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Tournament Books


FIRST INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR 1950 - FIRST WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP BIRMINGHAM 1951A. Gillam,  Nottingham, 2014, p, mint, 56p. The 1950 event had Häggquist ifo J. Alexander,m/ Klaeger, Olafsson,...   The 1951 event had Ivkov ifo Barker, Cruz, Harris/Larsen/Nyreen,... Notes to some in both cases. $18

GHENT 1923 A. J. Gillam, Nottingham, ...Koltanowski ifo Sapira /Colle.. plastic covers, $22 Bd with PETROGRAD 1923,

MORE TOURNAMENTS OF 1930, A. Gillam, Nottingham, 2014. p, mint, 80p. THE HAGUE 1929/1930, Fontein/Loman ifo v. d. Bosch/Belingfante,...    SOPOT 1930 F. Fryman/B. Koch ifo Kohn/Rellstab,...    ROTTERDAM 1930, Tartakower ifo Noteboom/Takacs, Landau.    BERLIN 1930, Kashdan ifo Helling, H.Steiner, Sämisch.  STOCKHOLM 1930, E. Andersen ifo Stahlberg,...  THE HAGUE ACHTKAMP 1930, Noteboom ifo Landau, v. d. 

Bosch...      Notes to some. $18

TOURNAMENTS OF 1931, A. Gillam, Nottingham, 2014, 58p. p, mint, GÖTEBORG 1931, Lundin/ Flohr. Stoltz ifo Stahlberg, Paulson,..    AMSTERDAM 1931, Landau/Euwe ifo Noteboom, Selman. BERLIN 1931, H. Steiner ifo Rellstab/Ahues,...  ROTTERDAM  1931(Aug.), Landau/Euwe ifo Noteboom,...   ROTTERDAM 1931 (Dec.) Landau ifo Colle, Tartakower, Rubinstein.  Notes to some.  $18

TOURNAMENTS OF 1932. A. Gillam, Kosice 1931/32, Opocensky Ifo Fazekas, L. Steiner, Hromadka, May,

Hromadka,...ROTTERDAM CONSULTATION 1932 Rubinbstein ifo Landau,Tartakower, Colle.  ANTWERP 1932 Koltanowski ifo Flohr, Thomas,...Berne 1932 Alekhine ifo Naegeli,Voellmy, Gygli. AMESTERDA MVAS 1932Euwe

ifo MulderSpeyer van Hoorn. NOVI SAD 1932. Notes too some. $20

TOURNAMENTS OF 1934. J.Gillam, plastic covers, Nottingham,2013

Amsterdam 1934, Kmoch ifo Mulder,WarsawSpielmann

,ifo Najdorf,Utrecht ifo MakarzykK Rotterdam Alekhine i$22@@fo LandauMuehring 

General Entries
PAIGNTON CHESSCONGRESSES: A History of  these events down though the years with many selected games and especially many of the famous players who graced the events with their presence. Nicely produced, Robert Jones, 157p. p, mint, $25

ZEUERICH 1953, Russell Ent. A fine addition to Hanon's line of many of the world's greatest chess books .M. Najdorf. 
 BOTVINNIK - SMYSLOV, Moscow, 1958, p, exc, 32p. A photo-book for each of these players including photos for earlier stages of their careers. About 40 photos.  $24

GAMES FROM MONTE CARLO,  Vol. ONE, Leeds, 1945, P. Wenman.  87p, 50 games with lt. notes. Vol. 2 was never published. h, exc, with plastic protective jacket. $19. 

COMPOSITE VOLUME OF KAGAN TOURNAMENT & MATCH & GAMES COLLECTIONS ITEMS: Rubinstein-Schlechter 1918; Berlin 1918 Viermeister Turnier; Das Grossmeister-Turnier im Kerkau-Palast 1918 (with Lasker); Turnierpartien des Jahres 1919 (Reti-Tartakower & Viermeistertyrnier: Bogoljubow, Reti, Spielmann, Selesnieff; Schachmeister Erich Cohn; Am Baum der Schacherkenntnis, Tartakower; Das Schachleben in Sowjet-Russland, Alekhine; Samuel Rzeschewski; Die Aljechin-Verteidigungm Fahrni & Bonacker, h, exc. All these are very difficult to find in excellent condition. $265

DAS SCHACHLEBEN IN SOWJET- RUSSLAND, A. Alekhine, Buschke xerox of Kagan's edition,16p. p, vg, $4


DER WELTMEISTERSCHAFTSKAMPF LASKER - STEINITZ 1894, R, Hübner, Berlin, 2008, 235p. A superb book both from the standpoint of its physical properties (good paper, binding, typography) and content. Deep analysis. Also included is the Lasker- Schlechter match of 1910. I hope that Hübner will do the rest of Lasker's matches. $53

CLASSICAL CHESS MATCHES: 1907-1913, F. Wilson, editor. 157 games from 19 matches as reported in The Year-Book of Chess. With good notes. Included are the matches Lasker-Marshall 1907, Lasker-Tarrasch 1908, Marshall-Capablanca 1909, Schlechter-Mieses 1909 (blindfold), Schlechter-Lasker 1910, Spielmann-Teichmann 1913. p, exc, $18 




THE US CHAMPIONSHIP 1845-1985, G. Mc Cormick & A. Soltis, Jefferson 1985, 296p. A beautifully produced book about the history of the US CH with a selection of annotated games, h, mint. $40


LONDON 1851, H. Staunton, London, 1852, 377p. L/N 5179. The 1st real international chess tournament. Anderssen ifo Wyvill, Williams, Staunton,..Extensive introduction & background. Batsford reprint, h, mint, new preface by R. Keene. 377p. h, mint, $25.


LONDON 1851 & STAUNTON-ST. AMANT 1843, Olms reprint of L/N 5181 (Berlin 1852) and L/N 5015 (Zürich 1844), 152p & 80p respectively, both German. $34


NEW YORK 1857, D. W. Fiske, L/N 5184, 1st Am. Chess Congress. Morphy ifo Paulsen, Lichtenhein, Raphael,... Much more than a tournament book since it has extensive sections on the history of chess in the US, biographical material, a history of the automaton, an American chess bibliography, etc. 563p.  Olms reprint, h, mint, $60


DÜSSELDORF 1862 & 1863, Olms reprint of L/N 5187 & L/N 5192, German, Max Lange, h, mint, $40


ANDERSSEN-STEINITZ 1866, Cal. Chess Reporter, 30p/ The games with notes by Tchigorin, and with biographical sketches of Anderssen, Steinitz and Tchigorin, p, exc. $30

LONDON 1866 & DUNDEE 1867, (in TRANSACTIONS OF THE BRITISH CHESS ASSOCIATION) Moravian Chess reprint of the original 1867 book. h, mint,  131p, The games are given for both tourneys with light notes. London: DeVere ifo MacDonnell,Minchin, Bird,..  Dundee had Neumann ifo Steinitz, DeVere, MacDonnell,...  $20. 


LONDON 1868 & LONDON 1869, Moravian Chess reprint of Transactions of the British Chess Association book which the Reports of these two tournaments are given. With the crazy scoring system and the handicap system as well, it is difficult to see who  the  winners are other than in individual games, or in the consultation games. 105p. Among those who played were Blackburne, Steinitz, DeVere, MacDonnell,... h, mint, $20


VIENNA 1873, Lehner & Schwede, Leipzig, 1874. 256p. German, Leipzig, 1874. L/N 5200. Blackburne & Steinitz ifo Anderssen, Rosenthal, Paulsen/Bird, ...German.  BCM reprint, p, exc, ‡, $26 c)Olms reprint, h, mint. $50

CHICAGO 1874, The Third American Chess Congress, Moravian Chess reprint. h, mint, 103p. Lt. notes. MacKenzie ifo Hosmer, Judd, Bock,.. The original book for Chicago 1874 is easily the scarcest of the first six American Chess Congress books. $30

ROME 1875, Olomouc, reprint, Italian. With notes. Seni ifo Maluta, Tonetti,... h, $38.


NEW YORK 1880, C. Gilberg, NY, 1881. 539p. Much American chess history. Grundy & Mackenzie ifo Mohle, Sellman,... The games with lt notes. Much of the book's value is in the biographical sketches of Morphy, Stanley, Thompson, Paulsen, Meek, ... Has surveys of the preceding four American chess congresses. b) Olms reprint, h, mint, $60 .

BERLIN 1881, Moravian Chess, 1997, p, mint, tgw/on. Blackburne ifo Zukertort, Chigorin/Winawer, Mason/Witek, Minckwitz,…  Here Blackburne had the fantastic score of 13 wins and 2 draws out of 16 games. $7 

MILAN 1881, M. Cavalotti, Moravian Chess reprint, h, mint. The original is exceedingly scarce. 142p. Italian, with notes. $40

VIENNA 1882, C.M. Bijl. Olms ed, German. This is the most significant Olms chess book to date since it is not a reprint, but an original work for a great tournament. 434p. A mammoth tournament (18 players, double rr) won by Steinitz & Winawer ifo Mason, Mackenzie/ Zukertort, Blackburne, Englisch, Paulsen,...Notes by Steinitz, Gunsberg, Lehner, Minckwitz, et al, to many of the games. h, mint, $75. b)h, exc, ‡, $70

LONDON 1883, J. Minchin, BCM reprint, 308p., p, exc, $22 c) BCM reprint, p, vg, $18.


HAMBURG 1885, Bardeleben, Kürschner & Minckwitz. Leipzig, 1886. 256p. German. L/N 5220. 4th Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes. Gunsberg ifo Mason/ Blackburne/ Englisch, Tarrasch /Weiss, Mackenzie, Riemann/Schallopp, Minckwitz,...h, exc, $130. c) h, vg, contents fine, binding good, but spine strip lacking, $100 d) Olms reprint, together with Frankfurt 1887—5th German Chess Congress) h, mint $48 e)p, vg, spine strip chipped & worn, contents exc, $95

HEREFORD 1885, Skipworth, The Book of the Counties' Chess Association, Moravian Chess reprint. The original was published in three parts. Blackburne ifo Bird, Schalopp, Mackenzie...Notes to many of the games. Several sections. p. mint, $24


STEINITZ-ZUKERTORT 1886, E. Schallopp. L/N 5026. Leipzig, 1886. 48p. German. full notes. Münster reprint of the original match book. Interestingly enough this match was played in New York, St. Louis, and New Orleans. p, mint, $10. b)L/N 5026, p, vg, spine strip gone, some pages loose, pages uncut, $115.


FRANKFURT 1887, von Bardeleben/ von Gottschall & Mieses; Leipzig, 1889, German. L/N 5223. 288p. Mackenzie ifo Weiss, Blackburne, v. Bardeleben, Tarrasch,...5th German Congress. Olms ed, h, mint, $48. 

FRANKFURT 1887, Olomouc, 1997, tgw/on. A great Mackenzie win ifo Blackburne/ Weiss, von Bardeleben, Berger,...p, mint, $6

AMSTERDAM 1889, Moravian Chess reprint, h, mint, reprint of L/N 5228. Burn ifo Lasker, Mason,… Lasker's debut into international events. $38

NEW YORK 1889, W. Steinitz, NY, 1891, one of 500 numbered copies. With Steinitz's full notes to a great tournament won by Chigorin & Weiss ifo Gunsberg, Blackburne, Burn, Lipschütz, Mason, Judd, Delmar/ Showalter,.... Double round robin.  b) h, vg, Copy No. 288 to E. T. Westerfield of NY. Frontispiece papers clumsily taped, spine slit somewhat on both sides, spine chipped and semi-detachedbut repairable. Contents clean and fine. $525 

STEINITZ - TCHIGORIN 1889, Steinitz, NY, 1889, the full match with notes in The Modern Chess Instructor, Part I, 193p, the match games are on pages 162 to 192. The rest of the book is mainly concerned with a detailed analysis of the Double King's Pawn openings and some general advice. a) h,vg, top of spine chipped, some spotting of covers, $125. b)Olms reprint, with part II included. The two parts I & II were originally published separately, but most copies of part II were destroyed in a warehouse fire and as a result Part II in the original is an exceedingly rare item.  h, exc,  with dj.  $45

STEINITZ - TCHIGORIN 1889, N. Hannon, Providence, 1978. notes to the games taken from Steinitz's in The Modern Chess Instructor. 56p. $22


VIENNA 1890, W. Goldman, Schwetzingen, 1983, p, mint, in English. 1st Kolisch tourney. 151p. 1st Kolisch tourney in English. Notes to some of the games but these notes are exceptionally good. Also has nice biographies of the contestants. Weiss ifo Bauer/ Fleissig, Englisch, Csank, Schwarz/ Marco,... $20


DRESDEN 1892, Schellenberg, Metger, Lipke & Mieses.L/N 5235. Tarrasch ifo Makovetz& Porges, Marco & Walbrodt, Winawer & v. Bardeleben, ...German. 7th German Congress, Olms reprint, bd with Breslau 1889—6th German Congress & Kiel 1893—8th German Congress), h, mint, $48 DRESDEN 1892 & KIEL 1893, orig. editions, bd in one vol., h, vg, spine taped, $165


KIEL 1893, J. Metger, 62p. German. L/N 5236. von Bardeleben & Walbrodt ifo Lipke, Metger,... 8th German Chess Congress. scarce, p, vg, fc taped, ‡, $85.


LONDON 1893, Brandreth, r, Blackburne ifo Mason/ Teichmann/ Tinsley, Van Vliet, Bird. brief notes to the games. small edition, $18

TARRASCH-CHIGORIN 1893, A. Heyde, Berlin, 1893, L/N 5032. 92p. German. full notes to this great match. Photos & biographies of the contestants. Olms  reprint, together with Tarrasch's Die Verteidigung des Damengambit. $30

CONTINENTAL TOURNAMENT 1894-X, Shipley/ Hale/ Young, Phila, 1894. xerox ed., ringbound. The original is not listed in the White collection or in the Royal Dutch Library, 26p., 32 annotated games from this postal tourney. This was bulletin #1 but it iis unlikely that any others were published, $20


LEIPZIG 1894, K. Whyld, 64p, Tarrasch ifo Lipke, Teichmann, Blackburne, notes to some. p, exc, $20

LASKER-STEINITZ 1894, Cal. Chess Reporter, San Francisco, 1951, p,exc, 28p, lt. notes, $30 

LASKER MATCHESS (1894- 1894,notes by Hubner's superb notes, D

Edition Marco. h, mint.most notes in  German & some in English. layout and content superb. 235p. $54. 

LEIPZIG 1894, K. Whyld, 64p, Tarrasch ifo Lipke, Teichmann, Blackburne, notes to some. $20


HASTINGS 1895, H. Cheshire. NY & London, 1896, 370p, with excellent full-page photos of the contestants. Pillsbury ifo Chigorin, Lasker, Tarrasch, Steinitz,... Pillsbury's greatest success. Pillsbury ifo Chigorin, Lasker, Tarrasch, Steinitz,...  , rebd, h, exc, $140 b) poor, covers worn, spine split, numerous pencilled marginal notes, a few pages loose, OK as a working copy, ‡, $40.

HASTINGS 1895, S. Pickard, p, mint, 259p. Basically a reprint of the Cheshire book with modern typography and spelling but without the fine photos of the original book.  $30

HASTINGS 1895, N.W. Van Lennep, Amsterdam, 1978, p, exc, Dutch. 63p. Selected games from each round with notes. Based on Van Lennep's write-up in TKNSin 1895. $20


HASTINGS 1895, E. Schallopp, 340p. full notes, German, Olms reprint of L/N 5238. Ext. background. $38.


NÜRNBERG 1896, Tarrasch & Schröder, Leipzig, 1897. L/N 5244. German. 294p. 1st ed, h, vg, spine strip worn, 3/4 leather, with the fine frontispiece photo of Lasker. Lasker ifo Maroczy, Pillsbury/ Tarrasch, Janowski, Steinitz,...Notes to the games. $130. b)h, exc, 2nd ed, Berlin/ Leipzig, 1921. $65. b) Olms reprint, h, mint, $30. c) BCM reprint(German), p, vg, $18. d) Caissa Ed. translated from the original German book by John Owen with additional notes culled from contemporary sources. Yorklyn, 1999. x + 403 pages. Notes to all the games plus two photos, bibliography, openings index, and tournament records of the contestants. Another powerful Lasker win in front of the young Maroczy, with Tarrasch and Pillsbury tied a point and a half behind, followed by Janowski, Steinitz, Walbrodt, Schlechter, Schiffers, Chigorin, Blackburne, Charousek, Marco, Albin, Winawer, Showalter, Porges, Schallopp, and Teichmann. h, mint, $45


STOCKHOLM 1897/ COPENHAGEN 1899/ GÖTEBORG 1901, Krause/ Rosendahl/ Englund; Stockholm, 1902. Swedish, 88 + 80 + 104p. L/N 5248. p, vg, ELRS. FGML, pages uncut, $165.


BUFFALO 1901 & 1894, John Hilbert, Yorklyn, 1996. Hardback, iv + 95p. Notes from contemporary sources. At Buffalo 1901 Pillsbury won ahead of Delmar, Napier, Howell, Marshall, and Karpinski in a double-round event. At Buffalo 1894 Showalter edged Pillsbury out by half a point, followed by Albin and Farnsworth also in a double-round format. Both tournaments are previously unpublished. Also given are all the serious games contested between Pillsbury and Marshall and an article on blindfold play by Pillsbury. Good material on U.S. chess history of that era. 18 photos and drawings. $28

HASTINGS 1895, H. Cheshire. NY & London, 1896, 370p, with excellent full-page photos of the contestants. Pillsbury ifo Chigorin, Lasker, Tarrasch, Steinitz,...  Pillsbury's greatest success.  h, exc, NY & London, 1896, a fine copy. $150

ST. PETERSBURG 1895/96, J. R. Schroeder, 2nd edition. The games with skimpy notes. 35p. Lasker ufo Steinitz, Pillsbury, Chigorin. p, vg, $8. b)1st ed. $7

ST. PETERSBURG 1895/96, Mason & Pollock, BCM reprint, p, mint, 64p, copious notes. Up until the books by Owen and Sherwood (both Caissa Editions)  this was the best book for this super-strong tournament.  $18


BUDAPEST 1896, G. Maroczy, German. Kecskemet, (1941)104p. L/N 5243. Also incl. the 4-game match Chigorin-Charousek. Chigorin/Charousek ifo Pillsbury, Janowski/Schlechter, Walbrodt/ Winawer, Tarrasch, Albin/ Maroczy, Marco, Noa,...Lt. notes. p, exc. $49 b) John Owen. Caissa Editions, Yorklyn, 1994. Notes by Maroczy, Charousek, & other contemporary masters with editing and additional commentary by John Owen. Chigorin & Charousek tied for first followed by Pillsbury, Schlechter/Janowsky, Winawer/ Walbrodt, Tarrasch, Albin/Maroczy, Marco, Noa, & Popiel. Includes the Chigorin-Charousek tie-breaking match. Photos & career records of the contestants. 205p. $30

STOCKHOLM 1897/ COPENHAGEN 1899/ GÖTEBORG 1901, Krause/ Rosendahl/ Englund; Stockholm, 1902.  Swedish, 88 + 80 + 104p. L/N 5248. p, exc. From Szabo's collection. ELRS.  $165


BERLIN 1897, W. Goldman, Dusseldorf 1966, p, exc, ‡, 176p. 159g. with good notes; German. Charousek ifo Walbrodt, Blackburne, Janowski, A fine book. $47.  b) p, exc, $48


COLOGNE 1898, V. Fiala, Olomouc, 1997, h, exc, 264p. Burn ifo Charousek/ Chigorin/ Cohn, Steinitz, Schlechter,...In English. All the 54 games (out of 120) that could be found with extensive notes and some nice photosof the contestants + many other illustrative games by the contestants in other events. $49


VIENNA 1898, Marco, Fähndrich, Halprin. The original great German book for this super-big and strong tourney won at first jointly by Pillsbury & Tarrasch and then finally by Tarrasch in the tie-breaking match. 351p. 3rd place was taken by Janowski ifo Steinitz, Schlechter, Chigorin/ Burn,... Light notes to some. Round summaries. Original ed. rebd in exc. sturdy binding, with signature of Dale Brandreth on title page, last three pages sl. chipped and foxed. $195. b)h, exc, ‡, Olms reprint, $75


STOCKHOLM 1897/ COPENHAGEN 1899/ GÖTEBORG 1901, Krause/ Rosendahl/ Englund; Stockholm, 1902. Swedish, 88 + 80 + 104p. L/N 5248. p, vg. ‡, pages uncut, $110.b) p, vg, ELRS. FGML, pages uncut, $165.

LONDON 1900, NY & Bombay, 1900, 46p. Teichmann ifo Gunsberg, Mason, Ward, van Vliet, Blackburne, Lawrence, Lee, Loman, Tietjen, Jones, Physick,.. Caissa Ed. facsimile ed, Stanton, 1973, h, mint, 700 numbered copies, $35. c) h, exc, ‡, $30

PARIS 1900, Jimmy Adams, Nottingham, 1986, h, exc, 176p. Lasker ifo Pillsbury, Maroczy/ Marshall, Burn, Chigorin,.. one of the great tournament at the turn of the century. After the tournament ended Pillsbury played a 12-board simultaneous exhibition and these 12 games are given with notes  $48.   b) p, mint, Nottingham, 2000, the paperback version. $23

MOSCOW 1901Povarov/Baburin2nd All-Russian chess tournament, the Chessplayer, 1995. all copies with bleed due to ink-vinyl plastic problems. legibility not compromised. Chigorin ifo Schiffers, janowski, Goncharov...     p,vg, $17

KIEV 1903, Caissa Limited Editions reprint, Stanton, 1972, 300 numbered copies, h, mint. This is a facsimile edition of the original quite rare Russian book, one of the rarest of all tournament books. Chigorin ifo Bernstein, Yurevich, Salwe, Rubinstein,...With fold-out photo. $125  


MONTE CARLO 1903, E. Kemeny, 1st ed, Phila., 1903. 112p. collected issues of the American Chess Weekly. This ed. includes a dedication to Prof. Rice, a preface, and a picture of De Riviere which the 2nd ed(1910) lacks. Tarrasch ifo Maroczy, Pillsbury, Schlechter,... h, vg, full leather (rubbed), $325. b) 1st ed, h, good, covers frayed and soiled, $285. c) 2nd ed, Phila, 1910, h, vg, $250. d) h, fair, loose, $125. e) Olms reprint, of L/N 5263. New forward by Bijil in English and German. h, mint, $48


ST. LOUIS 1904, Marshall ifo Judd, Uedemann, Kemeny.... p, vg. includes much other material, some games with notes. Brandreth reprint of tournament from 2 ACB issues plus reproduction of the St. Louis World's Fair 1904 image on cover. Marshall's second great tournament victory on the heels of his Cambridge Springs success. p, exc. $13


BARMEN 1905, L/N 5268 (Olms reprint), Barmen, 1905. German. 628p. 500 annotated games & photos & ext. background, a section on the chess problem tournament. A magnificent book—one of the greatest tournament books. There were two master tourney sections plus 3 "Hauptturniere" & two "Nebenturniere". The games of the two master tourneys are given + over 200 of the games of the other tourneys. In the "Meisterturnier A" Duras & Rubinstein won ifo Loewy/ Vidmar, E. Cohn,... In "B" Fleischmann won ifo Swiderski, W. Cohn, Perlis, Reggio,... Olms reprint, h, mint, $80.  b) h, vg, but with 12 blank pages which have been replaced with xeroxes, would be h, mint except for the replaced copies of the blank pages. $35 SOLD AS IS with replaced copies. 


MARSHALL-TARRASCH 1905, Tarrasch, 2nd ed, L/N 5040, w/o date, German, 62p, scotch taped at edges for protection, deep notes. $42.

JANOWSKY - MARSHALL 1905 & 1908, Hoffer, both matches with full notes. p, vg,  49p. Fighting chess! $45 

OSTENDE 1905, J. Adams, Nottingham, 1984, CP ed. h, mint, 128p,  notes to most. Maroczy ifo Janowski, Tarrasch, Schlechter, Marco, Teichmann, Burn,... 14-man double rr. $40


PRAGUE 1905, V. Fiala, Olomouc, 2006. In English. 158p. The First Congress of the Central Association of Czech Chessplayers. Duras ifo Taussig, Treybal/Dusek. Prokes, Š.Light notes to selected games. $32

STOCKHOLM 1905, G. & L. Collijn, Swedish, L/N 5275, Petterson ifo Langborg, Sjoberg, Svensson, Englund, notes. p,vg,  Ex libris, formerly from Laszlo Szabo’s library, $58

LODZ 1906, Brandreth, Hockessin, 1971, p, exc, tgw/o n. triple rr, won by Rubinstein ifo Chigorin, Flamberg, Salwe. $12. b)p,vg, $8

LODZ  1906, Kalnajs, Gerrman. Scarce, mimeograph, this is likely the secondary source of all these Lodz games. tgw/on. No source is given, but Kalnaj often "lifted sources w/o attribution (including some much later Gillam editions). triple rr, Rubinstein ufo Chigorin, Flamberg, Salve. $20

NÜRNBERG 1906, Tarrasch & Schenzel, 278p. German. Nürnberg, 1906. L/N 5278. Marshall ifo Duras, Forgacs/ Schlechter, Chigorin, Salwe/ Wolf,... Notes to all the games. Olms reprint, incl. Coburg 1904 too (L/N 5267), h, mint, $48.


OSTENDE 1906, Tony Gillam, Yorklyn, 2005, hardback, 445 pages. Finally this complex and great tournament appears just about one hundred years after it occurred. Schlechter won by a slight margin in a very complicated series of qualifying sections. Gillam worked hard with a dedicated band of helpers to track down all the known games, graced in most cases with notes, of that era. Many great players such as Lasker, Schlechter, Burn, contributed annotations. Also included are photos of most of the players plus photos of the great "Kursall" on the boardwalk at the resort city of Ostende plus a photo with the autographs of all the tournament contestants. Two slight books with only a tiny fraction of the games were published just after the tournament in the German language, but they hardly did justice to this strong event and are scarce collectors items today. $49


BERLIN 1907, H. Ranneforth, Potsdam, (1907). extremely scarce, h, exc, rebd, ELRS, from Szabo's collection. German. 48p. Notes to the games. Teichmann ifo Post, Spielmann, Leonhardt/Przepiorka, ... A fine copy, $285

BERLIN 1907, W. Kübel,  w/o place or date (ca 1986), p, mint, tgw/on. Teichmann ifo Post, Spielmann,...$7  

COPENHAGEN 1907, L/N 5283, Danish. Leonhardt ifo Maroczy/ Schlechter, Möller, Krause. Lt notes. p, vg, $75

KARLSBAD 1907, Yorklyn, 2007. An English translation of this original famous tournament book in German by George Marco and Carl Schlechter. This edition has the advantage of enhancements such as the addition of 15 photos of many of the players along with many corrections and additional analysis using the new, very strong program, Rybka. The tournament was one of the strongest of the last century with only Lasker, Tarrasch and Burn, missing from the roster of the world's best players of that day. The young player Rubinstein won in fine style followed by Maroczy just one-half point behind and by Leonhardt, Nimzovich/Schlechter, Vidmar, Duras/Teichmann, Salwe, Wolf, Dus-Chotimirski/Marshall, Spielmann, Tartakower... h, mint, 475p. $55.

c) h, vg, orig. ed, with some colored underlining in a few places, $100. d) Caissa Editions reprint, German, p, vg, $35.


OSTENDE 1907, Teichmann, L/N 5286. German. 336p. 406 games with lt. notes. A very large & very strong tourney won jointly by Rubinstein & Bernstein ifo Mieses, Nimzowitsch, Fleischmann, Teichmann, Duras, Salwe, Marco,... h, vg, rebd. $60 b) Olms reprint, h, mint, $60 (has both Ostende 1907's, the other being the tourney won by Tarrasch). $65


LASKER - TARRASCH 1908, Tarrasch. Leipzig, 1908, L/N 5046. 148p. German. h, exc. Autographed by the chess player & tournament book collector Warren Goldman. . Very deep notes with a long section on R&P endings. $95. b) Olms reprint, includes their 1916 match as well, $48


VIENNA 1908, Marco, German, L/N 5290. 171p. Maroczy/ Duras/ Schlechter ifo Rubinstein, Teichmann, Spielmann,... the 190 games with lt notes to some. p, exc, $95.  b) h, exc, a fine copy, $120. c) h, mint, Olms reprint, $38. 

ST. PETERSBURG 1909, Em. Lasker, Russell Enterprises, Milford, 2008, algebraic ed, Lasker's notes. 190p, p, mint, $20


ST. PETERSBURG 1909, Lasker, Znosko-Borovsky & Malyutin; St. Petersburg, 1910. Russian. Quite scarce. This edition, unlike the English & German editions, includes the games of the amateur tourney won by Alekhine in his first tournament victory (excluding minor local events) ifo Rotlevi, Gregory,... 367p. L/N 5296. Includes some nice photos of Alekhine and others incl. Chigorin. Has some history of prior Russian chess events. h, good with original paper covers bd in. rebd, spine strip is worn, contents exc, h, vg, title page is stained. With 9 leaves in xerox tipped in to replace the missing original pages. Spine taped. $190. b) Russian reprint, h, exc, $95

ST. PETERSBURG 1909, Lasker.  One of the most famous of all tournament books,  English edition, praised by Alehkine, photos, light notes by Lasker. Orig. ed, L/N 5295. 192p. p, vg, covers worn and spine chipped.  $75.  b) p, vg, Dover reprint, O/P, $18 

KARLSBAD 1911, M. Vidmar, L/N 5302, Potsdam, (1912). The original book rebound.Originally issued in two volumes. h, vg, scarce. $295


KARLSBAD 1911, M. Vidmar, L/N 5302, Potsdam, (1912). Notes to the 325 games. German. One of the greatest tournaments. Won by Teichmann ifo Rubinstein/ Schlechter, Rotlewi, Marshall/ Nimzowitsch, Vidmar, ... Alekhine's first great tournament. He finished tied for 8th to 11th, with wins over Alapin, Chajes, E. Cohn, Duras, Dus-Chotimirski, Jaffe, Kostich, Rotlewi, Süchting, Tartakower & Vidmar. Olms reprint, h, mint, the two vols bd in one, $65.


SAN SEBASTIAN 1911, Mieses & Lewitt, 2nd ed, Leipzig, 1919. Lt. notes. 162p. Capa's 1st great tournament victory ifo Rubinstein/ Vidmar, Marshall,...German. h, fair, loose, pages browning, OK as a working copy, $12 b) Olms reprint of 2nd edition with the 1911 & 1912 tourneys, h, mint, $45

SAN SEBASTIAN 1912, Mieses & Lewitt, Leipzig, 1920, 2nd ed. L/N5313, 148p., notes, German,  Rubinstein ifo Nimzowitch/ Spielmann, Tarrasch, Perlis, Marshall.... double rr.  $55  b) Olms reprint  $32 c) Helten reprint 1951 of 2nd ed, h, mint  $28  e) p, 2nd ed, Leipzig, 1920, pages browned, fc chipped & loose, $20.

