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NEW !  THE FABULOUS BUDAPEST GAMBIT, Victor Moskalenko, Alkmaar, 2007, p, mint, 241 p. The Budapest is for the adventurous fighters tired of the same staid, boring chess so often played. Even strong professional players are often tripped up by knowledgable practitioners of this doughty defense.  $24 

THE COMPLETE ALBIN COUNTER-GAMBIT, Luc Henris, Belgium, 2013,p, 613p. p, mint, A massive treatment of this dangerous weapon against the Queen's Gambit. The author is a FIDE Master. Excellent analysis with many new ideas. The layout is also excellent. $26 



CARNEGIE-MELLON MAGAZINE,Winter 1985,various articles on computers in chess and especialy on the genius Clarence Zener,$8. 

LEOPIK, Hindre, Nei, Renter, Rosenfeld, Tallinn, 1955. h, vg, 352p, Estonian. Mainly openings, but with a 50p section on endgames and a 130p section on the middle game. $40.

IDEAS BEHIND THE CHESS OPENINGS, R. Fine, NY, 1972 reprint, p, vg, 240, one of the best general works on the openings ever. $8

APERTURAS DE AJEDREZ, R. Rey Ardid, Zaragoza, 1945, 2 vol-set, v. 1:152p. v. 2: 135p. p, exc. $22

HANDBUCH DES SCHACHSPIELS VON P. R. BILGUER - ERGÄNZUNGSHEFT, J. Mieses, Berlin/Leipzig 1921, Mieses' supplement to Schlechter's famous 8th edition. h, exc, rebd, ELRS, FGML, $45

MODERNE SCHACHTHEORIE-DIE INDISCHEN VERTEIDIGUNGEN UND DIE ÜBRIGEN GESCHLOSSENEN SPIELE, L. Pachman, Prague, 1956, h, exc, with dj. 446p. For its clear layout and excellent coverage, still valuable today. $15


DEBUTS DU JEU D´ECHECS - LEUR DESIGNATION UNIFORME, FIDE, Prague (1933). 54p. An attempt to systematize the names of openings. 54p. p, vg, $10

ESTRATEGEMAS Y CELADAS EN LAS APERTURAS DE AJEDREZ, E. Marchisotti, 2nd ed, Buenoos Aires, 1947, 117p. p, vg. A nice collection of openings traps with the full games given. $14.

KURS DEBYUTOV, Panov & Estrin, Moscow, 1968, h, exc, 424p, Includes 93 fully annotated games as illustrations of the way to proceed in the chosen opening. Covers the entire range of openings with very detailed analysis by two top Soviet openings experts. $16

LÄROBOK I SCHACK, G. & L. Collijn, with the cooperation of Reti, Rubinstein, & Spielmann. Stockholm, 1921. A nice copy, h, vg, 541p. One of the best openings compilations in its day with 132 annotated illustrative games + a large section on endgames as well. $95

MALAYA DEBYUTNAYA ENTSIKLOPEDIYA, Ya. Estrin, Mpscoe, 1985, 672p. The Russian MCO! A good MCO-like layout with an enormous amount of material organized and check by Russian IMs and IGMs. Largely languageless. $13

DIE SCHACHTHEORIE - OFFENE SPIELE, Carl Ahues, Hamburg, 1948. p, 32p, with an MCO-type format. Scarce. exc. $10

THE CHESS OPENINGS CONSIDERED CRITICALLY AND PRACTICALLY, H. E. Bird, London, 1878, 248p, h, vg, a nice copy with the decorative covers. $155

UNA CLASIFICACION DE APERTURAS, J. B. Sanchez Perez, Madrid, 1933, scarce. p, vg, with the chess book plate of a notable collection. 119p. $22


WHITE TO PLAY AND WIN, Weaver Adams, Philadelphia, 1939, David McKay, hardback, about 4.5 x 6.5 inches. 167 pages. Excellent condition. A famous book in which the author attempts to show that with his analysis White can win. Of course, this attempt has long since been refuted by thousands of additional analyses that show that Black has dynamic chances. Nevertheless a seminal work on the chess openings of the day. Scarce. Actually a self-published mimeographed precursor to this edition exists, but few copies are still in existence due to the cheap quality paper in that still earlier edition. $60


