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VOLUME JANUARY 1916. iNDEX to the Problems  in Vols I, II< and III by F. Vaux Wilson, Jr.

plus chess columns from NEW ZEALAND HERALD 1916  plus past-on postage stamps and chess book plate of J. F. Magee. + description of the fantastic chess problem solving ability of Jose  Capablanca. as well as the ability of Charles Promliso (born in Kiev).+"36 CHESS PROBLEMS BY  CAPTAIN J. A. KAISER 1845=  Philadelphia  June1915" + 20 Morphy photos. + 1916 chess x-ms  card. h, vg, spine cracked. $275. 

FOUR WORKS BOUND IN ONE VOLUME: With two bookplates from outstanding collections. h, vg,  3/4 leather with marbled boards and raised bands: DAS ABC DES SCHACHSPIELS, J. Minckwitz,Leipzig, 1879. 184p.  PH. KLETT'S SCHACHPROBLEME,   Leipzig, 1878. 227p. 100 PROBLEMI DI SCACCHI, G. B. Valle, Livorno, 1878, 110p, with an original frontispiece photo of the author.   101 AUSGEWÄHLTE SCHACHAUFGABEN,  Kohtz & Kockelkorn, Braunschweig, 1875,156p. Contents of each exc.  $210    CODE B-1




Includes a photo of Benjamin Franklin's chess  set.

              36 CHESS PROBLEMS BY CAPTAIN J. A. KAISER 1845 - 1915

                                        Philadelphia ,  June 1915


                                         36 CHESS PROBLEMS BY .E. B. Cookk                                                   

                     36 CHESS PROBLEMS by E. B .COOK Autographheby Cook 

                                                                         Philadelphia, 1915

Autographed by Cook

THE GOOD COMPANION GOOD CHESS PROBLEM CHESSS PROBLEM CLuB, INVITATION TO THE MEMBERS incompl: 1, #'s, photos 7n.  The AWARDS Nov. 1913.lƒprentine chesssof 1493.the only American copy is in the library ofthe of the late J.P/ M. Morgan November  Tournament   Tournament, , 1913 New York. A copy has lately sold for $1,ooo.

November 1913.

             A SUPPLEMENT TO SAM LOYD AND HIS CHESS PROBLEMSeipzig, 1862, Inscribed page to "William Atkinson for winning the Prize Solving Competition of the Huddersfield College Magazine Tourney No. III, John Watkinson, Chess Editor, May 1, 1880"h, vg, 3/4 leather on marbled boards with raised bands. Leather scuffed & powdering, quite scarce

 AMERICAN CHESS NUTS, E. .BCook, W. R. Henry & C. A. Gilberg, NY, 1868. L/N 2410. Quite scarce (about 500 copies were issued in paper covers as was this copy which has been rebound in hard covers with the remnants of the original paper covers in the front. The original edition (L/N 2411, Kingston, NY, 1868 is still scarcer, having been issued  with Romeyn instead of Gilberg.627p + errata sheet).  This is the third chess problem book issued in the Western Hemisphere with the Romeyn edition of this book being the second and the Hazeltine Clipper Chess Problem Tournament being the first (1860),  h, vg, covers sl. worn, $650.  b) h, vg, from the Rimington Wilson Chess Library, and before that from the Whitman Chess Library, bound in 3/4 leather. The leathers powdering and the. A scarce book and certainly important for its collection of American chess problems , The condition is overall poor ,but the content is important. Al plea for strategy in two -moverss. letter W. J. Ferriss 1913 to H. D.Olde. scarce $175.

JAARBOEK 1931 VAN DEN NEDERLANDSCHEN BOND VAN PROBLEEMVRIENDEN, L/N5924, p, vg, 40p. Dutch. These year books for problems contain some 30 to hundreds of chess problems often in the context of articles on various themes and composers.  1944, 1948, 1950 not published. $25 and following volumes: 1932, p, exc, 48p. $25.   1939, p, vg, spine taped, 31p, $28.  1941, p, vg, spine taped, loose, 76p, $30.   1942, p, vg, spine taped, loose, 68p,  $30.  1946, p, exc, 48p, $25.  1949, p, exc, spine taped, 32p, $25. 1951, p, vg, covers sl. chipped, 64p.  $25.   1952, p, exc, 36p, $25. 1953, p, exc, 40p,  $25.  1954, p, exc, 40p, $25.   1955, p, exc, spine taped, $25.   1956, p, exc, 99p, $35. 1957, p, exc, 32p, $25.   1958, p, exc, 44p, $25.   1960, p, exc, 36p. $25.   1961, p, exc, spine taped, 43p. $25.