BAD PISTYAN 1912*, Lachaga ltd ed (350 copies), German. 54p. tgw/on. Rubinstein ifo Spielmann, Marshall, Duras/ Schlechter/ Teichmann,...p, exc, $35

BAD PISTYAN 1912, W. Kübel, German, p, vg, tgw/on. A powerful Rubinstein win ifo Spielmann, Marshall, Duras/ Schlechter,Teichmann, von Balla, Breyer,...p, vg. Certainly one of the strongest tournaments ever held which had no worthy tournament book to commemorate its games. Kübel  does give all the scores with notes to a few. Rubinstein lost only once with a 14 out of 17 score—quite a feat against a strong field. Schlechter had 15 draws and two wins!  $9 

STOCKHOLM 1912, L/N 5314, Swedish. Alekhine's 1st international tournament victory. Notes to some. p, exc, $55.   b) p, good, page edges waterstained, otw fine $35.  c) p, vg, fc torn but repaired, otw exc, $43. d) p, vg, in protective plastic wrapper, $46.   e) p, vg, $48   f) p, vg, loose, in special protective jacket, $40.g) p, vg, contents fine but fc loose and taped in sloppy fashion with duct tape, spine split, loose, $20

TEMESVAR 1912,  W. Goldman, 1981, 114p, in English. Breyer ifo Asztalos, Balla, Merenyi,...Reti...  Ltd ed, Vol. I of the Encyclopedia of Tournament Chess (which sadly enough never got beyond the second volume —Vienna1890—due to Goldman's untimely death. p, mint, $22

SCHEVENINGEN 1913, CP reprint, Dutch. The original is quite scarce. 107p +xi. An early tournament success for Alekhine ifo Janowski, Olland, Speyer, Ed Lasker,... notes to games, p, mint, $24

BADEN-BEI-WIEN 1914, Schroeder, in English, unpaginated, many diagrams. Cartoons adapted to chess themes by Schroeder, p, exc, lt notes, $8

ST. PETERSBURG 1914, Phila (David McKay) 1914 ed with notes compiled from many sources. 75p. One of the greatest tournaments of all time.  A superb Lasker win ifo Capa, Alekhine, Tarrasch, Marshall, Bernstein/ Rubinstein, Nimzovich,  Blackburne, Janowski, Gunsberg.  h, vg, the variant with the photo. Jim Barrett's copy with his chess bookplate. $55. 

TOURNAMENTS OF 1914  with PARIS 1914 (Alekhine 1st   Marshal 2nd), Berlin Netherlanddd vs England match, Dartford 1914, Vienna 1914, $22.


ST. PETERSBURG 1914, Tarrasch, Yorklyn, 1993. Hardback, 267 pages and 21 photos. Dr. Tarrasch and augmented by notes of many other famous players such as Alekhine, Lasker, Marco, Bernstein, Reinfeld. An extremely good tournament book for one of the greatest chess tournaments all time. Lasker just beat out Capablanca, followed by Alekhine, Tarrasch, Marshall and other greats of the day. $38. b) h, exc, inscribed to Jack O'Keefe by Brandreth, $39.


LASKER - TARRASCH 1916, E. Lasker, Leipzig, 1917, p, exc, German, 20p. With full notes. Clearly after this match, Tarrasch was no longer in Lasker's class. $45


BERLIN 1918, Kübel publication, German. Double rr, Lasker ifo Rubinstein, Schlechter, Tarrasch. With notes but no diagrams. Along with the Kübel publication of LODZ 1908, which see) $6

BERLIN 1918, reprint of L/N 5329, Lasker ifo Rubinstein, Schlechter, Tarrasch. Double rr. p, mint, notes by Lasker. German.  $7.  b) p, good, original edition,covers chipped, $16

BERLIN 1918, titled "VIER-MEISTER-TURNIER IN KERKAU-PALAST", Buschke xerox reproduction, 1978. Original was L/N 5328 by Kagan. p, exc, 20p,  Double rr. Vidmar ifo Schlechter, Mieses, Rubinstein. $4. 

RUBINSTEIN - SCHLECHTER 1918, B. Kagan, German, original ed., 6-game match. With notes. 8p.  $20

STOCKHOLM 1919, Cela & Eceizabarrena, Madrid, 1973, 141p. Span; 4-man quadruple rr; Spiemann ifo Rubinstein, Bogoljubow, Reti. p, exc. $18 

BERLIN 1920, Post, 20th Congress of the Deutschen Schachbundes. L/N 5334. Full notes. 156p. Sämisch ifo Schönmann, Blumich/ Emmrich..... Olms reprint, h, mint, includes BERLIN 1920, HAMBURG 1921, AND FRANKFURT AM MAIN 1923, $50

 DUNEDIN 1920; AUCKLAND 1921, Kelling/Mason, Mackay.L/N not listed. An extremely scarce book. Australian was 

then stronger than is realized exc, $285.

GOTEBORG 1920, facsimile edition, Hildebrand,1980, editio of 300 copies. p, mint , $38

ALEKHINE - TEICHMANN 1921, orig. Kagan ed, L/N 5061. 8p. Light brown covers, p, exc, German. $25. b) variant edition, green covers, different printing on covers, p, exc, $25 c) pages browned, edges chipped, $7 d) Brandreth reprint, p, exc, with Introduction by Brandreth in English. $4

BUDAPEST 1921, Lachaga ed, 350 copies, German. Lt notes by Albert Becker. Alekhine ifo Grünfeld, Kostich/ Tartakower,…$22

BUDAPEST 1921. Cordingley & Whyld, 1953, Ltd ed. of numbered copies, p, exc, With lt. notes, Alekhine ifo Grünfeld, Kostich. Tartakower, Balla, Euwe,...The first meeting between the two future World Champions Alekhine & Euwe. $40

CAPABLANCA - LASKER 1921, Lasker, Leningrad 1925, Russian. Introduction by Romanovsky. 63p. A poor copy (the paper ws poor). Brittle but useable. Flaking at edges. $16.  b) xerox copy  $8


CAPABLANCA - LASKER 1921, J. R. Schroeder, 31p, with notes from various sources edited by Schroeder, p, exc, $12. b) p, vg, $10

CAPABLANCA - LASKER 1921, Capablanca, NY 1921, Edition of 600 copies.   h, exc, 39p. $45


CARASCO 1921/ 22*, Lachaga, Argentina, 1980.  Spanish. 220 copies. Grau ifo Villegas/ Coria/ Illa, Berasain. brief notes, $28

DUNEDIN 1921 & AUCKLAND 1922, F.K. Kelling, Wellington, 1922. Not in L/N. Quite scarce. 160+xvip. Book of the 30th & 31st Congresses. With club statistics, obituaries, and x-tables of New Zealand's 31 congresses. 30th & 31st NZ championships. Includes 10 selected games from the 30th and 18 selected games from the 31st (with notes in both cases) and much historical material on New Zealand chess and a list of NZ champions 1879-1922. p, vg, $285


THE HAGUE 1921, L/N 5339, Kagan. 100p. the 45 g with notes. With with 7 exc photos incl. 3 with Alekhine. German. Alekhine ifo Tartakower, Rubinstein, Kostich/ Maroczy,... h, exc, de luxe ed. on better paper, $90.

THE HAGUE 1921, Lachaga, Notes by Becker, Tartakower, Maroczy, Alekhine, … German. Alekhine ifo Tartakower, Rubinstein, … 330 copies, p, exc, $22


HAMBURG 1921, J. Dimer, L/N 5340. 21st Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes. 230p. Post ifo Sämisch, Schlage, John, Carls,... h, vg, contents fine, spine chipped, $42


BAD PIESTANY 1922, Kagan, German, L/N 5349. with 10 photos of the contestants. 190p. Bogoljubow ifo Alekhine/ Spielmann, Grünfeld, Reti,...tgw lt notes. p, exc, $95 b) p, exc, large paper variant, $100 c) Olms ed, h, mint, $46 d) orig. ed, h, vg, rebd, Warren Goldman's copy with his signature, $115. c) h, exc, a fine copy, ELRS, FGML, $125

HASTINGS 1922, Watts, L/N 5344,   Alekhine ifo Rubinstein, Bogoljubow, Thomas, Tarrasch, Yates. Double rr. Notes by Alekhine.  h, vg, with dj & protective plastic jacket.  some foxing,  $55. b) h, exc, with dj(chipped), $65.  c) h, vg, covers slightly soiled, front endpaper (blank) lacking, $60.  Dover reprint, p, $5


LONDON 1922, Maroczy, L/N 5346. original ed, 137p, thorough notes. Capa ifo Alekhine, Vidmar, Rubinstein, Bogoljubow, Reti, of the players. h, exc, autographed by the problemist Brian Harley. Full notes by Maroczy $120.  b)  Dover reprint, rebd, ELRS, h, vg,  $9

LONDON 1922, Maroczy, L/N 5346. original ed, 137p, thorough notes. Capa ifo Alekhine, Vidmar, Rubinstein, Bogoljubow, Reti, of the players.  h, vg, $52

OEYNHAUSEN 1922, Dimer/ Schlage/ Zander. German. L/N 5348. Post ifo Carls, Antze,... 196p. h, exc, close to mint, $95 b) h, exc, sl. browning paper, but an excellent copy, of the original edition, $80. c) OEYNHAUSEN 1922, p, exc, pages uncut,  $85. b ) Olms reprint, h, mint, includes BERLIN 1920, HAMBURG 1921, AND FRANKFURT AM MAIN 1923, $46


TEPLITZ - SCHÖNAU 1922, J. Schorr, L/N 5350, 664p. German. All the games with extensive notes. One of the greatest tournament books. Also has  214p on chess problems which in turn includes a part on retrograde analysis by Kluver. Brief biographies of the players. Reti & Spielmann ifo Grünfeld, Tartakower, Rubinstein, Kostich,.... b) p, vg, as issued,  with protective plastic film.  $175 c) h, vg, this is the white cover luxus ed., but the fc is sl bent in the top corner, $170. c) h, vg, the white cover luxus edition as issued,  but with some foxing and aging. $190.  e) h, exc, rebd, FGML, $200.

VIENNA 1922, Lachaga ltd ed (240 copies) German, 70p., notes to many of the games; Rubinstein ifo Tartakover, Wolf, Alekhine, Maroczy, Tarrrasch, Grünfeld…. p, exc.  $22


VIENNA 1922, Larry Evans, foreword by John Donaldson. p, mint, Milford, 2011. Rubinstein ifo Tartakower, Wolf, Tarrasch/ Maroczy/ Alekhine,... Greatly improved and augmented over the scarce but inferior book Evans did as a teenager, 144p, $20


FRANKFURT 1923, J. Dimer, L/N 5354, 108p, Grünfeld ifo Post/ Wagner, Becker/ Hilse, ...tgw lt notes. . Scarce. h, exc, $105

HASTINGS 1923, Olomouc, 1997, p, mint. Euwe ifo Maroczy, Colle/ Yateds, Michell/ Seitz, Blake,... tgw/on. $7 

 HASTINGS 1923/24 & WESTON-SUPER-MARE 1924, Gillam, Nottingham, 1995. 63p. Hastings: Euwe ifo Maroczy, Colle/ Yates, Michell/ Seitz,...Weston-super-Mare: Euwe ifo Thomas, Znosko-Borovsky,... Notes to  many. $18

KARLSBAD 1923, Spence Ltd. Ed. 115 numbered copies, r, exc, Alekhine/ Bogoljubow / Maroczy ifo Grünfeld/ Reti,... The games w/o notes but with round summaries. vi + 49pp. Includes the famous Alekhine furniture smashing story. $65


KARLSBAD 1923, Kagan, Berlin (1923), L/N 5355. 198p. Alekhine/ Bogoljubow / Maroczy ifo Grünfeld/ Reti,...h, exc, a fine copy, German, $95, b)p,vg, pages browning, $40


MÄHRISCH - OSTRAU 1923, Kagan, German, L/N 5358, tgw lt notes. Lasker ifo Reti, Grünfeld, Selesniev, Euwe/ Tartakower,.. BCM reprint, h, exc, $25  b) h, exc, original edition, a few neat marginal notes,  $65

MÄHRISCH-OSTRAU 1923, A. Becker. Lachaga edition. German, full notes.  Lasker ifo Reti, Grünfeld, Selesnieff, Euwe,..w/o loss, p, vg. $24

BAD PIESTANY 1922, Kagan, German, L/N 5349. with 10 photos of the contestants. 190p. Bogoljubow ifo Alekhine/ Spielmann, Grünfeld, Reti,...tgw lt notes. h, exc,  autographed by H. R. Bigelow (a long-time NY city chess editor.  $80)  b) p, vg, bd in 2 parts, WES,  $55    c) Olms ed, h, mint, $34

PETROGRAD 1923, Romanovsky ifoLevenfish, Nenarokov/Duz Hotimirsky, Kubbel, Ilyinzhenevsky...419 

SCHEVENINGEN 1923, Kagan, German, L/N 5362, 119p. Johner/ Spielmann ifo Colle/ Maroczy/ Reti, Mieses, Yates.... p, good. spine taped, ‡,  Scarce,  $48 

VIENNA 1923, Tartakower ifo Reti, Spielmann, Gruenfelld/ L. Steiner, Becker,... tgw/on.  p, mint, $7

MERAN 1924,Gillam & Wadman, p, exc, Grünfeld ,Rubenstein, Przepiorka, Selesniev,Takacs,,Colle,...  

NEW YORK 1924, Alekhine,  H. Helms editor, NY, 1925.  L/N 5370. Easily one of the all-time great tournament books due to Alekhine's wonderful notes. US ed, seldom found in fine condition.  NY, 1925,   b) NY, 1925, h, spine chipped & back cover lacking, with  3 leaves stained by old tape. $20.  c) Dover ed, 1961 reprint, p, vg, $9 c) Dover reprint, p, exc, $11

NEW YORK 1924, Alekhine, p, mint, Milford, 2008, 352p, with a new preface by Soltis, English algebraic notation, $30. b)Dover ed, NY, 1924, a reprint of the original English descriptive notation edition,  p, vg, $8

NEW YORK 1924, Alekhine, Moscow, 1925 Russian ed. with a preface by Nenarokov & Grekov. 257p. h, exc, rebd.  Scarce. $155 

NEW YORK 1924 & NEW YORK 1927, Alekhine, Moscow1989, h, exc, Russian editions. 464p, With Alekhine's famous notes for the games of each of these famous tourneys. $27

PARIS 1924, Lachaga, the first Chess Olympiad. This tournament was held in connection with the foundation of FIDE.  Ltd ed(520 copies), p, exc, 160p. Spanish. Euwe, Mattison, Grau, Duchamp, Colle, Behting, Oskam, H. Steiner,  among others took part. Notes to some games. Mattison ifo Apscheneeks, Colle, Euwe.... p, exc.  $40


VIENNA 1924, 1925 & VIENNA STADTKAMPF 1925 (BERLIN-BUDAPEST-PRAGUE-VIENNA) Lachaga ed, the first volume of a projected 10+ series of new Lachaga editions of hithertoo unpublished events. Wien 1925; Becker ifo Post/ Omber, S. R. Wolf & Schora; Wien 1925; Becker/ S. R. Wolf ifo Grober/ Konig, Scara, Muller. The 4-city match had, a.o., Hromadka, Post, Prokes, Becker, Konig, E. Steiner, and Havasi. p, mint. $14


BADEN BADEN 1925, Tarrasch, L/N5373, 127p. The original edition. Uncharacteristically Tarrasch provides only the bare games for this very strong tournament won by Alekhine in a very fine style a point and a half (out of 20) ahead of Rubinstein, Sämisch, Bogoljubow, Marshall/ Tartakover, Rabinovich, Grünfeld, Torre.... With 4 good photos. Tarrasch does give a good summary of the tournament, p, vg, covers chipped,  $16.

BADEN BADEN 1925, N.I. Grekov, original Russian ed, L/N 5375, Moscow, 1927. h, exc, 208p. Notes by Alekhine, Bogoljubow, Tartakower, Grigoriev, Zubarev, Rabinovich, Selezniev. Autographed by Brandreth.. Quite scarce. It is interesting that Alekhine's note are mentioned since he was by then not in the good graces of the Russian government.  h, exc, $285


BADEN BADEN 1925, Edited by Jimmy Adams. Yorklyn, 1991. Hardback, 382 pages. Notes by Grekov and a host of great annotators including Lasker, Alekhine, Tartakower, Rabinovich, Burn, Grünfeld, Grigoriev, Levenfish, Romanovsky, Sozin, a.o., A tournament book worthy of this great event, which was one of Alekhine's finest performances. Easily one of the best tournament books ever published in English with a cornucopia of great games from the golden age of hypermodern chess. Also included is a full translation of Alekhine's booklet (originally published in French) on the Theoretical Value of the Openings at Baden Baden 1925, along with surveys of the tournament by Tarrasch, Kmoch, Tartakower, Helms, Goetz, and Kagan. Won by Alekhine ahead of Rubinstein, Sämisch, Bogoljubow, Marshall, Tartakover,... $65. only a few copies left. 

BADEN BADEN 1925, Moscow, 2009, h, exc, Russian. Evidently based on the Grekov book of 1927 with notes from a variety of Russian and foreign sources. 313p. $65

BRESLAU 1925, Lachaga ltd ed (330 copies), German, notes by Becker, Bogoljubow, Nimzowitschg, Tarrasch, Reti, Grünfeld , a.o.  Bogo ifo Nimzowitsch, Rubinstein, Wagner, Becker, Grünfeld,... 770p. p, mint, $20. b) with sl. wrinkled covers. $14.


DEBRECEN 1925, Tartakower, Kecskemet, 1926, titled Das Entfesselte Schach. 192p. The German edition. Very detailed and exc. notes. Photos, caricatures, background. Openings survey. Kmoch ifo Johner/ Tartakower, Grunfeld/ Vukovics,... a very nice copy of an exc. book. p, exc, $85. b) h, exc, a very fine copy, $95 c)p, vg, fc chipped & worn, contents fine, ‡, $70 d) Olms reprint, h, mint, $48

HASTINGS 1925/26, J. Kalendovsky, Olomouc, 1995,p, mint, Czech, Only some of the games were found. Alekhine/ Vidmar ifo Michel/ Seitz, Colle/ Yates,... $8.


MARIENBAD 1925, Gunsberg, L/N 5383, 141p, German, with notes. Rubinstein & Nimzowitsch ifo Marshall/ Torre, Reti/ Tartakower,...  a) p, exc, $65   b) Olms ed, h, mint, $30


MONTEVIDEO 1925, Lachaga. 75 copies, p, exc, Spanish. Palau ifo Grau/ Reca, Costa, Trompovsky,…With notes by some of the players. $35 

MOSCOW 1925, Bogoljubow, German. Berlin/ Leipzig, 1927. 222p, 210 games with notes. L/N 5385. One of the greatest of tournaments and certainly Bogoljubow's greatest triumph. Bogoljubow ifo Lasker, Capablanca, Marshall, Torre, Tartakower,...p, exc, a very fine copy. $75. b) h, good, but lacking frontispiece photo of Bogo (supplied in xerox), spine taped, contents otw fine, $45. c) h, exc, rebd, with some pencilled marginalia, *, from a GM's library. $75.  e) Russian reprint,1991, of the original Russian 1927 edition, foreword by Krylenko, Lt notes & a survey of Russian chess from 1920-1925 incl. x-tables, 2 vols bd in one. 152 +129p, The notes are essentially the same as in the German edition. The nice photos of the original Russian ed. are reproduced in this edition, but they are of much lower quality. $25. f) Olms reprint, German, h, exc, $30

PSYCHOLOGIE DES SCHACHSPIELS, Djakow, Petrowski & Rudik, Berlin/Leipzig 1927, xerox editio. r,  The results of psychological experiments carried out on the participants in the great Moscow 1925 Chess Tournament. $10

PARIS 1925, Goetz, L/N 5388, French, 56p. Openings survey by Tartakower. Photos of Goetz, Alekhine & Tartakower. Alekhine ifo Tartakower, Opocensky, Znosko-Borovsky, Colle. Double rr. p, rebd, $50

PARIS 1925, Lachaga ed; double RR;  330 copies.Alekhine ifo Tartarkover, Opocensky, Znosko-Borovsky, Colle.... G., notes to the games, p,exc.  $23

BERLIN 1926, H. Kmoch, L/N 5392. 84p. German, the 45 games with notes. Bogoljubow ifo Rubinstein, Spielmann, Ahues, Grünfeld,...h, nicely bd but with title page in xerox, $90.  b) Olms ed, also has Hannover 1926 & Semmering 1926, $45    


BUDAPEST 1926, Lachaga, ltd ed of 350 copies. German. Notes by Becker, Forgacs, Tartakower, Blake, a.o.  Grünfeld/ Monticelli ifo Kmoch/ Rubinstein/ Takacs,...  98p. p, exc, $30

DRESDEN 1926, Palitzsch & Wiarda, titled Der Jubiläums Schachkongress zu Dresden. Vol. II. Vol. I is not concerned with the congress. Notes by Nimzowitsch, Alekhine, Wiarda, Tartakower, Blümich & others. 99p. Nimzovich ifo Alekhine, Rubinstein, Tartakower,... vol. II only, h, exc, from a famous GM's collection. Signed by Wolfgang Pauly, $125., b) h, vg, but on the title page, the signature of the American financier Emerson Wirt Axe has only partially been eradicated and this has left a discoloration not affecting text on the following leaf. Nicely bd and with the fine photo of play in progress in good condition. $100  c) Olms reprint, h, mint, the two vols bd. in one, $48

HANNOVER 1926, W. Kübel, German, p, exc, Nimzovich ifo Rubinstein, von Holzhausen, Mieses, Sämisch,...   Notes to some. $7

LAKE HOPATCONG 1926, Howell & Helms, L/N 5397, Capablanca ifo Kupchik, Maroczy, Marshall, Ed Lasker. Double rr. 55p Ext. notes. p, exc, $42  


LAKE HOPATCONG 1926, Cela & Eceizabarrena, Madrid, 1973, p, mint, Spanish, 150p,

the games with brief notes. 5-man double rr won by Capablanca ifo Kupchik, Maroczy, Marshall, & Ed Lasker. $22


MERAN 1926, Whyld, 150 numbered copies, Nottingham, 1954, p, exc, lt notes to some games. Colle ifo Canal, Pzepiorka, Spielmann, Kostic, Yates,..  $49


SEMMERING 1926, Lachaga ed (240 copies), German, 94p.Notes to most games.. A great tourney win by Spielmann (his greatest success) ifo Alekhine, Vidmar, Tartakower.... p, exc, $28. b) p, vg, $25


VIENNA 1926 , Lachaga, German, note that pagination in this series of Lachaga editions began with Wien 1924/ 1925 and runs through the 18th volume ) The game numbering also extends through the series; Gilg & Wagner ifo Dunmannn/ Hilse/ Konig, Lovenc, Leonhard/ Wolf.... Some games from the 3 Hauptturniere are also given. p, mint $14


BREMEN 1927& VIENNA 1930, Lachaga series of 1982, German. At bremen: Bogojubow ifo Brinckmann, Hilse / Wagner,.. at Wien: Becker ifo König, Hönlinger,... notes to most games. p, mint. $14


CAPABLANCA - ALEKHINE 1927, Sopena edition, Spanish, of  the relatively few books on this titanic match, this is the only one that gives an extensive background, anecdotes, etc in addition to the detailed analysis of the games.174p. spine chipped and worn. p, vg, $55

KECSKEMET 1927, Moscow/Leningrad, 1929, the Russian edition . Scarce, h, vg, fc water stained at edge, spine scuffed, contents fine, binding sound. Notes by Alekhine, Kmoch, Maroczy, & Nimzovich.  In two sections. In final Alekhine ifo Nimzovich, L. Steiner, Astalos,…255p. $180.

ALEKHINE - CAPABLANCA 1927, E.A. Znosko-Borovsky, Paris, 1927, in Russian. 128p. p, vg, L/N 5082. On the eve of their titanic match. A survey of their styles, illustrative games and careers by one who knew them both very well. 13 annotated games.  $85

LONDON 1927, R. Keene, British Empire Club Tournament, BCM Quarterly # 21. St. Leonards 1983, 93p, Notes & round summaries. Nimzowitsch/ Tartakower ifo Marshall, Vidmar, Bogoljubow,...p,exc, $38.

LONDON 1927, Lachaga, (240 copies), p, exc, 72p, full notes to almost all the games, German. Nimzovitch/ Tartakower ifo Marshall, Vidmar, Bogoljubow,...$45. b) Becker's copy with his chess bookplate, p, vg, $38.  c) p, vg, sl. water stained fc, $28

MAGDEBURG 1927, von Holzhausen. 196p. With notes. German. L/N 5411. Spielmann ifo Bogoljubow, v. Holzhausen/List, Ahues/Sämisch,..p, vg. $65 b) Olms ed, h, mint, also has Breslau 1925, $42


NEW YORK 1927, A. Alekhine, German. 176p. With Alekhine's superb notes & his very interesting introduction. A truly fine book for a "super stars" event. Capa ifo Alekhine, Nimzowitsch, Vidmar, Spielmann, Marshall. Quadruple rr. 1st ed, Berlin, 1928, L/N 5413. h, exc $135

NEW YORK 1927, A. Alekhine, Russian, Moscow/ Leningrad 1930. L/N 5414. With Grekov's Introduction. It would be interesting to know if Alekhine's notes and introduction were changed in any way inasmuch as this Russian edition came out about three years after the German edition. This Russian edition is much scarcer than the German version which went through several editions, h, vg, spine chipped. $295.

NEW YORK 1927, Spence Ltd Ed(200), r, exc, Notes by Alekhine. Capablanca ifo Alekhine, Nimzovich, Vidmar, Spielmann, Marshall. Double RR. $45


NEW YORK 1927, with a new very good foreword by Soltis, the first full translation into English. The most intersting part of the book is Alekhine's survey of the tournament and especially his criticism of Capa's play there. With Alekhine's fine notes. $20


OSTSEEBAD NIENDORF 1927, Brinckmann, German. 59p. L/N 5416. Nimzowitsch/ Tartakower ifo Colle, Ahues/ Kostich. Notes by Brinckmann & some by Tartakower. p, exc, $52.

BAD KISSINGEN 1928, Nimzovich, BCM Classsic reprint No. 21, in German. 179p. p, mint. Bogoljubowio ifo Capablanca, Euwe/Rubinstein, ... Good notes and a fulsome article on the openings used.  $23. 


BAD KISSINGEN 1928, Nimzovich & Tartakover, Turtle Press, Moscow, 1993, 196p., large format, Russian. Reformatted and augmented compared to the very scarce Russian edition of 1929., full notes, photos, h, mint. $50


BERLIN 1928, Cordingley ltd. ed. (230 numbered copies) 30p. Capa ifo Nimzowitsch, Spielmann, Tartakower,...h, vg, covers discolored, $39.

BERLIN 1928, Kübel,  German, Capablanca ifo Nimzowitsch, Spielmann, Tartakower,  Reti,...  Lt. notes to some. Tarrasch withdrew after losing three games. 16p, p, exc, & 26p. $6

BAD KISSINGEN 1928, W. Kübel, German, Bogojubow ifo Capablanca, Euwe, Rubinstein, Nimzowitsch,... A weird Schroeder-like presentation with cartoons but no notes, $6

BAD KISSINGEN 1928, orig. ed,  German, h, vg, spine strip chipped,fc soiled,  with  the  book plate of the American master Albert S. Pinkus. Bogojubow ifo Capablanca, Euwe, Rubinstein, Nimzowitsch,... 179p. Extensive excellent notes by Tartakower. $65  b)h, exc, $90

BAD KISSINGEN 1928, Spence Ltd Ed(110), r, exc, Round summaries. Bogoljubow ifo Capablanca, Rubinstein/ Euwe, Nimzovich, Reti/ Marshall, ... $55


BRADLEY BEACH 1928, Spence, Xerox ed, Kupchik ifo Horowitz/Ed. Lasker, Factor/ Turover, .... tgw/on. A few games in the last round had to be reconstructed as far as possible from a barely legible hand-written carbon. p, exc. $18

DORTMUND 1928*, Lachaga ed. Spanish. P. Michel. Sämisch ifo Reti, P. Johner, Bogoljubow,..    Notes to most. .p, vg,  $35

VIENNA 1928, Lachaga ltd ed, German, 52p., many games with notes by Becker, Blümich, Kmoch, Müller,…;    Reti ifo Becker, Spielman, Kmoch, p, exc  $28  

VIENNA 1928, Lachaga, Yorklyn, 1982, 12p, lt notes to some; Grunfeld/Takacs ifo Konlinger/ Kmoch/ Lokrenc, Tartakower, Becker, Steiner.... NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE LACHAGA EDITION OF VIENNA 1928 won by Reti ifo Becker, Spielmann, Kmoch.... p, mint.  $22

ALEKHINE-BOGOLJUBOW 1929W. Kübel, Münster ed, 16p., lt notes, p, mint, has the games plus notes from the Wiener Schachzeitung.  German. $6

BUDAPEST 1929, Maroczy & Tartakower, L/N 5429. 108p. Capablanca ifo Rubinstein, Tartakower, Thomas/Vajda,...German. Incl. Tartakower's witty survey of the openings in this tournament. p, good, covers soiled & worn. $52. b) Kecskemet, 1930, Hungarian ed. L/N 5428. 136p, h, exc, FGML, $95


KARLSBAD 1929, A. Nimzowitsch, b) the original Russian ed, Leningrad, 1930. 125p. scarce. 30 sel. games. Nimzowitsch's inimitable notes. p, exc, $80. b) h, nicely  rebd, some marginal notes, vg, $65. c) h, exc, rebd,  $70 

KARLSBAD 1929, Spence ltd ed(175 copies). Nimzowitsch's greatest tournament victory ifo Capablanca, Spielmann, Rubinstein,...tgwltn to some. r, vg, covers sun-faded, , Lt. notes to some. With round summaries. $48


KARLSBAD 1929, Nimzowitsch, Spielmann, Becker, Tartakower, Brinckmann, & Kmoch. L/N 5431. 422p. German. Fine notes to the games of this very strong tourney won by Nimzowitsch ifo Capablanca/ Spielmann, Rubinstein, Becker/ Euwe,... One of the all-time great tournaments.  h, mint, Olms reprint, $48

KARLSBAD 1929, R. Kupfer, German, p, exc, Notes to selected games. Nimzowitsch's greatest triumph. Large format. 89 p. $20

KARLSBAD 1929, A. Nimzowitsch, b) the original Russian ed, Leningrad, 1930. 125p. scarce. 30 sel. games. Nimzowitsch's inimitable notes. p, exc, $80. b) h, nicely  rebd, some marginal notes, vg, $65. c) h, exc, rebd,  $70



ROGASKA SLATINA 1929, Brinckmann, Kecskemet, 1930, ELRS, FGML, 164p. 44 selected games, German, L/N 5433. Rubinstein ifo Flohr, Maroczy, Pirc, Takacs.... h, vg, , $125.  b) h, exc, rebd with original paper front cover pasted over fresh hard binding. $170.

