAN THE POWERFUL, Soltis & Smith, Chess Digest, 1990, p, mint, 156p. 30 selected games with light notes. $16
TIGRAN PETROSIAN, G. Oganesyan, Erevan 1989, p, exc, Russian. 111p, over a hundred of his games w/o notes plus scores of fine photos. $18
TIGRAN PETROSIAN -WORLD CHAMPION, O'Kelly, Oxford, 1965, h, exc, 119p, 30 fully annotated games. $28
PETROSJAN, Weltgeschichte des Schachs series, Hamburg, 1963, h, exc, 350 games. Lt notes to selected games in a separate laid-in sect not bound in (as issued) at the back. Game diagrams every five moves. $35
TIGRAN PETROSIAN - HIS LIFE AND GAMES, V, Vasiliev, London, 1974, 247p. h, vg, with dj(sl torn), ‡, Exc. biographial information and general commentary on the indivual contests plus extensive notes by Petrosian,,Suetin, & others. $30. b) London, 1974, h, exc, with dj, and a laid-in Dutch review of the book by Jongsma. $42
PETROSIAN'S LEGACY, R. Petrosian, Los Angeles, 1990. p, exc, Excellent analysis of some of his games. 123p. $26. b) p, vg, corner sl. bent, $22
CHESS: 60 YEARS ON WITH CAISSA AND FRIENDS, Alan Phillips, British Master and co-champion of Britain in 1954, Yorklyn, 2003, paperback, 185 pages. A collection of 200 games by British players from the 1950s to the present. 100 are Phillips' games and 100 are sparkling games by other British players, all with light notes. Also there are 37 good photos of the best British players of those days. $19
THE LIFE OF PHILIDOR, G. Allen, Moravian Chess reprint of the Philadelphia & New York 1865 ed, h, mint, 156p. Mainly a biography with only a few games. $30
A SELECTION OF GAMES AT CHESS ACTUALLY PLAYED BY PHILIDOR AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES, G. Walker, London, 1835, reprint, Moravian Chessw/o date. 112p. h, exc, $20
PHILIDOR: IL MUSICHISTA CHE GIOCAVA A SCACCHI, C. Rollin, p, mint, Brescia, 1994, Italian. 70p. No games. A brief biography with many references. $10

JEROEN PIKET, S. Gordon, part of the ELO 2600 Series, w/o yr or place of publication, p, mint, 32p with over 100 Piket wins. $6


PILLSBURY'S CHESS CAREER, Sergeant & Watts, Dover ed, NY, 1966. new Introduction and Afterword by Chernev. Pillsbury's games make him one of the immortals in chess history. 230p. 233 games. Light notes. p, covers creased, $8
HARRY NELSON PILLSBURY, J.N. Pope, Ann Arbor, 1996, p, mint, 376p. All the Pillsbury games the author was able to find: 907 games, many with notes. Includes many exhibition games. $30.  The hardback edition, only 250 copies, is now sold out.
SLED METEORA, E. Mansurov, Moscow, 1997, h, mint, 504p. The Russian book on Pillsbury with hundreds of games (not numbered unfortunately), but with excellent indexing of openings and opponents and with a very good list of references to books and articles on Pillsbury plus cross tables for the events he played in. $29
200 IZBRANI PARTII - OT SHAKHMATNOGO NASLEDSTVO NA KAMEN PISKOV, S. Sergiev, Sofia, 2009, p, mint, the best games of Kamen Piskov, Bulgarian, notes to some. $25.
CHESS MEMOIRS, Dr. Joseph Platz, Coraopolis, 1979, p, vg, 189p, with many of this master's games along with extensive notes. Platz was a student of Emanuel Lasker's. Many interesting sidelights on NY chess. $45
PLAYING TO WIN, J. Plaskett, London, 1988, p, exc. A thought-provoking book with 15 keenly examined Plaskett games. 90p. $22
POLLOCK MEMORIES: A COLLECTION OF HIS CHESS GAMES, PROBLEMS, &c., F.F. Rowland, Dublin, 1899. 162p. 145 of his games with brief notes, 15 endings, & 4 problems + biography. Moravian Chess reprint, h, mint, $30
GROSSMEISTER POLUGAYEVSKY, Ya. Damsky, Moscow, 1982, 304p. biography + discussion of his style & 60 of his best games with full notes. h, exc, Russian. $24. b) h, exc, ELRS, FGML, $30

2009, h. exc, 239p. Extensive biography, good photos, a few of his games incl. his draw with Fischer at Oklahoma City 1956. Popel spent much of his adult life in the US and was known as a strong player in central US events. $60

GRANDMASTER LAJOS PORTISCH, E. Gelenczei, 34 games with brief notes, 1968, The Chess Player Series No. 80, 43p, p, exc, scarce.  $24
GROSSMEISTER PORTISCH, J. Haztun, Moscow, 1977, 221p. Part of the hardback Russian series. h, exc, About 100 of his best games with detailed notes and a study of his style with examples. The Russian edition of the Portisch Nagymester below. $24
PORTISCH NAGYMESTER, J. Haztun, Budapest, 1978, h, exc, 352p + 26 photos. Hungarian. 50 of his best games + discussion of his career & style with examples. $26. b)h, vg, ELRS, spine taped, $20
SELECTED GAMES OF LAJOS PORTISCH, E. Varnusz, NY, 1979, h, mint, with dj, 206p, 90 games with good notes. $30. b) h, vg, with dj, $24
DAWID PRZEPIORKA - HIS LIFE AND WORK, Tomas Lissowski, CP Ed., Nottingham, 1999. p, exc, 59p. 90 of his games with lt. notes. $20. 