1962, p, exc, spine taped, 34p. $25.  1963, p, exc, spine taped, 36p, $25.   1964,p, exc, spine taped, 16p. $25.  For the lot of 20 vols. $400. Note that in most cases the taping of the spine is for reinforcement since the paper for the covers is of a lower grade. The contents throughout is in excellent condition. 

HOW TO SOLVE CHESS PROBLEMS, Kenneth Howard, NY, 1961, Dover Edition. p, exc, 171p. 112 problems by American composers, $3 (Current  Dover prices are much higher). b) slightly bumped, $2. c) p, vg, $2

SPECTACULAR CHESS PROBLEMS, K. S. Howard , NY, 1967, 2nd edition, Dover Ed. p, vg, 117p, 200 gems by American composers. $3

THE ENJOYMENT OF CHESS PROBLEMS, K.S. Howard, NY, 1967, 4th Ed. Dover Ed. 200 problems from composers around the world. The author explains some of the many themes used in constructing problems. 222p. p, exc, $3. b) p, vg, $2

BOERENSCHROOM,  M. Niemeijer & Feenstra Kuiper,Dutch.  Wassenaar, 1965. p, exc, 1609 pawnless chess problems. $18

SACHISTA ULOHARM. Soukup , Prague, 1944. h, exc, 104p. Small edition.  A few studies but mainly problems. $90.

STO LAT POLSKIEJ KOMPOZYCJI SZACHOWEJ (1855-1955), M. Wrobel, Warsaw, 1956, p, vg, 200p. Some 342 chess problems incl. a few EG studies.  $52. 

PH. KLETT'S SCHACHPROBLEME, Leipzig, 1878, p, 227p. pages uncut.good, loose, needs rebinding. cover chipped w/o loss of text. $35

THE CHESS PROBLEM HOBBY, C. S. Kipping, Stroud, 1923, p, exc, 64p. An excellent summary for beginning solvers. $30

DAVID PRZEPIORKA - A MASTER OF STRATEGY, H. Weenink, Amsterdam, 1932. h, exc, scarce. Przepiorka was a master-strength player as well as being a chess problem composer of get ingenuity, In English. 120 of his problems plus  5 endgame studies. $175.

DAS SCHACHPROBLEM UND DESSEN KUNSTGERECHTE DARSTELLUNG, J. Berger, Leipzig, 1884, h, vg, rebd, with the very nice frontispiece photo of Berger (chipped at edges but not affecting the image). VIII + 278p. $85

ZUR KENNNTNIS DES SCHACHPROBLEMS,  A. Bayersdorfer, Potsdam 1902, 272p, with a frontispiece photo of Bayersdorfer(slight chip in corner not affecting image). With the bookplate of C. Southerland (former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware). With five of Bayersdortfer's annotated games which qualifies it as a minor games collection I suppose.   $115.

EINDSPELEN EN PROBLEMEN, Th. C. L. Kok, Den Haag, (1938), 160p, with a foreword by Euwe. With some over printing of some 5 pages which  makes it harder to read those pages. However, this is a book with some 175 wonderful EG studies and some very good problems as well as some retrograde analysis. $60 (without the overprinting this would be at least $125)


300 PROBLEM AV HILDING FRÖBERG, W. Jørgensen, København, 1989. p, vg, 159p. $26


SCHACHAUFGABEN 4, Von Gottschall, Leipzig, 1898, pages browned, h, fair, useable with care, 223p. several hundred problems of different sorts2-ers, 3-ers, help-mates, etc. $8.  b) p, exc, $12

THE CHESS BOUQUET, F. R. Gittins, London, 1897, h, vg, covers sl. worn, last 7 leaves with faint waterstaining at top corner. A very nice book with photos of the most prominent three score or so of British chess problem composers incl. the 13-year-old Lillian Baird. Large format. Scarce. $245

HET HALF PIN THEMA Deel II, P. Feenstra Kuiper, (1947). p, vg, 96p. Some 500 chess problems with the half Pin theme. $26.