EBENSEE 1930, Fiala, Olomouc, 2006. Kmoch ifo Eliskases, Becker, ...  p, mint, numbered copies, very small edition.  40p. $250

MORE TOURNAMENTS OF 1930, Sopot  1930, Frydman ifo Koch , Rotterdam 1930 Tartakower ifo Noteboom $17,Berlin 1930, Kashdan ifo Helling, H. Steiner $19 

HAMBURG 1930, Chalupetzky & Toth, Olympiad, German. 156p. 150 selected games with lt. notes. L/N 5438. p, exc, with protective transparent film, $40 b) p, exc, $35 c) p, vg, $30 d) BCM reprint, p, exc, $18

LIEGE 1930*, Lachaga, German. Tartakower ifo Sultan Khan, Ahues, Colle, Nimzovich…Rubinstein, Marshall,..  full notes.  $36


SAN REMO 1930. Spence Ltd. Ed, 125 copies, r, exc, lt notes. Alekhine ifo Nimzowitsch, Rubinstein, Bogoljubov.... $45

SAN REMO 1930, A. Seitz, a collected series of his San Remo games from Enroque in 1943. All games given. Spanish. Notes to some. p, vg, $45

SAN REMO 1930*, Lachaga ltd ed (310 copies), Span., German and French notes, 120g. Alekhine's greatest triumph! ahead of Nimzowitsch, Rubinstein, Bogoljubow, Yates, Ahues, Spielman, Vidmar, Maroczy.... p, mint.  $26

SAN REMO 1930, CHalupetzky & Toth, Breslau, 1930 p.exc, Alekhin's greatest tournament win. Neither Capa nor Lasker cared to enter the lists here, not doubt because both saw that their chances were poor when AlekhHINE'S WEewas in the formidable state they were. $70$70

SCARBOROUGH 1930, BCM Quarterly ed, edited by Golombek, 66 games w/o notes. Colle won ahead of Maroczy, Rubinstein, Ahues, Khan,...p, exc $24

SWINEMÜNDE 1930*, Lachaga ltd ed (330 copies) 56p. German. Notes by Richter, Brinckmann,… Sämisch ifo Flohr, Rellstab, Andersen, Richter, Stoltz.... Includes Amsterdam 1930,(Weenink ifo Euwe Landau/Spielmann…) Notes by Euwe, Weenink,... p, exc, ntsg,.  $28

BERLIN 1931 & BERLIN 1938, W. Kübel, BERLIN 1931 had H. Steiner ifo Ahues/ Rellstab/ Helling, Sämisch/ L. Steiner lt. notes to a few.   BERLIN 1938 had  Becker & Rellstab ifo Michel, Eliskases/ Richter,Palme,... notes to most.  $9

BLED 1931, H. Kmoch with  Wainstein & Smirnova, Moscow/Leningrad 1934, Russian ed. 231p. h, exc,    Full notes. Alekhine in control!  $175

BLED 1931 (VELDES), H. Mueller, Vienna, (1932), L/N 5444, p, fair, German. covers detached (supplied), the games with lt. notes to some, pencilled marginalia, $16.. c)Rattmann reprint of Wien 1932 ed. by Hans Müller. . $6.

BLED 1931, H. Kmoch, English transl. from the original Russian ed by Jimmy Adams. 259 +xviip. Exc. full notes. Alekhine's great win over a powerful field (Bogoljubow, Nimzo-witsch, Vidmar, Kashdan,...). Incl. a reminiscence by Flohr. h, mint, $42.

BUDAPEST 1931, Lachaga, German. Notes by Becker. 350 copies. L. Steiner ifo Sterk, Lilienthal, Havasi, Maroczy, E. Steiner,… $23

BUENOS AIRES 1931, Lachaga ltd ed(220 copies), 94p, Spanish. Round summaries.  Includes the 24 Tartakower exhibition games with full notes. Maderna ifo Tartakower, Fenoglio,....p, exc, $28

MOSCOW 1931, Leningrad/Moscow 1933, Botvinnik, L/N 5446, 563p. VIIth USSR CH. Full notes, much background material incl. x-tables of semi-finals, etc. 89 games from the minor events are also incl. A fine book for Botvinnik's first great success ifo Romanovski, Alatortsev, Lisitsin, Kubbel,…  quite scarce. h, exc, rebd. A book worthy of translation.    $425.

VIENNA 1931, Lachaga, 1982, German. 14th Trebitsch Tourney. Becker ifo Hönlinger, Grünfeld, König, L. Steiner,... lt. notes to some. p, exc. $

 BAD EMS 1932, Brinckmann & Von Holzhausen, L/N5455, German, 36p. Kieninger ifo V. Hennig, Hussong, Kapfer.... with notes, scarce, p, exc.  $95

BAD SLIAC 1932, R. Spielmann, L/N 5463, 91 g with lt notes, German. 39p. Flohr/ Vidmar ifo Pirc, Canal, ... p, vg, fc chipped & spine taped.  $38.  b) p, exc, $45

BERN 1932, W. Bonacker, L/N 5457. Bern, 1932. 183p. Good notes. Alekhine ifo Euwe/Flohr, Sultan Khan,.... p, exc, $80.   b) Olms reprint, h, mint, $40,  c) p, vg, $70.

LENINGRAD 1932, Alatortsev, Botvinnik, Vainstein,...  Leningrad/ Moscow, 1932. L/N 5460. Quite scarce. 160p. Botvinnik ifo Alatortsev, Ilyin-Genevsky/ Savitsky/ Chekhover,...  Russian. Notes to some of the games. p, good, complete but spine strip partly gone & cover plus several early pages loose. $210


 LONDON 1932, Alekhine, London (1932), a fine Alekhine win ahead of Flohr, Kashdan, Khan, Maroczy, Tartakower,...L/N 5461. Notes by Alekhine.  h, exc, $100.  b) h, vg, covers sl. worn, $90

MEXICO CITY 1932, Brandreth, Yorklyn, 1988, tgw/on. Interesting commentary on Alekhine's abilities at that time. Alekhine/ Kashdan ifo Araiza, Asiain, Vazquez,.. 9p, r, mint, $16

PASADENA 1932, The Chess Reporter, published shortly after the end of the tournament. xerox copy of the publication which had the Twenty-Fvie Best Games. No notes. p, exc, $8 

FLOHR- BOTVINNIK 1933, F. Reinfeld, NY 1935,19p.  p, vg, quite scarce. numbered copies. Vol. 1 of Reinfeld's Limited Edition. Notes to all the games. $250.

FOLKESTONE 1933, Pokorny, Czech, Brno, 1933. Olympiad. Quite scarce. covers chipped, last few pages waterstained.  63p, The Czech team's games with notes. With Albert Becker's chess bookplate.  $95


FOLKESTONE 1933, Kashdan & with notes by others such as Reinfeld, Horowitz, Steiner too. 138 sel. games from this Olympiad with notes. L/N 5645h h, fc sl. stained, autographed by  Kashdan. , $75. b) h, good, with IM Albert Becker's chess bookplate, covers waterstained at edge, $50


HASTINGS 1933-34, Cordingley Limited Editions Series, vol. 4, very small numbered edition . Flohr ifo Alekhine/ Lilientha, Alexander/ Eliskases,...notes to some. $325


LENINGRAD 1933, I. Rabinovich, L/N 5467. Moscow/Leningrad, 1935.  VIII VSESOYUZNOE SHAKHMATNOE PERVENSTTVO. Russian. Quite scarce. h, exc. Botvinnik ifo Alatortsev, Levenfish, Lisitsin, … 131p.  46 selected games with notes. $210 


HASTINGS 1934/35, Cordingley ltd ed, (120 copies), quite scarce due to WWII and the small number to begin with. Notes to a few games. Thomas was the surprise co-winner in front of an ex-World Champion(Capablanca) and tied with Euwe (a Champion-to-be) and ahead of Botvinnik (another Champion to be). hp, vg, $300.

LENINGRAD 1934/35, 9th USSR CH, L/N 5491, G. Levenfish. 227p. Levenfish/ Rabinovich ifo Bohatyrchuk/ Riumin, Alatortsev/ Lisitsin, Ragosin,...Detailed notes. Scarce. h, exc, ‡, from a GM's library, $180. b) h, exc, $170.


ALEKHINE-BOGOLJUBOW 1934, Horowitz & Cohen, Extensive notes, orig. ed, L/N 5093. 35p. p, exc, $50 b) p, vg, $42


ALEKHINE-BOGOLJUBOW 1934, Reinfeld & Fine, Dover reprint, p, vg Exc. notes, 56p. $7.

ALEKHINE-BOGOLJUBOW 1934, London, 1935, Em. Lasker, 72p, L/N 5094, with Lasker's notes. h, exc, $75

ALEKHINE-BOGOLJUBOW 1934, Moscow, 1937,  Em. Lasker, Russian. 139p, L/N 5095, with 1936 preface by Lasker.   h, exc,  rebd with original paper wrappers bd in, $75

ALEKHINE-BOGOLJUBOW 1934, E. Münster, Nurnberg, 1983. German. p, exc, sl. sunfaded.  87p. Lt.  notes. Titled "Bogoljubows Agonie". $8

BAD AACHEN 1934, A. Brinckmann, L/N5472, Berlin/ Leipzig 1934, 84p. Carls ifo Reinhardt, Rodl..... a selection of 29 well-annotated games, scarce. p, exc, $90. 


BAD LIEBWERDA 1934, Lachaga ed., German, Yorklyn, 1983; Flohr ifo Sämisch, Gilg, Blumich.... lt. notes to some, p, mint. $14

BAD LIEBWERDA 1934, A. Becker, L/N 5478, German. Flohr ifo Sämisch, Gilg, Blümich/Pitschak/Zinner. 39p., with notes.  p, vg, $38

BOTVINNIK-FLOHR 1934, Botvinnik, Russian. Leningrad/Moscow 1934. p, exc, 112p. Full notes. Scarce. $140


HASTINGS 1934/35, Cordingley ltd ed,(120 copies), quite scarce due to WWII and the small number published. Notes to a few, Thomas was the surprise co-winner in front of an ex-World Champion(Capablanca) and tied with Euwe (a Champion to be) and ahead of Botvinnik (another Champion to be). p, vg, $300. b) h, exc, a numbered subscriber's copy, as issued, $340


HASTINGS 1934/35, J. Schroeder, lt notes to some,p, vg, Euwe/ G. Thomas/ Flohr ifo Capablanca, Botvinnik,... $18

HASTINGS 1934/35, Vainstein, Russian, 77p, L/N 5489, Scarce, notes to some of the games. Euwe/ G. Thomas/ Flohr ifo Capablanca, Botvinnik,... One of Botvinnik's few relative failures. p, exc.   $125  b) p, vg, with tiny worm holes in one spot barely affecting text. $85 c) h, vg, rebd, $98.

LENINGRAD 1934/35, 9th USSR CH, L/N 5491, G. Levenfish. 227p. Russian. Levenfish/ Rabinovich ifo Bohatyrchuk/ Riumin, Alatortsev/ Lisitsin, Ragosin,...Detailed notes. Scarce. h, exc, $165.


LENINGRAD 1934, P. Romanovsky, L/N 5476, Russian, 146p. Botvinnik ifo Romanovsky, Riumin, Rabinovich, Kan, Euwe, Kmoch,...ext. notes. h, exc, $165

MAR DEL PLATA 1934, Lachaga Ed, Spanish. (300 copies). Schvartzman ifo Grau,Guimard/ Balparda/ Fenoglio/ Bolbochan,...Notes to many. $22


MARIBOR 1934, Lachaga, German, notes by Becker, Menchik, Pirc, Rejfir, L. Steiner, Ltd ed (300 copies), Pirc/ L. Steiner ifo Menchik, Spielmann/ Rejfir,...   p, vg.  $22

STAHLBERG-NIMZOWITSCH 1934, Brandreth, Yorklyn, 1979. commentary by Stahlberg & Nimzowitsch, transl. from the Swedish & Danish by Ole Hellsten. These 8 games show that Stahlberg had "arrived" on the world chess scene. $12


UJPEST 1934, Lachaga, Span, L/N 5484, 64p., lt notes; Lilienthal ifo Pirc, Flohr/ Frydman.... p, vg. With bookplate of the musician Frank Pilawski,  $85

ZÜRICH 1934, F. Gygli, notes by Alekhine, Zürich, 1935, German. A fine tournament book. Alekhine ifo Bogoljubow, Lasker, Bernstein, Nimzowitsch, ... Round sumaries. h, vg, ELRS, $130. b) h, vg, spine strip slit, contents fine, ‡, $125. c) h, vg, sl. warped, otw fine, $130. d) h, exc, with chess bookplate of Robert Blass, $155.


ZÜRICH 1934, J. R. Schroeder, a xerox edition by Schroeder, in binder. Alekhine ifo Bogoljubow, Lasker, etc. Only light notes. $10

ALEKHINE - EUWE 1935, C. J. Brensa, "Tachtig Dagen Schaak" (80 Days of Chess). A polarized account of the great match in which Euwe unexpectedly narrowly eked out a victory in gaining the World Title. The gam scores them selves are not given. Dutch. h, vg, $65,   

ALEKHINE - EUWE 1935, evidently translated from the Alekhine-Euwe  notes to the match by Levenfish & Vainstein, Moscow/ Leningrad 1936, 219p. Russian. h, vg, $95


ALEKHINE-EUWE 1935, Alekhine & Euwe, Leiden, 1936, Dutch, 109p. L/N 5103. Fine notes to a great match. p, vg, dj chipped, $85 b) p, vg, photo in xerox, German. Notes by Alekhine & Euwe. $60. c) German, with original photo, $75


ALEKHINE-EUWE 1935, C. J. S. Purdy, Sydney, 1936, titled "How Euwe Won", L/N5126, 59p., very detailed notes. Quite scarce, p, vg, covers somewhat soiled. $150

ALEKHINE - EUWE 1935, W. Kübel, German, all the games with lt. notes, p, exc, 16p. $9

BAD NAUHEIM  1935, Kübel, p, exc, large format. German. Lt. notesto some. Bogoljubow ifo Engels/ Eliskases, Opocensky, Ahues/ Stoltz,.. $18

BAD NAUHEIM 1935, Spence ltd. ed. (100) Bogoljubow ifo Eliskases/ Engels, Qpocensky.... tgw/on, p, exc. $30. b) xerox ed, $10


BAD TATATOVAROS 1935, Spence ltd ed. (100) L. Szabo ifo Becker, Gereben, L. Steiner.... a selection of 40 games w/o notes from this 16-mman rr event, tgw/on, Xerox copy, p, exc. $10

BUENOS AIRES 1935, Lachaga Ed, (230 copies). With some check marks by Becker. Initialled by Becker on the fc. With 12 x-tables for significant South American tournaments, With brief notes to a few. Piazzini ifo , Pleci,  Palau,...   Spanish.   $26

HASTINGS 1935/36, G. Koltanowski, Barcelona, 1936. 55p, rebd, scarce. Fine ifo Flohr, Tartakover, Koltanowski,... With a few games from the Reserves Section. $75

MARGATE 1935, Reinfeld ltd ed, numbered copies, L/N 5499. All the games with notes. Won by Reshevsky ifo Capablanca, Thomas, Klein, Reilly,... 44p.  Scarce.  h, exc, $165

MILWAUKEE 1935, Yearbook of the American Chess Federation, 67p. 60 annotated by Kashdan. Fine ifo Dake, Kashdan,...p, exc, $46

MOSCOW 1935, A. Becker, Buenos Aires, 1970. 350 copies. German. 118p. All the games with notes to some and an openings survey by Albert Becker.  $48

VIENNA 1935*, Lachaga, German, 98p. In addition to Vienna 1935, a history of the other 19 Trebitsch Memorial tournaments is given with x-tables and  a few games from each with notes by Becker, Eliskases, Marco, etc.  At Vienna 1935 Eliskases/ L. Steiner won ifo Becker, Müller, Spielmann,...$48


WARSAW 1935, H. Muller, L/N5515, 38p. German, 30 annotated games selected from the Warsaw Olympiad, rebd, h, exc, ELRS, , $45. b) p, exc. $40 c) p, vg, covers worn and stained. $26

WARSAW 1935, Reinfeld & Phillips, 180p. L/N5516, a selection of 133 games from this Olympiad with good notes, h, exc, dj chipped, in protective plastic cover, autographed by  Fred Reinfeld and Milton Hanauer, $200


WARSAW 1935, P. Kaczorowski, Warsaw, 1995, 6th Olympiad, 132p., Polish, hundreds of games, some with notes, p, mint $36


AMSTERDAM 1936 Lachaga ltd ed (325 copies), German. Notes to the games by Euwe, Fine, Kmoch, Richter, Grunfeld, Landau, Kmoch, van Scheltinga. p, exc, $23.   b) p, vg, covers discolored, $18

BAD NAUHEIM 1936, Lachaga ltd. ed. (330) German, Becker and others, With notes by Alekhine Becker, Ahues, Richter,..; Alekhine/ Keres ifo Ahues, Bogoljubow/ Rellstab.... p, exc.  $22

BAD NAUHEIM 1936, W. Kübel, German, Alekhine/ Keres ifo Ahues, Bogoljubow, Heinicke/ Stahlberg,...  lt. notes o some, p, exc, $7

BUDAPEST 1936, Lachaga, German, 220 copies. With a list of Najdorf's tournaments and matches 1928 to 1968, Najdorf/ L. Steiner ifo E. Steiner, Gereben, Barcza,..p, vg, $25


DRESDEN 1936, Lachaga, Spanish, Buenos Aires, 1946, p, vg, 51p, L/N 5523, Alekhine ifo Engels, Maroczy, Stahlberg, Bogoljubow....  notes to some.  , ELRS, $65. 

DRESDEN 1936, W. Kübel, German, lt. notes to a few incl. a few Hitler sayings. Alekhine ifo Engels, Maroczy/Stahlberg, Bogojuboe, Rödl, Sämisch,... p, exc, $8

HASTINGS 1936/37, Brandreth, Caissa Editions, Yorklyn, 1992, p, mint, 55p. A fine Alekhine win ifo Fine, Eliskases, Feigin/ Vidmar,...Notes by Reinfeld, Alekhine, Fine, Euwe, a .o. $9

MAR DEL PLATA 1936, Lachaga ltd ed(280), Spanish, notes by A. Becker for all the games. Pleci ifo Schvartzman, Fenoglio, Vinuesa,...p, exc, $23

MOSCOW 1936, part of the Deutsche Bücherei series of tournament books, very light occasional notes to this International tournament won by Capablanca ahead of Botvinnik, Flohr, Lilienthal, Ragosin, Lasker,... Capa's last great success. p, vg, pages wrinkled, $27

MOSCOW 1936, G. Levenfish, L/N 5530, Moscow/ Leningrad, 1937. 313p. Russian. Capa's last great triumph ifo Botvinnik, Flohr, Lilienthal, Ragosin, Lasker, Kan/ Levenfish/ Riumin/ Eliskases,... With photos of Capa, Lasker, Botvinnik, Levenfish and some of the games in progress. Detailed notes. h, good, covers worn, pages somewhat browned but usable, without the Krylenko photo and his introduction—usually purged in most copies. $30. b) Caissa Editions, Yorklyn, 1988, English translation by Adams, 245p. h, mint, $42. c) The  xeroxes of the games only from the Russian book, ringbd. Does not include the title page and the first 28 pages plus the last few pages. $12. d) h, vg, an unexpurgated copy with Krylenko's forword and photo, a very nice copy.$195


MUNICH 1936, K. Richter, Olympiad, 2 vols, L/N 5534. Vol. I, 176p. Vol. II, 192p, scarce. German. A selection of games with good notes. A  few pencilled check marks.  Vol. 2 sl. chipped at top.  $135 the set of 2 volumes.    b) Olms ed, h, mint, $50


NEW YORK 1936, Hilbert & Lahde, Sands Point, 2000, p, mint, 200p. Notes to some games. US Closed CH. Reshevsky ifo Simonson, Fine/ Treysman, Kashdan, Dake, Kupchik,... a nice book. $22


NOTTINGHAM 1936, Russ. bull.(10), h, vg, extensive notes and photos, Capablanca/ Botvinnik ifo Ifo Euwe, etc. Quite scarce, $225


NOTTINGHAM 1936, A. Alekhine, orig. ed, London, 1937, 291p, a classic. Dover reprint, p, exc, $10


NOTTINGHAM 1936, H. Kmoch, Vienna, 1938. German. Notes to all the games. p, vg. Capablanca & Botvinnik shared first ifo Euwe/ Fine/ Reshevsky, Alekhine, Flohr,.Lasker, Vidmar,... $35. b) p, fair, bottom corner of first 26 pages chewed away not affecting text, $12

NOTTINGHAM 1936, P. Mariman & Ganzo, Spanish, 126p., light notes to all games, p, mint, 2nd ed., Madrid 1957.  $10..b) p, vg, $8   

HASTINGS 1936/37, Reinfeld, Brandreth et al. Yorklyn,1992, paperback, 55 pages. English descriptive notation. Good notes to the games. An Alekhine victory ahead of Fine, Eliskases, Vidmar, among others. $9


HASTINGS 1936/37, F. Reinfeld ltd ed, numbered copies. h, exc, Alekhine ifo Fine, Eliskases, Feigin, Vidmar, Tylor, Winter, Koltanowski, Menchik, Thomas. Notes to the games by various players incl. Alekhine. 50p. $275.

PHILADELPHIA 1936, ACF Yearbook, L/N 5542. 65 selected games with notes byReinfeld. 86p. Horowitz ifo Dake/ Denker, Kashdan/ Kupchik,.... p, exc,  $70


PODEBRAD 1936, Czech, Prague, 1936, L/N 5543a, 171p. Flohr ifo Alekhine, Foltys, Pirc, Stahlberg, Eliskases, Frydman, Pelikan/Richter, Petrov/ L. Steiner.... Includes both the GM and the IM sections with all the games for each. A brilliant performance by Flohr 1/2 point ahead of Alekhine, who did not lose a game. There is a relatively little-known photo of Alekhine who looks rather thin as contrasted to about three or four years later when he looked much heavier. All annotated. Scarce, h, exc,  $295 

VIENNA 1936, Lachaga ltd ed, German, Yorklyn, 1982, lt notes to some; Friedman ifo Opocensky, Becker/ Michel/ Spielmann, Lovenc.... p, mint. $14


PODEBRAD 1936, Czech, Prague, 1936, L/N 5543a, 171p. Flohr ifo Alekhine, Foltys, Pirc, Stahlberg, Eliskases, Frydman, Pelikan/Richter, Petrov/ L. Steiner.... Includes both the GM and the IM sections with all the games for each. A brilliant performance by Flohr 1/2 point ahead of Alekhine, who did not lose a game. There is a relatively little-known photo of Alekhine who looks rather thin as contrasted to about three or four years later when he looked much heavier. All annotated. Scarce, h, exc,  $295 

ALEKHINE-EUWE 1937, Alekhine, ed. by Golombek; Fine notes by Alekhine & Euwe. A great match. L/N5118, 203p, London, 1938, h, exc.  $65


ALEKHINE-EUWE 1937, Alekhine & Euwe, extensive notes by both. Leiden, 1938, Dutch, p, vg, 122p. $110

ALEKHINE-EUWE 1937,  Cordingley ltd. ed.,  London, 1937. Notes from "The Field", and many other sources, 27p., scarce, L/N5119, p, vg.covers taped and back cover detached but suppled. The list of the world's leading collectors of tournament books at that time is also interesting (Buschke, H. Wagner, C. H. O'D Alexander, Sir George Thomas, Golombek, Niemeijer, Eliskases, A. Seitz, H. Loeffler, P. Little, W. Goldwater... —these were the permanent subscribers. The total number was likely around 250 copies. This was #247. Amsterdam 1936 was 265 copies)  $125


ALEKHINE - EUWE 1937, Botvinnik, Moscow - Leningrad, 1939. Russian, L/N 5117, 215p, full notes, h, exc, $95

ALEKHINE - EUWE 1937, B.H. Wood, with notes by the contestants and other masters. Sutton Coldfield, 1938. h, vg. scarce. $175.

BAD ELSTER 1937, Lachaga ltd. ed. (330 copies), German, notes by Becker, Bogoljubow, Blumich, Richter, a.o.., 38p. Bogoljubow/ Rellstab ifo Michel, Richter, Pelikans, Samisch.... p, exc.  $22

BAD NAUHEIM, STUTTGART, GARMISCH, PARTENKIRCHEN 1937, K. Whyld ltd. ed. (150 copies) double rr; Euwe ifo Alekhine, Bogoljubow, Samisch.... p, vg.  $55

CHICAGO 1937, Morphy Memorial, in the 1938 American Chess Federation yearbook, L/N 5553,  43 selected games with notes by Reinfeld. 69p, Polland ifo Steiner, MacMurray/ Treysman, Grigoriev,Halhbohm,...  p, vg,  $50, Morphy Memorial, in the 1938 American Chess Federation yearbook, L/N 5553,  43 selected games with notes by Reinfeld. 69p, Polland ifo Steiner, MacMurray/ Treysman, Grigoriev, Halhbohm,...  p, vg,  $50.

KEMERI 1937, Marimon & Esnaola, Spanish. Ext. notes. Flohr/Petrov ifo Reshevsky, Alekhine/Keres, E. Steiner, Tartakower, Fine, Stahlberg,... 246p. p, exc, $38


KEMERI 1937, Betins/Petrov/ Kalnins, L/N 5555. the orig. ed. German, 279p + errata. Ext. notes. Flohr/ Petrovs / Reshevsky ifo Alekhine/Keres, E. Steiner, Tartakower, Fine, Stahlberg,... A fine tournament book. h, vg. with Albert Becker's chess bookplate $120 b) Kalnajs reprint, covers slightly spotted . $20   c) Kalnajs reprint, p, exc, $30. 

OSTENDE 1937, E. Diemer, Münster reprint. p, exc, 52p, Fine/ Grob/ Keres ifo Landau/ List,..German. $19 

PARNU 1937, Schroeder ed., tgw/on; Schmidt ifo Stahlberg/ Keres/ Flohr, Tartakover.... together with Leningrad 1937 - which see, Fine ifo Levenfish, Rabinovich, Budo/ Rauzer, Ilyin-Genevsky. $20

PRAGUE 1937, Lachaga   ed. 350 copies,  p, exc, German. Keres ifo Zimmer, Eliskases, Foltys, Hromadka, Trifunovic,...Notes by Becker, Foltys, Reinfeld,... $22

STOCKHOLM 1937, coverage of this Olympiad in an issue of Tidskrift för Schack. 25 selected games. Some exc., photos, statistics, results. No bulletins were ever published for this Olympiad, p, vg. faint waterstain at top of pages, $30


TEPLITZ-SCHONAU 1937, Lachaga ltd ed, (330 copies) notes by Albert Becker. Notes to all games, includes X-tables for other Teplitz-Schonau tourneys. German. Gilg ifo Opocensky, Treybal, Becker.... 58p. p, exc.  $22  

TIFLIS (TBILISI) 1937, G. Lisitsin, L/N 5566, X USSR CH, Moscow/ Leningrad, 1939, h, vg, ‡, 244p, Levenfish ifo Konstantinopolsky, Ragosin/ Makogonov.... Scarce, detailed notes. $175.  b) ELRS, h, vg, pages browning, $150


TIFLIS (TBILISI) 1937, Russian bulletins (12). paper bd. .Special issues of "64". Levenfish ifo Konstantinopolsky, Ragosin/ Makogonov.... L/N 5565, Xth USSR CH, notes to the games, p, vg. $145

AVRO 1938, Russ. Bull. (12), Extensive notes, photos, quite scarce. Keres/Fine, Ifo Botvinnik, etc. h, vg. $225.


AVRO 1938, Euwe, L/N 5574, 148p.  Amsterdam, 1938, Dutch. full notes. fine photos. Very likely the strongest tournament ever held. Keres/Fine ifo Botvinnik, Alekhine, Euwe, Reshevsky, Capablanca, & Flohr.  h, vg,   $85

AVRO 1938, Toradze, Tbilisi, 1995, Russian. 263p. One of the strongest tournaments of all times. Full notes to the 56 games. Biographies of the players. Articles on the background of the tourney. The notes are compiled fro a number of earlier sources. articles by Flohr, Levenfish, Botvinnik, a.o. h, exc, $38


BAD ELSTER 1938, Lachaga ltd ed., (330 copies), 58p. Bogoljubow ifo Eliskases, Engels, Gilg.... notes by Becker a.o., German, p, exc. rusted staples,  $22

BAD OEYNHAUSEN 1938, A, Brinckmann, L/N 5590, Eliskases ifo Kieninger/Michel, Engels,...good notes. 80p. German. p, vg, $52.