MISTRZ PRZEPIORKA, Lissowski/ Konikowsi/ Moras, Warsaw, 1913. p, exc, 271p, Polish. A nice memorial to a very interesting player & chess problem composer. With 53 of his best games with notes along with biography + 160 of his compositions. p, mint, $35

VIKTORS PUPOLS AMERICAN MASTER, L. Parr, Davenport, 1983, 78p, p, mint, Some 93 of his best games with lt. notes to some. $18
C. J. S.PURDY - HIS LIFE, HIS GAMES AND HIS  WRITINGS, J. HAMMOND  AND JAMIESON, MELBOURNE, 1982. One of the best general books ever written on chess with first - rate discussions, A Guiding rule for End Games, On Castle walls, ...    p,exc, $28.  b)$24 p, vg, .The Spirit of Position Play.   

SERGEY BELAVENYETS AND NIKOLAI RYUMIN, A. Woodger, Nottingham, 2001, 96p, 35 annotated Ryumin games + 35 Belavenyets games with notes. p, mint, $25
VYACHESLAV RAGOSIN, M. Yudovich, Moscow, 1984, part of the soft cover Russian black series. p, exc, 160p. Biography + 109 of his best games, 89 with notes. $25
IZBRANNYE PARTII RAGOSINA, M. Beilin, Moscow, 1964. Russian. 198p. Brief biography plus 74 of his best games with full notes. h, exc, $30. b) h, vg, $25
MEINE SCHACHKARRIERE, S. Reshevsky, Berlin, 1957, the German ed. of RESHEVSKY ON CHESS. Translated by R. Teschner. 210p. p, exc, $30
RICHARD RETI SACHOVY MYSLITEL, Jan Kalendovsky, Prague, 1989, h, mint, Czech, 365p, 200 of his best games with notes, a discussion of his endgame studies with 56 examples, discussions of his chief opponents and contemporaries + biography & many photos. No doubt the best Reti book if you read Czech. $38
RETI'S BEST GAMES OF CHESS, R. Reti & H. Golombek, Dover ed., New York, 1974, p, 173p, exc, $8.
SHAKHMATIST NIKOLAI RIUMIN, I. Kan, Moscow, 1968, Russian. p, exc, 118p, biography and selection of his best games. $34.
PETR ROMANOVSKY, I. Romanov, Moscow, 1984, p, vg, Russian. Part of the softcover Russian "black series". 160p. Biography + 114 of his best games, 86 with notes. $26.
VIERZIG KOMMENTIERTE PARTIEN 1983-1997, Eduardas Rozentalis, Koblenz, 1998. h, exc with dj, 112p, 40 of Rozentalis's best gamne with full notes. He is a very talented player who has taken the scalps of Beyavsky, Kornnoi, Gelfand,... German. $55
AKIBA RUBINSTEIN - EIN LEBEN FÜR SCHACH, H. Wenz, Berlin, 1966, 110p, Light biography plus 35 annotated games & 34 game positions. p, exc, $30

RUBINSTEIN GEWINNT!, H. Kmoch, Vienna, 1933, h, vg, . 151p. 100 of his best games with notes by Kmoch. $35. b) Reprint, 1981, Horst Helten, 151p Plus a new Nachwort of 14 p. with 5 additional games. by Horst Helten & Burkhart Richter, $32

RUBINSTEIN VYIGRYVAET, Hans, Kmoch, Moscow, 2014, h, mint, Russian, 227p, 100 of his best games with full notes.$22 
RUBINSTEIN VINNER! , H. Kmoch, Stockholm, 1947, h, vg, the Swedish edition. of this well-known Kmoch book. 200p. Cozzens' copy with his pencilled marginalia. $25

AKIBA RUBINSTEIN: THE LATER YEARS, Donaldson & Minev, Seattle, 1995, p, mint, 306p. Covers the years 1921-1961 of this great player's career with some 513 games and game fragments. Some games have deep notes, some light notes and many no notes. Includes biography and miscellany. $28
AKIBA RUBINSTEIN, K. Pytel, Warsaw, 1987, p, exc, Polish, 144p, biography + a good selection of his games, some with notes, $24
RUBINSTEIN'S CHESS ACADEMY, V. Glatman, Moscow, 1982, in German & English, Intro by B. Gelfand. Informant-style notes to some of the 734 games. 223p. p, exc. $26
RUBINSTEIN'S CHESS MASTERPIECES - 100 SELECTED GAMES, Kmoch, Dover ed, NY, 1960. p, fair, contents fine but fc torn & spine strip tattered, OK as a working copy, 192p. $4

