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SCHACHNOVELLE UND ANDERE.Stefan Zweig, German, the most famous chess "Story" ever.h,exc, Leipzig,1973.h, exc $12

THE POCKET  GUIDE TO THE CHESS OPENINGS,R.C. Griffith & J. H.WHITE,London, 1920, autographed by Walter Korn.h, exc. $18    

THE CHESSMEN OF MARS, Edgar Rice Burroughs,p, exc, over 40 million of his books have appeared iin58 languages, Tarzana, California is named after him. ACE BOOKS EDITION. 258p. $15

HANDLEIDING VOOR HETSCHAAKSPEL, D. Bleykmans, Amsterdam, (1917), L/N 1206, 38p. A  general treatment with 13 annotated games and  the rest general opening, middle game, and endgame material. However, in my view the best part of the book is the color drawing on the front cover which is a"flapper" era scene of two  well dressed gentlemen at the chessboard. $13


NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY CARD FILES FOR 1972  ON CHESS, Approximately 1900 entries from the 16000's to1970's.  In a box with entries on 3x5 index  cards, I failed to find

even one card  I could say was for a genuinely "rare" item, the choice being randomly selected. I guess the rejoinder to that might be: are you kidding, anything rare would be stolen quicker than you could say "jack rabbit" $75


GIBT es ein Urheberrecht am Schachspiel?   







VORLLRG RECHTSANWALT  WALTERV    JUNG  Feb 20 1931, p, exc,  Kulmbach 1931 $17561p.

   quite scarce   $


"CHESS STAMPS" & " CANCELLATIONS", Pauline Hurd Nearing, in an entire issue of the EIGHTEENTH AMERICAN PHILATELIC CONGRESS, Washington, D.C. 1952. 18 pages for the chess stamps article. Examples of the other very interesting articles are Camp Chase, Ohio, and its Prisoner of War Letters; How Stamped Envelopes are Made; The Pacific Railroad Stamps of Costa Rica; A Canal Zone Rarity; A Study of the Western Express; Schleswig-Holstein; The Stamps of the Greek Occupation of North Epirus During World War II 1940-1941. A seminal article with many illustrations of chess stamps. The entire issue is 144 pages and contains 18 articles plus an index. $125

MAESTROS LATINOAMERICANOS, H. Cohn, h, exc, rebd. Has a few selected  games of Araiza, Torre, Capablanca, and Morphy plus some EG studies by Cohn. Scarce. $70

THE SHADOW OF THE MASTER or HOW SAM MYLES WON THE GULPILLY OPEN, James Clegg, 2nd ed, Auckland, New Zealand, 2005, p, exc,m 127p. A fun book!  $20


Paul Schellenberg, Dresden, 11892. German.87 p. To the participants of the VIIth   Chess Congress of the Deutsche Schachbund, Dresden, 1892. Chess humor, trick positions, curious observations on the openings, etc.p, vg, spine taped, scarce, $25 