SACHOVE ULOHY z let 1884-1910, J. Kotrc & K. Traxler, Viden(Vienna), 1910. scarce, several hundred problems,   spine sl. rubbed, $155. 


SAM LOYD UND SEINE SCHACHAUFGABEN, A. C. White, transl. into German by

W Massmann. Leipzig, 1926, 482p. h, exc. Loyd was one of the greatest of chess problem composers and had an ingenuity for other puzzles as well. There is other interesting material on his match with Delmar, the Fith American Chess Congress, the Paris tourneys of 1867 and 1878, Loyd and Steinitz, etc.  $95 . b) Olms edition, h, mint,German, $45

KSG-PROBLEMSCHACH 1969-1987, H. Mück & H. Laue, Göttingen/Lüneberg 1993, p, exc, 205p, 2-ers, 3-ers, and some self mates, etc. $35

60 + 100 CHESS PROBLEMS, E. Fasher, Israel, Kinutz CaCabri, 1980, mostly in English, some in Hebrew. $14

100 DER SCHÖNSTEN MEISTERWERKE DER PROBLEMKUNST, W. Horwitz, Vienna, 1948, rebd, ELRS, 64p. $18


101 AUSGEWÄHLTE SCHACHAUFGABEN, Kohtz & Kockelkorn, Braunschweig, 1875, p, a poor copy, fc & part of leading edge etched away in part by silver fish 156p. No loss of text. An important early collection of chess problems. $40

150 PROBLÉMES D'ÉCHECS, C. Seneca, 1977. p, exc, 196p. $11


200 IN PROBLEMTURNIEREN AUSGESZICHNETE  ZWEIZÜGER, Max Weiss, Bamberg1904. p, exc, pages uncut. 107p. $32.

THIRTY TWO-MOVERS, P. Wenman, London, 1946, water stained at binding edge, 35p. A tiny book.  $2. b) fc wrinkled & stained, solutions in  xerox, $1

CHESS-NUT BURRS, Will Lyons, Newport, KY, 1886, 172p, quite scarce, h, good, covers worn, faint waterstaining at top of some pages. Good material on Requisites of Problems, Classifying Problems, Difficulty, Duals, Economy, Originality,... $60 (a mint copy would be worth at least $300).

THE CHESS EUCLID - A Collection of 200 Chess Problems and End-Games, Composed by Herr Kling. Plus solutions. rebd, h, exc, a few marginal  corrections in pencil. $225  

LES TOURS DE FORCE SUR L'ÉCHIQUIER, A.C. White, Paris 1906. Xmas series. White's personal copy with a number of his corrections. A non-standard binding, 3/4 leather with raised bands & marbled boards,  covers worn. The introduction is given in English and French. 223p. $350. 

LES MILLE ET UN MATS INVERSES, A. C. White, Paris, 1907. Xmas series. Two vols, Vol. I has the 1000 problems, h, vg, slight wear, Vol. I, unpaginated. Vol. 2 has the solutions, h, vg, 234p, Introduction in French, English, & German. Sold only as a set, $485. 

KNIGHTS AND BISHOPS, A. C. White, NY, 1909. Xmas series. 111p. h, exc, faint stain on fc, sl. wear at top & bottom of spine, bookplate of a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware.  $140

THE WHITE ROOKS, A.C. White, Stroud, 1910, part of the "Christmas Series". 210p. .  h, vg,  bottom front corner bumped, $75.

MORE WHITE ROOKS, A.C. White, Stroud, 1911, part of the "Christmas Series". 220p. Autographed by the British Grandmaster and code breaker C. H. O'D. Alexander who was one of the three men who cracked the German Enigma Code in WWII. h, exc, $185. 