FRIEDRICH SÄMISCH, H. Wieteck, Nürnberg, 1987, p, mint, 63p,German. 40 of his best games with notes. $24
FEJEZETEK A MAGYAR SAKKTÖRTRNETBOL - VISSZAEMLEKEZES DR. JACOBI SAMURA, KISS JOZSEFRE ES MARKI ISTVANRA, Abonyi, Exner, Maroczy, Kecskemet, 1928, p, exc, Hungarian, 24p. A booklet on the games of these three Hungarian players with annotated games for each. $34
TRET'YA POPYTKA, (Success at the Third Attempt), G. Sanakoev, Vladikavkaz, 1996, Russian. 204p. 49 very fine postal games by an ex-ICCF World Correspondence Champion. h, exc, $32
"MR. CHESS" THE ORTVIN SARAPU STORY, Wainuiomata, 1993, p, mint, 180p. 68 games with lt. notes. Sarapu was New Zealand's strongest player for quite some time after his immigration there in 1950. $26
EMIL SCHALLOPP, Gillam & Swift, Nottingham, 2008, p, mint, 80p, 108 games with notes. $22


CARL SCHLECHTER! THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE AUSTRIAN CHESS WIZARD, by Warren Goldman. Yorklyn, 1994. Hardback, 551 pages. 244 games‹most with notes. Good indices & bibliography. 54 photos & drawings. More than just a games collection due to the heavy research the author spent on Schlechter's life and contributions to chess in his writings as well as his tournament career. No longer available to dealers. Few copies left. $80
SCHLECHTER'S CHESS GAMES, Tom Crain. Yorklyn, 1998, Hardback, 287p. An original work which gives all the Schlechter games found in an exhaustive decade-long search. It complements the Goldman book by giving many more games (811 total), but no notes, and a brief biography with some photos and cross-tables for his major tournaments. $25
KARL SCHLECHTER, R. Spielmann, Stockholm, 1924. Swedish. h, exc, ELRS, FGML, rebd. 177p. Biography plus 124 of his best games with notes. $100

SCHLECHTER, Vol. 8 in Petrovic's series Veliki Majstori Saha, p, exc, 84p, 100 of his best games with notes, Serbo-Croat, $14

KARL SHLEKHTER, L. Verkhovski, Moscow, 1984, h, exc. 239p. biography + 202 games (132 with notes) + a section on his chess problem compositions and a review of his chess literary contributions. Russian. $28
THE CHESS TERRORIST'S HANDBOOK, L. Shamkovivh, Macon, 1995, 148p, 85 games, most by Shamkovich & most annotated. Many dynamic games. p, mint, $20
NIGEL SHORT: CHESS PRODIGY, D. Short, London, 1981, p, exc, 254p, from prodigy to one of the world's top players in 12 years! 67 of his best games with good notes by Botterill & Short, $18 b)h, mint, $25

SHORT & TIMANN, titled THE WAY TO LINARES' SUMMIT, 536p + 16p of photos. 2423 games, many with notes. The games represent al the known games by each of these two players between from 1968 to 1992. $34

CHESS DON, Donald Schultz, Boca Raton, 1999, p, exc, 356p. A readable book largely of the author's experiences in US chess politics, with many interesting sidelights and stories. $18
VLADIMIR SIMAGIN, A. Woodger, CP, Ed. Nottingham, 2000, p, exc, 99p. 77 games with notes. A srong Russian player who was often in the top players in the Moscow CH in the 40s and 50s. $20

VLADIMIR SIMAGIN, S. Voronkov, Moscow, 1981, 176p, with 66 of his best games annotated, another 28 additional games and 33 of his best combinations. Russian. Part of the Russian soft cover black series. p, exc, $25

LUCHSHIE PARTII, V. Simagin, Moscow, 1963, p, vg, 112p., 64 of his best games with full notes. $30



LETOPIS' SHAKMATNOGO TVORCHESTVA, V. Smyslov, Moscow, 1993,  "Zavolzhye" Leonardo edition. A massive 791 p book. . h, mint, A great chronicle of 324 annotated games for a great player. A beautiful work both physically and content wise, with Smyslov's fine notes. $175. 
IZBRANNYE PARTII, V. Smyslov, Moscow, 1952, h, vg, 157p. Russian. 60 of his best games with deep notes. $47
V POISKAKH HARMONII, V. V. Smyslov, Moscow, 1979, h, exc. 237p. 103 of his best games with full notes. Russian hardback Black series. $24
AUSGEWAHLTE SCHACHPARTIEN, Smyslov, Berlin, 1954. The German translation of his original Russian games collection. 60 of his best games with full notes. h, vg, with dj, ELRS, $22
SMYSLOV'S BEST GAMES, Vol. II 1958-1995, V. Smyslov, Moravian Chess, Olomouc, 2003, 456p. 186 games with his fine notes. Includes x-tables from this period of his career. h, exc, $39.
MY BEST GAMES OF CHESS 1935-1957, Smyslov, Dover ed, NY, 1972, p, vg. xxxv + 154p. 67 of his best games in this period with excellent notes. $10