 , Paul Sche

CHESS IN THE MOVIES: These 8x10-inch black & white photos are all professional quality used to promote the films of the 30's and 40's. In each photo, Hollywood-class actors and actresses are seen playing with chess sets of different styles. Each photo is $25 for one or $20 each for five or more.        2) John Howard, James Whale, and George Sanders in "Green Hell". Whale was the Director.  Howard was the hero of many 'B' pictures in the 30s and 40s; Sanders was a suave British actor who played cads and crooks for 30 years, 3) Cecil Kellaway & George Brent in "Diamonds are Dangerous". Brent was an Irish leading man who went to Hollywood in silent days and became a foil for strong dramatic actresses, especially Bette Davis. Kellaway was a British character actor who came to Holloway in 1939and became an endearing exponent of roguish benevolence.  4) Douglas Fairbanks & Leslie "Bain" (probably Banks).   5) Billie Burke vs ? in "The Bride Wore Red". Burke was on stage since childhood and appeared in scores of films.  6) Reigh  (Ray) Walston & Noel Leslie in the play "Angles Weep" at the Playhouse in Clevland, Ohio. Walston was an American character comedian with stage experience. 7) Bela "Lugosa"and Boris Karloff. Lugosi was a Hungarian stage actor of chilling presence. Karloff(William Pratt) was a British character on stage from 1910, and in films from 1919. Karloff achieved world fame as the monster in Frankenstein.   8) ?  Bela Lugosi in ? .  9) Boris Karloff &  Bela Lugosi with two unknowns in  the center. 10) Charles Ruggles and John Howard in "The Invisible Woman". Ruggles was an American character comedian. 11) George Barbier, Wendy Barrie and William Duncan (Henry Hunter) in Mightier than the Sword. Barbier was a blustery American Character actor; Barrie, a British leading lady who migrated to Hollywood; Duncan? 12) Leslie Fluton, ?  13) Charles Bickford, American Stage and screen actor. 14) Lyle Talbot, American leading man and heavy of the 30s. Lila Lee.   15) Ralph Bellamy, Rose Stradner, Chester Morris, in Blind Alley (1939). Bellamy was an American stage and screen leading man. Stradner was an Austrian actress who made a few Hollywood films;  Morris,  an  American stage and screen leading man.

ÄESTHETIK DES DENKENS - THEORETISCHE UND EXPERIMENTELLE UNTERSUCHUNGEN ZUR MULTIMODALITÄT ÄSTHETISCHER BEURTEILUNG INTELLEKTUELLER REIZE AM PARADIGMA DER KÜNSTLERISCHEN SCHACHKOMPOSITION, Hilmar Ebert, a PhD dissertation of some of the fine points of chess problem composition, p, exc, 342 +xiii pages. This is for serious problem composers who have a mathematical background and who are fluent in German. Also includes an extensive bibliography. Autographed by the author. $60

SCHAKEN ALS THEMA IN DE BEELDENDE KUNST, J. W. Niemeijer, Wassenaar 1961. 44p. 16 illustrations for chess in art. Dutch. p, exc. $30.  XR-1

THE SQUARES OF THE CITY, John Brunner, NY, 1965. A science fiction story with an introduction by Edward Lasker! 319p. p, exc, $6

GAMES AND GAMESTERS OF THE RESTORATION, Introduction by C. H. Hartmann. h, exc, with dj. London, 1930. xxvii + 282 p. Chapter 5 is "Of a Game Of Chess", 15p + 1 illustration. $26

CHESS AND HANDWRITING, H. Weissenstein, 1957, p, exc, 4p, based on a study of chess players handwriting and interpretations thereof. $5

CHANCELLOR CHESS, Ben Foster, St. Louis, 1889. h, vg. 80p. Introduces a new form of chess played on a 9x9 board with a new piece called a chancellor which combines the moves of a knight and a rook. Replete with a number of chess problems involving the chancellor plus some entire gams with this chess variant. Also has a brief history of other chess variants.  Quite scarce. $145

SCHACH NOVELLE, Stefan Zweig, S. Fischer Verlag 1960, Stockholm, 1943.h, with numerous penned notes in ink on pp 7-12. Otw vg. sold "as is". German.  Readily readible. 95p. A very famous chess story which has been published in many languages and formats. $10. b) h, exc, with dj & no marginalia, $20.    XB-1

DE ROCH ALS HERALDISCHE FIGUR, Dr. M. Niemeijer,1946, scarce, one of 200 copies.  p, exc, 27p. $40. XR-1

AUTOGRAPHS OF FAMOUS PLAYERS (Dr. A. Buschke),a 28-page booklet of xeroxes of the signatures of several scorres of chessplayers. e.g. Teichmann, Marshall, Em. Lasker (several), Capablanca, Ed Lasker, Carlos Torre, Santasiere, Yates, BogojubowMariczy, Reti, Mortimer, Janowski, Albin, H. Steiner, L. Steiner, Alekhine, Gunsberg, Sielmann, Napier, Kvitz, Helms, Mason, Pollock, Schiffers, Marco, Bird, Blackburne, Mieses, Schlechter, Reshevsky, Rubinstein a. o. $15