BAD OEYNHAUSEN 1938, M. Lachaga, German CH. (390 copies) German. Notes to some. Eliskases ifo Kieninger, MichellEngels, Becker,...  $22

BAD HARZBURG 1938,Eliskases,Spanish, p, exc, scarce.many games annotated, Pirc ifo Bogoljubw, Kieninger, Eliskases,..$65

BERLIN 1938, LachagaA. Becker, p, exc, German, (330 copies), full notes. Becker/ Rellstab ifo Michel, Eliskases, ...$22

BOSTON 1938, in the ACF Yearbook for 1938. 34 selected games from the US Open with good notes by Reinfeld. 70p. Horowitz & Kashdan ifo Blumin/Polland,...h, exc, $50   b) p, exc, $45.  c)p, vg, $42

KREFELD 1938, Lachaga, 1982, German. Eliskases/ Kieninger ifo Engels, Bruckhaus, Elsas, ... lt notes to some. $14

LODZ 1938,  Lachaga Ed. (325 copies), p, vg, Pirc ifo Tartakower, Eliskases/ Petrovs/   Stahlberg, Gerstenfeld, ...Najdorf(!!),..  German. A very strong tourney lacking some of its games due to the war. $22

MARGATE 1938*, Lachaga ltd ed (325 copies),  74p. With x-tables for the previous Margate tourneys. German. notes by Alekhine, Alexander, Eliskases, Euwe, Becker, Kmoch.  Alekhine ifo Spielmann, Petrovs, Böök,...p, exc.  $28

MONTEVIDEO (CARRASCO) 1938, Varlotta & Nazzari, p, exc, ‡, Spanish. The games w/o notes. Alekhine ifo Guimard, Fenoglio, Rocha, Grau, Maderna, Cruz, Flores, Trompowsky,...Scarce. $42

NOORDWIJK 1938, W. Kübel, German, large format, lt notes to some, 19p, Eliskases ifo Keres, Pirc, Euwe, Bogoljubow/ Landau,... p, exc, $22

NOORDWIJK 1938, H. Kmoch, Dutch, with photo on dj, chipped, stiff covers, 79p, scarce. Eliskases ifo Keres, Pirc, Euwe, Bogoljubow/ Landau, Thomas, P. Schmidt/ Spielmann/ Tartakower, ...  $95

STOCKHOLM 1938, Collijn Memorial Tournament, Swedish. Rebd, Ex Library, title page loose.  Stoltzz ufo Ekenberg A. Bergqvist/ N. Bergqvist, Carlsson,...   Notes to the games. h, vg, $40


BAD OEYNHAUSEN 1939, Lachaga ltd ed(390), German. Notes by Becker, Blümich, Brinckmann, Eliskases, a.o.  Eliskases ifo Lokvenc, Gilg, Kohler, Rellstab, Engels,...p, exc, $22  b) p, vg. spots on back cover, $17

BOURNEMOUTH 1939, in 2 #'s of Enroque!!.  A. Seitz, all the games, lt notes to some, Spanish. Issued also as this separate booklet  $38.


BUENOS AIRES 1939, M. Czerniak, p, vg, ‡, L/N 5601, 87p. Span. full notes; Najdorf& Keres ifo Czerniak/Stahlberg, Frydman, Grau....   p, vg, fc loose & chipped , $50

STUTTGART 1939, Schroeder, r, exc, The so-called championship of Europe in 1939.  Bogoljubow ifo Richter, Engels, Vidmar, Eliskases,...tgw/on. prepared from scores provided by V. Sneiders, xerox copy, $15


KEMERI - RIGA 1939, Brandreth ed., condensed notes to some. reprint of Chess Archives 1939 ed, Flohr ifo Szabo/ Stahlberg, Mikenas, Böök,...p, exc, $16

KERES -EUWE 1939/40, English, A. Buschke, quite scarce,with notes compiled from various sources. A good match with exc. chess. and with Em. Lasker's  original notes to two games. p, vg. $85

LENINGRAD 1939, Gillam ed., Nottingham, 1997. Botvinnik & Ragozin. Transl. by Baburin. 11th USSR CH. Botvinnik ifo Kotov, Belavenets, Makogonov/Chekhover,...Only 23 of the total 150 games are annotated with brief notes. p, mint. $19


MARGATE 1939, Brandreth reprint of Chess Archives ed. of 1939, condensed notes. Keres ifo Flohr/ Capablanca,... p, mint, $10

MARGATE 1939, A. Seitz, Enroque!! ed., L/N 5608, lt. notes. Keres ifo Capablanca, Flohr, Thomas,...p, exc, $20

MOSCOW 1940. Belavenets & Yudovich, Kecskemet, (1940), German. h, exc, rebd. 113p Bodarevsky &Lilienthal ifo Smyslov, Keres, Boleslavsky/ Botvinnik, Dubinin/ Makogonov/ Veresv,.. Quite uncharacteristicaly Botvinnik failed on this occasion to take first place. Gives the x-tabes for the Soviet CH's from 1920 to 1940. scarce. Lt notes to many of the games. $175

MOSCOW 1940, Russ. bull(15), xerox ed, not in L/N. "64". 1940, 12th USSR CH, German, Bondarevsky/ Lilienthal ifo Smyslov, Keres, Boleslavsky,... $60


NEW YORK 1940, John Hilbert, Yorklyn, 2002. hardback, 209+iv pages. A first-rate tournament book for a strong US Championship in which Reshevsky just edged out Fine by 1/2 point. Kashdan was third followed by Pinkus, Simonson, Denker, Kupchik, Bernstein, Polland, Reinfeld, Shainswit, Adams, Seidman, Green, Hanauer, Woliston, and Littman. Notes to most of the games are from contemporary sources, and Fritz 7 checked many of the critical positions. Good photos along with some games from the qualifying sections, brief biographies of the players plus some of their games from other events. $37

NEW YORK 1940, USCF Yearbook for 1940. 2 selected games with notes plus other games.  Reshevsky ifo Fine, Kashdan, Pinkus,..p, exc, $40.  b) h, vg, spine strip slit, $30

PITTSBURG 1940, P, exc, 32p. several selected games. commentary by Dr. Buschke, scarce. $27.

RAKOVNIK1940. Opocensky, Prague, 1941,  272p. L/N 5618. Foltys ifo Opocensky, Olexa, Zita, Hromadka,…p, exc, $110. b) h, vg, w/o original covers, $130

LENINGRAD/MOSCOW 1941, Belawenetz & Judowitsch, Spanish ed., transl. from the German ed.  by Lachaga & Lexow.  Notes to he games. Botvinnik ifo Keres, Smyslov,... h, exc, $75


LENINGRAD/MOSCOW 1941, M. Botvinnik, USSR match-tourney absolute USSR championship. Russian.  Botvinnik ifo Keres, Smyslov,... Moscow, 1951, the 2nd Russian ed, L/N 5624, h, vg, 167p, $45. b) h,exc, $50 plus the 1948 HAGUE -MOSCOW  MATCH TOURNEY with full notes in Russian, 301p .h. exc, Kharkov, Moskov 1999, 

 LENINGRAD/MOSCOW 1941, M. Botvinnik, London, 1950, 186p. h, vg, with dj (chipped) USSR match championship. Botvinnik ifo Keres, Smyslov, Boleslavsky,… Botvinnik’s fine notes.  $38

MUNICH 1941, A. Becker, Span. L/N 5626,  202p, Stoltz ifo Alekhine, Lundin, Bogoljubow,.. notes to the 120 games.  A strong tourney. p, vg, pages browning (usual for this book) ,  $40. 

ST. LOUIS 1941/  DALLAS 1942/  SYRACUSE 1943, USCF Yearbook for 1941/42/43. Selected games from these 3 US Opens plus the US CH 1942 in NY City. Notes to some.  p, exc, $52

VENTNOR CITY 1941, R. Dessauer, not in L/N, 64p., tgwn; Levin ifo Reinfeld, Pinkusl/ Santasiere, Adams..... p, exc, scarce.  $65

KUIBYSHEV 1942, K. Whyld, ltd numbered ed (200 copies), Boleslavsky ifo Smyslov, Lilienthal/ Mikenas/ Sokolsky, Abramov, Alatortsev,...  The games w/o notes. p, exc, $46 

MAR DEL PLATA 1942, Lachaga & Skalicka, Spanish, p, exc, Najdorf Ifo Pilnik/ Stahlberg, Bolbochan,…tgw/on, $75

MOSCOW 1942, Russian bulletins (5), h, vg, extremely scarce, Ex library. Smyslov ifo Boleslavsky, Kotov/ Lilienthal,….17-man rr, Notes to selected games. $325

MUNICH 1942, Barcza & Szily, Hungarian. L/N 5634. 25p, scarce. Alekhine ifo Keres, Foltys, Bogolubov/ Richter, Barcza,... h, exc, ELRS,  rebd, $120 .b) p, vg, $135

MUNICH 1942, Gillam, CP ed, Nottingham, 2001, 124p, Alekhine ifo Keres, Foltys, Bogolubov/ Richter, Barcza,... Unlike the 2 editions published during WWII—which had only selected games— this version has all but one of the games. Notes to many of the games. p, mint, $24

PRAGUE 1942, Lachaga ltd ed. (350 copies), German, notes to the games by Becker a.o, 60p. Alekhine/ Junge ifo Foltys, Opocensky, Zita, Kottnauer, Rejfir.... p, exc.  $38

SALZBURG 1942, Lachaga ltd ed(320), German, notes to most of the games. Alekhine ifo Keres, Junge, Schmidt, Bogoljubow, Stoltz. double rr. 54p. includes 3rd match Euwe-Bogoljubow 1941 (10 games). p, exc, $38

SALZBURG 1942, Whyld ltd. ed, (200 numbered copies), the games w/o notes. Alekhine ifo Keres, Junge, Schmidt, Bogoljubow, Stoltz. Double rr. p, exc, w/o notes but with several important corrections such as even the game Bogoljubow- Alekhine which was actually played in Salzburg in 1943 and which is given in error as Salzburg 1942 in Alexander's book on Alekhine and also in Kotov's book on Alekhine. $40

SALTSJOBADEN 1952, Rabar, Sahovska, Naklada, Zagreb, 1950(?) (Probably 1953 was meant) 72p. tgw/on. Kotor ifo Petrosjan/ Taimanov, Geller.... Interzonal, p, exc.  $20

VENTNOR CITY 1942, , R. Dessauer, xerox copy of this scarce booklet. Yanofski ifo Levin/ Bernstein, Moscowitz/ Pinkus/ Shainswit, Donovan,.. tgw/on. $12


MADRID 1943, Alekhine, Madrid 1943, Spanish, L/N 5638. Keres ifo Fuentes, Brinckmann, Medina, ... Keres won with 12 wins and 2 draws. Brief notes to some. Scarce. p, vg, spine & covers chipped, fc taped on. $67.


MAR DEL PLATA 1943, Skalicka & Lachaga, Spanish. 60p, The 91 games with notes. Najdorf ifo Stahlberg, Michel, Rossetto,... L/N 5639. p, vg, ‡, $48

PRAGUE 1943*, Lachaga ltd ed., (320 copies) G., 198g with notes; Alekhine ifo Keres, Katetov, Foltys, Sajtar, Lokvenc, Samisch.... p, exc.  $40

SALZBURG 1943, Lachaga ltd ed (320 copies) 54p. German, notes to all games; Alekhine/ Keres ifo Schmidt, Bogoljubow, Foltys, Rellstab, double rr. also gives all the games (with notes) contested (14) between Alekhine and Keres (9-5 Alekhine's favor!) p, exc.  $38

SALZBURG 1943, German, source unknown, but likely done in typescript form right after the tournament, no notes. Scarce. p, vg.  $25 

SALZBURG 1943, Brandreth ltd ed, 90 copies. No notes, double round robin, Alekhine/ Keres ufo Schmidt, Bogoljubow, Foltys, Rellstab.p, vg, $30

ZLIN 1943, Foltys, Czech, L/N 5646, 124p. Kotnauer ifo Foltys, Pachman, Zita, Sajtar.... ext. notes, scarce, p, exc. $125


MAR DEL PLATA 1944, Skalicka & Lachaga ed. L/N 5651, Span. Najdorf & Pilnik ifo Guimard, Michel, Stahlberg.... The 120 g. with notes; good openings index. p, vg, dust jacket ragged at top corner $70.


MOSCOW 1944, L. Toth, Kecskemet, (1949), L/N 5654. 13th USSR CH, German, p, vg, $22


MOSCOW 1944, Becker, Spanish. 124p. with Becker's chess bookplate. Notes to all the games. L/N 5653. 13th USSR CH. Botvinnik ifo Smyslov, Boleslavski, Flohr,...h, vg, $85.

MOSCOW 1944, 13th USSR CH, ringbd xerox ed. of the original Russian bulletins. Botvinnik ifo Smyslov, Boleslavsky, Flohr,... $60

NEW YORK 1944, USCF Yearbook, 87p, selected annotated games from the US CH won by Denker ifo Fine, Horowitz/ Steiner,... Much other information. Photos.  a) h, vg, fc stained, $30.  b) p, exc,  $38  c) p, loose covers,  $24

OLOMOUC 1944, Czech, L/N 5656, the 45 games with lt. notes; Florian ifo Zita, Tikovsky, Hromadka, Hiavacek.... quite scarce, p, exc.  $195

HASTINGS 1945/46, Euwe, French, in the book Les Leçons de Hastings et Londres 1945-46 published by L' Echiquier Belge. 131p. Tartakower ifo Ekstrom, Euwe/ H. Steiner/ Denker, Aitken, Prins,.. (for London see LONDON 1946), p, vg, $60.

MAR DEL PLATA 1945, Lachaga ltd ed(330). 1977, Span. lt notes. Najdorf ifo Pilnik, Stahlberg,... p, exc, $20. b) p, vg, covers discolored, $12


MOSCOW 1945, 14th USSR CH, xerox ed. of the original 10 Russian bulletins plus a 3-page summary of the play by Botvinnik in English. Botvinnik with a very powerful score of 15 out of 17 (4 draws) ifo Boleslavsky, Bronstein,... All the games with selected ones annotated. Ringbd. $60.

PEORIA 1945, USCF Yearbook. a selection of 24 games from this US Open won bySantasiere ifo Anderson, .... 110p. Many other games incl. from Hollywood 1945, Lightning Tournament 1945, USSR-USA Radio match.  p, exc, $45

PEORIA 1945, Program Only, no games. US Open. TD Hermann Helms, 4 pages, faciities, transportation, schedule of events, committees, p, exc, $6

QUILMES 1945, Skalicka, Spanish, 46p., notes to the games;   Stahlberg ifo Czerniak, Letelier.... p, vg, cover browning,  $45

USA - USSR 1945, H. Kmoch, L/N 5142, Dutch, 43p, good notes. p, vg. As issued. A humiliating defeat for the US 2 wins and 5 draws in 20 games. Reshevsky, Fine, Denker , Kashdan, & Horowitz were the top US players vs Botvinnik, Smyslov, Boleslavsky, Flohr, Kotov the top five for the USSR. $42

VENTNOR CITY 1945, Spence Ltd ed, 125  numbered copies.r, exc, with x-tables of previous Ventnor City tournaments. Adams ifo Santasiere, Jackson/Keltz, Green/ Regen/ Stark, R.  Byrne, Suesman, H. Yanofsky. Lght notes. $48

BAD HARZBURG 1946, Ahues ifo Heinicke, Samisch, Rellstab.... the games with notes, p, exc.  $34


BARCELONA 1946, R. Llorens, Spanish. L/N 5672, 222p, good notes, indices. Najdorf ifo Yanofsky, Guimard, Medina,...p, exc, $45.  b) p, good, covers torn & chipped, contents fine, $35  c) h, exc, with International Master Albert Becker's chess bookplate, $65

GREAT BRITAIN-USSR 1946, Klein & Winter, 119p, full notes. Openings survey. Photos, background material. h, exc,  With dj & protective plastic cover, $45

GRONINGEN 1946, Moscow, 2008. Russian, with material by Botvinnik, Flohr, Tartakower. h, exc. The first great tournament after WWII with Botvinnik just edging out Euwe by the narrowest of margins. Notes to the games by Russian masters. 443p. Good photos. An exciting race for first by Euwe & Botvinnik with Botvinnik just managing to draw vs Euwe to take first by the half point. Titled Mezdunarodn'y Shakhmatn'y Turnir. An excellent book with full notes to the games. $52.


GRONINGEN 1946, Euwe/Kmoch, Dutch, L/N 5677. 392p. Full notes. A fine bookfor a great tournament—the best after the end of WWII  until the match tournament of 1948. Botvinnik just shaded Euwe by a hair with Smyslov, Najdorf/Szabo, Boleslavsky/Flohr, Lundin/Stoltz, Denker/Kotov/Tartakower…and other great players. h, exc, $70.  b) h, exc, inscribed by S. van Linschoten ( then editor of the TKNS [Dutch chess magazine] to Hugh Alexander.) $75. d) h, vg, some marginalia on round results, minor fraying at top of spine, $60. e) Olms ed, German, h, mint, $40. 

d) h, vg, some marginalia on round results, minor fraying at top of spine, $60

HELSINKI 1946, E. Böök, Buenos Aires, 1946.  Span. L/N 5684, 48p. Lachaga ltd ed. Ragosin ifo Lisitsin, Ojanen, Böök/Fred, ... tgwn. p, vg,  pages browning,covers chipped, useable with care, "as is", $10. 

HASTINGS 1946/47, Kmoch & Prins, CHESS ed, 1947, 96p. A long section on past Hastings tournaments. The 45 games from the premier section with full notes to all the games. L/N 5702 Alexander ifo Tartakower, Gudmundsson,... p, exc, as issued, $35


LONDON 1946, CHESS ed, In Section A: H. Steiner ifo Bernstein, Tartakower, Opocensky,.. In Section B: Euwe ifo Christoffel, Denker,... h, vg, ELRS, $20. b)h, good, covers spotted & a game written on endpapers. $14.c) With protective plastic jacket, $24

LONDON 1946, E. G. R. Cordingley, ltd ed #16, numbered edition, h, exc. Notes by König, Euwe, H. Steiner, O. Bernstein, Tartakower,... There were two sections: A & B. In Section A, H. Steiner ifo O. Bernstein, Tartakower, Opocensky, Golombek, Pomar,... In B: Euwe ifo Christoffel, Denker, Abrahams, König, Thomas, Medina...44p, h, exc, $125. b) $110 

LONDON 1946, Euwe, French, in the book Les Leçons de Hastings et Londres 1945-46 published by L' Echiquier Belge. 131p. For Hastings 1945 see above. There were two sections: Section A: H. Steiner ifo O. Bernstein, Tartakower, Opocensky,..  Section B: Euwe ifo Christoffel, Denker, Thomas,... p, vg, $60

PRAGUE-MOSCOW 1946, Prague, 1947, p, exc, Podgorny, Czech, 115p, full notes to the 35 games, Bronstein, Smyslov, Kotov...PachmanOpocensky, Sajtar... took part. This is just the Prague part.  $45.


MOSCOW - PRAGUE, CHESS 72 games in algebraic figurine notation, Both the Moscow & Prague parts.  tgw/on, 60p. p, good, with pencilled marginalia, covers discolored, $5,  b)p, exc, $12

MAASTRICHT 1946, L. Prins, Dutch. p, exc., Euwe ifo Devos, Prins/ Vinken/ Alexander,...with notes. $30


NEW YORK 1946, P. Michell, US CH, in Spanish & English, L/N 5691, notes to many games. p, exc, Reshevsky ifo Kashdan, Santasiere, Levin, Denker, Horowitz, H. Steiner, ed(375), p, vg, covers chipped. Incl. the X-tables for the 5 US championships from 1936 to 1944. $50. b) p, exc, $75.  c) p, vg, waterstained fc and frontispiece page, $36

NEW YORK 1946, U.S. CH, Closed Tournament (20 players), program, list of contestants. List of contributors to the Championship Fund, Detailed list of the pairings for each round. Oct. 26 to Nov. 17  $8

NOTTINGHAM 1946, CHESS ed, notes by I. Konig, 66 games from the championship tournament and 80 selected games from the major tournaments, h,exc. $35 b) h, vg. $32

PITTSBURGH 1946/ NEW YORK 1946, in USCF Yearbook for 1946. 120p. selected annotated games. Includes the USSR-USA match & the US Junior CH.  p, exc. $49.  

PRAGUE 1946, H. Golombek, 115p, Najdorf ifo Stoltz, Trifunovic, Foltys, Gligoric, Golombek, Pachman, Sajtar....   good notes. scarce, in English, h, exc, a few minor spots on fc.  $65.   b) h, vg, sl. wrinkled fc , $32

USA-USSR 1946, Moscow, 1946, h, exc, Russian. 175p. Full notes & background. Double rr. On the first 4 boards the USA screed 1.5 points out of 8. In the entire match only Horowitz & Pinkus  broke even vs Flohr and Lilienthal .  Chief reason for the stunning victory  of the Russian team was likely the much better preparation of the Russian players in the openings. a) h, exc, $65.  b) h, vg, $55.

ZAGREB 1946, 2nd Yugoslav CH. Trifunovic ifo Gligoric, Pirc.... The games with notes to some. Sebo-Croat. p, good.  $30. 

YANKTON 1946, Program, no games, international tourney, South Dakota Chess Assn. p, vg  $14


AALBORG 1947, A. Christensen, Danish. 72p. Poulsen / Van Scheltinga/ Wood/ Herseth,...the 45 games with full notes. p, vg. $32

BUENOS AIRES- LA PLATA 1947, A. Ellerman, Spanish. L/N 5706. 61p. the 30 games with ext. notes. Stahlberg ifo Najdorf, Eliskases, Euwe, Pilnik, Rossetto. 6-man double rr. p, vg, $24 b) p, exc, $26. c) h, exc, ELRS, FGML, $45

GREAT BRITAIN-USSR 1947, Levenfish & Winter, 1949. 54p. Notes to all the games. p, exc. Includes a lecture on some endgames studies by Kasparyan. $24



HILVERSUM 1947, Euwe, Dutch, 208p. With full  notes. L/N 5708. O'Kelly ifo Pachman, Trifunovic,...p, exc. $32.   b) h, exc, *, $45

LENINGRAD 1947, 15th USSR CH.the original Russian bulletins(20), poorly distributed at the time.   Keres wiith only one loss, Notes to some of the most interesting games. Quite scarce. h, exc,$80.  b) Caissa Ed, reprint $60. 

LÜNEBURG 1947, W. Laaser; 64p, the games with notes, sel. of 40 games. Bogoljubow ifo Rödl, Rellstab, Heinicke,...p, exc, with chess bookplate, scarce. $45


MAR DEL PLATA 1947, A. Ellerman. Najdorf ifo Stahlberg, Eliskases, Pilnik,Bolbochan, ...notes to many games. Spanish, p, vg. $45. b) p, vg, , $40. c) p, fair, pages browned covers chipped, useable with care. A strong tourney.  $15.  


PARNU 1947, Russian bull. (12), scarce. Keres ifo Kotov, Lilienthal, Boleslavsky, Bronstein, Smyslov, Kasparyan, Flohr, Bondarevsky.... Ext. notes to many, p, vg. $75. b) h, exc, $95


MOSCOW 1947, Chalupetzky & Florian, 79p, L/N 5715. German. rebd.Lt. notes to some. Botvinnik ifo Ragosin, Boleslavsky/ Kotov,... h, exc, ‡, FGML. $52

MOSCOW 1947, M. Botvinnik, L/N 5716, Russian.  250p, Chigorin memorial tourney; exc. drawing of Chigorin when young; Moscow, 1950. Botvinnik ifo Ragosin, Boleslavsky, Smyslov, Kotov, Keres,... A fine copy of a fine tournament book. h, exc, $80. b)h, vg, covers scuffed, $65


MOSCOW-LENINGRAD-SVERDLOVSK 1947, 16th USSR CH SEMI-FINALS, Russ. bull.(5), selected games, some with notes. At Moscow: Averbakh ifo Panov, Kholmov/Konstantinopolsky,.. At Leningrad: Aronin ifo Taimanov , Lisitsin,... At Sverdlovsk: Furman ifo Ilivitsky Novotelnov, Chistyakov,... Xerox ed, r, exc, $38


PARNU 1947, A. Buschke, the 91 games of the training tournament of leading Soviet masters. Notes to a few games. Keres ifo Kotov, Lilienthal, Boleslavsky/ Bronstein/ Smyslov,...p, exc, $23. b) p, vg, $15


WEIDENAU 1947, A. Brinckmannn, 2 small booklets of 33p. L/N 5724, German CH, German, selected games with full notes; Kienninger ifo Rodl, Machate, Rellstab.... p, vg. ‡, $35. b)p, vg, $38


VIENNA 1947, Müller, L/N 5722. 104p. Lt notes. Some exc. photos. Szabo ifo Kottnauer/Lokvenc, Opocensky, Gereben,... German. h, exc with dj (sl. chipped), $47. b) h, exc, w/o dj,  $44


ESSEN 1948, Brinckmann, L/N 5727. 120 g with short summaries. German. West German CH. Unzicker ifo Kieninger, Machate, Niephaus/ Schmid,... p, exc, $24. b) p, vg, $20. 

ESSEN 1948, Rautenberg, German. 24 games with notes. 4-man quadruple rr. Lange/ Rautenberg ifo Herrmann, Elm. scarce. p, vg, $22. b) p, vg, FGML, $25


HAGUE-MOSCOW 1948, Horowitz & Kmoch, NY, 1949, h, vg, 199p. full notes + some good articles such as "When Capablanca beat Lasker (1921)",  "The Opening from Anderssen to Botvinnik". The authors had the advantage of seeing many of the previous comments on these games. $60.

HAGUE-MOSCOW 1948, Euwe, Lochem, 1948. World Championship match-tourney. 252p. Full notes by Euwe. Dutch. L/N 5734. Openings index, round summaries. Incl. the 75 games played by these players against each other prior to this even. A fine book. Several good photos. h, exc, $75. b) p, exc, $60. .

HAGUE - MOSCOW 1948, Golombek, 331p, English. Overall the best book on this match tournament for the world championship due to the notes of Keres, who as a competitor there along with Euwe (who also did a good book) was probably under pressure from the Soviet authorities to not win since the Soviets wanted a native Russian, Botvinnik, a die-hard Communist to win. Note Botvinnik's 4-1 score over Keres and that Keres' only win was his last encounter with Botvinnik after Botvinnik had already clinched the title. h, exc,  $48


HAGUE-MOSCOW 1948, H. Golombek, London, 1949. 229p. Perhaps the best book in English on this event, though II  favor the Goodman/ Soudakoff book. h, exc. with dj, ELRS, $48. 

HASTINGS 1948-49, Golombek & Ritson Morry, 32p; notes to many. Rossolimo ifo König, Mühring, Wood, Fairhurst,...p, vg,  with foxing, $15

KARLSBAD/ MARIENBAD 1948, (Sachovy Turnaj Zapadocesykych Lazni 1948), Czech, Prague, 1951, L/N 5747. 292p. Notes to all the games. Foltys ifo Barcza, Steiner, Pirc, Stoltz, Opocensky, Vidmar, Podgorny, Sajtar, Yanofsky,...a very nice tournament book with good indices, notes, etc. h, exc, ‡, $75


MOSCOW 1948, Russ. bull. (22), 16th USSR CH. p, exc, Bronstein/ Kotov ifo Furman, Flohr, Tolush, Bondarevsky/ Keres... some games with full notes. $70

MOSCOW 1948, Dutch, h, vg,, Notes to selected games. Openings survey article. 16th USSR CH. Bronstein/ Kotov ifo Fuhrman,  Flohr, …$32.


SALTSJÖBADEN 1948, Ståhlberg, h, exc, Swedish. With full notes, 359p. Bronstein ifo Szabo, Boleslavsky, Kotov, Lilienthal, Bondarevsky/ Flohr/ Najdorf/ Ståhlberg, Trifunovic,... one of the most important tournaments just after WWII's end. $85.   b)h, vg, $75

SALTSJÖBADEN 1948, Pirc, h, vg, ELRS, Serbo-Croat, 301p, Extensive notes. Bronstein ifo Szabo, etc. $65.


SOUTH FALLSBURG 1948, Spence, US CH, ltd ed (200) 68p. tgw/on, round summaries by Reinfeld. Steiner ifo Kashdan, Kramer, Ulvestad....h, exc. $75

VENICE 1948, Turcato, Italian. L/N 5762, 1000 numbered copies. 315p. Najdorf ifo Barcza, Canal, Euwe, Castaldi, Lokvenc,...Ext. notes; opening survey, photos. h,   exc, $55. b) h, vg, covers worn, $45

BAD PYRMONT 1949, K. Richter, German, German CH, Bogoljubow ifo Tröger, Schmid, Kieninger, Eisinger,... SST. 104p. full notes.  p, exc, $34   b) p, vg, spine taped, $26

FINE - NAJDORF  1949, with 7 of the 8 game match with notes to most In an issue of Schach-Magazin. German. $14

GLIGORIC-STAHLBERG 1949, Belgrade, 1949, D. Ivanovich, 110p, h, vg,  full notes to this close match: Gligoic 6.5 to 5.5. Serbo-croat. $14

HEIDELBERG 1949, W. Lauterbach, German, L/N 5770. Scarce. h, vg,  Unzicker, ifo Rosssolimo, Schmidt, O'Kelly... Notes to many.  $30

MAR DEL PLATA 1949. C. Skalicka, Spanish, a few games with notes. A scarce Mar del Plata tournament book, p, vg, covers chipped. 83p, With Albert Becker's chess bookplate. Rossetto ifo Eliskases/ Guimard, Czerniak, Luckis, Jac. Bolbochan, Flores.... Ed. Lasker (in 12th place). with some corrections by Becker, $85


MOSCOW 1949, Womens World CH, Rudenko ifo Rubtsova, Bykova,...Russ. bull(15), p, vg, notes to selected games. Has much other material as well especially on women's chess. $35


MOSCOW 1949, 27th City CH, Russian bull. (12). Averbakh ifo Lilienthal, Estrin, Simagin, Bonch-Osmolovski, Yudovich,.... All the games the most interesting ones with notes/ Other news and photos, etc. original unbd bull. $110. b) Xerox ed, unbd. $40


MOSCOW 1949, 17th USSR CH. Russ. Bull(20), p, exc, With full notes to selected games plus other articles and news. Bronstein/Smyslov ifo Geller, Taimanov, Furman, Keres... $52

MOSCOW 1949, 17th USSR CH, L/N 5775,  Russian.  Bronstein/Smyslov ifo Geller, Taimanov, Furman... h, vg, 315p.  $55.  b) h, vg, covers soiled, $45


MOSCOW 1949, 17th USSR CH, L/N 5774,  Russian bull(20).  Bronstein/Smyslov ifo Geller, Taimanov, Furman... h, vg, 315p.  $50

OMAHA 1949, 50th US Open. Ltd ed of 250 numbered copies. Selected games. Sandrin ifo Santasiere, Evans, Hartleb, Bisguier,... 44p. ringbd, exc, $48. b)r, vg, $44. c) r, good, covers lose, $40

OMAHA 1949, 50th US Open, program, scarce, No games, Schedule, Tournament Director, Fees, locks, Accommodations, 4p.$8

PIRC-EUWE 1949, Serbo-Croat, 90p. extensive notes, L/N5161,  a tie match.p, exc.  $20

VENICE 1949, Turcato, L/N 5786, 3rd Venice international tourney, ltd ed. Italian. Notes in German by H. Müller. 215p. Szabo ifo Rossolimo, Prins, Gligoric,.... the games with notes. h, vg, ELRS, $65


AMSTERDAM 1950, Euwe/Prins, Dutch. 280p. A great tourney with Najdorf ifo Reshevsky, Stahlberg, Gligoric, Pirc, Euwe, Pilnik, Rossolimo, Trifunovic,...Extensive notes.  h, exc, w/o dj, $70  d) special edition of 100 copies with the signatures of all the participants, h, exc, $475 

AMSTERDAM 1950, V. Pirc, Zagred, 1954, 335p, full notes. Serbo-Croat. Najdorf ifo Reshevsky, Stahlberg, Gligoric/ Pirc, Euwe/ Pilnik, Rossolimo,... p, exc. with plastic protective jacket, back cover chipped at corner, $49 b) h, exc, rebd., ELRS, $60


AMSTERDAM 1950, Dutch reprint from Schaakmat, all the games, some with notes, a very strong tourney won by Najdorf ifo Reshevsky, Stahlberg, Gligoriic, Pirc, Euwe.... h, exc. $24


BUDAPEST 1950, Barcza, L/N 5798, 191p, Hungarian, thorough notes; the first Candidates tourney. h, vg, $48.