THE BEST CHESS GAMES OF BORIS SPASSKY, A. Soltis, NY, 1973, h, 70 of Spassky's best games with good notes by Soltis. 288p. With dj(sun faded on spine). $28
GRAND STRATEGY, Van Reek & Spassky, Margraten, 2000. p, exc. 144p. A strange book with Japanese prints and some interesting photos of Spassky with Fischer, Kasparov, Che Guevarra a.o. The authors use Spassky's games to illustrate chess strategy. The games are well annotated. $28
BORIS SPASSKY SHTURMUET OLIMP, I. Bondarevsky, Kaluga, 1966, 163p. Russian. 22 of his games with thorough notes. $22
BORIS SPASSKY - MASTER OF TACTICS, B. Cafferty, London, 1991, 4th ed. p, exc, 101 of his best games with full notes. Game 101 is against "Fisher" sic. $20

BORIS SPASSKY, A. Soltis, Newburgh, (1966), 51 annotated Spassky games, p, exc, 92p, $18

BORIS SPASSKY - MASTER OF INITIATIVE, Raetsky & Chetverik, London, 2006, 160p. A nice book in a light vein with sparse notes. p, mint. X-1, $22

RUDOLF SPIELMANN, M. Ehn, Koblenz, 1996, h, mint, the most important work on Spielmann to date with photos and biography as well as 35 deeply annotated games. Excellent bibliography. German. $55
RICHTIG OPFERN!, R. Spielmann, Leipzig, (1935), German. A collection of 37 of Spielmann's games with his detailed notes which later became the English version The Art of Sacrifice in Chess. p, exc, 96p. $40. b) Leipzig, 1935, h, vg, $42
THE ART OF SACRIFICE IN CHESS, R. Spielmann, David McKay ed, NY, 1951, h, exc, with dj(sl discolored), $26. b) Phila., ,w/o date, with dj, $26
HOWARD STAUNTON 1810-74, D.N.L. Levy, Nottingham, 1975, 142p, p, mint, more biography than games collection. $19

LEONID STEIN - MASTER OF ATTACK, Ray Keene, p, exc, London, 1988, 2nd ed. 157p, 79 of his best games, most with notes. One of the best and most enterprising Soviet players from the 60's until his too-early death in 1973. $25
GROSMEISTER LEONID SHTEIN, Yu. Lazarev, Kiev, 1978, Russian. 79p, 34 games & positions + biography. p, exc, $26. b) p, fair, tea-stained at top of some poages, OK as a working copy. "As is", $14
LEONID SHTEIN, Gufeld & Lazarev, Moscow, 1980, h, exc., 238p, Russian. biography + 61 fully annotated games + several positions. $28
ANTON SILDMETS, Kent Nelson, Lincoln, 2008, p, mint, vii + 148p. Biography + many photos + scores of games, some annotated. Good material on Nebraska chess. Sildmets was the 1964 Golden Knights Champion and had many other victories in both postal and OTB events. $18
LAJOS STEINER, W. Foldeak, CP ed, Nottingham, 1997. 68p. 83 of his best games with lt. notes for this Hungarian player who was a competitor in many European events from 1922 to 1938 and then afterward in Australian events after his immigration there in 1939. $20

KINGS OF THE CHESS BOARD - 1948, Lajos Steiner, Sydney, 1949. h, vg, fc faintly stained at top corner. Autographed twice by Steiner. 58p. scarce, The 26 heavily annotated games are those selected by Steiner on his World tour in 1948 when he played in four outstanding tournaments: Saltsjobaden, Budapest, Carlsbad and London. The games are mainly those he selected as being the most interesting in those tournament and include only four of his games. $70  

ENDRE STEINER AND DR. ARPAD VAJDA, W. Foldeak, Nottingham, 1996, p, mint, 55p. 22 annotated games of Endre Steiner's including wins over Kashdan, Tartakower, Barcza, and Vidmar; and 29 annotated games by Vajda including wins over Breyer, Kmoch, Tartakower, Szabo, Flohr, and a double blindfold game over Alekhine. $20


THE STEINITZ PAPERS, K. Landsberger, Jefferson, 2002. h, mint, $50. 325p. An important book, not only on Steinitz, but also for its bibliographic and general chess history aspects. Also notable is the usual very fine layout and technical aspects by McFarland and Company. $50
SCHACHMEISTER STEINITZ - EIN LEBENSBILD DES ERSTEN WELTSCHACHMEISTERS, L. Bachmann. Due to the several editions for each volume, each volume of the 4-vol. set is listed separately and no sets are offered as such. Prices vary considerably based on condition. This is still the premier work on Steinitz's games since other editions in translation leave out some material of interest. The editions also vary in bindings somewhat. Many games have light notes and biographical material is given for individual events and periods. Bd. 1, a) 2nd ed, Ansbach 1925, 1859-1873,h, exc,384p. $52. b) 2nd ed, 1925, h, vg, $46. c) 2nd ed, 2nd, ed. 1925 h, exc, ELRS, $48. Bd. 2, a) Ansbach, 1928, 1873-1883, h, vg, ELRS, FGML, 299p. $65. Bd. 3.a) Ansbach, 1920, 1884-1893, 482p, h, vg, spine taped, $75. b) Ansbach, 1920, h, vg, spine partly split, $70. c) Ansbach, 1920, h, vg, spine chipped & split, some slight waterstaining of some pages, along with a bill of sale from Hans Hedewig's Nachf. Curt Ronniger in Leipzig dated Sept 7, 1923 for vol. 3 of the Bachmann, $50. Bd. 4, a) Ansbach, 1921, 1894-1900, 390p, h, vg, with the autograph of Emerson Axe, financial tycoon & partner of the early Axe-Houghton Mutual Fund, $75. b) Ansbach, 1921, h, vg, spine sl. taped and faint waterstaining of some pages, $50. c) Ansbach, 1921, h, vg, spine chipped & loose, contents exc, $45 Altogether in the 4 vols 968 of his games are given.