DIE INTELLIGENZPRÜFUNG EINES SCHACHWUNDERKINDES, F. Baumgarten, in a 1920 issue of Praktische Psychologie, 8p, loose, browning pages, the entire issue, with a photo of Reshevsky. $25. b) xerox only of the article on Reshevsky, $8



Filed October 2, 1933.   p, vg, 51p. Gives the indictment and the proceedings in the matter of Norman T. Whitaker & co-conspiritors in the matter of these person in defrauding Evelyn Walsh McLean of a large sum of money (some $35,000). Chess is not specifically mentioned, but by 1920, Whitaker was well known in chess circles. Both Whitaker and Means were convicted of larceny and both were sent to prison.  

However, the money was never recovered and Whitaker, though involved later in other crimes, still managed to pursue a career as a chess master along with other crimes as detailed in the book Shadyside - The Life and Crimes of Norman T. Whitaker, Chess Master (still in print, Caissa Editions, h, mint, $48). $20. 

N. T. WHITAKER SUIT AGAINST FRANK GRAVES & OTHER DEFENDANTS (the USCF) for alleged offenses. Whitaker several times sued people and organizations to redress perceived damages. These are carbon copies pertaining to one of his cases. $5

FANTASTIC ADVENTURES, March 1949 issue with article CHECKMATE TO DEMOS, a Sci Fi story, 19p. complete issue with some pages torn at edges but w/o significan loss of text.  $8

SCHAAKGEDICHTEN (2), P. Torbijn, Venlo, 1987. Dutch. p, exc, 79p. Unusual.  $20

EMANUEL LASKER -PHILOSOPHIE DES UNVOLLENDBAR, Paul Ruthe in Praktische Psychologie in 1920, 2p. a) the entire issue,p, vg. $30  b) xerox of th article, $5.

DIE BEDEUTUNG DES SCHACHS, H. Klein & F. Palitzsch, Berlin/Leipzig 1924, 28p, $20

BUSCHKE'S LASKER SALE, upon Lasker's death on Jan. 11, 1941, Dr. Buschke, the dean of chess book dealers from about 1940 to 1988, made up a list of "Lasker items", i.e. his writings and books for tournaments and matches he played in and a page of his handwritten notes to a game in the Keres-Euwe match of 1939/1940.This is a 2-page xerox of that sale. $3 

CHESS ON STAMPS, Bob Long, an extract from the March 1974 issue of Chess Life & Review.5 p. $3 

CHESS, OEDIPUS AND THE MATER DOLOROSA, Norman Reider, a reprint from PSYCHOANALYSIS AND THE PSYCHOANALYTIC REVIEW, Inscribed by the author, a well-known psychiatrist and chess player who knew many of the strongest NY chessplayers, especially Reuben Fine. With some notes by a previous owner. LR-1B 28p. $27.  b) Ringbd, not inscribed, 13p, $10

CURIOUS CHESS FACTS, I. Chernev, Black Knight Press, NY, 1937, p, vg, 64p. Chernev was the "Ripley" of the chessworld and here gives 206 chess facts of a surprising nature  such as these: "Dr. Vidmar, one of the world's grand masters, played in tournaments for 28 years before winning a major first prize at Bad Sliac in 1932—and at that he had to share it with Flohr!" and  this: "In the double-round tournament at Vienna 1873, William Steinitz won sixteen games in succession without allowing a draw!" $39. b)p, vg, slight fraying ayt top edge, $35.

