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General Works

LEEERBOEK  VOOR HET SCHAAKSPEL, Em. Lasker, 2nd impression, Rotterdam (1930), h, vg, 321p. with Schelfhout's copy (his stamp). $36  (S-1)

A HISTORY OF CHESS, Jerzy, The Abbey Library, London, 1972, the English edition edited by B.H. Wood. This very notable book was originally published in Polish and was thereafter published in German, Russian, Hungarian, Swedish, and likely in several other languages as well, though certainly with minor editorial changes in all the editions. For example on page 181 of the English edition there is a mildly 

erotic drawing which was taken out of the Russian edition due probably to some government restrictions. Overall, in my opinion this book is one of the most significant chess books ever published due to its broad coverage and great number of photos, paintings, and drawings to illustrate its ten chapters: A Little History; Chess in Britain; Ramifications of Chess; Chess and Mathematics; Sport, Science or Art?; Chess and Machines; Love and War at the Chessboard; Living Chess; Who and When?: and Chrss in Poetry and Prose. 375 p. Scores of drawings, colored plates, and engravings, photos including many famous players. Chess in literature, chess in movies, chess variants, chess pieces, chess in postage stamps, etc. A beautiful job. h, vg, $35. b)h, exc, $40. A large and heavy book.  


DAS SCHACHSPIEL, S. Tarrasch, Berlin, 1931, h, poor, "sold as is", warped and water stained, with Albert Becker's chess bookplate, quite useable. One of the classics of chess literature. German. $8

A SAKKJATEK LEGUJABB NAGY KEZIKÖNYVE, V. Akantisz & K. Rozsnyai, Budapest, (1898), h, good, a few pages loose in the front, 360p, Scarce, L/N 1135, with nice pictorial front cover, covers worn. Evidently with some little-known games. ELRS, FGML, $180.


CHESS, Grover & Wiswell, NY, 1941, h, exc, with dj, 93p. a good elementary introduction with four of the games of the Reshevsky- Horowitz match in 1941. $12


MARACHE'S MANUAL OF CHESS, N. Marache, NY, (1866), h, 156p, also includes a short section on dominoes. Marginal notes on 2 pages. $45


MITEL'SHPIL', P. Romanovsky, Leningrad, 1929, Russian, a classic work on the Middle Game, ELRS, FGML, h, exc, with the signature of the Hungarian player Dr. Astalos. 222p. $80


SHAKHMATNYI SLOVAR, Abramov & Konstantinopolsky, Moscow, 618p + 90p of tables. An excellent chess dictionary/encyclopedia in one volume. w/o date, circa 1960. $20


THE CHESS-PLAYER'S HANDBOOK, H. Staunton, London, 1893, h, vg, with protective plastic jacket. Contents exceptionally clean & fine. 544p. This can be classified as a general work, but it is also a repository for hundreds of complete early games. $80


VOPROSY SHAKHMATNOY METODIKI, P. Romanovski, Moscow/ Leningrad, 1938, 72p, p, vg, $45

BRETTSPIELE DER VÖLKER, Em. Lasker, August Scherl, G.m.b.H., Berlin, 1926.

ELRS, FGML, rebd with the original colored paper covers bd in. h, exc. 251p. Most of this book is devoted to go, but ther are sections on chess, checkers, mathematical games, Laska (his own game) and others. $90