BUDAPEST 1950, Cordingley ltd ed, lt notes.Numbered copies.copy #137. L/N 5794. The 1st Candidates tourney. Bronstein/Boleslavsky ifo Smyslov, Keres, ... h, vg, sl. smudgeded f. c., $48.Front cover smudged.

BUDAPEST 1950, Stahlberg, Swedish, h, exc, with dust jacket (chipped & worn), 222p. The games with notes. Boleslavsky & Bronstein ifo Smyslov, Keres, Najdorf, Kotov, Stahlberg, Flohr/ Lilienthal/ Szabo. The first Candidates Tourney after the war. Also includes the tie-breaking match Bronstein-Boleslvsky won by Bronstein. $85.  b) h, exc, w/o dj, $80. c) h, spine & bc soiled, otw fine. $60


DUBROVNIK 1950, the official Yugoslav bulletins, all 480 games w/o notes. L/N 5801. IX Olympiad. Serbo-Croat. p, exc, $46. b) h, exc, FGML, $55


DUBROVNIK 1950,titled "Turnir Nacija".Yugoslav book, many games with notes L/N 5803. 239 p. IX Olympiad. Serbo-Croat. Many photos & cartoons. p, exc, a very nice publication. $75.

MOSCOW 1950, 18th USSR CH, Barcza & Toth, Hungarian, Kecskemet (1951), L/N 5810, Keres ifo Aronin/ Lipnitzky/ Tolush, ...p, vg. Brief notes to most games, 111p. $26

MOSCOW 1950, 18th USSR CH, Russian, 339p, Keres ifo Aronin/ Lipnitzky/ Tolush,… full notes. h, exc, $65. b) h, exc, a slightly lesser copy, $60

SOUTHSEA 1950, titled RISING STARS, brief notes to some games. Tartakower/ Bisguier ifo Penrose,Schmid, Golombek, ... p, exc, $25


SOMMERDA 1950, in a special issue of Schach (DDR), 80p, G. 193 games with notes to many. Elstner ifo Pietzsch, Platz,...h, exc, rebd (orig. covers bd in) ELRS, $28


VENICE 1950, Kotov, Russian, USSR, 1952, h, vg, 267p. Kotov ifo Smyslov, Pachman, Wade,.....Full notes. A page or two with marginal corrections. $42. b) h, exc. $47. c) h, vg, $45


AUGSBURG 1951, reprint of scarce bulletins, German. Bogoljubow won this double rr event ifo Kieninger, Niephaus, Pfeiffer, Teschner, Heinicke.... tgw/on, p, exc. $10


BOTVINNIK - BRONSTEIN 1951, Winter & Wade, CP ed, 133p. Good notes to a very interesting match. A reprint of the original hardback version published right after the match. p, mint, $16. b) h, exc, with dj(stained), $25

BOTVINNIK - BRONSTEIN 1951, H. Müller, German, 80p, full notes. p, exc, $20

BOTVINNIK-BRONSTEIN 1951, Moscow, 2001, h, mint, Russian, introduction by Kramnik. Full notes plus an openings survey. Botvinnik just hung on to draw the match and retain his title. $30


BUCUREST 1951, Sergiu & Troianescu, Roumanian, p, exc, ex-library with release stamp, with notes, 140p. Milev ifo Szabo, Florian, Troianescu/ Pietzsch,... $48


BUDAPEST 1951, J. Ban, Kecskemet, 1953, Hungarian.  p, exc, 117p.   Barcza ifo Szabo, Bakonyi, Gereben, Szily, Benko,...   Notes to selected games. $24

CHELTENHAM-LEAMINGTON-BIRMINGHAM 1951, Golombek, 64p, Gligoric ifo Pirc/ Stahlberg/ Trifunovc, Alexander,…  Includes a selection of games from 

the World Junior CH won by Ivkov ifo Barker, Cruz, Harris, Larsen,…Olafsson,...p, covers worn, some check marks, scarce,  $37

MARIANSKE-LAZNI PRAGUE 1951, Hungarian, 110p, notes to many; Pachman ifo Szabo,...p, exc, ELRS, from a GM's library, $35. b) p, vg, $26.

MOSCOW 1951, 19th USSR CH, T. Florian. Hungarian. 126p. notes to most. Keres ifo Geller/Petrosian, Smyslov,...p, exc, $23   b)p, good, covers chipped,  $14. c) h. exc, ELRS, rebd with original covers bd in. $26

NEW YORK 1951,  Euwe,  Hilversum w/o date. h, exc, Dutch. 64p. Reshevsky ifo Euwe/Najdorf, Fine, Evans, Byrne,... Notes to most of the games. $46 

NIEPHAUS -O'KELLY 1951, the 5-game match in an issue of the German, Caissa. p, vg, $4


REGGIO EMILIA 1951, the games w/o notes, Italian. 20p. L/N 5832, Czerniak ifo H. Steiner, Romani, Paoli, Keller.... p, vg, $18


SARAJEVO 1951, Serbo-Croat bulletins, 7th Yugoslav CH. the 190 games with notes to some. Rabar ifo Trifunovic/ Fuderer, Andric/ Germek/ Udovcic, Gligoric,... h, exc. some ELRS, $30


SCHWERIN 1951, G. A special # of Schach (DDR), DDR CH, 79p., notes to some, men's won by Stein ifo Pietzsch.... p, vg.  Also has Junior CH. Strong with Budrich ifo Uhlmann.. $18

BELGRADE 1952, 8th Yugoslav Ch. tgw/on. Booklet. Serbo-Croat, Trifunovic ifo Fuderer, Milic/Udovcic/Gligoric... p,vg. $20


BELGRADE 1952, Int. tourney, Serbo-Croat, Pilnik ifo Milic, Fuderer, Nedeljkovic, Matanovic/ O'Kelly, Udovcic, Pirc, Karaklacic/ Alexander/ Janosevic, Stoltz,...Bogoljubov...tgw/on. $24. b) h, exc, ELRS, $28


BUDAPEST 1952, J. Szily, Maroczy Memorial tourney, 183p, extensive notes, Hungarian. A great victory for Keres ifo Geller, Botvinnik/ Smyslov/ Stahlberg, Szabo,... p, exc, $45

BUDAPEST 1952, Maroczy memorial, BCM ed, p, vg, 84p, a great Keres win ifo Geller, Botvinnik/ Smyslov/ Stahlberg, Szabo,....extensive notes to some. $30.  b)p, g, small stains at edges and some foxing. underlining of game headings. $22.

BUDAPEST 1952, Macskasy & Negyesy, 8th Hungarian CH, Hungarian, 100p,Szabo ifo Barcza, Tipary, Kluger,.. notes to all the games, p, vg, $22


BUDAPEST 1953, L. Szabo, 9th Hung. CH, 127p. Sandor ifo Kluger, Barcza, Tipary,... Notes to all the games. Hungarian. p, vg, $24


HELSINKI 1952, Xth Olympiad, H. Müller, the 50 best games with notes. German, spine chipped, 120p, p, vg,  $38. b)p,exc, $45

HELSINKI 1952, Xth Olympiad, the orig. 6 Finnish bulletins with all the games. scarce.  h, exc, $60

HOLLYWOOD 1952, California Chess Reporter, p, vg, 62p, Lt. notes. Gligoric ifo  Pomar, Steiner, Dake,   Joyner, Cross, Kashdan,                     martin.scarce, $48

SALTSJOBADEN 1952, Rabar, Sahovska, Naklada, Zagreb, 1950(?) (Probably 1953 was meant) 72p. tgw/on. Kotov ifo Petrosjan/ Taimanov, Geller.... Interzonal, p, exc.  $20


SALTSJOBADEN 1952, Stahlberg, Swedish. 343p. A powerful win by Kotov ifo Petrosian/Taimanov, Geller, Notes to all the games.Openings survey; Like Stahlberg tournament books—very nice. h, exc, $75

TAMPA 1952, Spence Ltd Ed(115), Selected Games, US Open. r, vg. Evans ifon Pomar, D. Byrne, Le Cornu, Pilnick, E. McCormick, Brasket, Hearst, …SST. $70


BERLIN 1953, In an issue of DSZ, German CH, a selection of 42g. with exc. notes; Unzicker ifo Heinicke/ Lehmann/ Hahn/ Pfeiffer/ Gilg....p, exc. $26


NEUHAUSEN-ZÜRICH 1953, D. Bronstein. Dover ed. in English, NY, 1979. Transl. by Jim Marfia from the 2nd Russian edition. A classic in the field of tournament books for its superb notes by Bronstein which amount to virtually a textbook on how to play chess at the highest level. 349p. p,vg, cover sl. bent, $11. b) p, exc, $15

NEUHAUSEN-ZÜRICH 1953, M. Najdorf, Milford, 2012, p, mint, 391p, competes, of course, with the famous Bronstein book (above), but Najdorf's notes are more intuitive and further illuminate the many fine games that this monster candidates event produced. Heretofore was onlyavailable in a 2-volume set in Spanish.  $30 

NEUHAUSEN-ZÜRICH 1953, Euwe/Keres/Lange, Zürich, h, exc, with dj. 379p. A fine book for a great tournament. German.  Exc photos. 

NEUHAUSEN-ZÜRICH 1953, D. Bronstein. Moscow, 1956, 1st ed, Russian. 435p. Smyslov ifo Reshevsky/ Keres/..h, vg, $26. b) Moscow, 1960, 2nd ed, 496p, revised ed, h, exc. $28. c) 3rd ed, Moscow, 1983, h, exc, FGML. 432p, $35


NEUHAUSEN-ZÜRICH 1953, D. Bronstein. Dover ed. in English, NY, 1979. Transl. by Jim Marfia from the 2nd Russian edition. A classic in the field of tournament books for its superb notes by Bronstein which amount to virtually a textbook on how to play chess at the highest level. 349p. p,vg, cover sl. bent, $15. b) p, exc, $22


NEUHAUSEN-ZÜRICH 1953, Moscow, 1954, 78p. tgw/on, openings survey. Intro. by Ragosin. Brief sketches of the styles of the key players. p, exc, Smyslov ifo Reshevsky/ Keres,... $7 b) p, vg, $5

VENICE 1953, Paoli, Italian, French, German, English.  95p. tgwn. Canal ifo Schmid, Bhend/ Kinzel,....p, vg, fc front edge ragged, $37.


WINNIPEG 1953, Canadian CH, Yanovsky & Divinsky, tg with notes to some, 36p. Anderson/ Yanofsky ifo Vaitonis, Berner, Fielding.... p, vg. $34


ZAGREB 1953, 9th Yugoslav CH, Serbo-Croat. 48p, the 153 gw/on. Fuderer/ Pirc/Rabar ifo Gligoric/ Milic/ Janosevic,..  p, vg $18

AMSTERDAM 1954, XI Olympiad. Orig. Dutch bull. with all the 916 games w/on. Some good photos. p, exc, *, $52

AMSTERDAM 1954, Chess Olympiad, Teschner & Richter, p, exc, 64p. selected games with notes. German. $21

BELGRADE 1954, Serbo-Croat bulletins, tgw/on, a very strong tourney with Bronstein ifo Matanovic, Trifunovic, Ivkov/ Petrosian, Gligoric/  Pilnik,...  $22

BINGHAMTON 1954, NEW YORK CHESS ASSOCIATION CONGRESS, Aug. 28 through Sept. 5, 6 fold-out pages, Tournament Director Malcolm Sim, Calendar of EventsRules, Prize winners of 1953. Guest of Honor and her biography: Mrs. Carl Nye. $4

BOTVINNIK-SMYSLOV 1954, H. Golombek, London, 1954, h, exc, with dj,  166p, full notes. The best account in English.  $35. b) h, exc, with dj & protective plastic jacket, one leaf has faint stain, $30. c) h, vg, some foxing at page edges, & with awards page to the notable British player A. R. B. Thomas for placing First in the British Team Championship for the 1953-54 Season, $42


BOTVINNIK-SMYSLOV 1954, unbd Russ. bull. (24). Full notes & other material by leading Soviet players. $37. 

BOTVINNIK-SMYSLOV 1954, Botvinnik, Moscow, 1955, Russian, 120p, deep notes by Botvinnik. p, vg, $26.  b) 2nd ed, Moscow, 1957, p, vg, $24

BUCHAREST 1954, IVth International Chess Tournamentm, Rumanian. p,vg, 195p. Korchnoi ifo Nezhmetdinov, Kholmov/ Filip, Kluger, Furman,…  Notes to many. $48 

BUDAPEST 1954, Ban & Pogats, Xth Hungarian CH, p, vg, 191p, Notes to all the games. Szabo ifo Benko, Barcza/ Bely,Bilek, Kluger,... $24


DR. DYCKHOFF FERNSCHACH GEDENKTURNIER 1954/56, German, 246p. an excellent book with a wealth of top-notch correspondence games with deep notes, p, vg. first edition. Much data on top postal players. In the main event Lothar Schmid won ifo O’Kelly, Nielsen, Koch, ELRS,  $42.  b) p, exc, $46 

HASTINGS 1954/55, Wade & Ritson Morry, 11p, Keres/Smyslov ifo Fuderer, Pachman,..tgwltn to some. p, exc, reprint, $7

LOS ANGELES 1954, Spence Ltd ed.(130), r, vg, SST, 145 sel. games. Bisguier ifo Evans, Rossolimo, H. Steiner, Pomar, Sherwin,…$70

MAR DEL PLATA 1954, Argentine unbd bull. exc, tgw/on. 2nd South American Zonal Tourney. Panno ifo Najdorf, Pilnik, Guimard, Eliskases, Rosetto, Sanguineti, Wexler,... 22-man rr. $18 


MONTEVIDEO 1954, J.M. C-H. S. N. Montevideo, 1967, no other info. given on source. Spanish. Letelier ifo Ossip Bernstein/ Najdorf, Toran, Carvalho/ Trompowski,... A remarkable performance by Bernstein after not playing for some two decades and then being able to tie with Najdorf only 1/2 point behind the tourney winner in an 18-man event. tgw/on. $28

NEW ORLEANS 1954, US Open, Spence Edition, r, exc, 135 copies, 187 selected games, Evans & Pomar ufo Steinmeyer, Bisguier,Sherwin,…$75


PRAGUE - MARIANSKE LAZNE 1954, Foltys Memorial Tourney. Czech. 322p. Many fine photos of the games in progress. Pachman ifo Szabo, Sliwa, Filip/ Stahlberg, Olafsson, Lundin, Balanel,...Full notes. A fine book.  h, exc,  ‡, $68.  b) h, exc, with dj, $70  c) h, vg, 5 leaves creased, ex-library with release stamp, $42

TEL AVIV 1964, Philatelic cover for the 16th Chess Olympiad in Tel Aviv in Israel then. with two Chess postage stamps of denominations 0.70 and 0.12. Not addressed. Just the stamped envelope. $9

ABERYSTWYTH 1955, Ritson, Morry & Gardner, British CH; Golombek ifo Wade, Milner-Barry.... p, exc.  $16

BODAS DE ORO 1955, Span. bulletins, Buenos Aires, Ivkov ifo Gligoric,, Szabo, Rossetto, Pachman, Bisguier,... the 153 gw/on , p, vg, 1st 2p, with hole in top (not affecting text), $15.  b) p, exc, $20.   c) p, fair, stained covers, $12. 


GÖTEBORG 1955, Stahlberg, Swedish, Örebro, 1956, 328p. Interzonal tourney. Bronstein, Keres, Panno, Petrosian. h, exc, ELRS, $80.


GÖTEBORG 1955, Bondarevsky, h, exc, ex library copy with release stamp, 328p, Interzonal Tourney. Bronstein ifo Keres, Panno, Petrosian,... Notes to most. Russian. $42.  b) h, vg, $45

HAMBURG 1955, Program for the International Klaus Junge Memorial Tournament, German. Program only. Photos & brief biographies, p, exc, $5


LINCOLN 1955, Spence Ltd. Edition, 75 copies, US Junior CH, won by Kalme ifo Remlinger, Cross, Gross, Stakis, ....Fischer (2 wins, 2 losses, 6 draws), p, vg. SST, tgw/on. xerox copy, $15

LYONS 1955, Sajtar, 2nd World StudentTeam CH, 63p, Sajtar. English. Selected games with notes. The USSR Team won (with Taimanov, Spassky, Suetin & Vasiukov) p, exc.  $18


MOSCOW 1955, Russ. bull.(10), 33rd Moscow CH. Vasiukov ifo Flohr, Ravinsky, Ragosin, Khasin,... Also has an article on the 33rd Leningrad CH with two annotated brilliant games by Korchnoi and Tolush. Some annotated games. h, exc, $42


NOVI SAD 1955, Xth Yugoslav CH, Serbo-Croat, 48p, 153 gw/o n. Karaklajic ifo Gligoric, Rabar, Ivkov,... p, exc, $18


SAN DIEGO 1955, Spence Ltd. Ed, (85 copies), Open Tourney, SST, Turner/ Lombardy/ Sherwin ifo Saidy/ Radoicic, Henin, tgw/on. xerox copy, $15.


AMSTERDAM 1956, M. Filip, Prague 1958, h, exc, with dj. Czech. 237p. Full notes. Smyslov ifo Keres, etc. $75.

AMSTERDAM 1956, Euwe/Muhring. Amsterdam, 1956, Dutch. 191p. Candidates tourney won by Smyslov ifo Keres, Geller/ Bronstein/ Spassky/ Szabo. Ext notes. p, exc, ‡, $46 b) b) h, vg, with dj, $55. c) h, vg, corners bumped, with dj, $40. d)1980 reprint, $32


AMSTERDAM 1956, Russ. bull.(12) Candidates tourney; Smyslov ifo Keres, Bronstein/ Geller.... Russian, detailed notes to many, h, exc. $42


DETROIT 1956, Spence Ltd Ed (100 copies), Supplement VII, Tartakower Memorial. SST. D. Byrne ifo Bisguier, Tautvaisis, Popel, Shipman,...tgw/on. 46 sel. games. v +11p. $38 b) xerox copy, $10


DUBLIN 1956, An Tostal Int. Tourney, O'Kelly ifo Donner, Golombek, Heidenfeld, Dunphy, O'Sullivan, Stanton, Reid. 40 p. Notes to all the games. p, exc, $30.

LENINGRAD 1956, 23rd USSR CH, Spence Ltd Ed. (140), mis-titled as "Moscow 1956" since the event was definitely held in Leningrad. Averbakh/ Spassky/ Taimanov ifo Korchnoi,...tgw/on. The playoff match was won by Taimanov (games included). r, vg, $38


LENINGRAD 1956, 23rd USSR CH, Russ. bull (10). Averbakh/ Spassky/ Taimanov ifo Korchnoi, Polugayevsky/ Tal/ Kholmov, Boleslavsky,....notes to selected games and other articles, h, exc, $65. b) p, vg, $45


MAR DEL PLATA 1956, Argentine bulletins, rebd in stiff boards, Int. tourney, tgw/on. Julio Bolbochan/ Najdorf, Eliskases, Sanguinetti, Jacobo Bolbochan, Behrensen, Idigoras, Redolfi,... h, exc, ELRS, $28.


MOSCOW 1956, XIIth Olympiad, S. Flohr, in English. Many good photos and selected, well-annotated games. 119p. $22

MOSCOW 1956, Müller & Rathgeb. German. 188p, A selection of best games from this Olympiad, some annotated. Fine photos, results, summaries. A fine book. h, vg, with dj, $48

MOSCOW 1956, XIIth Olympiad, Russian bulletins (25), all 1220 games, some with notes; much other material & photos. unbd bulletins, $48.


MOSCOW 1956, Russ. bull (18), Alekhine Memorial Tourney won by Botvinnik & Smyslov ifo Taimanov ,Gligoric, Bronstein,... Keres,..Notes to selected games plus many Alekhine historical tidbits in separate articles throughout the text. h, exc, very nicely bd, $65. b) unbd bulletins, $40

NEW YORK 1956-1957, Spence Ltd Editions (150 copies), r, exc, the semi-finals and finals of the Manhattan and Marshall Chess Clubs. In the Manhattan CH  Section One Semi-Finals: Shipman ifo Feuerstein, Kevitz, Owens,...  In Section Two: Pavey ifo Turner, Vine, Fischer,...  Section Three Semi-Finals:Bisguier ifo Kramer McCormick, Greene,...   Section Four Semi-Finals: Lombardy ifo Myers. Burger,...Manhattan Finals: Bisguier ifo Turner, Pavey, Feuerstein, Kramer, Shipman, Myers.  The Marshall Club CH was won by Sid Bernstein ifo Saul Wachs, Levy, Halper, Dunst,...   $45

PROVIDENCE 1956, W. B. Suesman, 30 sel. games with notes; SST won by Curdo ifo A. C. Martin/ Suesman....New England CH. p, exc. $24


UPPSALA 1956, Sajtar. Selection of games with notes. Student Team tourney. 56p, English. Among the players were Mednis, Saidy, Olafsson, Padevski, Tal, Antoshin, Vasiukov, Lutikov, Bilek, Matanovic, Ivkov p, exc, $23

USSR-YUGOSLAVIA 1956-1966, Yudovich & Kazich, titled Druz'ya i Spoerniki, Zagreb, 1967. 400p. All the games from these 11 matches with many fully annotated. p, exc, pages uncut, $45 b) h, exc, $50


NEW YORK 1956-1957, Spence Lts Ed (150), Manhattan & Marshall Club CH's. Includes the Manhattan-Marshall match from the Met League. Fischer played in the Semi-Finals but did not qualify for the Finals in the Manhattan. One of the earliest published Fischer tourneys. Manhattan Final won by Bisguier ifo Turner, Pavey, Feuerstein, Kramer,... Marshall won by Bernstein ifo Wachs, Levy, Halper, ... a) r, exc, fc sl. spotted, $42. b) r, mint, $45

BOTVINNIK-SMYSLOV 1957, H. Golombek, London, 1957, h, exc, with plastic protective jacket.144p. Full notes to all the games. Includes time consumed by each player on his moves. $48


EAST ORANGE 1957, Spence Ltd Ed(135), xerox copy, p, exc, Fischer ifo Saidy, Feuerstein, Sobel, M. Green, Sherwin,.. tgw/on. $10


KIEV 1957/ LENINGRAD 1957/ SVERDLOVSK 1957, unbd. Russ. bull., 3 USSR CH Semi-Finals, 570 games w/o notes. Kiev: Petrosian ifo Geller, Bannik/ PoBoleslavsky/ Furman,... Leningrad: Spassky/ Tolush ifo Aronin/ Taimanov.... Sverdlovsk: Korchnoi ifo Gurgenidze/ Polugayevsky,...Averbakh/ Gipslis,... $48

MILWAUKEE CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS, New Western Open 1957 & North Central Open 1957, J. Spence, Ltd ed (200 copies). Ringbd, mint,  The New Western Open won by D. Byrne & L. Evans ifo Berliner, Popel, Tautvaisis, DiCamillo, FISCHER, Weinberger,...  The North Central Open won by Popel ifo Kalme, D. Byrne Szedlacsek, Brasket, FISCHER,...Selected games from each of these SST events.  $65.


MOSCOW 1957, 24th USSR CH, P.H. Clarke, BCM Quarterly No. 1, Tal ifo Bronstein/ Keres, Spassky/ Tolush, Kholmov, Korchnoi/ Petrosian, Boleslavsky,... 120p, notes to most games. A very good tournament. p, exc, $36


MOSCOW 1957, 24th USSR CH, Russ. bull. (14). bd in stiff card-stock, exc. Tal ifo Bronstein/ Keres, Spassky/ Tolush, Kholmov, Korchnoi/ Petrosian, Boleslavsky,... selected games with full notes. $60


NEW YORK 1957-1958, Spence Ltd Ed, (150 copies), r, exc, US CH, A great Fischer win w/o loss ifo Reshevsky, Sherwin, Lombardy, Berliner, Denker,... lt notes to some games. $40.   b) r, vg, fc creased, $35


OMAHA 1957, 7th Midwest Open, Mc Lellan ltd. ed., 36g w/o notes; Ragan ifo McLellan, Ackerman, Carr, Spencer.... SST, p, exc. xerox ed. $9



SARAJEVO 1957, Yugoslav bull., tgw/on. Puc ifo Ciocaltea, Maric, Svetkov, Karaklajic/ Smailbegovic/ Trifunovic.... scarce, p, vg. $15


SOMBOR 1957, 12th Yugoslav CH, the 253 gw/on. 57p. Gligoric ifo Trifunovic, Karaklajic, Ivkov,...p, exc, $16

SOFIA 1957, Bulgarian, Zonal tourney. 64p. 91g with notes to some; Filip ifo Matanovic/ Neikirkh/ Sliwa, Pfeiffer....  Bulgarian bulletins (8) one bulletin in xerox, $18.


VIENNA 1957, European team CH, German, 58p., 120g many with notes; many great players took part; Unzicker, Gligoric, Darga, Matanovic, Smyslov, Keres, Bronstein, Spassky, Petrosian, Filip, Pachman.... p, exc. $22. b) h, vg, rebd, ELRS, $25

ZARAGOZA 1957, Spanish bull., Spanish CH. Pomar ifo Farre, Perez, Franco, Toran,...tgw/on but with much other background material, photos, biographies, etc.  p, exc,  $26

BALATONFÜRED 1958, Asztalos Memorial, Hungarian. Portisch ifo Tolush, Bilek, Szabo, Barcza, Troianescu, Bobotsov,...Lt notes to some. $15


BOTVINNIK-SMYSLOV 1958, Russian bulletins (14), unbd, vg, extensive notes plus —as with most Russian bulletins—much additional chess news, e.g. here a photo of Fischer on skis along with his 1957 US CH game vs Lombardy with notes by Fischer. Detailed notes to the match games. $35.


BOTVINNIK-SMYSLOV 1958, Botvinnik, Chess Digest, 1973. A translation of the 1958 Russian book. An extremely good account of the match by Botvinnik. 52p. p, exc, $21


BUENOS AIRES 1958, Z. Caputto, Argentine CH. Spanish. Pilnik ifo Panno, Sanguineti, Eliskases, Jac. Bolbochan, Garcia/ Espinosa, ...tgw/on. p, vg. $17


BULGARIA - USSR 1958, in an issue of SHAKMATNA MIS'L, Bulgarian. The games with notes to some. Includes much other material too. $12


EAST ORANGE 1958, Spence Ltd Ed (125), , NJ State Open CH, Weinberger ifo Kalme, W. Adams, Friedman, Dicamillo, Dubeck, Wachs,... SST, tgw/on. xerox, $18

HAIFA - TEL AVIV 1958, R. Persitz, bd in boards, exc, ELRS, tgw/on. Reshevsky ifo Szabo, Persitz, Wade/Aloni,... $15


MILWAUKEE 1958, Spence Ltd Ed(200), selected games from the two Swiss System tourneys ("SST") in Milwaukee: New Western Open(July)[Benko ifo Otteson, D. Byrne..] and North Central Open (Nov)[Benko ifo Theodorovitch, Tautvaisis, Popel, Kirby, ...], r, vg, covers sl. discolored, $46

MUNICH 1958, Heidenfeld, Dreyer & Kirby, p, exc. titled Springboks at Munich. A selection of games played by the South African team at the 13th Chess Olympiad at Munich 1958 with full notes to the games. 32p, $18


MUNICH 1958, Brinckmann & Richter, German. Selected games, positions, results, etc. 124p.p, exc, tiny chip at top right corner of cover, Olympiad. $34

PORTOROZ 1958, Serbo-Croat bulletins with all the games; notes to some + pictures, biographies, background; Tal ifo Gligoric, Benko/ Petrosian, Fischer/ Olafsson, h, exc, rebd, FGML, ELRS. $45 b) p, vg, $40


PORTOROZ 1958, BCM Quarterly #2, the very strong Interzonal won by Tal ifo Gligoric, Benko/ Petrosian, Fischer/Olafsson, Averbakh,...There are no notes to the games, but there are excellent critiques of the play of each of the contestants  along with the background in terms of the path to the world title for an individual.a)  p, vg, with some marginal check marks, $20.  b) with Nathan Divinsky's choices for the "very best", 'the very good" , and the "good" games. $24.  



RIGA 1958, 25th USSR CH. Tal ifo Petrosian, Bronstein, Averbakh, Polugayevsky/ Spasski, Geller/ Gurgenidze, Boleslavsky/ Korchnoi,... paperbd Russian bulletins (20).[Bull. #20 bd next to last, #19 last] All the games, many with notes, exc. One of the best and most exciting USSR CH's with Tal taking 8 of his last 9 games. $48. b) unbd bull. $45

RIGA 1958, Caputto, 25th USSR CH, 102p. Spanish. Notes to some games. Epilogue by Bronstein; Tal ifo Petrosian, Bronstein, Averbakh.... p, exc. $26

RIGA CITY CHAMPIONSHIP 1958, Zemitis, Vinerts & Brandreth, Yorklyn, 2005, ringbd, 53p, English & Latvian. Pasmans ifo Petersons, Gornevs, Koblencs/ Mazans, Ivanovs/ Darznieks,... A few games with notes (some in Latvian, some in English) Very small edition(40 copies), r, mint, $40

ROCHESTER 1958, Spence ltd ed(135), US Open, SST. 178 gw/on. Cobo-Artega ifo Evans, Steinmeyer, D. Byrne,...r, exc, $55. b) r, vg, fc sl. discolored, $46

SARAJEVO 1958,  Trifunnovic,Ivkov iso Matulovic/ Maric,... 2 vols, p, exc.  Serbo-Croat, tgw/on. Biographies of players.  $18 . b) vol. 2 only (with the games) p, exc, Yugoslav CH's after WWII have been extremely strong.$8 

VARNA 1958, P. Bobekov, Sofia, 1958, 98p. Bulgarian Student team tourney, 43 selected annnotated games; Lombardy, Bobotsov, Tal, Spassky, Panmo, Portisch among others took part, p, exc. $26

BLED/ ZAGREB/ BELGRADE 1959, Gligoric & Ragosin, 320p. Serbo-Croat. Notes to all the games. Round summaries. Tal ifo Keres, Petrosian, Smyslov, Gligoric, Fischer, Olafsson, & Benko. Openings survey. Fine full-page photos of each contestant (far better than the Olms reprint). a) h, exc, $50. b)h, vg, $45. c) ) German ed, h, covers rubbed at edges, $50.