KOMBINATSII I LOVUSHKI V DEBYUTE, B. Vainshtein, Moscow, 1965, p, vg, 94p, A good book on combinations in the openings, $8

SEMI-OPEN GAMES, Pachman, London, 1965, h, exc, with dj. 329p. Despite the passage of time, still a valuable openings book in terms of the excellent layout and vast knowledge of the author. $26


SIMPLE CHESS, W. Adams, 1946.  p, exc,11p. principally on the Vienna Game and the French Defense. Adams was an inventive player and thought that White should be able to "play and win."  A continuation for his WHITE TO PLAY AND WIN  book around 1941.  $15

BEATING THE OPEN GAMES, M. Marin, Gothenburg, 2007, p, mint, 288p. In my view Marin has elevated the quality of opening books by a full notch. They do a superb job of explaining, the layout is fine, and their readability is excellent. $26.

TEORIBULLETIN STOCKHOLM-CURACAO 1962, Schackbulletinens Förlag, p,vg, 10p. large format, A survey of openings in these two major tournaments byRussian GM's. $6.





THE COMPLETE ALBIN COUNTER-GAMBIT, Luc Henris, Belgium, 2013,p, 613p. p, mint, A massive treatment of this dangerous weapon against the Queen's Gambit. The author is a FIDE Master. Excellent analysis with many new ideas. The layout is also excellent. $26

ALBINS GEGENGAMBIT  (ABIN'S COUNTER-GAMBIT), Raetzki & Tschetwerik, Schwieberdingen, 1998. German & English. h, mint, 145p. With some 239 example games. $19.

ALBINS GEGENGAMBIT, L. Steinkohl & H. Heemsoth, Düsseldorf, 1968, p, mint, 96p, with brief biographies of some of the ket advocates. German. $12


ALEKHINE'S DEFENSE,  Chess Digest, Based on Boleslavsky, Bagirov, & the Informants p through #12. 43p, p, vg, fc stained at edges. Chess Digest openings booklets are often very good condensations of top-gun analysis bRussian openings experts. X-1, $4


THE BISHOP'S OPENING EXPLAINED, G. Lane, London, 2004, 160p. Good illustrative games. p, mint. $22



BLACKMAR DIEMER GAMBIT, E. Schiller, Coraopolis, 1993, 81p. p, mint, $11

DAS MODERNE BLACKMAR-DIEMER-GAMBIT, E. J. Diemer, Bd. 1, 3rd ed, Heidelberg, 1978, p, exc, 191p. b) Bd. 2, 2nd, ed, A. Freidl, p, exc, Heidelberg, 1984. 204p. c) Bd. 3, 1st ed, Heidelberg, 1980, G. Studier, 180p.p, exc. d) Bd. 4, Heidelberg, 1983, A. Freidl, 195p, p, exc. $120 the set of 4 vols. Sold as a set only. After April 28, 2011 the vols will be sold separately at $35/ vol.

DIE O'KELLY-VERTEIDIGUNG IM BLACKMAR-DIEMAR-GAMBIT, V. Hergert. Düsseldorf,1993. p, mint, 65p. $18

BLACKMAR-DIEMER GAMBIT, G. Gunderam, Düsseldorf, 1982, p, mint, German. 103p. $20

BLACKMAR-DIEMER GAMBIT KEYBOOK, Tim Sawyer, Davenport, 1992. 137p. p. mint, $23


 THE FABULOUS BUDAPEST GAMBIT, Victor Moskalenko, Alkmaar, 2007, p, mint, 241 p. The Budapest is for the adventurous fighters tired of the same staid, boring chess so often played. Even strong professional players are often tripped up by knowledgable practitioners of this doughty defense.  $24 


DIE CARO-KANN VERTEIDIGUNG, E. Varnusz, Franklin -am-Main, 1983, p, exc, 183p, Detailed analysis + 55 fully annotated example games. $14


DIE CARO-KANN, B. Ullrich, Berlin, 1952, ,from a GM's library, ex-library, with release stamp. p, exc, 94p. $26

CARO-KANN—DER PANOV-ANGRIFF, Kuligowski/ Erlbeck, Nürnberg, 1989, p, mint, German. 125p. $10


