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A HISTORY OF CHESS, H.J.R. Murray, Oxford, 1962. From corrected sheets of the first edition (1913). h, exc with dj. 900 pages. The unqestionable authority on the history of chess, though overwhelming in its erudition. $165

CHESS TALES AND CHESS MISCELLANIES, W. Fiske, London, Bombay, & Calcutta, 1912. h, exc, with nice frontispiece photo of  Fiske. xiii +  428p. Includes 37 Chess Tales, Miscellanies, Sketches, Notes, etc plus 16 illustrations. Included are several good items on Morphy.$185.

1976 ISSUE OF CHESS LIFE & REVIEW with cover Illustration of Mprphy's hand life size. $6


LITCHTFIELLD  CT Area: 1930,283 Entries such as #119sljng of wampum.  #114, glass bottle, very old. #103, large Indian  tomahawk.

collection of some 107 various Aboriginal relics. p,vg, $20

100 YEARS OF CHESS IN CANADA, D.A. Yanofsky, p, exc, 58p. A fine collection of annotated games for Hicks and Asher (1874 & 1877) to Narraway, Wilson, Fox, Sawyer, Martin, Frank Anderson, Suttles, Joyner, Witt, Vranevsec, Frank Anderson, Yanofsky, Fuster, Vaitonis,...$32

A PICTURE HISTORY OF CHESS, F. Wilson, p, vg, a wonderful collection of chess photos, Dover Publications, NY, 1981. A book Dover should reprint! 182p.inscribed by Wilson, $28. b) p, exc, $25


BILO CERNE VZPOMINANI, J. Vesely, Prague, 2008, h, mint, a history of Czech chess from about the 1930s to today with some games and many short biographical pieces. 189p. $35


CHESS - THE HISTORY OF A GAME, R. Eales, London, 1985,h, exc, with dj. 240p. An excellent summary and much more readable than the great classic of Murray's. $30


CHESS TOURNAMENT CROSSTABLES, Vol. I (1851-1900), J. Gaige, Phila, 1969, h, vg,‡, scarce, 1 of 250 copies, a few check marks, $210


DAS ERSTE JARTAUSEND DER SCHACHLITTERATUR (850-1880), A. v.d. Linde, Berlin, 1881, 112p, disbound (loose pages). The first page has a tear with a piece missing but with no loss of text. Scarce. $85


FAKE AUTOMATA IN CHESS, Ken Whyld, Caistor, 1994, ltd ed(105 copies), large format, 70p. A bibliography with descriptions of some 767 entries. $45


GERMAN CHESS PERSONALIA, J. Gaige, Philadelphia, 1980, r, exc, 61p. $20.


GESCHICHTE DES MITTELALTERLICHEN, VORZUGSWEISE DES DEUTSCHEN SCHACHSPIELS, H.F. Massmann, h, exc, with the full set of fold-out tables showing drawings of the Isle of Lewis chessmen, plates from Selenus, etc. This is the 1980 DDR facsimile edition of the original 1839 edition. 222p + a 4p ³Nachwort² by Burkhard Richter in 1980. $60

"OUR FOLDER", Jan. 1919,see also under Chess Problems. The Good Companion Chess Problem Club International. With a nice photo of Pillsbury and J. F. Barry, side by side in the 1901 Cable match between Great Britain and the USA and a small write-up about  Barry along withthe usual problem departments. Vol. VI #4. $20

REMINISZENZEN AN CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS, etc, W. Kübel, 14p, German, p, exc, $10