BOGNOR REGIS 1959, Stevenson Memorial Tournament, J.N. Fishlock-Lomax. SST. The games w/o notes. Mardle/Gereben ifo Karaklajic, Pritchard/Crepinsek/ Wade,...56p. $18

BUDAPEST 1959, Sajtar, World Student Team CH, in English, Selected games with notes, 66p, p, exc, $24.

GOLDEN SANDS 1958, Sajtar, World Student Team CH, in English, Selected games with notes, 61p, p, exc, $24 

HASTINGS 1959/60, W. Ritson Morry, p, exc, Gligoric ifo Averbakh/ Uhlmann, Bobotsov,...notes to selected games. $22 

KRAGUJEVAC 1959, 14th Yugoslav CH, Serbo-Croat, Gligoric io Matanovic, Trifunovic, tgw/on, but with photos of the contestants. p, exc, $19. b) bd in stiff card stock, exc, ELRS, $22

MILWAUKEE CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS 1959, New Western Open, North Central Open, Spence Ltd Ed(175), r, exc, Both SST events with selected games given w/on.  New Western Open won by Benko ifo R. Byrne, Harrow, Henin, Popel,...   North Central Open won by Brasket ifo Berliner, Henin, Harrow, Kampars,...   r, exc, $55.  b)r, vg, fc sl. spotted, $42


MÜNCHENSTEIN & BASEL 1959, 5th World Youth CH, German, p, vg,  Bielicki ifo Stefanov, Rumens, Parma, Clemens, Hamann,...    PROGRAM  only, rebd, $5

NEW YORK 1959, Greater NY Open CH, R. Durkin, SST, Benk ifo Lombardy, Weinstein, Bisguier, Sherwin, Hearst, Brandts, Owens, ... tgw/on. r, exc, $48

NEW YORK 1959-60, Spence Ltd. Editions, 140 copies. r, exc, 6th Rosenwald Tourney, Won convincingly by Fischer ifo Robert Byrne, Reshevsky, Benko, Bisguier, Weinstein,... Brief notes.  $45  


OMAHA 1959, Spence ltd ed. (150) US open, SST, 237g w/on; Bisguier ifo Benko/ Weinstein.... Incl. the US junior won by Ault ifo Ramirez, Gilden, Weinstein.... r, exc.  $60

RIGA 1959, Russ. bull. p, exc, Int. tourney, Spassky ifo Mikenas, Tolush, Tal, Sliwa/ Teschner/ Klavin,...Full notes to selected games. $45


RIGA 1959, R. bull(15), Int. tourney won by Spasski ifo Mikenas, Tolush, Tal....notes to many MARIANSKE LAZNI 1959, Czech bull. Polugayevsky ifo Szabo, Kozma/ Ujtelky.. tgw/on. + BLED/ ZAGREB/ BELGRADE 1959, Russ. bull. (20), Candidates tourney, Tal ifo Keres, Petrosian, Smyslov,... full notes to many. The three items nicely bd. h, exc. $95


TIFLIS (TBILISI) 1959, bd R bull. (20) 26th USSR CH, notes to many games; Petrosian ifo Spasssky/ Tal, Taimanov.... unbd bull, exc. $42 (b) unbd vg, $28

TIFLIS 1959, 25th USSR CH.  Caputto. Spanish, B. A. 1959, 18th USSR CH, Notes to selected games, 102p, Notes to selected games, the rest w/on. p, exc, $26

WEST ORANGE 1959, US seeded tournament, Brady, tgw/on; Lombardy ifo Benko, Evans.... scarce, r, vg. $40

ZURICH 1959Artemis Verlag, h, sl. spotted covers, 233p.Ex library. German.  A beautiful book. Full notes. Fine photos. Tal ifo Gligoric, Fischer/Keres, Larsen/Unzicker....with notes.   $75.

OMAHA 1959, Spence ltd ed. (150) US open, SST, 237g w/on; Bisguier ifo Benko/ Weinstein.... Incl. the US junior won by Ault ifo Ramirez, Gilden, Weinstein.... r, exc.  $60


BALATONFURED 1960, Hungarian, Asztalos Memorial, 33p. Bilek/ Honfi ifo Damjanovic, Kluger.... p, exc. $18


LEIPZIG 1960, 14th Chess Olympiad, unbd German bull, all the games, no notes, 1381 games, vg, $60

LEIPZIG 1960,  14th ChessOlympiad, German, Selected games plus exc, photos, 316p. Sportverlag ed. h exc, with dj. $105


LENINGRAD 1960, 7th Student Team CH, Russ. bull(5). Won by the USA (team: Lombardy, Kalme, Weinstein, Mednis, Saidy) ifo a USSR team with Spassky, Gurgenidze, Nikoleavsky and Klovan, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia,... All the games. $24


LJUBLJANA 1960, 15th Yugoslav CH, 153 gw/on. Serbo-Croat. Gligoric ifo Bertok, Trifunovic/ Matulovic,... $18

MOSCOW 1960, Lachaga Ed, p, exc, (325 copies) German. notes to many. Kholmov/Smyslov ifo, Korchnoi, Bagirov, Antoschin, ...$22


ROUMANIA-BULGARIA 1960, in an issue of Shakhmatna Mis'l. Bulgarian. The games of the match with notes to about half the games. $12

ST. LOUIS 1960, Spence limited edition (150) US Open, SST, sel. of 195 games; R. Byrne ifo Benko/ Poschel/ Bisguier, Saidy.... r, mint.  $65.  b)r, vg.  fc soiled, $47

VARNA 1960, A strong Internationnal Bulgarian tourney, 36 games w/o notes; won by Padevski ifo Krogius, Minev...., p, exc.  $7


BELGRADE1961, Chess Festival, Serbo-Croat, 25p. 58g w/on. Gligoric, Matanovic, Vasiukov, Milic, Minic, a.o. took part, p, vg. $8


BOTVINNIK - TAL 1961, Russian bull. (20), Botvinnik's powerful regain of the World Title. Full notes, discussion, background, photos, etc. stapled bulletins, p, vg. $30

BUDAPEST 1961, L. Szabo.  Hungarian. Maroczy Memorial tourney titled "Nagymesterverseny Maroczy Geza Emlekere", Budapest, 1963. 207p. Full notes. Korchnoi ifo Filip/ Bronstein, Dely/ Taimanov/ Portisch/ Simagin, Uhlmann,...p, exc,  $38

BUENOS AIRES 1961, Span. Argentine CH, 64p. tgw/on. Rossetto ifo Luckis, Cruz, Garcia, Bielicki,... Fed. Arg. de Ajedrez.  p, exc,  $20

HELSINKI 1961, Sajtar. 8th World Student Team CH. English. 70p. Selected games with notes. p, exc, $22. b)ELRS, bd in stiff boards with orig. covers bd in, $25

MAR DEL PLATA 1961, Fed. Arg. de Ajedrez, original was just p, this copy rebd in boards.ELRS, Najdorf ifo R. Byrne/Filip/Matanovic/Rosetto,Letelier,…tgw/on.  $24.  b)p, exc, $20

MOSCOW 1961, Russian bull(12), h, exc, very nicely bd. Int. tourney, Smyslov & Vasiukov ifo Olafsson, Aronin,...   $42   


SAN FRANCISCO 1961, Spence ltd ed (150) SSt US Open, 41p. Benko ifo Kovacs, Bisquier, R. Byrne.... r, mint. tgw/on, $35

SOFIA 1961, 15th Bulgarian CH, Bulgarian, 164g w/on; Milev ifo Minev, Neikirkh....p, exc.  $18

UTRECHT 1961, Dutch bull., O’Kelly ifo Robatsch,  Bisguier/ Matanovich, Langeweg,… Notes to selected games. $13

ZAGREB 1961, 16th Yugoslav CH, Serbo-Croat, 48p. Trifunovic ifo Puc/ Vdoucic/ Matluvic, Ciric.... tgw/on, 190g, p, exc.  $16.  

HELSINKI 1961, 8th World StudentTeam Chess Championshiop, J.Sajtar, p,exc, selected games annotated.World-classplayers such as Tal, Averbak tok part.. USSR won.$20

BELGRADE 1962, Serbo-Croat, 36p. Gligoric ifo Ivkov, Janosevic/ Ciokaltea..... tgw/on, p, a poor copy, stained but useable. $7


BEVERWIJK 1962, Petronic, Serbo-Croat, tgw/on, Parma ifo Scafareli, Barendregt, Puig, … $7.

HASTINGS 1962/63, CP ed, Gligoric/ Kotov ifo Smyslov, Marovic, Littlewood, Tan, Alexander,...tgw/on. Includes a few games from the challengers tourney won by Brinck-Klaussen & A.R. B. Thomas. $15


HAVANA 1962, CP ed, a very strong tourney: Najdorf ifo Spassky/ Polugayevsky, Smyslov/ Gligoric, Ivkov, Haag, Puc,... tgw/on. xerox edition, r, exc. $16


MAR DEL PLATA 1962, Sopena ed, Polugayevsky ifo Smyslov, Szabo, Byrne, Najdorf, Sanguineti, Pachman,...119p. Spanish. notes to some. $28 b) h, exc, rebd with original covers bd in, ELRS, $30.


MARIANSKE LAZNE 1962, J. Sajtar, English ed, IXth World Student Team CH, selected games with notes. h, exc, rebd, $20; b


SAN ANTONIO 1962, Spence ltd ed, (150 copies) US open; won by Medina ifo Benko, Lombardy, Bisguier.... 183g. w/o notes, SST, r, mint. $35 b) , r, vg. $24. c)r, exc, $32


SARAJEVO 1962, Serbo-Croat, tgw/on; Gligoric/ Portisch ifo Darga, Trifunovic, Bobotsov.... p, exc. $16

SKOPLJE 1962, XVII Jugoslav CH, Serbo-Croat. Matanovic/ Minic ifo Sokolov, Ciric, Ugrinovic,...tgw/on. p, exc. $22


STOCKHOLM 1962, unattributed but looks like Kalnajs, Interzonal won by Fischer 2.5 points ahead of 2nd. Bare scores with X-table and opening index. p, exc, $13

BUENOS AIRES 1963, Fed. Arg. de Ajedrez, Lachaga, Arg. CH, Spanish.  Garcia/ Klein/ Schweber ifo Rossetto, Wexler, ...   tgw/on. p, exc. ELRS.  $20

BUENOS AIRES 1963, Sopena ed, Spanish, 64p, notes to most games. Torneo "Bodas de Plata". 64p. Ext. notes to most gamers. Panno ifo  Cruz, Sanguineti, Dubin,...p, exc.  $24

HASTINGS 1963/64, Gillam edition.  Tali fo Gligoric, Lengyel/ Khasin,.. tgw/on. Part of Gillam’s earliest tournament series.  $10

LENINGRAD 1963, BCM Quarterly ed, the 196 games (Stein-Spassky-Kholmov playoff incl.) w/o notes. Also incl. are the x-tables of the 1st 30 USSR championships beginning in 1920. Indices. r, exc, $26


LENINGRAD 1963, 31st USSR CH, unbd Russ. bull(6), exc, Spassky/ Kholmov/ Stein ifo Bronstein/ Geller, Suetin, ... selected games with full notes. $36. b) h, exc, $48


LOS ANGELES 1963, 1st Piatigorsky Cup, CP edition, Keres/Petrosian ifo Najdorf/Olafsson, full notes by Hindle. 64p. p, vg, $15


LOS ANGELES 1963, 1st Piatigorsky Cup, Kashdan & Reshevsky. 204p. Keres/Petrosian ifo Najdorf/Olafsson, Reshevsky, Gligoric, Benko/Panno. A fine book. h, exc, w/o dj, $40. b) h, vg, w/o dj, ‡, $32.

LUZERN 1963, Clare Benedict Challenge Cup. German & English, ringbd, West Germany ifo Holland, England, Austria,... Many strong players such as Penrose, Unzicker, Darga, Pomar, Schmid, Robatsch,.. took part. Swiss Chess Agency, Rebd in stiff boards, ELRS, $13.  b)   p, exc $12


SOCHI 1963, R. bull. (4), Polugayevsky ifo Smyslov, Antoshin, Krogius.... notes to some, xerox ed, r, exc, $18


AMSTERDAM 1964, Russian bull.(10) Interzonal won by Larsen tied with Smyslov, Spassky, Tal, and ahead of Stein, Bronstein. A very strong event. All the games with notes to selected ones. unbd, bull. $42. b)h, exc, very nicely bd. $65


AMSTERDAM 1964, Petronic, Serbo-Croat.  Interzonal; Larsen/ Smyslov/ Spassky/ Tal ifo Stein, Bronsteim, Ivkov.... tgw/on. 118p. $8

BUCUREST 1964, Roumanian bull. poor-quality mimeograph reproduction. Gheorghiu ifo Soos, Neantu,... tgw/on. $16.

BUENOS AIRES 1964, Lachaga, 280 copies, p, exc, German. Keres/Petrosian ifo R, Byrne, Najdorf, Eliskases/ Guimard,, J. Bolbochan, …Notes by Becker, Eliskases, Filip, Keres,… $24

LAS PALMAS 1964, 29th Spanish CH, bulletins, Spanish. tgw/on, Medina ifo Pomar, Saborido, Bordell, ... p, exc, with autographs of 4 players (I can only understand one— Sabordido). 20 bulletins. $24


MOSCOW 1964, A. Karklins, 118p, Spassky ifo of Stein, Bronstein, Kholmov, Korchnoi, Surtin, Geller. Deep notes. A really fine book due to the great games & very thoughtful notes. h, exc, $32. b) h, vg, but with inked underlining in two games, otw exc, with dj. $24


TEL AVIV 1964, XVI Chess Olympiad, Czerniak, in English, 184p. 165 annotated games and positions, scarce, h, exc. $80


ZENICA 1964, Serbo-Croat, 19th Yugoslav CH; Udovcic/ Ivkov ifo Trifunovic/ Bradvarevic/ Matuulovic.... p, exc. With cartoons of players. $18

ALLGÄU 1965, 19th German Womens CH, program only, a nice program, 28p. $4

BELGRADE 1965, M. Petronic, Serbo-Croat, p, exc, tgw/on. Gheorghiu/ Matulovic ifo Kavalek/ Tringov/ Minic/ Karaklajic/ Flesch,... $16

BEVERWIJK 1965, M. Petronic, Serbo-Croat, tgw/on. Geller/ Portisch ifoBobotsov, Ivkov, Donner, Lehmann, Bagirov,... p, vg, sl. waterstained, $6

BUENOS AIRES 1965, Spanish, Club Argentino de Ajedrez, includes the history of the Club 1905-1965, tgw/on but round summaries, Najdorf ifo Garcia/ Panno, Sanguineti, Schweber,... p, exc, $24


CANDIDATES MATCHES 1965, Petronic, Serbo-Croat, tgwon: Spassky - Keres, Geller - Smysov, Spassky - Geller. With NATANYA 1965, Czerniak ifo Matanovic/ Gligoric/ Kreidman, Domanic,... p, vg, $8 

CANDIDATES MATCHES 1965, AMSTERDAM 1965 & NOORDWIJK 1965, M. Petronic, Serbo-Croat, tgw/on. Larsen-Ivkov, Tal-Portisch, Tal-Larsen.  Amsterdam: Donner ifo Parma, Szabo, Trifunovic,...   Noordwijk: Botvinnik ifo Matanovic, Flohr, Larsen, ...  tgw/on. $15

HAMBURG 1965, Russ. Bull(10), very strong with the USSR having Spassky, Korchnoi, Tolush, Stein, ... Includes the Tal - Larsen match. Notes to selected games. very nicely bd, $65

HAMBURG 1965, M. Petronic, Serbo-Croat. p, vg, tgw/on.  3rd European Team CH. 300 games w/on. USSR ifo Jugoslavia. Hungary, West Germany, Roumania, Holland. Petrosian, Botvinnik, Korchnoi, Smyslov, Portisch, Szabo, Unzicker, Ivkov, Gligoric, a.o. played.  $16

MOSCOW 1965 (TURNIR DRUZHBY), Moscow, 1965.  149p. Russian. USSR Army tourney, 64 games with full notes; Vasiukov/ Savon ifo Gufeld.... scarce, h, exc. ELRS, selected games with notes by Masters & Grand Masters. $44

NATANYA 1965, Czerniak ifo Matanovic/ Gligoric/ Kreidman, Domanic,... p, vg, $8.  Along with 

CANDIDATES MATCHES 1965, Petronic, Serbo-Croat, tgwon: Spassky - Keres, Geller - Smysov, Spassky - Geller.

SINAIA 1965, Sajtar, 12th Student Team CH, English ed, 82p, Sel. games with notes,  p, exc, $22.


TALLINN 1965, 33rd USSR CH, Russ. bull. (15) Stein ifo Polugayevsky, Taimanov.... The games with much other material. unbd bull. $48. b) h, exc, $52. c) in binder, $49

BRUNNEN 1966, Swiss Chess Agency, Clare Benedict Tourney. Many good players took part: Schmid, Penrose, Unzicker, Pomar, Hecht,.. English & German. nice photos.  r, vg, $18

HAVANA 1966, XVII OLIMPIADA MUNDIAL DE AJEDREZ, the complete 1003-page book (stiff covers, detached but supplied) of this great Olimpiad.  With Bobby the Great on Board 1 for the USA! Fischer with an 88.24%. With 2 pages added in xerox.   $95

HAVANA 1966, Olimpiad, the Cuban edition, Spanish. h, exc, with dj, 475p, selected annotated games. Many fine photos. Among others Fischer, the Byrne brothers, Olafsson, Suttles, Larsen, Portisch, Gligoric, Tal, Evans, Spassky, Najdorf, played.  An excellent book. Castro took part as a patron. $95.  b) the German edition, h,  exc, 477p, with the chess bookplate of James Barrett, $120



ÖREBRO 1966, Sajtar, 13th World Student Team CH. Sajtar. 95p, Selected games with notes; English. p, exc, $24


PETROSIAN-SPASSKY 1966, S. Flohr, titled Petrosian bleibt Weltmeister, German. 123p. Full notes, photos. p, exc, includes the prelim match Petrosian-Larsen with notes. $34

PETROSIAN - SPASSKY 1966, S. Indurskiy, Averbakh,.. With a series of strong players each annotating one game: Flohr, Keres,Shamkovic, Suetin, Tal, Kholmov, Antoshin, Vasiukov, Simagin, Bronstein, Euwe, Lilienthal, Polugayevsky,...  A very nice idea. 65p. $28

POLANICA-ZDROJ 1966, Polish, Rubinstein Memorial, 110g., photos; Smyslov ifo Lengel, Damjanovic/ Liebert.... p, exc. tgw/on. $24

 RZESZOW 1966, Polish bullletinns, 23rd Polish CH, a poor mimeographing job, 120 games w/o notes. p, vg. $14


SANTA MONICA 1966, Los Angeles, 1968, edited by Kashdan. h, exc, excellent notes by the contestants, 228p, Spassky ifo Fischer, Larsen, Portisch.... A great double round tournament. $40. b) h, fair, fc stained,   sold "as is". $3. c) Dover ed, Kashdan, notes written by contestants; 

SOCHI 1966, Russian bullletins(8), h, exc. Korchnoi ifo Polugayevsky, Matulovic.... . $42

SPARTAKIAD 1966, CP ed, USSR Team Tourney, 48p. 191 selected games of 660, Many famous players such as Smyslov, Tal, Spassky, Botvinnik, Korchnoi.... took part. tgw/on, p, exc. , $18


USSR - YUGOSLAVIA 1966, Petronic, Serbo-Croat, tgw/on. Keres, Vasiukov, Korchnoi, Geller,... Parma, Matulovic, Ciric, Velimirovic, a.o. played. $12


AMSTERDAM 1967, IBM tourney, Dutch bulletins, 132p, Portisch ifo Kotov, Ciric/ Langeweg, Moisiev, Donner, Ghitescu,... & Marovic ifo Gereben/ Jongsma/ Medina/ Tatai,.. in the Master Group. Notes to selected games. $32

ATLANTA 1967, US Open, Lamb & Truesdel, 40p., 120 selected games, a few with notes, p, exc. $22

BAMBERG 1967, program only, no games. German.  Dr. Mathiu, $3

BELGRADE 1967, M. Petronic, Serbo-Croat, tgw/on, p, exc. Kholmov ifo Parma, Minic/ Bikhovski,...   $9


COLDITZ 1967, XVI East German CH. tgw/on. Pietsch ifo Malich, Möhring, Schoeneberg, Csulits,.. Nowarra & Liebert won the women's section. p, vg, $20

DUNDEE 1967, R. G. Wade. The Chess Player Edition. p, exc. Gligoric ifo Larsen/ Olafsson, O'Kelly, Penrose,.. 

lt. notes. $15

GÖTEBORG 1967/68, Swedish bulletins, unbd. Erik Olson Memorial Tourney,  tgw/on Geller ifo Martens, Gaprindashvili, Kinnmark, Jansa, Ek,... $12


HARRACHOV 1967, Sajtar, World Student Team CH, in English. Many famous players took part:Savon, Kusmin, Hort, Gheorghiu, etc.  Selected games with notes, p, exc, 91p, $24

KALIDAD 1967 & MAR DEL PLATA 1968. Arg. Chess Federation, p, exc. Argentine CH, held in three preliminary sections with the first few in each section going to the final, won by Najdorf ifo Panno, Sanguineti, Rosseto,…  Round summaries. Spanish. $32


MOSCOW 1967, Russ. bull.(10), 37th USSR CH. Petrosian/ Polugayevsky ifo Geller/ smyslov, Taimanov, Stein, ... much other material incl. other events, photos, games, x-tables, $35

PEARSON 1967, program only, no games,p, vg,  $5


SARAJEVO 1967, Serbo-Croat, tgw/on. Stein/ Ivkov ifo Benko/ Savon, R. Byrne, Ciric, Tringov, Nikolic,.. p, exc. $15

SOUSSE (TUNIS) 1967, International, program only, 14p. p, exc.  $4


SZCZECIN 1967, Polish bulletins, Polish CH; Doda/ Sliwa ifo Schmidt, Filipowicz.... p, vg. tgw/on. Low-quality printing. $18

VEJLE 1967, H. Rasmussen, Risskov, 1967. p, exc, with bookplate of an outstanding collection from the 70's. tgw/on. B. Andersen, ifo K. Pedersen, O. Jakobsenm M. Moe, J. Enevolsen,...Openings index. $16 


BAMBERG 1968, W. Lauterbach, German, 120g w notes; Keres ifo Petrosian/ Schmid, Teschner/ Unzicker..... p, exc., $27. b) p, vg, age stains on page edges, $21

BERLIN 1968, Gillam, Uhlmann/ Bronstein, Suetin, Barczay/ Vasiukov, Fuchs/ Zaitsev, Malich/ Csom, Minic,... Lasker Memorial Tourney. Selectd game with notes.Round summaries.p, mint, $7  

BUENOS AIRES 1968,  "Torneo Magistral Kalidad", Spanish. Panno ifo Najdorf, Rossetto/ Schweber. Quinteros,...  notes to some. Photos.  $13


CANDIDATES MATCHES 1968, Belgrade 1969, p, vg, 316p. Extensive notes by Tal, Geller, Korchnoi, Petrosian. Photos. Includes the games w/o notes for the 1965 cand. matches as well. Serbo-Croat, $37.


CANDIDATES MATCHES 1968, CP ed, B. Cafferty, 245p., good notes largely from Russian sources. p, exc, $19

NEW YORK 1968, USCF, US CH. Evans ifo R. Byrne, Reshevsky, Benko, Bisguier/ Lombardy, Rossolimo/ Saidy,...tgw/on. $8

SARAJEVO 1968, Serbo-Croat, p, vg, tgw/ono. Ciric/ Lein ifo Kavalek/ Krogius, Barcza, Bogdanovic,... $16


WEIMAR 1968, XV11 DDR CH, mens and women's events; Uhlmann ifo Baumbach, Golz, Lieberti.... 190+ 91 games w/on, p, vg. with chess bookplate of IM Albert Becker, $28


YBBS 1968, World Student Team CH, Sajtar, English, 98p. selection of games with notes, p, vg, $22

ALMA ATA 1969, Swiss Chess Agency, 58p, tgw/on, 36th USSR CH; Zaitsev/ Polugayevsky ifo Lutikov.... includes play-off match.  p, exc.  $10

BELGRADE 1969, The Chessplayer, Gligoric/ Ivkov/ Matulovic/ polugayevsky, Geller/ Lengyel, Botvinnik, Suttles, … p, exc. tgw/on.  Openings survey. $9.

BUNA-HALLE 1969, German bulletins, Ladies tourney, tgw/on, Sehikowa ufo Litmanowicz, Hofmann, p, exc, $12

USSR - YUGOSLAVIA 1968, Petronic, p, exc, tgw/on. Many top players played such s Gligoric, Geller, Bronstein, Matulovic, Kholmov, Nikolic,…$6

BUENOS AIRES 1969, Arg. Chess Federation, p, exc, Spanish. 47th Argentine CH. 200 copies. Garcia /Juarez ifo Rubinetti /Schweber,…$25

DRESDEN 1969, World Student Team CH. Sajtar, English. 95p, selected games with notes. p, exc, $22


DRESDEN 1969, World Student Team CH, the German bulletins with all the games. Tgw/on. Results of team standings. USSR ifo Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, 635 games. $45

GRONINGEN 1969/70, 8th Niemeyer youth tournament, Dutch bulletins, Withuis editor. Adorjan ifo Ljubojevic/ Belyavsky,  Pritchett,… $22


LINCOLN 1969, 70th US Open, CP ed, 66p. Selected games. SST. Benko/Vuksevich/ Bisguier ifo Byrne/ Martz/ Gaunt,..p, mint, $12


PALMA DE MALLORCA 1969, Bhend/ Kräuchi, German, photos, notes to some games, openings survey; Larsen, Petrosiann, Korchnoi, Hort, Spassky.... p, exc. $25

PALMA DE MALLORCA 1969, Spanish, pictures, caricatures, background material, notes to some games, openings survey; Larsen, Petrosiann, Korchnoi, Hort, Spassky.... p, exc.  $27. b)p, exc, FGML, ELRS, $28.

PALMA DE MALLORCA 1969, Serbo-Croat, tgw/on; Larsen ifo Petrosian, Korchnoi, Hort, Spassky.... p, exc.  $9 

PETROSIAN-SPASSKY 1969, S. Flohr entitled "Spassky-Weltmeister", German, 159p., extensive notes, good photos, contains the title match plus 66 selected annotated games from the preceding candidates matches which Spassky had to get through to get his shot at Petrosian, p, exc.  $35

PETROSIAN-SPASSKY 1969, Moscow, 1970, Bondarevsky & Boleslavsky, very extensive notes, 184p., Russian.  excellent photos, p, exc.  $26


PETROSIAN - SPASSKY 1969, P. H. Clarke, 48p, Exc. full notes. p, exc, $22.

RHYL 1969, British chship, CP ed, 68p.  over 200g; Penrose ifo Wade, Corden, Knox, Littlewood, p, exc.  $22

VENICE 1969, Tatai, Italian. Hort ifo Taimanov, Lengyel/ Benko/Saidy/Robatsch...   tgwn. p, exc, $22

AMSTERDAM 1970, 10th IBM Tournament, I. Kashdan, USCF booklet. tgw/on. Round summaries, Polugayevsky/ Spassky ifo Uhlmann, Geller, Gligoric, Hort,... p, exc, $10

BEVERWIJK 1970, D. Daniels, USCF, p, exc, 32nd HoogovenTourney, tgw/on. Taimanov ifo Hort, Ivkov, Kavalek, ..$7

BUENOS AIRES 1970, I. Kashdan, USCF, tgw/on. Round summaries. p, exc, Fischer ifo TaimanovPanno, Gheorghiu, Najdorf, Reshevsky,..$9

KECSKEMET 1970, 3rd Toth Memorial Tourney, Hungarian, Honfi ifo Hennings, Tabor, Navorovsky, Liebert,... tgw/on, p, exc, $15. b) p, vg, a few creased pages, $11

MAR DEL PLATA 1970*, Lachaga, Spanish, 230 copies, Lothar Schmid ifo Emma, Rissetto, Rubinetti, Schweber,… SST, 9 rds, tgw/on. $30


MILWAUKEE 1970, North Central Open, SST, 86 selected games, DeFotis/Popovych ifo Popel. Karklins/ Kujoth. Verber, Brasket,... p, xerox, $15


OEGSTGEEST 1970, Dutch, tgw/on, 108p. Spasski ifo Donner, Botvinnik/ Larsen. Quadruple round-robin; tgw notes, p, exc. $20

PALMA 1970 DE MALLORCA, no games, just photos mainly of the players, ltd ed of 600 copies. Incl. a page of reproductions of the signatures of the participants and other chess luminaries. A fine book with some exc. photos incl. some of Fischer. Nicely bd. h, mint, $55

PALMA DE   MALLORCA 1970, Zagreb, 1970, "Sahovska Naklada", tgwon. Fischer ifo Larsen/Geller/ Hübner, Taimanov, Uhlmann, Portisch, of Fischer's most powerful tournament victories.  Photo of Fischer analyzing on the cover. Serbo-Croat booklet.p, exc. $16


PALMA DE MALLORCA 1970, Kuhnle/ Schaufelberger, 131p., German & English. Notes to some games.  Fischer won  this Interzonal ifo Larsen/ Hubner/ Geller, Taimanov, Uhlmann, ... p, exc.  Sad to say, no really good book of this event was published. It was a very fine tourney with Fischer in overpowering form. $28

REYKJAVIK 1970, Gillam, p, mint, G. Sigurjonsson, ifo Ghitescu, Amos, Padevski, Hecht, Olafsson,...434 copies, tgw/on.  $7

SARAJEVO 1970, Serbo-Croat, tgw/on. Parma/ Ljubojevic ifo Antoshin/ Tringov, Benko,... p, exc, $16

SKOPJE 1970, Serbo-Croat, 120g w/on; Taimanov/ Vasiukov ifo Gheorghin, Marovic, Balashov, Gligoric.... p, exc.  $8


SIEGEN 1970, Keene & Levy, CHESS, a selection of 125 annotated games with tables of results, and interview with Euwe & Spassky, 249p. h, exc. $33


SOFIA 1970, Bulgarian bulletins, Bulgarian bull, Popov ifo Kolarov, Kipov/  Bokhosyan/  Gerensky,  Arnaydov, Minev/ Peev,  Padevsky,....tgw/on.   $16

SOMBOR 1970, Serbo-Croat, 36p. tgw/on; Hübner ifo Jansa, Kupreichik, Planinc, Vukic.... p, exc. $14


USSR- REST OF WORLD 1970, an issue of MAT, Serbo-Croat, 28p., fine photos, the games with ext. notes to some; Fischer was a star here with 3 out of 4 vs Petrosian, p, exc. $1

VARNA 1970, Bulgarian, 32p., the 105g w/on; Planinc ifo Popov, Tringov, Bilek, Padevski.... p, exc.  $15

VINCOVCI 1970, Serbo-Croat, 48p., tgw/on; Larsen ifo Hort/ Bronstein/ Gligoric, Velimirovic, Szabo, Petrosian, Minic.... p, exc.  $10

AMSTERDAM 1971, CP Ed. Gillam. IBM, x-tables. Pictures of the players.Smyslov ifo Browne, Keres, Portisch, Gligoric, Ivkov.... Includes the match Petrosia-Korchnoi 1971 and 12 Fischer games from the Manhattan Blitz tourney of 1971,  Fischer 12-0!, p, mint  $12

BERLIN 1971 & FISCHER-PETROSIAN 1971, Gillam, Gligorich ifo Donner, Westerinen, Hecht , Keene/ Hug,...Lt notes t most.  Also Full note to F-P. p, exc, 


CANDIDATES MATCHES 1971, B. Cafferty, p, exc, CP ed, 198p, notes to all the games, based on Russian analysis in Shakhmaty V SSSR, Tal's magazine, "64", etc. The best work on these matches in English. $25


LENINGRAD 1971,  CP ed. 39th USSR CH. Savon ifo Smyslov/ Tal, Karpov, Balasov/ Stein,... Informant-style notes to many games. p, exc, $7


FISCHER-PETROSIAN 1971, R. Fine, With Fine's excellent full notes, 32p. With James Barrett chess bookplate. p, exc, $36


FISCHER-PETROSIAN 1971, the official program for this great match. Spanish. p, mint, 10p. $90.