HEITERES AUS DER SCHACHWELT.  A. Bauer, Leipzig, 1916. Chess humor, chess history, ... 79p. h, vg, $24

DIE PHILOSOPHIE DES UNVOLLENDBAR, Em. Lasker, Leipzig, 1919. German. This is a combination of philosophy, physics, and mathematics at a deep level. h, exc, 626+ xiip. Scarce. $175.


PSYCHOLOGIE DES SCHACHSPIELS, r, exc, Based on psychotechnical experiments on the participants in the International Chess Tourney at Moscow in 1925, Djakow, Petrowsi & Rudik, Berlin/Leipzig 1927, 61p. 


THE PROBLEM OF PAUL MORPHY - A CONTRIBUTION TO THE PSYCHO-ANALYSIS OF CHESS, Ernest Jones, reprint from The Intrnational Journanal of Psycho-Analysis, 24p. $8

A NEW METHOD IN GEOMETRY, E. Lasker, a reprint from another mathematical journal. 28p. r, exc. No chess. xerox, $15


AN ESSAY ON THE GEOMETRICAL CALCULUS, Em. Lasker, xerox reprint of his 1896 paper.  Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, 1895 and 1896. r, exc. In two parts: pp 217-261 and pp. 500-531. No chess. Advanced mathematics. $20

METRICAL RELATIONS OF PLANE SPACES OF n MANIFOLDNESS, Em. Lasker, 4p, xerox. From Nature of 1895. Advanced math, no chess. $4 


ABOUT A CERTAIN CLASS OF CURVED LINES IN SPACE OF n MANIFOLDNESS, Em. Laser, in Nature in 1895, 1 page. xerox. Advanced math, no chess. $1

ARTIGE UND UNARTIGE KINDER DER SCHACHMUSE, J. Krejcik, Edition Marco reprint, Berlin, 1987. The original was published in 1925. 62p, p, mint, $16


BLINDFOLD CHESS, Eliot Hearst & John Knott, Jefferson, 2009, h, mint, 437p. A superb book that is both a fine collection of the best blindfold games extant and detailed discussions of the best practitioners and examinations of the how and why of the art itself. Hearst is not only a chess master but also an experimental psychologist. $65  


BRETTSPIELE DER VÖLKER RÄTSEL-UND MATHEMATISCHE SPIELE, Em. Lasker, Berlin, 1931, rebd of the original paperback with colored covers. h, exc, ELRS, FGML (L. Szabo), 251p, includes chess, go, Laska, Puff & Tric-Trac, Mühle,... $90


CHESS CHRISTMAS, Ken Whyld, h, exc, Olomouc, 2006, 475p. Reproductions of Ken's wonderful special christmas greetings each year from 1985 to 2002. $45

CURIOSITIES OF CHESS, A. C. Pierson, xerox copy of a 2-page article by this author of "One Hundred Chess Problems". Mainly concerns itself withe the historical background of chess. Reprinted from Chambers's Journal of 1887. $1.50


CHESS IN PHILADELPHIA, G. Reichhelm & Shipley, Moravian Chess reprint, many games by Shipley, Reichhelm, Steinitz, Mackenzie, and other early American players. h, mint, 158p. $30


CHESS IN SCHOOLS, I. Vesselo, London, 1945, 32p. p, vg, A Report on the Teaching of Chess, prepared by The Teaching Sub-Committee of Chess Education Society. $5

CHESS IS CHESS, A. Matanovic, Belgrade, 1990, p, mint, 168p. A wonderful group of essays

 about the great ones (Tal, Botvinnik, Fischer, Spassky,...) with some fine photos and crucial games. $30

CHESS QUOTATIONS FROM THE MASTERS, compiled by Henry Hunvald, NY, 1972, h, mint with dj, 62p. $10


CHESS, OEDIPUS, AND THE MATER DOLOROSA, Norman Reider, xerox reprint of the International Journal of Psycho-Analysis article from 1959, 14p. A well-known article. $15


CORRESPONDENCE CHESS IN GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, 1824-1987, T. Harding, Jeffereson, 2011, p, mint, 433p, excellent as an history of postal chess in these countries with many photos and x-tables as well as a repository of interesting postal games. $50.