DIE MICHEL ANGELO DES SCHACHSPIELS - WILHELM STEINITZ, J. Hannak, Vienna, 1936, h, vg, pages somewhat browning. ELRS, 127p. No games. A biography of Steinitz. $25

STEINITZ, Weltgeschichte des Schachs,Vol 7. h, dxc, 575 games, with auxiliary booklet with subsidiary booklet giving positions every five moves.h, exc, $130Hamburg, 1968.


STORMÄSTEREN GÖSTA STOLTZ BÄSTA PARTIER, E. Böök, Stockholm, 1968. h, exc, 112p, 64 fully annotated games for this very strong Swedish player. With dj. Swedish. $65.  
IZBRANNYE PARTII 1947-1966, A. S. Suetin, Minsk, 1969. 100 games & positions of Suetin's with notes. 285p. Russian. $35

ALEKSEI SUETIN, A. Prorvich,.Moscow, 1987, Russian black series, 159p, 86 fully annotated games + many other positions and parts of games to illustrate his style.. p, exc, $18

CHESS IS A STRUGGLE - MY SELECTED GAMES, N. Sullivan, Canada, 2005. p, mint, 116p.50 interesting games with good notes. $22.
MY BEST GAMES OF CHESS, L. Szabo, Oxford, 1986, h, exc, 209p, 123 well annotated games & entertaining comments by one of the most successful tournament players in the period 1946-1965. $28. b) h, good, piece gouged out of front cover, otherwise perfect. sold "as is". $15
TAIMANOV'S SELECTED GAMES, M. Taimanov, p, exc, London, 1995, 198p. 60 of his best games with excellent notes. $22

SELECTED CHESS GAMES OF MIKHAIL TAL, J. Hajtun, transl. by R. Ejuri, 1961, Dover ed., New York, 145p, exc, $10. b) London, 1961, h, exc, the original edition. $26
V OGON’ ATAKI, Tal & Damsky, Moscow 1978, h, exc, ELRS, part of the hardback Russian Black series, 304p, Biography, discussion of his style and 63 of his best games with full notes. $24
THE LIFE AND GAMES OF MIKHAIL TAL, Tal, London, 2003, p, mint, 496p. Due to the fine notes and the brilliance of the games (100 with full notes), one of the outstanding games collections of all time. $28. b)RHM Press edition, p, exc, $25.
TAL'S MASTERPIECES AND OTHER SELECT GAMES 1960-1975, M. Tal, A. Karklins editor, p, exc, Chicago, 1976, $20
TAL THE MAGNIFICENT, A. Soltis, Dallas, 1990, p, mint, 202p, 30 of his exciting games with entertaining notes. $18
MIKHAIL TAL GAMES 1949-1962, Chess Stars, Khalifman, 431p. 672 games with Informant-style notes. p, exc, $26
TARRASCH'S BEST GAMES OF CHESS, Reinfeld, Philadelphia, 1947, h, vg. 385p. Essentially drawn from the two German books by Tarrasch: Dreihundert Schachpartien and Die Moderne Schachpartie, but extended to cover his entire career with 183 games selected and annotated by Reinfeld but heavily influenced by Tarrasch's notes. $26. b) Phila., 1947, h, exc, $29.

c) London, 1947, h, ex-library with release stamp, 385p. A very nice copy of a good book. $35.

DREIHUNDERT SCHACHPARTIEN, Tarrasch, a classic of chess literature due to the excellent notes and fine games. Gouda, 1925, h, vg, ELRS, FGNL, 538p, $65. b) Leipzig, 1909, 532p, 2nd ed, his best games through 1894, h, vg, covers sl. worn, contents & binding fine, $90. c)Leipzig, 1909, 2nd edition, p, good, but with last 20 pages soiled, fc stained, $35

SIEGBERT TARRASCH - LEBEN UND WERK, W. Kamm, Unterhaching, 2004. 877p, a heavy and wonderful tribute to Dr. Tarrasch. A labor of love. Hundreds of his games. Seemingly not numbered sequentially. With many photos and essays on Tarrasch by other players and commentators. Extensive biography too. $85
300 SHAKHMATNYKH PARTII, S. Tarrasch, Moscow, 1988, h, mint, a Russian ed. of this famous book. 431p. $24
ZIGBERT TARRASH, Ya. Neishtadt, Moscow, 1983, h, exc, in Russian.272p. Biography plus many annotated games. Black hardback series. $24
TARTAKOWERS GLANZPARTIEN 1905-1930, Berlin, 1956, DE Gruyter ed, p, exc, FGML, ELRS, 227p, 75 of his best games with superlative notes. $37.
THE CHESS CAREER OF RICHARD TEICHMANN, J. Spence, Omaha, 1970, 152p, 92 annotated games, Omaha, 1970, p, fair, bc creased & back page & cover soiled. $9. b) Gillam reprint, p, mint, rev. & edited by Gillam, Nottingham, 1995, 80p. $18

GHEORGHE TELBIS, CARIERA MEA SAHISTA, Bucharest, 2000.87p. Telbis is largely known as a World Class postal player. Some 52 of his best games, many with notes plus 47 endgames studies by a variety of composers. p, exc,  $30
RICHARD TEICHMANN, H. Wieteck, h, mint, one of 555 numbered copies, 139p. German. 55 annotated games + 14 w/o notes.