RUNNING THE GAUNTLET, A.C. White, Stroud, 1911. A study of the capture of pawns en passant in chess problems. 269p. h, vg, sun faded spine and sl. wearing of covers. Introduction in English and German. Xmas series. $70

SCHACHPROBLEME - WEISS: DAME UND EIN LÄUFER, Palkoska & A. C. White, Leipzig, 1911. h, vg, 176p + a previous owner's index to composers bd. in. In German.  $225

THE THEORY OF PAWN PROMOTION, A. C. White,  Stroud, 1912, 246p. Xmas series. h, exc, $195. b) h, exc, wh the bookplate & signature of Wiliam A. Ruth & the dedication of the copy to Ruth by James F. Magee. $225

THE WHITE KING, A.C. White, Stroud, 1914, 212p, Part of the "Christmas Series". h, exc. $95.


 ROBERT BRAUNE - APOTRE DE LA SYMETRIE, A. C. White L'Esprit facsimile edition, Rosmalen, 1988, ltd. ed of 250 copies. h, mint, 41p.The original is exceedingly scarce.  Most copies went to the bottom of the ocean during WWI. $30 

TASKS & ECHOES -The Cumulative Principle in Problem Composiion, A. C. White, Stroud, 1915, part of the "Christmas Series". 221p,  h, vg, small stain on front cover,  $80

THE WHITE KNIGHTS, A. C. White , Stroud, 1917, Xmas series. 134p. h, vg,  sun fading on spine, light  foxing on a few pages and small bit of water staining on front endpaper. $80 

CHESS IDYLLS, Marble, White Hume, Stroud, 1918, A collection of problems by Godfrey Heathcote, 299p.  Xmas series, h, vg, $90

A. C. W. FLIGHTS OF FANCY IN THE CHESS WORLD, Edited by George Hume. Leeds 1919. 159p. h, vg, sun fading of spine, some creasing of the front & back covers, 

Xmas series, $175

ALPINE CHESS, Henneberger, Hume, & White. Stroud, 1921. A collection of chess problems by Swiss composers. 235p.  Xmas series. $100

THE GOOD COMPANION TWO-MOVER, G. Hume & A. C. White, Stroud, 1922, 418p, Xmas series.  Christmas 1922.  A wonderful book on the two-move chess problem.  h, exc, minor bump on the fc. Part of the Xmas series. $250.  b) h, vg, sl. worn covers, $160  c) h, vg, fc somewhat creased, covers sl. worn, $125.

BOHEMIAN GARNETS, M. Havel, Stroud, 1923, Xmas series. A collection of 500 chess problems by M. Havel, Edited by G. Hume with the collaboration of Dr. J. Schumer, Alain C. White, Joel Fridlizius & Otto Wurzburg. 222p. Small abrasion at bottom of fc & spine, h, vg. $120

CHANGING FASHIONS: GEORGE HUME, A.C. White, Stroud, 1925. Part of the "Christmas Series". 208p. With bookplate of Clarence Southerland (former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware). h, vg, $70. b) h, vg, fc creased slightly. $65. c) h, exc, $80.

THE CHESS PROBLEM, H. Weenink, Stroud, 1926, Xmas series,317p, many photos. For one interested in the history of the chess problem, this is an excellent place to begin with hundreds of examples from a true expert. h, fair, considerable foxing, covers discolored, spine slit worn, butwith the chess bookplate of Albert Becker, the Austrian IM. Good as a working copy. $95  

THE CHESS PROBLEM: TEXT-BOOK WITH ILLUSTRATIONS, Sected from the works of H. Andrews, E. Franckenstein, B. Laws, abd C. Planck, London, (1887). 332p. 400 problems. h, vg, $85

ASYMMETRY, Dawson & Pauly, Stroud, 1927, Xmas series, 154p, h, exc, $140

THE PROPERTIES OF CASTLING,  A. C. White, Stroud, 1928. Xmas series. 129p. h, exc, $120