ESSAYS IN AMERICAN CHESS HISTORY, John Hilbert, Yorklyn, 2002. Hardback, 359 pages. A collection of 30 pieces by one of America’s most highly acclaimed chess historians, containing over 300 chess games, many not available before, including long-forgotten ones by the likes of Steinitz, Pillsbury, Lasker, and Capablanca. Chapters literally run the gamut from humor to murder. Detailed coverage of long-forgotten events include the Franklin Chess Club Championship of 1897-98, the Washington Chess Divan Championship for 1942 (won by Reuben Fine), and Atlantic City 1921. Essays on correspondence chess, as well as chapters on players such as Mackenzie, Capablanca, Whitaker, and others are included. Twenty-four photographs and line drawings. A treasure trove for chess history buffs. $43*


FISCHING FOR FORGERIES, L. Totaro, 2007, p, mint. Interesting, but frankly most of the forgeries are so bad that one has to wonder how anyone would be fooled. Fischer material is not all that uncommon because he did play in a fair number of tournaments. 58p. The author does not give credit, however, to long-term dealers who not only know signatures, but who also know the provenance of items—important factors in judging authenticity. $16


GUINESS - CHESS THE RECORDS, K. Whyld, Enfield, 1926. 176p, p, exc. A fascinating book which can be dipped into or read for hours. Many good photos as well as a mountain of factsWith many x-tables too. $24


LETTERS ON NATURAL MAGIC, David Brewster, NY, 1832, Harpers Streotype Edition, xeroxes, concerned with various automata including the Automaton Chess Player and Babbage's calculating machine (the first mechanical computer. 29 pages in the original. $9


MEESTERLIJK GESCHUT, Muhring & Roelfs, Amsterdam, 1955, Dutch, h, exc, 135p, curious games & anecdotes.$22


MOSSE PERICOLOSE GLI SCACCHI IN CENT’ANNI DI CINEMA, E. Ridola, Brescia, 1995, p, mint, 92p, Chess in the movies. 19 illustrations. Italian. $12


NOTES OF A SOVIET MASTER, A. Ilyin-Genevsky. Yorklyn, 1986. Hardback, 54 pages. Translated by Bernard Cafferty from the original Russian edition of 1929. A fascinating account of this prominent revolutionary's early chess career and Soviet chess in the 20's buttressed by 50 of his games from his entire career including his immortal sacrificial win over Capablanca (then reigning World Champion). $25*


PÅ 70-ÅRSDAGEN 1977, Jens Enevoldsen,Copenhagen, 1977, Danish. 189p. A variety of articles on various chess topics such as Computer Solving of Chess Problems, Chess Clocks Over the Years, Chess Problems by Chess Masters, Chess Bookplates, Selected Games by Enevoldsen, Chess and Music, by a variety of authors. p, exc, $20


RISPOSTA DI VALENTINO VESPAIO, Pietro Carrera, Catania, 1635, reprint of an early Italian work dealing in part with chess. Edizioni Boemi, Catania, 1996. p, mint, $65

SCHACH  IM ANTIQUARIATSBUCHHANDEL, A. Buschke, 5p, xerox, from the 1930 DSZ. Concerning the Quaritch sale of largely Rimington-Wilson rare chess books.  $4

SCHACH UNTER DER LUPE, F. & J. Hoffmann, Berlin, 1986, h, exc, 151p, foreword by Karpov, himself a chess philatelist. An interesting discussion of chess on stamps in the context of chess history plus the color reproductions of hundreds of beautiful chess postage stamps. $22

SIDSTE MAND FRA SINGAPORE- En Danskers Øjenvidnesskildring, (Last man out of Singapore), Albert Nees, Kopenhagen, 1968, Autographed by the author who was for many years after WWII one of the main chess book dealers in the World. 240p. Chess is mentioned only briefly. $28