JAN TIMMAN STUDIES AND GAMES, Timman, London, 1996, 192p. p, good, but with bent corner on front cover. Very deep notes. $16

ALEKSANDR TOLUSH, V. Tolush, Moscow, 1983, 128p. Russian. One of the most feared attacking players in the Soviet Union from the 30s to the 60s. He had the scalps of Botvinnik, Boleslavsky, Bronstein, Kotov, Ragozin, Levensish, Flohr, Korchnoi among many other fine players. p, exc, $24. b) p, vg, ELRS, $20.
THE CHESS GREATS OF THE WORLD - VESELIN TOPOLOV, Kecskemet, 2006, D. Lovas. p, mint, 125p. 46 of his games with diagrams at the critical point where the reader is asked to find the winning continuation. $12
KAK FORMIRCHETSYA SHAKHMATIST, Karlos Torre, Leningrad 1926, p, vg, , 43p. The Russian edition of his book in English with his notes to six of the games he played in the USSR. Scarce. $65
THE LIFE AND GAMES OF CARLOS TORRE, G. Velasco, Milford, 2000. 297p, biography + 102 of his best games with exc. notes. The best book so far on Torre. p, mint, $25

MEZINARODNI MISTR JINDRICH TRAPL, collective authors. Czechoslovakia, (2012), h, mint, a very nice book with a good selection of this player's games with light notes and many superb photos (many in color). 191p. $32

STANISLV TRCALA - SACHOVY ODKAZ, Kalendovsky & Dragoun, Prague, 1999. Czech. p, mint, 60p. 40 games with light notes to a few. With 90 of his chess problem compositions. $14
KAREL TREYBAL, L. Prokes, Prague, 1946, scarce, 202p, Czech, p, good, fc loose, spine chipped, 168 of his best games with notes. $120.

GEORGI TRINGOV, Z. Kaikamdzhozov, Sofia, 2001, p, mint, 175p. 70 of his best games with notes. Bulgarian. With many good photos. $45 

GEORGI TRINGOV, S. Sergiev, Sofia, 2012, p, mint, Bulgarian. 547p. Edition: 300 copies. 600 of his games with brief notes to most. A very strong player. $51

VLADIMIR TUKMAKOV PROFESSIYA - SHAKHMATIST, G. Sosonko, Moscow, 2010, 271p, 41 deeply annotated games with extensive biography. $45
OLAF ULVESTAD, J. Donaldson, Davenport, 2002, p, mint, 36p. Games, photos, biography of this all-but forgotten strong master who was just a shade below the top US masters in the 40s & 50s. $10

EEN HULDE AAN JHR. DR DIRK VAN FOREEST, by Lod. Prins, Lochem (1945). Dutch. L/N 3069. 71p. A nice collection of his best games. h, vg, $60
PO PUTI BOL'SHIK SHAKHMAT, G. Akopyan, Erevan, 1979, p, exc. 139p. The games of Vaganian, the very strong Armenian GM. Light notes and considerable prose. $18
VERESOV G. N. 72p, X-tables for the 9th, 12th, & 13th USSR Championships. Biography + about 60 games most w/o notes. Russian. 350 copies. $25
OT VERLINSKOGO DO BAT'KA ZUYA, R. Pavlovich & A. Arutyunovich, Kiev, 2009, 1000 copies, h, exc, Biography + 52 of Verlinsky's best games, many with notes. Ukrainian. $65

ALVIS VITOLINS - DODOT GUTAIS NEATNEMAMS, Liepa, 2008. Lanka, Kengis, Klovan, Vitomskis,  p, mint, 183p, incl the x-tables for the 1973, 76, 78, 82, 83 and 85 Latvian Championships he won. A brilliant player who played exciting chess. Latvian.  $23
MY CHESS ADVENTURES, C. W. Warburton, & T. Bogan, Chicago, 1980. Small edition, privately published. p, exc, 98p. This is a collection of 24 deeply annotated postal games by a strong British player. $30
H.G.M. WEENINK, Euwe, Niemeijer, Rueb, Trotsenburg, Amsterdam/ Haarlem, (1932), L/N 3138, h, vg, scarce. 290p. This is mainly about Weenink the problem and EG study composer (with hundreds of examples), but he was also a strong player and 57 of his games with good notes are included. $90. b) h, vg, covers worn, $85
SHADY SIDE - THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF NORMAN TWEED WHITAKER, CHESS MASTER, by John Hilbert, a chronicle of America's most notorious chess master based on many of his own papers. Includes a detailed story of his life, his loves, his cons, and his many chess experiences in a 60+ -year career. along with 570 of his games (some with full notes). Much US chess history and some excellent photos are a notable part of the book. Yorklyn, 2000. 481 + v pages + dust jacket. A remarkable book and quite unusual for a chess book in its coverage of a true character in the world of scams, chess, and advanced womanizing. $48.
SZYMON WINAWER, T. Lissowski, CP ed, Nottingham, 2000, 76p. 124 of his best games with lt. notes to most. Though seldom remembered today due to his having no books devoted to his games, he was from 1867 to 1900 one of the leading players in the world. His most memorable chess contributions are some lines in the openings, especially in the French Def. $20
WOLFF!, Patrick Wolff, Hagerstown, 1993, p, exc, 62p, 30 of Wolff's best games with brief notes, $14
THE GAMES OF D. A. YANOFSKY, D.J. Ross, Ottawa, 1985, p, exc, 260p, 60 annotated games for the Canadian GM. $26.
ONE-HUNDRED -AND ONE OF MY BEST GAMES OF CHESS, F.D. Yates, Philadelphia, w/o date, Moravian Chess reprint of the David McKay Company ed., 182p, h, exc, $35