FISCHER-PETROSIAN 1971, the official match bulletins. With extensive notes. Spanish, with three of the games as xerox copies, $40

MAYAGUEZ 1971, Sajtar, World Student Team CH, 72p, p, exc, English, Selected games with notes, $24

MOSCOW 1971, Gillam, A very strong tourney, CP ed, p, mint,  Informant-style brief notes to some.  Karpov/ Stein ifo Smyslov, Tukmakov/ Petrosian, ...   Alekhine Memorial.  $7.


PALMA DE MALLORCA 1971, Spanish, 82p., the games with notes to a few, biographies, pictures; Panno/ Ljubojevic ifo Portisch, Reshevsky, Andersson, Csom.... p, exc. $26. b) h, exc, rebd, fine binding, $30.


PERM 1971, Russian bulletins(4), XXXIX USSR CH, semi-finals, 18-man RR, Krogius first, Grigorian, Kapengut.... a selection of the 78 games, other material, h, exc.  $40  b) unbd bull.  $30

PETROSIAN - HÜBNER 1971, Spanish bull., Candidates match, quarter finals.  Lt. notes, photos,  $10 

SARAJEVO 1971, Serbo-Croat, p, exc, Bobotsov/ Bronstein/ Matulovic ifo Radulov, Janosevic, Ciric,...tgw/on. $17


SKOPJE 1971, in an issue of Makedonski Shakh, 36p. 120g w/on; Serbo-Croat. Polugayevsky ifo Velimirovic / Planints, Gufeld.... p, exc. $15

 STOCKHOLM 1971, Jan Berglund, Swedish; Ivkov ifo Bilek/ Andersson, Olson.... notes to some, p, vg.  $19

TALLINN 1971, Estonian bull. Keres/ Tal ifo Bronstein, Stein, Zaitsev, Smejkal, Barcza, Furman, Nei, Saidy,.... tg w/on, p, exc. $16. b) p, vg, with some notes by Grand Master Becker and a x-table in Becker's hand, $18

TUCUMAN 1971, Fed. Aug de Ajedrez, ltd ed, (315 copies) Spanish; 46p., Pan American Team Tournament. 112g w/on; Najdorf, Panno, Sanguineti were among the contestants, p, vg. Some marginalia by Becker. $28

VENICE 1971, Gillam, p, mint, Browne ifo Mariotti, Hort, Tatai, Kavalek, Informant style notes,... with selected games from several other tournaments, $9

ZAGREB 1971, Serbo-Croat, 48p. Marovic/ Minic ifo Marangunic.... tgw/on, p, exc.  $17


AROSA 1972, German, Swiss Chess Agency ed., 69p., 60g w/on; Kaenel ifo Oegaard.... Also has Switzerland-Jugoslavia, p, exc, $13


FISCHER-SPASSKY 1972, R. Fine, titled Bobby Fischer's Conquest of the World Chess Championship. 294p., Ext. background & full notes. h, exc, with dj, $22 b) h, vg, $15


FISCHER-SPASSKY 1972, Gligoric, NY, 1972, 128p. one of the most popular accounts of the match. Exc. notes. p, vg, $9. b) p, exc, $12

FISCHER - SPASSKY 1972, HOW FISCHER WON, . C. J. S. Purdy, p, exc, the best and most interesting book on the great match by a former World Correspondence Chess Champion. Sept. 1972,  101p, the best analysis. $85   b) POST MORTEM 1976, C.J.S. Purdy, 8p. a supplement with additional analytical corrections and improvements.  p, exc, $15

FISCHER-SPASSKY 1972, the official match bulletins, 

GRAZ 1972, Lachaga, ltd ed of 400 copies. German.  Student Team Tourney. all the games. No notes. 140p. Many famous players took part (Karpov, Hübner, Adorjan, Sax,...) p, exc, $40.  b) copy w/o covers, with some corrections by Becker. $20 

HASTINGS 1972/73, program. p, exc, 28p. Has the details for the entries to the various sections; rules, capsule biographies of the Premier Section players etc. $10

HASTINGS 1972, Gillam, with opening research by L. Blackstock. Korchnoi/ Karpov 1/2 ifo Mecking/ R. Byrne, Gligoric/ Najdorf, Andersson,...Brief Informant-style notes. p, mint, $7 

LAS PALMAS 1972,Gillam.   Portisch ifo Larsen,/ Smyslov, Bronstein, Benko/ Tatai, Gheorghiu, Andersson, Lehmann, ... p, mint, Lt notes to a few. $7


NEW YORK 1972, B. Hochberg. Entitled "Title Chess". One of the few good books for a US championship. Reshevsky/ R. Byrne/ Kavalek ifo Evans, DeFotis,... with extensive notes. 229p. h, exc,  $32


SAN ANTONIO 1972, Schweizer Schachdienst ed, 36p. Karpov/ Petrosian/ Portisch ifo Gligoric, Keres, Hort/ Suttles... English & German, p, vg, fc discolored, $10


SARAJEVO 1972, Serbo-Croat, 45p. tgw/on; Szabo ifo Petrosian, Hort/ Keres/ Jansa.... p, exc. $16


SKOPJE 1972, Olympiad. Informant edition, Matanovic, English ed. A selection of 280 games (light notes) + records, sections on combinations, endings, + 21 games from the ladies Olympiad. h, exc. $32


SKOPJE 1972, bd. Russ. Bull (10). over 1000 out of 2728 games from the mens Olympiad, the ladies Olympiad, and the students Olympiad. h, exc. $75


SPARTAKIAD 1972, Russian bull (5) 380g w/on. Soviet team tourney with most of the top Soviet players contending, xerox ed, exc. $32

TEESSIDE 1972, Gillam, w/o x-table. Tournament books w/o the X- fotheT-book  have  a black mark to start with. p, mint,  start with in my view. This is one suchT-book.

VILLA GESELL 1972, Lachaga ltd ed, (300) 52p. Spanish, team tourney with Panno, Garcia, Brond, a.o. took part p, exc.  $24

WIJK AAN ZEE 1972, Gillam, Portisch ifo Pomar/ Hort, Browne, Savon/ Smyslov, Smejkal/ Benko/ Ivkov, Donner,...p, mint lt notes to some. $7

AVRO 1973, Euwe, Dutch book, 159p. Gelller/ Szabo ifo Ljubojevic, Andersson..... notes to most games, p, exc. $32


BATH 1973, Keene/ Raines/ Cranbleholme; London 1974. 199p. European team CH won by USSR ifo Yugoslavia, Hungary.... full notes to many games, h, exc. $28


LENINGRAD 1973, Yu. Brazilskiy, Moscow, 1974, h, exc. Russian. A very strong tourney. Full notes. 279p. with x-tables for the 8 previous Interzonals. Karpov/Korchnoi ifo R. Byrne, Smeikal, Larsen/ Hübner, Kuzmin, Gligoric/ Taimanov/ Tal,… $19

LENINGRAD 1973, CP ed., tgw lt notes; Planiac/ Petrosian ifo Kavalek, Spassky, Szabo.... p, mint.  $5


MOSCOW 1973,  Gillam,  41st USSR CH. Spassky ifo Karpov, Korchnoi/ Kuzmin/ Petrosian/ Polugayevsky, Geller...p, exc, Informant-style brief notes. $7

MOSCOW 1973, 41st USSR CH, USSR bull.(15), h, exc, Spassky ifo Karpov/ Korchnoi/ Kuzmin/ Petrosian/ Polugayevsky,Geller/ Grigorian. Keres/ Savon/ Tal/ Taimanov ...several other events covered as well with selected games. Titled "Na Chempionate Strany". $47

POLANICA ZDROJ 1973, Polish bull., 101p., tgw/on; Schmidt ifo Dworcecki, Pribyl.... p, exc.  $13

MOSCOW 1973, Gillam, 41st USSR CH, Spassky ifo Karpov...Lt notes to many. p, mint, $8

MOSCOW 1973, 41st USSR CH, program only.With a list of the first 40 such championships (1920 to1973)  Alekhin was the 1st , Botvinnik won 6 times, Keres 3 times 1947 to 1951, Smyslov tied for 1st once but never won the USSR CH outright.  $5

TALLINN 1973, Tallinn, 1974, h, exc, Russian. Extensive notes to some. Tal ifo Polugayevsky, Balashov/ Bronstein/ Keres/ Spassky, Andersson,... tgw/on. $23

CAMAGUEY 1974, 11th Capablanca Memorial Tourney, Smyslov ifo Uhlmann, Kuzmin/Garcia, Donner, Savon/ Spassov,...Spanish tgw/on. $22


EKSJO 1974, Swedish. Bilek/ Böhm/ Grabczewski/ Kinnmark/ Rantanen ifo Lehman,… tgw/on. $16

LAS PALMAS 1974, Spanish bull., p, exc. a few games annotated, round summaries, photos. Lyubojevic ifo Belyavsky/ Olafsson, Polugayevsky/ Garcia/ Andersson/ Larsen, Quinteros,...$20. b)h, exc, rebd, FGML, $36


LENINGRAD 1974, Russ. bull. (10), h, exc, 42nd USSR CH, Belyavsky & Tal ifo Polugayevsky/ Vaganian,... $52


NICE 1974, Keene & Levy, RHM ed, Olympiad. 200p, 121 annotated games, h, exc, with dj, $30


NICE 1974, Olympiad. The official French bulletins, all 3090 games w/o notes. p, exc. $75

SANT FELIU DE GUIXOLS 1974, Spain, Program only, p, exc, $2

SARAJEVO 1974, Serbo-Croat, Chesss Festival, 80g w/on; Padevski, Vukic, Matulovic, Janosevic took part. p, exc.  $16


SOLINGEN 1974, E. Evertz, German, 220p. Kavalek/ Polugayevsky ifo Spassky/ Kurajica/ Gerusel/ Westerinen..... many photos; notes to most games, h, exc. $22 b) h, exc, FGML, ELRS, dedicated to Laslo Szabo by Evertz, $24. c) p, exc. $18


TEESIDE 1974, World Student Team CH; Sajtar, English, selected annotated games, 86p. p, mint $24

TIMISOARA 1974, Jugoslavia-Romainia, Ladies match. tgw/on, p, exc.  $8

WIJK AAN ZEE 1974, CP ed, lt notes to some; Browne ifo Donner, Hecht, Matulovic, Planinc.... p, mint.  $7

WINNIPEG 1974, Pan American Chess Championship, p, exc, scarce, tgw/on. Browne ifo Sanguineti, Biyiasas, Segal,...$28

BUENOS AIRES 1975, Lachaga, Fed. Arg. de Ajedrez, Arg. CH. p, exc, Spanish. Najdorf/ Panno ifo L. Bronstein, Sanguineti,... 54p. tgw/on. $25


HAVANA 1975, Cuban bulletins, tgw/on. Andersson ifo Vasiukov/ Balashov, Razuvaev,.. CAPABLANCA MEMORIAL. $28

KECSKEMET 1975 & 1977, 5th & 6th Toth Memorial tourneys, Hungarian, round summaries. 1975: Honfi ifo Kholmov, Hernandez, Forintos,...    1977:Vogt ifo Barczay,Farago, Hazai,...p,  58 + 48p. $22


LINCOLN 1975, US Open, program, list of US Open winners 1939- 1974, no games, 6p, mint, $1

LUBLIN 1975, 11th Int. Chess Festival, Polish, p,exc, 80p, Kozlow ifo  Barczay, Szymczak/ Espig/ Panczenko/...   Several weaker sections are also included. tgw/on. $14

PERNIK 1975, 29th Bulgarian CH, 165p., S. Sergier; Spiridinova/ Ermenkov/ Rader ifo Grigorov, Yelikov.... p, exc. Small ed. 800 copies.  $30


ROVINJ 1975, In an issue of Sahovski Glasnnik, selection of 47 games with notes to some; Sax ifo Korvacevic/ Nikolac/ Ceskovski.... p, exc, (1977) $8

VILNIUS 1975, Russian, Zonal Tourney won by Savon/ Tceshkovsky/ Balasho/ Gulko,  ifo , Taimanov/ Gufeld, Kholmov/ Alburt,... no notes. p, exc, $24

ZARATE 1975, Fed. regional de Ajedrez Zarate, SST, sel. of games, 50p. Palermo ifo Schweber, Horacio.... p, exc.  $28

BIEL 1976, (along with MANILA 1976 INTERZONAL), J. Flesch, Hungarian, extensive notes, h, exc, 391p. Larsen ifo Peterosian/Tal,photos, $48.

BUENOS AIRES 1976, Lachaga, Fed. Arg. de Ajedrez, Spanish. p, exc, Arg. CH, Szmetan ifo Anelli, Campora, L. Bronstein,...tgw/on. $22

HAIFA 1976, Keene & Levy, Nottingham, 1977, 128p, 160 sel. games with notes. Incl. ext. records & several articles.  p, exc, $16. b) corner bent, sl. discolored cover, $8

KALLITHEA 1976, in English. p, exc, tgw/on. Geszosz ifo Lengyel, Vizantiades/ Kovacs,..$7

LUBLIN 1976, 12th Polish chess festival, p, exc, Suetin ifo Makaryczew,...  Polish.  $14

MAR DEL PLATA 1976, Lachaga, p, exc, 350 copies. German.  Brond/ Sanguineti ifo Garcia/ Rubinetti, Cuasnicu,…This is especially interesting since it includes a history of these tournaments along with a survey of each one since the first in 1928. Also there is a tribute to the very strong Argentinian Master Carlos Maderna along with 28 of his best games. $40 

MOSCOW 1976/77, Sopena ed, Spanish, 150p, Karpov ifo Balashov, Petrosian/Polugayevsky, Dorfman, Smyslov/ Tal,...p, exc,with extensive notes to many. $28  


ODESSA 1976, Xerox ed. of Russian bulletins, tgw/on, 16p.. Balinas ifo Alburt, Savon, .... $9

PERNIK 1976, S. Sergiev, Spasov ifo Dzhurich, Kirov,...86p, Notes to some. Bulgarian. Small ed. 500 copies. $28

BAD LAUTERBERG 1977, German bulletins, a powerful Karpov win ifo Timman, Furman, Sosonko.... tgw/on, p, mint.  $8.  b) p, vg, $5 

GENEVA 1977, W. Browne, Larsen ifo Andersson, Dzindzichashvili/ Sosonko, Pachman,... A curiosity since Browne scribbled some half - legible notes in the margins, has an enormous note on the cover stating "with some notes by Walter Browne 3 time U.S. Champion"and then says "Copyright 1978 Walter Browne". $4

HAMBURG 1977, German. A novel format in which on one side there are8 foreign players (3 GM's + 5 IM's) play  an equal number of strong German players. Round summary-type notes are given in German. The players included Padevski, Rellstab, Webb, and Radulov. p, exc, $8


JASZBERENY 1977, p, exc, Hungarian. "Title on cover is "Lehel SC..." A tournament sponsored by a large Hungarian company Lehel SC. tgw/on. Radnoti ifo Kadas, Schranz,… $8

LENINGRAD 1977, Russ. bull. (12), 45th USSR CH. Also has coverage of several other events such as USSR-Yugoslavia. Dorfman/ Gulko ifo Petrosian/ Polugayevsky,... $47

LENINGRAD 1977, J. Lofberg, p, exc, 90p. 45th USSR CH. Dorfman/Gulko ifo Petrosian/ Polugayevsky,...Swedish, many with notes. $16

LUBLIN 1977, Polish, 13th International Chess Festival. Savon & Pancenko ifo Witkowski, Sznapik, Doda,...p, exc, tgw/on. $10

PRETORIA 1977, 31st South African CH; De Villers/ Walker ifo Friedgood/ Ponelis.... 16-man RR, Notes to some games, p, exc.  $22

BUENOS AIRES 1978,  "Clarin" Tournament. Lachaga, 340 copies. German. Notes by Becker. Andersson ifo Panno/ Smyslov/ Vaganiian, Browne, Gheorghiu/ Dzindzichashvili, … $22. 

BUGOJNO 1978, Wade, Blackstock & Thomas. Karpov & Spassky ifo Timman, Ljubojevic/ Tal, Hort/ Larsen,... lt notes, $8


EGGESIN/ TORGELOW 1978, East German CH, German. Men's and women's sections. tgw/on. Men's: Knaak ifo Espig, Brüggemann/ Vogt/ Hesse,...Women's: Hoffmann/ Feustel, Nünchert, Camin, Keller,...  $12

KIEV 1978, Marisenko & Peresypkin, Kiev, 1980. Ukrainian. 101p, p, exc, the games with notes. No x-table. Palatnik, Farago, Ree, Lehman, Lerner, Romanishin a.o. took part. $12

KRONBORG 1978, Petersen, Danish, p, exc, O. Larsen ifo Nilsson, Hansen,...the games with notes. 21p.  $11


BUENOS AIRES 1979, A. Miles, CP ed, 2nd Clarin Tournament. 56p, notes to selected games. Larsen ifo Andersson/ Miles/ Najdorf/ Spassky, Gheorghiu, Ivkov,...p, exc. $9


MINSK 1979, 47th USSR CH, CP ed, A. J. Miles, editor, Geller ifo Yusupov, Balashov/ Kasparov, Georgadze,... Tal(15th place!),.. Informant-style notes to most games. p, exc, $11


MONTREAL 1979, V.I. Chepizhny, Moscow, 1979, Russian. 255p, full notes. Tal/Karpov ifo a star-studded field with Larsen last! p, exc, $20

MONTREAL 1979, the official bulletins for this super-strong "Man and his World Challenge Cup" Lt. notes to many of the games. 18 bulletins. $40 

MONTREAL 1979, Wade, Blackstock & Hosking, 79p, light notes, one of the strongest tournaments ever though Larsen was unrecognizable in his poor showing. $13

MUNICH 1979, Program only. GM Tourney at the Munich Hilton with Karpov, Balashov, Hubner, Spassky, Unzicker, a.o. German  $3 

NEW YORK 1979, J. Watson, 2nd Marshall CC International. 10-round SST, Rode ifo Shamkovich, Meyer, Kaufman, Formanek,... 182 games, some with notes. r, vg, $22


RIGA1979 & RIO DE JANEIRO 1979, Chepizhny, Moscow, 1980, Russian, 415p. The 153 games of the Riga Interzonal; won by Tal ifo Polugayevsky, Adoryan/ Ribi, Georghin/ Romanshin, Larsen.... and the 155 games of the Rio Interzonal won by Petrosian/ Portisch/ Hübner. Notes to many of the Riga games but not for the Rio games. h, exc. $20. b) h, exc, FGML, $45. c) Program only, Russian and Latvian; pictures and biographies of the contestants ( Kuzmin, Tal, Karalek, Orinfeld, Georghiu, Adorjan....) p, exc. $5 d) Russian bulletins (20#'s) Interzonal; tgw notes to many; much extra material. Xerox ed, of orig, Russ bull. $30


RIGA 1979, Miles & Speelman, condensed notes, 80p. p, exc. Interzonal, Tal ifo Polugayevsky, Adorjan/ Ribli, Gheorghiu,... $9


TALLINN 1979, L. Christiansen, Keres Memorial tourney, tg w notes to many, 160p. Petrosian ifo Tal/ Vaganian, Bronstein.... p, mint $20

TALLINN 1979, Russ. bull.(8), Has the Keres Memorial in these MEZHDUNARODNYE VSTRECHI SPETSIAL'NYI VYPUSK. Several other events are covered as well: Montreal 1979, Varna, USSR-YUGOSLAVIA, Frunze,...$35


WADDINXVEEN 1979, Van Spijk, Dutch booklet, 48p. Karpov ifo Kavalek, Hort, Sossonko. Double RR, full notes, p, exc. $16


WARSAW 1979, in an issue of "International Chess" with notes, Zonal; Ribli ifo Sax/ Smejkal/ Gheorghia/ Adorjan.... Includes much other exc. material. A fine magazine which ran only 2 issues, p, exc. $22


ZALAEGERSZEG 1979, Hungarian bulletins; Vadasz ifo Barczay, Ghitescu, Forintos..... p, exc. $25

ATLANTA 1980, US Open, program only, no games, 20p., p, mint.  $4

GREENVILLE 1980. US CH, Coraopolis, 1980, p, mint, 111p, Evans/ Christiansen/ Browne ifo Seirawan, Shamkovich, Lein,... With lt. notes to many. $18

LONDON 1980, Phillips & Drew Tourney, A. Miles. CP ed, p, exc, 73p. Miles/ Korchnoi/ Andersson ifo Sossonko/ Speelman,.. lt notes. $8

LONE PINE 1980, J. Schroeder, tgw/on. Dzindzichashvili ifo Miles, Larsen/Geller/Albert/Balashov/ Gheorghiu, Fedorowicz,…SST. exc. $10

TILBURG 1980, Dutch bulletins, tgw/on; With program,  Karpov ifo Portisch, Timman, Spassky,/ Sosonko, Hort/ Larson.... p, mint.  $10

EREVAN 1981, Russian bulletins (8), includes the games (some with notes), photos, & other material. Bronstein/Bannik ifo Antoshin, Zhukhovitsky,...p, unbd, $28


QUILMES 1980, Lachaga ltd ed. (300), Argentine CH; Quinteros ifo Rubinetti, Panno, Najdorf.... tgw/on, p, exc.  $24

TILBURG 1980, Dutch bulletins, tgw/on; With program,  Karpov ifo Portisch, Timman, Spassky,/ Sosonko, Hort/ Larson.... p, mint.  $10

KARPOV - KORCHNOI, 1978 & 1981, Korchnoi & Cavallaro, p, exc, 147p. Titled PERSONA NON GRATA, This book is concentrated on the multifarious machinations occurring both before, during, and after this match. Varuios traceries and schemes dominated the match. Too bad that they did not just concentrate on chess and forget the tedious and foolish horsing around. $15

MELBOURNE 1981/82, Bd. bulletins, h, exc, Hamilton ifo Flatow/Rogers, Jamieson/West,... SST. tgw/on. $22


BOSTON 1981, Futurity tourney, Rizzitano ifo Leverett/Sulman….with most games annotated. p, exc $15

SOUTH BEND 1981, Christiansen, US CH, some games with lt. notes ; Browne/ Seirawan ifo Christiasen/ Kavalek/ Reshevsky...p, exc.126p, $15


PALO ALTO 1981, J. Marfia, 90p., selected games wth light notes; US Open, SST. Won by Gheorghia/ Christiansen/ Silman/ De Firmium/ Meyer.... p, vg., fc sl. creased, otw exc. $15


MINSK 1982, Kupreichik, Russian, Minsk, 1984. p, vg, 160p. Int. tourney won by Teshkovsky ifo Dolmatov, Yudasin,Kupreichik, Psakhis,...with extensive notes. $20


SAINT PAUL 1982, Marfia & Watson, Soltis/ Martz ifo Bradford, Watson/ Bisguier,... SST 83p, notes to selected games,... $15


SAO PAULO 1983, 50th Brazilian CH, Brazilian booklet, tgw/on; Paolozzi/ Sunye ifo Machado, Rezende.... p, exc.  $13 

SOUTHPORT 1983, British CH, P. Griffiths, bulletins, p, exc, Mestel ifo Chandler, Boterill, Hofgson,…tgw/on. p, exc, $20

TALLINN 1983, Keres Memorial. Estonian, 135p. Vaganian/ Tal ifo Petrosian/ Suba/ Ehlvest.... Round summaries & detailed notes to some games, p, exc. ELRS, $24. b) p, exc, $26

TILBURG 1983 & BATH 1983, GM Editions,p, exc, At Tilburg Karpov ifo Ljubojevic/Portisch,… At Bath Miles ifo Browne,.. Lt. notes to a few. $8

KARPOV - KASPAROV 1984, program, Moscow, 1984, p, exc, in Russian & English, 72p. Program with an history of the world championship, the three games contested by them preceding this match. $16. 

KASPAROV-SMYSLOV 1984, Vilnius, 1984, h, mint, with dj. Russian. w/o notes, but with a survey of the match and photos. A curiosity due to its size of 3.5x4.5 inches. $18

KARPOV - KASPAROV 1984/85, World CH, Budde & Nikolaiczuk, German, consists of reports on the Interzonals with some selected games, the Candidate Matches, and the Title Match itself with thorough notes, h, exc, with dj, 297p, $25.

NEW YORK 1984, J. Naier, SST, Dzindzichasvili ifo Portisch, Kavalek, Sosonko, Adorjan, Kogan, Georghiu, Browne,...  284p, notes to selected games, p, exc, $28


TILBURG 1984, GM Editions; Miles ifo Belyavsky/ Hubner/ Ribli/ Tukmakov, Ljubojevic, Portisch/ Timman.... tg w lt notes to some. Includes match Chiburdanidze- Levitina, p, exc. $8

KARPOV - KASPAROV 1985, Kasparov, Pergamon Press. 117p. , Kasparov, Full deep notes to a great match. 

p, exc, $18 

RIGA 1985, 52nd USSR CH, program only, 32p. photos & brief biographies + X-tables of Tashkent 1984 & Sverdlovsk 1984, 1st League tourneys. p. exc. $7


TILBURG 1985, Dutch booklet, 64p., diagrams, indices, photos, no notes. Brief biographies of the players; Hübner/ Korchnoi/ Miles ifo Ljubojevic, Polugayevsky.... p, mint. $18


KARPOV -KASPAROV 1986, Hecht & Treppner, German, p, exc, 143p, all the games of this title match with deep notes & many photos. $24

KASPAROV VS KARPOV 1986-1987, Kasparov, translated from the Russian by Ken Neat. Largely this is the two matches with intense notes and a few other games they played between the two matches. 432p. An extraordinary book due to the very deep notes. h, exc, $45


SOKOLOV-VAGANIAN 1986 & YUSUPOV-TIMMAN 1986, unbd Russ. bull. (10) all the games with notes & with much additional material and games. $32


SOMERSET 1986, US Open, program booklet, 64p. p, exc, includes list of US Open winners, biographies & photos of the organizers, directors, etc. $8


HASTINGS 1988/89, Bulletins, B. Jacobs, SST, selected games. Judit Polgar ifo Sadler, Arkell, Lisa, McDonald,... p, exc. $20

LUBLIN 1988, Polish Chess Festival, p, exc, 82p, tgw/on, Schmidt/ Sznapik/ Hawelko/ Kuczinski ifo Stempin, Borkowski,...  $14


NEW YORK 1988, Bulletins for NY Open, tgw/on, Ivanchuk ifo Garcia, Larsen, Ivanovic, Tukmakov,.... SST $20


ST. JOHN 1988, titled "World Opens 1987-1988, over 750 games, unattibuted but from the format & typography but likely published by Tournament Chess. Has the two GM St. John Tourneys: #1 won by Benjamin ifo Rohde/ Suba, Barlov, Chernin,... #2 won by Seirawan, Lputian/ Damjanovic, Tal/ Vaganian,... tgw/o. With other events too: Lugano, Graz, Oakham, Sibernik, Cannes, ... p, exc, $20

WORLD CUP 1988/99, L. Kavalek, h, exc, inscribed by Kavalek. With dj. 285p. A complex series of eliminations led to Kasparov, Karpov, Salov, Ehlvest, Lubojevic/Nunn,...Selected games with detailed notes. Hundreds of games w/o notes from the different stages of the competition in Brussels, Belfort, Reyjavik, Rotterdam, and Skelleftea. a) the inscribed copy, $60. b) h, exc, w/o inscription, $30.

EREVAN 1989, Russ. bull(14), unbd, Ivanchuk ifo Lputyan, Azmarpashvili/  Akopyan/  

 Romanishin, Gligoric,$40

WARSAW 1989, "Polonia 89" open, Polish bulletins, 115p., in English(little prose), 14 GM's were among the 140 participants (Romanishin, Cseshkorvsky, Kholmov,....) tgw/on, SST, p, exc.  $12

KASPAROV - KARPOV 1990, Seirawan & Tisdall, Seattle, 1991. p, exc, A really good book due to the extensive and meaningful notes which show the depth of these great players thoughts. 251p. $25

MANILA 1990, Ftacnik & Stohl, Czechoslovakia, 1990, p, mint, Foreward in English. Notes to many games in Informant-style condensed notation. 159p. Gelfand/ Ivanchuk ifo Short/ Anand,Sax/ Korchnoi/Hübner,... SST, $25 

ALEKHINE MEMORIAL 1991-1995, Moscow, 1996. Russian top level postal tourney. with 31 of Alekhine's postal games with notes. With the games (some with notes) from the tourney itself won by Gipslis ifo Sanakoev/ Bzhuska, Sliwa, ...   In Russian.  $25

NEW YORK 1991, S1 Editrice, SST, 100 selected games. Goldin ifo Ehlvest, Kamsky, Epishin, Dreev,...   p, mint, $15

CHIGORIN MEMORIAL INTERNATIONAL POSTAL TOURNAMENT 1992-1995,  Moscow, 1997, p, mint, 81p, sel. games, small ed, Russian, 129 games.  Kopylov & Veinger ifo Ekeberg, Morgado, Gipslis,... Includes some early postal game by Chigorin.  $24

PHILADELPHIA 1993, World Open, bulletins of hundreds of games, SST; Yermolinsky ifo Kamsky, Shabalov, A. Ivanov, Ftacnik, Browne.... p, mint.  $24

USA - ARMENIA 1994, Armenia, in English, tgw/o notes, many photos, p, mint. Vaganian, Akopian, Lputian, Kaidanov, Gulko, Yermolinsky, Gulko, a.o. played  $15 


GRONINGEN 1995, H. Koop. p, exc, 239p. Dutch. A very nice book with many photos and analysis of some of the most interesting games. Karpov ifo Sokolov/Kamsky, Svidler, Adams, Leko,... In the Open GM Section: Onischuk ifo Rozentalis, Baburin,.. $35


KASPAROV - ANAND, NEW YORK 1995,World title match. Program, p, mint, 24p, Gives their 17 previous encounters w/o notes. Also gives various background material and photos. $10

DORTMUND 1996, 24th INTERNATIONALE SCHACHTAGE, a very high-quality modern tourney book for a very strong event. Kramnik /Anand ifo Gelfand Adams/ Polgar, Schirov...140p. Full notes. $24. 