THE BEST OF CHESS LIFE AND REVIEW, Vol. 1, only (of 2), p, exc, 611p. A treasure trove of some of the best games, articles, and instruction from the pages of CHESS REVIEW including all the games of  AVRO 1938. $35

THE COMPUTER WAS A FISH, G. R. Martin,13-page article in Science Fiction Analog, Aug. 1972. Entire issue. $5


THE DAY BOBBY BLEW IT, Brad Darrach, long article about getting Bobby to Iceland to play his match with Spassky. Entire 1973 issue of PLAYBOY. $9


FISCHER - SPASSKY 1972, 6x9-in. match postcard sent by the match referee, Lothat Schmid, to Warren Goldman and his wife in Gaiberg, Germany. In Lothar's hand signed merely "Lothar" and dated Aug. 20th, 1972. Bearing the 15kr Iceland chess match postage stamp. $165


THE MORPHY DINNER, H. S. White, Caissa Editions reprint from the Harvard Graduates' Magazine, 22p. $6


THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CHESS, Ben Karpman, M.D. An analysis from a psychological standpoint of Morphy, Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, and Bogoljubow. From Psycholgy Review 1937, p, exc, $10

EINE SCHACHPARTIE, M. Jokai, Bamberg, 1956. A novel. Very small edition of 30 numbered copies of which this is #15. With bookplate of a former owner. 15p, h, exc. $45


THE SHADOW OF THE MASTER - OR HOW SAM MYLES WON THE GULPILLY OPEN, James Clegg, Auckland, 2005, 2nd ed. An interesting fantasy about a person unpredictably winning a chess tournament with ghostly help.127p. Unusual. $20


THE WAR OF THE CHESSMEN, Ercole del Rio. Hardback, 184 + lxi pages. Yorklyn, 1984. 700 numbered copies. This is the first publication of a manuscript by del Rio written around 1800 but unpublished until this edition in 1984. The original Italian plus English commentary added by Professor Christopher Becker who has added a long scholarly introduction which traces the early development of chess and explains the place of this work in chess history. $35*


THE ZURICH CHESS CLUB, 1809-2009, Richard Forster, Jefferson, 2011, h, mint. A very nice book with many excellent photos of the great number of top players who have played in the many strong tournaments hosted by Switzerland.436p. Also hundreds of fine games with good notes. $55


WARRIORS OF THE MIND, Keene & Divinsky, Brighton, 1989, "A Quest for the Supreme Genius of the Chess Board". h, mint, with dj, 342p. An interesting book, though to me a good example of nonsense supported by an overweening reliance on a simplified model. After all here we have Alekhine rated as 18th (!!) just above Sokolov (remember him?). The major fault is deciding just what to include in results. Alekhine, had he stopped playing at the conclusion of his win at Zürich 1934, would have come far higher. When do you start counting a player’s successes? By throwing out the beginning and the ending portions of a career you can alter the results drastically. Still, there are 80 well-annotated games and much good commentary, $30


WINNING CORRESPONDENCE CHESS, Kon Grivainis, WCCF World Champion, Caissa Editions, Yorklyn, 1997. Paperback, 76 pages. 43 well-annotated games including the 14 games which won the World Title. Excellent practical advice on playing winning postal chess at the highest levels. $8*



INFORMANTS #'s 32-51, 20 vols., condition on each exc., $100  postpaid & insured in the US. Foreign orders: $120 + full postage extra.

NOTE: The destinations "B-1", "B-2", "WR" etc. at the end of a listing are location codes to help me find an item. Unless stated otherwise "yr" or "year" means a complete year in the periodical section.


"ELRS" = ex-library with release stamp

"FGML" = from a grandmaster's library

"‡" = previous owner's embossed bookstamp

"tgw/on" = the games without notes