DER GROSSMEISTER AUS LUBLIN, Domanski & Lissowski, Berlin, 2005, ZUKERTORT, 285p, largely biography but with 5 fully annotated games. h, mint, $40
ALEKSANDR ZAITSEV, Arkangelsky & Kimelfeld, Moscow, 1986, p, vg, part of Russian paperback Black Series, 144p, 104 of his best games, many with full notes. Harder to get than most of the other s in this series. $30
ELMARS ZEMGALIS - GRANDMASTER WITHOUT THE TITLE, J. Donaldson, Berkeley, 2001, p, exc, 160p. 190 of his games, notes to some, plus biography. $18. 
ARCYMISTRZ Z LUBLINA, Domanski & Lissowski, Warsaw, 2002, Polish. on Zukertort. 279p. Some positions and discussion of style, but not a games collection. Much biographical and pictorial material. $48. b) p, vg, front cover creased, otw mint, $28

 SCHACKAFFEEHAUS, A. Schneider, Kecskemet, 1999. p, mint. German.With coffehouse games fro 2 to 10 moves including a  disastrous defeat of Reshevsky in 9 moves. Traps galore. X-1, $14

CARL SCHLECHTER! THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE AUSTRIAN CHESS WIZARD, by Warren Goldman. Yorklyn, 1994. Hardback, 551 pages. 244 games—most with notes. Good indices & bibliography. 54 photos & drawings. More than just a games collection due to the heavy research the author spent on Schlechter's life and contributions to chess in his writings as well as his tournament career. In short supply. No longer available to dealers at discount. $80

NAPIER: THE FORGOTTEN CHESSMASTER, John Hilbert, Yorklyn, 1997. Hardback, 354 pages, 321 games, many with notes. Extensive historical background. Especially strong on New York City area chess around the turn of the century. $38*

NEZHMETDINOV’S BEST GAMES OF CHESS, Rashid Nezhmetdinov, Yorklyn, 2001, paperback, 185 pages. 102 annotated games plus biography. The games are superb and the notes are excellent. One of the best biographical chess games collections ever published. Nezhmetdinov had a plus score in the 20 games he contested against World Champions (+6 =9 -5). $28*

SCHLECHTER'S CHESS GAMES, Tom Crain. Yorklyn, 1998, Hardback, 287p. An original work which gives all the Schlechter games found in an exhaustive decade-long search. It complements the Goldman book by giving many more games (811 total), but no notes, and a brief biography with some photos and cross-tables for his major tournaments. $25*

SHADY SIDE - THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF NORMAN TWEED WHITAKER, CHESS MASTER, by John Hilbert, Yorklyn, 2000. Hardback, 481 + v pages. A chronicle of America's most notorious chess master based on many of his own papers. Includes a detailed story of his life, his loves, his cons, and his many chess experiences in a 60+-year career. along with 570 of his games (some with full notes). Much US chess history and some excellent photos are a notable part of the book. $48 NOTE: This book won the Chess Café “Book of the Year” award for 2000.*


From the standpoint of postage it is likely that it is more economical to buy any of the CAISSA EDITIONS titles from Tony Gillam (12 Burton Rd., Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 1PT) or from Tony Peterson, 11 Westbury Rd, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS24DW, than directly from me. Caissa Editions titles are given a "*".


AVRO 1938, Sherwood & Brandreth, Yorklyn, 2010, h, mint, xxxvii + 167p, full notes to all the games + some excellent photos and extensive commentary on the prelude and aftermath to this great event, the strongest tournament ever held up to that time. Keres / Fine ifo Botvinnik, Alekhine / Euwe / Reshevsky, Capablanca & Flohr. The annotations are fresh but also take into account the commentaries by the great contestants themselves over the years. They are incomparably better than any previous notes. $44 *



BOBBY FISCHER — The Career and Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion, Karsten Müller, with a foreword by Larry Evans and an Openings Survey by Andy Soltis, Milford, 2009. An important new book on Fischer, with almost all his known games; light notes to many, with the best enumeration that I know of his tournament and match record along with a list of known missing game scores. Several unpublished or little-known photos are included. $40