THE GOLDEN ARGOSY, W. A. Shinkman, Stroud,1929, Xmas series. 288p. Shinkman was one of the top composers of all time. 600 wonderful chess prblems by Shinkman.  h, vg, sun faded spine, foxing of front endpaper, some pages sl. creased. Has a list of the series to 1929. Note that some years had more than one volume in the series. Larger than most of the other volumes in the series. $200. b) h, contents good but heavy waterstaining of front cover. Binding sound and fine as a working copy. $90 

VALVES AND BI-VALVES, A.C. White and G. Hume, Stroud, 1930. part of the "Christmas Series". 176p. h, exc. With a laid-in problem dedicated by Hume on the 50th birthday of A.C. White. $80.  b) covers with a few small stains, a few pencilled marginal notes, $55 

PROBLEMS BY MY FRIENDS, A. C. White, Stroud,1931.   Xmas series, 251p, h, vg, discoloration at top of fc, several marginal corrections. $75

THE CHESSMEN SPEAK, C. S. Kipping, Stroud, 1932, Xmas series. h, exc, 180p. $130. 

AN ENGLISH BOHEMIAN: A Tribute to B. G. Laws, J. Keeble, edited by 176p. G. Hume, Stroud, 1933.  Part of the "Christmas Series". h, vg, covers sl. sunfaded. $75.  b) h, exc, small bump on bottom fc, $85

SUOMI, Pentti Sola, Stroud, 1934, Xmas series, h, exc, but with 16 additional problems pasted in the end papers front and back. 141p, slight sun fading at edges. $85.

CONSPIRACY: A SELECTION OF HELP-MATE PROBLEMS, A. C. White, Stroud,1935, h, exc, 117p, part of the Christmas series.  $95

TO ALAIN WHITE, Edgar Allen & Eric Hassberg, p, exc, Overbrook Press, Stamford, 1945. Includes the "A Note of Thanks" from White. 77 pages, one of 300 copies. NOTE: The Overbrook Press books are collected by people interested in small editions of especially well-made books—thus the relatively high prices. $600

A CENTURY OF TWO-MOVERS, Alain White, Comins Mansfield, Frederick Gamage, Vincent Eaton. Stamford, 1941, h, exc, one of 350 copies,214p. $350

A SKETCHBOOK OF AMERICAN CHESS PROBLEMATISTS, Alain White, Burney M. Marshall, & Edgar Allen, Overbrook Press, Stamford, 1942. Boxed two-volume set. h, exc, one of 250 sets. Vol. I, 138p. Vol. II, 164p. A wonderful summary of early American composition with special note of the wonderful compositions of Sam Loyd and W. Shinkman, both geniuses in chess problems along with a survey of the contributions of Orestes Brownson and his iconoclastic and scarce chess magazine. $525

THE TWO-MOVE CHESS PROBLEM IN THE SOVIET UNION 1923 - 1943, Albrecht Buschke, Richrad Cheney & Alain White, Stamford 1943, one of 300 copies. h, exc, with the bookplate of a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Delaware with the inscription of Buschke (unusual). 67p. $375.  b) h, exc, w/o bookplate or autograph, $350

A CHESS SILHOUETTE - ONE HUNDRED CHESS PROBLEMS BY THE REVEREND GILBERT DOBBS, Cheney, Eaton, Wurzburg, White,. Stamford, 1942. 133p. Limited edtion of 250 copies, h, exc, fine paper. $300

MEISTER DES PROBLEMES, E. Mazel & Georg Marco, Wien, 1924, 136p. Scarce. h, vg, covers sl. faded. Several hundred problems in different classifications. $95

SHACHMINIATUREN, O. Blumenthal,Berlin/Leipzig, 1921, Part 1, Part 2 was not published. h, exc, a fine copy. 147p. $60

A TRIBUTE TO G. F. ANDERSON, Chandler, Flood, & Matthews, British Chess Problem Society, Oct. 1974, 108 of his compositions with discussion and solutions. p, exc, 18p. $15


ADVENTURES IN COMPOSITION, C. Mansfield, Overbook Press, Stamford, 1944, one of 400 copies, h, exc, $125.