CATALAN OPENING, Moiseyev & Ravinskky, Macon, 1984, p, mint. 139p. A good introduction by two Russian experts in this system. $16

PLAY THE CATALAN, Y. Neishtadt, Vol. 1,Oxford, 1987 p, mint, xiii + 244p. Together with vol. II here, a very thorough work on this excellent way for White to play due to its relatively rare appearance for a solid opening with many transpositional tricks. $20.  b) Vol. II, vii, Oxford, 1988. $16


NORDISCHES GAMBIT, I. Firnhaber, Düsseldorf, 1989, p, mint, 128p, German. A thorough analysis with 46 illustrative games with notes. $18


THE EVANS GAMBIT REVOLUTION, R. Moody, Dallas, 1995. 137p. The author attempts to show that this famous gambit is sound and full of promise. p, mint. $16.50



THE WONDERFUL WINAWER,V. Moskalenko, Alkmaar, 2019, p, exc, 272p.   Strategic ideas & surprise weapons for dynamic chess players, with an introduction by a Korchnoi, a great practioner of this fascinating line. Indispensible for francophiles. $24


DIE FRANZÖSISCHE PARTIE, G. Maroczy, Berlin/Leipzig 1927, h, vg, from a GM's collection, ex-library with a release stamp. 48 well-annotated games. Some marginalia in pencil. $39

ADVANCE AND OTHER ANTI-FRENCH VARIATIONS, Lev Psakhis, London, 2003, 160p. A good book by an ex-USSR Champion who is also a French Def. expert. p, mint, $22


THE KILLER GROB, M. Basman, Oxford, 1991. p, mint, 175p, a great opening in terms of its surprise effect as well as being better than its reputation. Basman's victims included Nunn, Speelman, Plaskett, Hebden, Tisdall, Hebden,...$19

GROB'S ANGRIFFF, H. Grob, Zürich, 1963, German, p, exc, with many games in the text. 55p. $24

WOJO'S WEAPONS - WINNING WITH WHITE, vol. 3, J. Hilton & D. Ippolito,Boston, 2012.  Centered mainly on a good White system against the Grünfeld but with good suggestions with the English, the Dutch, and some miscellaneous lines. "Wojo" refers to the very talented late GM Aleksander Wojtkiewicz.$30.


INDISKAYA ZASHITA, S. Tartakower, Moscow, 1925. h, vg. 103p. An historically important book on opening theory of the hypermoderns. With example games. $17


THE ITALIAN GAME, Harding & Botterill, London, 1977, h, mint, with dj, 136p. Still an excellent book on the Giuoco Piano.$28

ITALIAN GAME AND EVANS GAMBIT, J. Pinski, London, 2005. 160p. These modern openings books always have fascinating, lively games.  $25  



A BUST TO THE KING'S GAMBIT, Bobby Fischer, a reprint of his famous article from that weird publication The AMERICAN CHESS QUARTERLY.  8p. $2

COMPLETE CHESS OPENINGS -KING'S GAMBIT, part of the Colin Leach series. Britain, 1995.This vol. covers 2.f4 ef4 3.Bc4 Qh4 4.Kf1 & 2...ef4 3.Bc4 w/o 4...g5/d5  and 2....ef4 3.Bc4 w/o 3...g5/h5/Qh4/d5/nf6.  p, exc, MCO-type format. Nearly 200 games with more games and analysis in the addenda. This and the following two volumes are a gold mine for the KG enthusiasts. 50p.   p, mint, $13.

COMPLETE CHESS OPENINGS -KING'S GAMBIT, part of the Colin Leach series. Britain, 1995.This vol. covers 2.f4 ef4 3.Bc4 Qh4 4.Kf1, g5. MCO-type layout.140 games. 54p. p, mint. $13

EL GAMBITO DE REY, Paul Keres. One of the best Kings's Gambit  Player's of all time. A treatment in Spanish. p,exc.103p,$13.