CHESS: 60 YEARS ON WITH CAISSA AND FRIENDS, Alan Phillips, British Master and co-champion of Britain in 1954, Yorklyn, 2003, paperback, 185 pages. A collection of 200 games by British players from the 1950s to the present. 100 are Phillips’ games and 100 are sparkling games by other British players, all with light notes. Also there are 37 good photos of the best British players of those days. $19*


CHICAGO 1926 / LAKE HOPATCONG 1926, Caissa Editions. By Robert Sherwood, edited by Dale Brandreth. A limited edition of 600 numbered copies. Hardback. vii + 197 pages. Excellent notes by Sherwood and others. Some otherwise unknown photos. X-tables and opening indices for each tournament. The scores for Chicago 1926 have hitherto been unavailable (just supplied to chess databases by us). Marshall ifo Torre / Maroczy at Chicago; at Lake Hopatcong 1926: Capa ifo Kupchik, Maroczy, Marshall, Ed Lasker, double round robin. $40 *


KARLSBAD 1907. An English translation by Robert Sherwood of this original famous tournament book in German by George Marco and Carl Schlechter. This edition has the advantage of enhancements such as the addition of 15 photos of many of the players along with corrections and additional analysis using the new, very strong program, Rybka. The tournament was one of the strongest of the last century with only Lasker, Tarrasch and Burn, missing from the roster of the world's best players of that day. The young player Rubinstein won in fine style followed by Maroczy just one-half point behind and by Leonhardt, Nimzovich/Schlechter, Vidmar, Duras/Teichmann, Salwe, Wolf, Dus-Chotimirski/Marshall, Spielmann, Tartakower, Berger/Mieses/Chigorin, Olland, E. Cohn, and Johner in that order. This was to be the Chigorin's last tournament, though he still showed flashes of his brilliance in individual games. Marco and Schlechter contributed superb notes in a style combining wit, depth, and accuracy. 475 pages, hardback, on acid-free paper. This is thegem of all tournament books. $55 *


OSTENDE 1906, Tony Gillam, Yorklyn, 2005, hardback, 445 pages. Finally this complex and great tournament appeared just about one hundred years after it occurred. Schlechter won by a slight margin in a very complicated series of qualifying sections. Gillam worked hard with a dedicated band of helpers to track down all the known games, graced in most cases with notes of that era. Many great players such as Lasker, Schlechter, Burn, contributed annotations. Also included are photos of most of the players plus photos of the great “Kursaal” on the boardwalk at the resort city of Ostende plus a photo with the autographs of all the tournament contestants .Two slight books with only a tiny fraction of the games were published just after the tournament in the German language, but they hardly did justice to this strong event and are scarce collectors' items today. $49*


THE FIRST ANGLO-PACIFIC INVITATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE CHESS TOURNAMENT, with notes by ICCF IM Erik Osbun, 187 pages, paperback . The games are given with exceptionally fine notes by Osbun. Roger Chapman of New Zealand won ahead of Claude Pare (Canada), Max Salm (Australia), Chris Van Dyke (USA), David Eisen (USA), and 12 other top notch postal players from North America and the Pacific. There were three ICCF IM’s Muir, Tennant, and Salm and three (Glaser, Keast, and Henri) who have played on Olympic teams. Salm has played in three World Championships. However, two of the “unknowns”, Chapman and Pare took first and second places. Despite the great number of high-class postal chess games played around the world, the literature of correspondence chess is rather meager. Many of these games are full of twists and turns and excitement with good explanations by IM Osbun. This book is sure to be seen as a significant addition to postal chess documentation. $21.*


VLADIMIRS PETROVS — A CHESSPLAYER’S STORY — FROM GREATNESS TO THE GULAGS, Andris Fride, Yorklyn, 2004, paperback, iv+ 191p + 9 photos. Vladimirs Petrovs from Latvia was one of the world’s leading chessplayers from the mid thirties to the early forties, but due to the political tragedies that befell the Baltic States in WWII, he became a victim of the Soviet oppression and perished in a gulag in 1943. True to the Soviet style, he also suffered the fate of so many who were imprisoned and murdered: obliteration of their records, lives, accomplishments… In great part, not only was his promising career cut short, but many of his fine games were lost or intentionally forgotten.


Petrovs greatest chess accomplishments were his tie for first at Kemeri 1937 with Flohr and Reshevsky, ahead of Alekhine, Keres, and Fine, and his outstanding performance at the Buenos Aires Olympiad in 1939, where he achieved a 72% score at first board for Latvia against the world’s best players including Capablanca, Alekhine, Eliskases, Keres, Tartakower, and Stahlberg, among others. As Golombek wrote: “Petrovs played the best chess at Buenos Aires 1939”.


In this book there is a biographical account of his chess career along with all his 265 games that could be found. Notes, often by Petrovs and other outstanding players, are given to many of his best games. In addition information is given on the status of chess and chess personalites in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.


Petrovs’ style was largely positional, but he played many ingenious games involving advanced tactics as well. As White in the Catalan Opening he was extremely strong, as the reader can ascertain from studying those games. Hopefully, this work will help to set the record straight historically and will commemorate the artistic chess achievements of a world-class player. $25*