PARSIPPANY 1996, US CH, Burris, a nice booklet with notes to some of the games, 46p.., with games from the US Junior (very strong) and the US Womens as well; Yermolinsky ifo Gulko/ Kaidanov.... p, exc, $22

YEREVAN 1996, 32nd Olympiad. Complete set of unbd bulletins ( is starting with #"0") Russia ifo Ukraine, USA, England, Armenia..... All the games w/on, scarce, p, exc.  $95

YEREVAN 1966, Two tournaments: Petrosian Memorial won by Lputian & Nikolic (round robin) and the Kasparian Memorial won by Sturna ifo Kachesvili.... SST, Russian bulletins (12). No notes. Many photos.  In English, p,  exc.  $48

KASPAROV VS. DEEP BLUE 1997, Goodman & Keene, Cambridge, Mass. 1997. A really fascinating book for a match where a computer finally wins against a very strong human. However it was only by one point in a six-game match. If the score were by such a small margin in a short match, it would scarcely  be convincing, but with an opponent who does not tire and does not get depressed if he loses, it is probably very convincing unless the human finds some gaping chink in the armor. p, mint, $18

12 SAKKOLIMPIA (London 1927-Moscow 1956), A. Földeak, Hungary 1958, Hungarian,p, exc, ELRS, FGML, 207p. with selected games from each of these Olimpiads with notes. $28


ELISTA 1998, 33rd Chess Olimpiad, complete set of 13 bulletins with all the games. Nicely produced bulletins with some good color photos, but there should have been more background and human interest material. p, exc. $50

MONTREAL 2002, Hébert, Montreal, 2002, 50p. p, mint, Degraeave ifo Kotronias, Ftacnik, Barsov, Nogueiras, Rosentalis,....  French, lt notes.   $20


BRNO 2006, Czech CH, by Klima & Cvek, titled Rosady pod Spilberkem, p, mint, 238p, $24

DRESDEN 2008, Olympiad United!, Fietz, Asik & Burtasva. An absolutely gorgeous large format book on this Olympiad with scores of fine photos and selected games with notes. In English. 304 pages. Also has many interesting articles. h, mint.  $65

REGGIO EMILIA 2007/2008, M. Marin & Y. Garrett, London, 2009. p, mint. 288p. Notable is the  list of these tournaments with x-tables from 1957/58 to 2007/2008. With very fine notes. $30


LATVIJA PASAULES SAHA OLIMPIADES, A. Fride & A. Auzins, Riga, 1993, 144p. Latvia at the Chess Olympiads with games, photos, cartoons. p, exc, $35

SOVETSKIE SHAKHMATISTY V BOR'BE ZA PERVENSTVO MIRA, Yudovich et al, Moscow, 1954, 424p, this covers a number of important events in 1950 with games annotated in depth: Budapest 1950, Bronstein-Boleslavsky tie-breaking match Botvinnik-Bronstein match 1951, Stockholm 1952 Interzonal, & more. h, exc, with dj, $49


CHESS TOURNAMENTS - A CHECKLIST Vol. I, 1849-1950, Jeremy Gaige, 137p, p, mint, a listing with place, dates, anwinners of some 10626 chess tournaments in this time frame. Not to be confused with Gaige's series of x-tables series. $40


CHESS OLYMPIADS 1927-1968, A. Foldeak, Dover reprint, NY, 1979, p, vg, with the uncouth habit a dealer had of sticking his advertising label on the title page. An outstanding collection of fine games from these Olympiads with lt notes. 417p. $14


BATTLES OF HASTINGS, R. Cload, Oxford, 1991, 141p, p, exc, a history of the tournaments plus selected annotated games. $26


THE 8TH U. S. CORRESPONDENCE CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP, Gerzadowicz & Wright, Tarpon Springs, 1995, p, mint, 127p, The 91 games with full notes, $30


SCHACH- BERICHTE, FEUILLETONS, ETC, H. Keidanski, 1896 -1898, a booklet of his chesscolumns on various German tournaments in this period, German, large format, No games, extensive accounts of tournaments, 29 p, CAISSA EDITIONS, 2011. $30


THE GREAT CHESS TOURNAMENTS & THEIR STORIES, A. Soltis, h, exc, with dj, Radnor, 1975. 257p. A fascinating story (partly fictional in the case of Sossnotzky's "Memoirs" at St. Petersburg 1914). Covers Hastings 1895, Bled 1961, Hague-Moscow 1948, etc. $42

THE POTTER MEMORIAL 1974 -?,Sutton Coldfield, ?, Wood had a habit of failing to give publication dates. p, mint,111p, Hollis ifo Kauranen, Berta,... 78 games, most with notes. $12



GILLAM SERIES OF TOURNAMENT AND MATCH BOOKS: Tony Gillam of Nottingham, England, has probably published more tournament books than anyone else in history—somewhere in the vicinity of 200, without my actually counting them. In this, his latest series, beginning about 9 years ago, there are the following, most of which are quite important in providing the only readily accessible published record of the event in one place. They have been published in small editions, and once gone, may well not be published again for some time to come. In the majority of cases not all the games could be found, but after painstaking research it was a question of publishing all that could be found or publishing nothing. Many are important events including ones with World Champions, World Champions-to-be, or ex-World Champions. I call this series his "orange series" (due to the color of the paper) to distinguish it from his much earlier (ca. 1962-1976) series of then current tournaments which numbered about 120. For the most part, notes are given to games where such were available in the literature. All are paperback editions, mint, the later ones having plastic protective jackets.

DUNDEE 1867, Gillam, 2011, p, mint, Neumann ifo Steinitz, De Vere, MacDonnell, Blackburne,... notes to most games, 47p. $18

NEW YORK 1913& NEW YORK 1913 (Rice CC Tourney), Gillam, 87p, Capablanca ifo Marshall, Jaffe, Janowski,…NY 1913, Rice CC Tourney: Capablanca (13 out of 13) ifo Chajes, Duras, Black, Marder, Kupchik, Adair,… $18

NEW YORK 1915, Gillam, 66p, Capablanca ifo Marshall, Chajes,.. Notes to many. $18

NICE 1931& NICE 1931 (Consultation Tourney), the regular tourney had Reilly ifo Baratz, Rosselli, Noteboom,… & Marcel Duchamp (who got only two draws),…The consultation tourney was mainly interesting because Alekhine was a participant, Notes to many. 46p, $18

ENGLISH TOURNAMENTS 1857-1866, K. Whyld, 2003, Manchester 1857 with Löwenthal, Anderssen, Pindar, Boden; Birmingham 1858 with Löwenthal, Staunton, Owen, Falkbeer, St. Amant…Cambridge 1860 had Kolisch, Geake, Stanley,…Manchester 1860-61: Pindar, Stanley, Horwitz,…Leeds 1861:Stanley, Thorold, Watkinson,…New Castle-upon-Tyne 1866: players unknown to me (Punshon, Semple,..) 54p. Whatever games still available are given with notes to some. $18

LONDON 1868/9, A. Gillam, 2003. 55p,140 games. Blackburne & DeVere ifo MacDonnell, Owen, Wormald, Wisker,…Notes to many. $18

BADEN BADEN 1870, Gillam, 1999, 47p, Anderssen ifo Steinitz, Blackburne, …notes to most. $18

CABLE MATCHES, GREAT BRITAIN – USA, 1895-1901, Gillam, 1997, 72p, for six of these years there was a great contest between Pillsbury & Blackburne on board one with the result of 2-1 and 3 draws in favor of that old lion, Blackburne. With notes to the games. $18

BERLIN 1897, ALTONA 1897, THOUSAND ISLANDS 1897, Gillam, 2000, 42p. The 3 events had the following: Berlin 1897: Von Bardeleben ifo Charousek, W. Cohn,…: Altona 1897: Metger ifo Süchting, Bier, Dimer; Thoudand Islands: Lipschüyz/Steinitz, Napier. Notes to most. $18

MONTE CARLO 1901, Gillam, 1995, 72p, with addendum sheet with additional games. Janowski ifo Schlechter, von Scheve, Chigorin, Alapin,...all the games that could be found. Notes to many. $18

MOSCOW 1901, Povarov, Nottingham, 1995, 44p. 2nd All-Russian Chess Tournament. Only a fraction of the games have been found. No notes. Chigorin ifo Schiffers, Janowski, Goncharov,.. $18

MONTE CARLO 1902, Gillam, 1997, 104p, Maroczy & Pillsbury ifo Janowski, Teichmann, Schlechter, Tarrasch,…Notes to many. $20

CABLE MATCHES, GREAT BRITAIN – USA 1902-1911, Gillam, 1997, 76p, top international players such as Pillsbury, Mason, Marshall, Burn, Blackburne,..took part in these matches. Notes to most games. $18

VIENNA 1904/05, Gillam, Nottingham, 1995, KGD Tourney, 52p, double rr. Schlechter ifo Maroczy, Perlis, Neumann/ Wolf, Albin,..Notes to many. $18

SEVEN MATCHES 1905, Gillam, 1995, 55p, Janowski-Marshall; Teichmann-Napier; Mieses-Napier; Mieses-Leonhardt; Marshall-Napier; Janowski-Taubenhaus; Tarrasch-Marshall. Notes to most. $18

BERLIN 1907, Gillam, Nottingham, 1994. 44p. Teichmann ifo Post, Spielmann, Notes to the games. $18

VIENNA 1907, Gillam, Nottingham, 1994, 56p. Mieses ifo Duras, Maroczy/Tartakower/ Vidmar, Schlechter, Berger, ...$18

ABBAZIA 1912, Gillam a.o., Nottingham, 1994. 44p, Notes to many. A King’s Gambit Accepted tourney won by Spielmann ifo Duras, Cohn, Reti,… $18

VILNIUS 1912, Gillam, Povarov & Kalendovsky, CP ltd ed (100 numbered copies), 32p, Has all the games found so far. Rubinstein ifo Bernstein, Lewitzky, Nimzovich, Flamberg, Alekhine/ Levenfish.... About half the games have been found, tgw/on. Also has some games from the All-Russian Amateurs tournament won by Hromadka ifo Bogoljubov,...$30

DEBRECEN 1913, Vecsey & Foldeak, 1997, 91p, unlike the other volumes in this series, almost all of this is in Hungarian, being a reprint in large part of the extremely scarce Hungarian tournamemt book. Asztalos, Reti, Sterk, Breyer,..$18

WARSAW 1913, ST. PETERSBURG 1913, NEW YORK 1913, BUDAPEST 1913, A. Gillam, 2011, 49p, p, mint, Warsaw 1913 had Flamberg ifo Duras Lowtzky; St. Petersburg 1913 had Alekhine & Levenfishifo Znosko-Norovsky & Duras; New York 1913 Progressive Chess Club had Marshall ifo Duras, Chajes, and Jaffe. $18

HASTINGS 1919, Capablanca ifo Kostic, Thomas,/ Yates,...60p. notes to many. $18

ENGLISH TOURNAMENTS 1920-22, Gillam, 1997. 64p. covers Bromley 1920, Hastings 1920-21, Broadstairs 1921, Hastins 1921-22, Weston-Super-Mare 1922, North of England CH, 1921. Notes to many. $18

UTRECHT 1920-AMSTERDAM 1920-BERLIN 1920, Gillam, Nottingham, 1996. Utrecht: Maroczy ifo Tartakower, Olland, Oskam. Amsterdam: Reti ifo Maroczy/ Tartakower, Euwe, Marchand...Berlin: Breyer ifo Bogoljubov/ Tartakower, Reti,...68p. $18

HASTINGS 1922/23, MARGATE 1923, LIVERPOOL 1923, Gillam, 1999. Hastings had Rubinstein ifo Reti, Siegheim, Conde, Norman, Yates, Blake,… Margate 1923 had Grünfeld ifo Alekhine/ Bogoljubow/ Michell, Muffang, …Liverpool ifo Maroczy, Thomas,…notes to most. $18

HASTINGS 1923/24 & WESTON-SUPER-MARE 1924, Gillam, Nottingham, 1995. 63p. Hastings: Euwe ifo Maroczy, Colle/ Yates, Michell/ Seitz,... Weston-super-Mare: Euwe ifo Thomas, Znosko-Borovsky,... Notes to many. $18

MERAN 1924, Gillam, Nottingham, 1998, 56p,Grünfeld ifo Spielmann, Rubinstein, Przepiorka,…notes to most. $18

HASTINGS 1924/25, BROMLEY 1925, SCARBOROUGH 1925, LONDON TRIANGULAR 1925, Gillam, Nottingham, 1995. Hastings: Maroczy ifo Yates, Seitz in Section 1; Section 2: Przepiorka/ Steiner/ Tartakower ifo Sergeant,... Scarborough: Romih ifo Conde... Section 2: Wenman ifo V. Kahn, Groen,... Bromley: Finals: Mattison ifo Skalicka, Apscheneek, Hromadka. London: Rubinstein ifo Thomas/ Yates. $18

HASTINGS 1925/26, WESTON-SUPER-MARE 1926, SCARBOROUGH 1926, BIRMINHAM 1926, Gillam, 1998, 83p, Hastings had Alekhine/ Vidmar ifo Kmichell, Seitz, Colle,… WSM had Euwe ifo Colle,… Scarborough had Alekhine ifo Thomas, Kahn,…Birmingham had Alekhine ifo Price, Znosko-Borovsky,…Notes to most. $18

AMSTERDAM 1926, LAKE HOPATCONG 1926, BERLIN 1926, Gillam, 1997, 64p. Amsterdam: Colle ifo Tartakower, Euwe..; Lake Hopatcong: Capablanca ifo Kupchik, Maroczy, Marshall, Ed Lasker; Berlin: Bogoljubow ifo Rubinstein, Ahues, Grünfeld, Spielmann, ..Notes to most. $18

MERAN 1926, Gillam, Nottingham, 1996. 52p. Colle ifo Canal, Pzepiorka, Spielmann, Kostic, Yates,...Notes to many. $18

FOUR POLISH CHAMPIONSHIPS WARSAW 1926, LODZ 1927, WARSAW 1935, JURATA 1937, T. Lissowski, The Chess Player, Nottingham, 2003. Some 134 games from these tournaments have survived. The last three tournaments were quite strong at the top with Rubinstein and Tartakower at Lodz 1927; Tartakower and Najdorf at Warsaw 1935; and Tartakower, Stahlberg, Najdorf, E. Steiner, Pirc, Foltys .. at Jurata. P, mint, 65p, $18.

HASTINGS 1926/27, TUNBRIDGE WELLS 1927, SCARBOROUGH 1927, Gillam, Nottingham, 1996. Hastings had Tartakower ifo Colle, Yates, Norman, Reti,.... Tunbridge Wells: Thomas & Yates ifo Buerger/ Colle, Reti,... Scarborough: Colle ifo Fairhurst& Yates, Buerger/ Thomas/ Wahltuch, Bogoljubov,... 76p. Notes to some. $18

LONDON 1927, Whyld, 2nd ed, 2001. The first chess Olympiad. 79p, about 20 more games were unearthed for this second ed. Hungary won ifo Denmark, Britain, Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, …$18

HASTINGS 1927/28, CHELTENHAM 1928, SCARBOROUGH 1929, Gillam, 1999, 47p. Hastings: Tartakower ifo L. Steiner, Buerger, Colle, Yates,…Cheltenham: Buerger ifo Drewitt, Seitz,… Scarborough: Winter ifo Colle, Michell, …47p. $18

BERLIN TAGEBLATT 1928, Gillam, 1998. 59p, Capablanca ifo Nimzovich, Spielmann, Tartakower, Reti, Rubinstein, a double round robin. Notes to most games. $18

BRNO 1928& BERLIN 1928, Kalendovsky & Gillam, Nottingham, 1996. 67p, Brno had Reti/ Sämisch ifo Kmoch, Marshall/ Opocensky,.. Berlin 1928 had Bogoljubov ifo Sämisch, Grünfeld, Kostic,....$18

THE HAGUE OLYMPIAD 1928, Gillam, 1998, 79p, Euwe ifo Przepiorka, Mattison, Golmayo, Treybal,…no notes. $18

GIESSEN 1928& TRENCIANSKE TEPLICE 1928, Kalendovsky, 1998, 35p, Giessen: Reti ifo Tartakower, Sämisch,..TT: Kostic ifo E. Steiner, Sämisch, Spielmann, Grünfeld,…$18

BUDAPEST 1928, Foldeak, The Siesta Tournament. 2001. Capablanca ifo Marshall, Spielmann, Kmoch, E. Steiner,…43p. notes to all games. $18

HASTINGS 1928/29 & SCARBOROUGH 1929, Gillam, Nottingham, 1996. 51p. Hastings had Colle/ Marshall/ Takacs ifo Koltanowski, Yates... Scarborough had Saunders/ Tartakower ifo Thomas, Waltuch,...Notes to some.$18

BARCELONA 1929, Gillam, Nottingham, 1995. Capablanca ifo Tartakower, Cole,...Notes to some. 51p. $18

PARIS 1929, ROGASKA SLATINA 1929, Gillam, 1999, 79p, Paris: Tartakower ifo Baratz, Colle, Znosko-Borovsky,….. Rogaska Slatina: Rubinstein ifo Flohr, Maroczy, Pirc, Takacs,…notes to some in each event. $18

HASTINGS 1929/30, CANTERBURY 1930, HASTINGS 1930/31, Gillam, 1999, 57p. Hastings 29/30: Capablanca ifo Vidmar, Yates, Maroczy,… Canterbury: Thomas ifo Seitz, Winter,… Hastings30/31: Euwe ifo Capablanca, Sultan Khan,…Notes to some. $18

RAMSGATE 1929, Gillam, Nottingham, 1995. Capablanca ifo Rubinstein, Menchik, ...52p, notes to a few. $18

HASTINGS 1931/32, CAMBRIDGE 1932, LANGFORD CLUB MATCH 1932, Gillam, 1999, 51p. Hastings 1931/32: Flohr ifo Kashdan, Euwe, … Cambridge: Sultan Khan ifo Alexander, van den Bosch,…Notes to some. $18

BERLIN CHAMPIONSHIP 1932 & SWINEMÜNDE 1932, Gillam, 1998, 47p. Berlin: Helling ifo Rellstab, Richter,… Swinemünde: Stoltz ifo Rödl, Mieses, Richter,..$18

FOLKESTONE OLYMPIAD 1933, Gillam, 2000,63p. USA ifo Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Poland,…no notes. $18

SOPOT 1935, LODZ 1935, MILWAUKEE 1935, Lahde, 2001, 59p, Spot: Stahlberg ifo Stoltz, Larsson, Damielsson (double rr); Lodz: Tartakower ifo Kolski/ Fine, Opocensky,… Milwaukee: Fine ifo Dake, Kashdan, Chevalier,…Notes to some. $18

NEW YORK 1938 - US CHAMPIONSHIP, P. Lahde, 2001, 59p, Reshevsky ifo Fine, Simonson, Horowitz, Kashdan, Dake…,..notes to some. $18

LENINGRAD 1939, Botvinnik & Ragosin, transl. By Baburin, 11th USSR CH, 88p, 1997. all the games, some with notes. Botvinnik ifo Kotov, Belawenetz,..$18

AUGSBURG 1946 & REGENSBURG 1946, Gillam, Augsburg: Unzicker ifo Zemgalis, Tautvaisas, Sämisch, Endzelins, ..Regensburg: Bohatirchuk ifo Zemgalis, Unzicker, …47p, $18

KASSEL 1947, CP ed, Gillam, p, mint. Bogoljubow ifo P. Schmidt, Unzicker, Tröger, Endzelins, Bohatyrchuk,.. Lt. notes to a few. $17

LÜNEBURG 1947, Gillam, 2000, 62p, Bogoljubow ifo Rödl, Heinicke,…all the games for this 8-man round robin. Notes to some. $18

OLDENBURG 1949, Gillam, 73p, Zemgalis/Bogoljubow ifo Heinicke, Rossolimo,…notes to a few. $18

ROSTOV-ON-DON 1960, Gillam, 2001, 41p. 28thUSSR Semi-final, Spassky ifo Boleslavsky, Bannik, Khasin,…no notes. $18

VILNIUS 1960, Gillam & Stohl, 28th USSR CH semi-final. 45p, Gufeld, Simagin, Polugayevsky ifo Cherepkov, Gipslis,…no notes. $18

BUENOS AIRES 1939, CP ed, Gillam & J. S. Morgado. p, mint. Najdorf& Keres ifo Czerniak/Stahlberg, Frydman, Grau.... Lt. notes. (Includes ROSARIO 1939, which see), $19

ROSARIO 1939, CP ed, p, mint, Morgado & Gillam, Petrovs ifo Eliskases, Mikenas, R. Garcia Vera/ O. Garcia Vera,... Lt. notes to some. (includes BUENOS AIRES 1939, which see). $19

BUENOS AIRES 1941 & MONTEVIDEO 1941, Chess Player edition, p, mint, Nottingham, 2008. At Buenos Aires: Stahlberg/ Najdorf ifo Frydman, Michel,Guimard,...Notes to very few. At Montevideo: Eliskases ifo Luckis, Engels, Balparda,... $18

LA PLATA 1944, Chess Player ed, p, mint, Nottingham, 2008. Najdorf ifo Stahlberg, Julio Bolbochan, Pelikan, Michel/ Rossetto/ Maderna,... Notes to only a few. $18

BUENOS AIRES 1945 & BUENOS AIRES 1944, Chess Player ed. p, mint, Buenos Aires 1945: Najdorf ifo Stahlberg/ Guimard, Michel/ Czerniak, Notes to a few. BUENOS AIRES 1944: Regence Tourney.Gillam, Cristia ifo Michel/ Becker, Piazzini, Reinhardt. $18

AHMEDABAD 1955, V. Pandit, 2011, p, mint, one of the very few Indian tournaments for which there is a book. Fontana ifoSapre, Gupta,... notes to some games. 43p, $18

TASHKENT 1958, CP ed, Gillam, Nottinghame, 2009, p, mint, Kholmov ifo Geller/ Korchnoi, Gufeld, Gipslis, Simagin, Byshev, Tarasov, Shaposnikov, Osnos, Grushevsky, Peterson, Katalimov, Vladimirov, Rubel. 36p. tgw/on. $20

LENINGRAD 1961, CP ed, Gillam, Nottingham, 2009, p, mint.Taimanov/ Spassky ifo Vladimirov, Osnos/ Geller, Shishkin, Furman/ Ljavdansky/ Tolush,Byshev,.... 34th Leningrad CH & semi-final of the 29th USSR CH. Notes to only a few. 51p. $22

ODESSA 1960, CP ed, Gillam, Nottingham, 2009, p, mint. Averbakh ifo Bronstein, Stein/ Furman/ Kotov, Vasiukov, Shianovsky,... 47p. Lt notes to a few games. $22

BUENOS AIRES 1939, CP ed, Gillam & J. S. Morgado. p, mint. Najdorf& Keres ifo Czerniak/Stahlberg, Frydman, Grau.... Lt. notes. (Includes ROSARIO 1939, which see), $19

ROSARIO 1939, CP ed, p, mint, Morgado & Gillam, Petrovs ifo Eliskases, Mikenas, R. Garcia Vera/ O. Garcia Vera,... Lt. notes to some. (includes BUENOS AIRES 1939, which see). $19


AMSTERDAM 1889, Olomouc, reprint. Dutch. With notes. Burn ifo Lasker, Mason,... h, $38

AMSTERDAM 1899, Olomouc. reprint, Dutch. Atkins ifo Olland, Tresling, ... With notes. h, $38

BERLIN 1937, SNZZ, Brno, 1994. No notes. Saemisch ifo Bogoljubow, Reinhardt/ Richter,... p, $6

BRATISLAVA 1925, Kalendovsky, Brno, 1995, Czech. Notes to some. Reti ifo Engel, Pokorny, ... p, $7

BUENOS AIRES 1939, SNZZ, Brno, 1992. No notes. Najdorf/ Keres ifo Czerniak/ Stahlberg... no notes. p, $6

BUENOS AIRES LA PLATA 1947, SNZZ, Brno, 1992, Double rr. Stahlberg ifo Najdorf, Eliskases, Euwe, Pilnik, Rossetto. No notes. All the games. p, $5

DUISBURG 1929, Kalendovsky, German & Czech. Notes to some. Ahues ifo Leonhardt, Saemisch, Helling,... p, $7

EBENSEE 1930, Kmoch ifo Eliskases, Becker... no notes, Olomouc, 2006.p, $14

FRANKFURT 1887, Olomouc, 1997. No notes, all the games, Mackenzie ifo Blackburne/Weiss, von Bardeleben,.. p, $8

HAMBURG 1885, Olomouc, 1998, no notes. Gunsberg ifo Blackburne/ Englisch/ Mason/ Tarrasch/ Weiss, Mackenzie,.. all the games, $7

HASTINGS 1925/26, Kalendovsky. Alekhine/Vidmar ifo Michell/Seitz,... Czech. Notes to some, Olomouc, 1995. Not all the games are given. p, $7

HEREFORD 1885, Skipworth, reprint, Moravian Chess, Burn ifo Schallopp, Bird,...p, $25

HILVERSUM 1903, Olomouc, reprint. Dutch. With notes. Leonhardt ifo Duras, Leussen,...$25

MAR DEL PLATA 1947, SNZZ, Brno, 1994, all the games, w/o notes. Najdorf ifo Stahlberg, Eliskases, Pilnik,... p, $8

NEW YORK 1924, Alekhine, p, mint, a nicely laid-out algebraic edition. 352p. Lasker¹s great win ifo Capa and Alekhine, Marshall, $24

PRAGUE 1905, Fiala, Olomouc, 2006, English. With notes. Duras ifo Taussig, Treybal, ... h, $32

QUILMES 1945, SNZZ, Brno, 1992, Stahlberg ifo Czerniak/ Letelier/ Reinhardt/ Skalicka...w/o notes. p, $5

ROME 1875, Olomouc, reprint, Italian. With notes. Seni ifo Maluta, Tonetti,... h, $38.

STOCKHOLM 1919, SNZZ, Brno, 1994. Spielmann ifo Rubinstein, Bogoljubow Reti. Quadruple rr. no notes, p, $5

THE HAGUE 1873, Fiala, Olomouc, 2005, Gifford/ Blijdenstein ifo De Vogel,... No notes, p, $20




BADEN BADEN 1925, Edited by Jimmy Adams. Yorklyn, 1991. Hardback, 382 pages. Notes by Grekov and a host of great annotators including Lasker, Alekhine, Tartakower, Rabinovich, Burn, Grünfeld, Grigoriev, Levenfish, Romanovsky, Sozin, a.o., A tournament book worthy of this great event, which was one of Alekhine's finest performances. Easily one of the best tournament books ever published in English, with a cornucopia of great games from the golden age of hypermodern chess. Also included is a full translation of Alekhine's booklet (originally published in French) on the Theoretical Value of the Openings at Baden Baden 1925, along with surveys of the tournament by Tarrasch, Kmoch, Tartakower, Helms, Goetz, and Kagan. Won by Alekhine ahead of Rubinstein, Sämisch, Bogoljubow, Marshall, Tartakover,... $60 only a handful left*

BUDAPEST 1896, John Owen. Yorklyn, 1994. Notes by Maroczy, Charousek, & other contemporary masters with editing and additional commentary by John Owen. Chigorin & Charousek tied for first followed by Pillsbury, Schlechter/Janowsky, Winawer/Walbrodt, Tarrasch, Albin/Maroczy, Marco, Noa, & Popiel. Includes the Chigorin-Charousek tie-breaking match. Photos & career records of the contestants. Hardback, 205p. $30*

BUFFALO 1901 & 1894, John Hilbert, Yorklyn, 1996. Hardback, iv + 95p. Notes from contemporary sources. At Buffalo 1901 Pillsbury won ahead of Delmar, Napier, Howell, Marshall, and Karpinski in a double-round event. At Buffalo 1894 Showalter edged Pillsbury out by half a point, followed by Albin and Farnsworth also in a double-round format. Both tournaments are previously unpublished. Also given are all the serious games contested between Pillsbury and Marshall and an article on blindfold play by Pillsbury. Good material on U.S. chess history of that era. 18 photos and drawings. $28*

NEW YORK 1940, John Hilbert, Yorklyn, 2002. hardback, 209+iv pages. A first-rate tournament book for a strong US Championship in which Reshevsky just edged out Fine by 1/2 point. Kashdan was third followed by Pinkus, Simonson, Denker, Kupchik, Bernstein, Polland, Reinfeld, Shainswit, Adams, Seidman, Green, Hanauer, Woliston, and Littman. Notes to most of the games are from contemporary sources, and Fritz 7 checked many of the critical positions. Good photos along with some games from the qualifying sections, brief biographies of the players plus some of their games from other events. $37*

NUREMBERG 1896, Dr. S. Tarrasch, translated from the original German book by John Owen with additional notes culled from contemporary sources. Yorklyn, 1999. hardback, x + 403 pages, hardback. Notes to all the games plus two photos, bibliography, openings index, and tournament records of the contestants. Another powerful Lasker win in front of the young Maroczy, with Tarrasch and Pillsbury tied a point and a half behind, followed by Janowski, Steinitz, Walbrodt, Schlechter, Schiffers, Chigorin, Blackburne, Charousek, Marco, Albin, Winawer, Showalter, Porges, Schallopp, and Teichmann. $45*

ST. PETERSBURG 1914, Tarrasch, Yorklyn, 1993. Hardback, 267 pages and 21 photos. Dr. Tarrasch and augmented by notes of many other famous players such as Alekhine, Lasker, Marco, Bernstein, Reinfeld. An extremely good tournament book for one of the greatest chess tournaments all time. Lasker just beat out Capablanca, followed by Alekhine, Tarrasch, Marshall and other greats of the day. $38*                    

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