BEISPIELE ZUR IDEENGESCHICHTE DES SCHACHPROBLEMS VON JOSEF BREUER, De Schwalbe, 1982. 409p, h, exc. A very impressive book with 1800 compositions, discussions, and solutions. $90

OTTO BLATHY CHRISTMAS GREETING CARD WITH CHESS PROBLEM, printed on heavy stock, a) Budapest, 1923, $40.  b) Budapest 1924, $40

CHALLENGE TO CHESSPLAYERS, F. Reinfeld, Philadelphia, 1947, h, exc, with dj. A fine copy. The mates are in game positions. 112p. $15


CHTO TAKOE SHAKHMATNAYA KOMPOZITSIYA, E. Umnov, Moscow, 1974, 163p, p, vg, Russian. Largely chess problems, but with considerable material on endgame studies as well. $8

COMPOSITE VOLUME:  5 volumes bd in one. h, exc. SCHACH PROBLEME  UND PRBLEMCHEN, A. Ringier, Aarau, 1913, 119p, 100 problems incl. some self-mates and mostly 2- and 3- movers. DAS SCHACHPROBLEME, H. Ranneforth, Leipzig, 1937. 72p.  LEHRBUCH DES SCHACHSPIELS, Horwitz, 2nd ed, Wien, w/o date. circa 1934. 110p.  KOMBINATION UND OPFER IM SCHACH, W. Geissler, Nürnberg, 2nd ed, 63p.   MUNICH 1936, E. Diemer, titled OLYMPISCHE BLITZSIEGE (part of the Deutsche Bücherei series, Kecskemet, 1936, with 189 games from the 1936 Olimpiad.   $160 

GEORGES LEGENTIL - PROBLÉMES D'ÉCHECS, J. Bertin, Paris,  1951, ex library, rebd with original covers bd in, 67p. $35

CURIOUSER & CURIOUSER, V. R. Parton, p, vg, w/o place or date of publication, Guestimate: Great Britain, 1960s. 31p., cuious chess variants & puzzles. $24


DIE SCHWALBE, chess problem magazine. compl. unbd yrs: 1952, 53, 54, 55, 56, 59, 60, 61. $28/yr.

THE GOOD COMPANION TWO MOVER, G. Hume & A.C. White, ACW Christmas series, Stroud, 1922. 409p. A seminal work on chess problems by two leading experts. h, exc, $180.


F. GAMAGE - AN ARTIST IN CHESS PROBLEMS, Alain C. White, h, exc, with protective plastic jacket, Overbrook Press, Stamford, 1941, 228p. One of 250 copies. Unfortunately for chess book collectors, these exquisite books are collected by those who collect small press books and therefore the market is much broader than for chess problem enthusiasts alone. $400.  b) h, exc, with bookplate of a former owner, 


VARIATION PLAY A Study in the Mechanisms and Relationships of Black Moves in the Two-Move Chess Problem, W. Jacobs and Alain White, Stamford, 1943, 122p + index. One of 225 copies. Autgraphed by James F. Magee. One of the series from the Overbroook Press  , vg, cover slightly rubbed. $425 

FEINHEITEN DES SCHACHSPIELS - AUF DEM GEBIETE DER COMPOSITION, Erster Theil. M. Lange, Leipzig, 1865, p, good, loose, 193p, An early work on chess problem composition. Needs rebinding. Scarce. $145

FIDE ALBUM 1974-1976, Zagreb, 1980, p, exc, 672 chess problems from around the world. In German, English, and Russian. Plus 128 EG studies. $28

THE CHESS BOUQUET, F. R. Gittins, London, 1897, h, vg, slight waterstaining at top corner of last ten pages. 258p, large format. In addition to many chess problems this book is nice because it gives biographies of many British problemists along with their photos. An amazing one is the 13-year old girl Lilian Baird and also her mother, both problemists of distinction. Some others such as Sam Tinsley and Leopold Hoffer were outstanding chess columnists.  It is really a who's who of  British problemdom at the beginning of the 20th century and makes for interesting reading   for problemists. Scarce. $245

DER FLUG DER SCHWALBE, W. Dittmann, Geschichte einer Problemschach-Vereinigung, Berlin, 1988, p, mint, 149p, addresses of members, photos, history. $28

HOW TO SOLVE CHESS PROBLEMS, K. Howard, Philadephia, 1945, 1st ed,  h, vg, 112 modern problems by American composers, 171p. $10  

JOSEF POSPISIL SACHOVE ULOHY 1908-1916, Z. Mach, Prague, 1917, p, vg, from Grandmaster Szabo's collection, ELRS, 23p, Czech. $45. b) in a protective folder, p, exc, $60


KAK RESHAT' SHAKHMATNYE ZADACHI, A. Gulyev, Moscow/ Leningrad, 1936. Russian. 136p. h, vg, with many examples from around the world. with errata sheet. $85.


KÉPESKÖNYV, G. Paros, Budapest, 1944, scarce, p, exc, 72p, Hungarian. 101 specialized problems (helpmates, etc). $40

KOSTBARKEITEN DER PROBLEMKUNST, G. Baumgartner, (Switzerland, circa 1967), p, exc, small edition. In addition to the various types of chess problems of Hans Johner, there are 22 of  Johner's 22 annotated games including wins over Mikenas, and twice over Nimzowitsch.149p. $55.


MATE IN TWO MOVES, B. Harley, Philadelphia, 1956, h, exc, with bookplate of a previous owner plus the name stamp of a previous owner, 207p. A good discussion of the two-move chess problem and some of its many themes. $28

"OUR FOLDER" THE GOOD COMPANION CHESS PROBLEM CLUB, single issues:Vol. VI #5, Feb. 1919. John Gardner Memorial issue, an outstanding Canadian contributor to the magazine, with his photo on the front page. $20. Vol. VI, April 1919, #8, with cover photo of the Philadelphia group of solvers, $20. Issues of this magazine often had interesting articles on other aspects of chess in addition to the strong chess problem content. 

 "OUR FOLDER", Jan. 1919, The Good Companion Chess Problem Club International. With a nice photo of Pillsbury and J. F. Barry, side by side in the 1901 Cable match between Great Britain and the USA and a small write-up about  Barry along with the usual problem departments. Vol. VI #4. $20

P.F. BLAKE, a special issue of The Problemist. Nov. 1971, p, exc, with 76 of his compositions with discussions and solutions. 15p. $10


PROBLEMS AND PUZZLES, P. Wenman, Leeds, 1944, p, exc, 47p, $12


PROVOCAREA UNEI MOSTENIRI (WOLFGANG PAULY - CHALLENGE OF A LEGACY), Bucarest, 2001, Marian Stere, h, exc, 735p, mainly in Roumanian, but with parts in English & German. A massive compilation of material from this famous problemist's archives. Over 1500 problems of various types. $48


SOVIET CHESS COMPOSITIONS 1945-1947, G. Paros. 200 problems & endgame studies. The limited text is in Hungaran and English. Many fine examples. Two EG studies are by Keres.  p, vg.  $25.  b) p, pages loose, $11


STANISLAV TRCALA - SACHOVY ODKAZ, J.  Kalendovsky,  Prague, 1999. p, mint, 60p, A tribute to the talented Stan Trcala with some of his games, but mainly 90 of his chess problems. $12

TWO-MOVE CHESS PROBLEMS, R. C. Moore, Jefferson, 1986, h, exc, 158 p. $30

THE PROBLEMIST, Proceedings of the British Chess problem Society, see under MAGAZINES.


UNGARISCHE SCHACH-PROBLEM - ANTHOLOGY, G. Bakcsi, Budapest, 1983, p, exc, 350p, a fine collection of all sorts of chess problems and a section on EG studies as well. $30


VARIATION PLAY, W. Jacobs & Alain White, Overbrook Press, Stamford, 1943, h, exc, one of 250 copies. For some reason, besides the number printed being low, this book always appears less than the others in the series. 122p, $750

SAKHMATNAYA ZADACHA XX VEKA, E. Umnov, Moscow, 1966, 176p. 375 problems listed by composers. With photos & drawings of the composers. p, exc, $19.  b) p, vg, chipped corner of a few end pages not affecting text.  $15