COMPLETE CHESS OPENINGS -RUY LOPEZ, part of the Colin Leach series. Britain, 1995.This vol. covers the Schliemann Defense.  MCO-type layout. 50p. Over 275 games. p, mint, $15

500 KING'S GAMBIT MINIATURES, B. Wall, Coraopois, 1976, p, vg, 101p. $9

DAS ANGENOMMENE KÖNIGSGAMBIT, Carl Schlechter, Berlin, (1918), ELRS, FGML, h, vg, Schlechter's analysis is well known for its accuracy. $21



KING'S INDIAN DEFENSE - TACTICS, IDEAS, EXERCISES, N. Minev, p, mint, 106p. Good exercises and entire games. X-1.  $13.

BEATING THE KING'S INDIAN AND BENONI, A. Vaisser, Seattle, 1997. 144p. Features the Four Pawns Attack as the basis for his system . p, mint, $21

DANGEROUS WEAPONS - THE KING'S INDIAN, Palliser, G. Flear, & Y. Dembo, London, 2009. p, mint. An interesting format in which in addition to the main line considered,  some dynamic newer lines are developed. 272p.  $24

DEFENSA INDIA DE REY, P. Cherta, Barcelona, 1962. 231p. A good treatment for that time. p, vg. Spanish. X-1. $6

THE CLASSICAL KING'S INDIAN, J. Nunn, London, 1990, p, exc,sl. sun-faded covers.    111p. $20

THE MAIN LINE KING'S INDIAN, Nunn & Burgess, NY, 1996, p, exc, 320p. excellent coverage of this dynamic defense to 1.d4. In addition to detailed coverage of all the key lines the authors give guidance to the ideas of the various systems. $28


NIMZO-LARSEN ATTACK, Jacobs & Tait, London, 2001, p, mint, 192p, includes 69 complete games with full notes. In my opinion this has much to recommend it in studying the openings because it integrates the beginning moves into the fabric of the entire game rather than just having the opening stand alone. Transition to the middle game is where most lesser players founder, $20


LETTISCH GAMBIET, L.C.M. Diepstraten, Vol. 2, Venlo-Antwerp, 19996, p, mint, 246p, Dutch. Extremely full coverage of this aggressive and complex defense to 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3. With some 1469 game citations in just this volume.  $28

UNDERSTANDING THE LENINGRAD DUTCH, V. Beim, London, 2002. The author is an excellent chess teacher and trainer who has an excellent way of teaching this exciting and aggressive defence to 1.d4. 192p. p, mint, $22.


THE NIMZO-INDIAN 4. e3,C. Hansen, London, 2004, this is the book on the main line of the current White 4th move against the Nimzo-indian Defense. 320p. p, mint. Many fascinating positions come out of this seminal  line to confront one of the key attempts to handle the Nimzo. $24

FEUERWERK IN NIMZOWITSCH-INDISCH, R. Ripperger, 230p 300 annotated ripsnortingly good games with the Nimzoindian. German. p, exc, $24


THE PIRC FOR THE TOURNAMENT PLAYER, J. Nunn, London, 1980. p, exc, 130p. $18


PONZIANI POWER, D.C. Taylor, 1st ed, Fountain Hills, AZ, ringbd, mint. 81p, good layout & notes. $14


DIE MODERNE ERÖFFNUNG 1.d2-d4!, E. Bogoljubow. Triberg, 1928. h, exc, 126p. $28.

DAS DAMENGAMBIT, L. Pachmann, Edition Olms, 1993, 292p. Despite its age this book on the Queen's Gambit is one of the very best due to Pachman's great expertise in the openings and the massive amount of analysis. p, mint, $22

STARTING OUT: THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT, J. Shaw, London, 2002, an excellent summary of the key lines incl. the QGD, QGA, Slav, Semi-Slav, Cambridge Springs, Tarrasch Def, Chigorin Def,... 144p. p, mint, $17


WIN WITH THE LONDON SYSTEM, S. Johnsen & V. Kovacevic, London, 2007, p, mint, 176p. A good system to take Black away from more common variations in the Queen's Gambit. $26



SLAVENSKA ODBRANA, S. Gligoric, Zagreb, 1948, p, exc, from a GM's library. with a release stamp. 142p. $12

THE ANTI-MERAN, BOTVINNIK VARIATION: Recent Analysis and Forgotten Ideas, E. Tangborn, Seattle, 1996, p, mint, 92p. With some 141 illustrative games, 


WINNING WITH THE QUEEN'S INDIAN, Ribli & Kallai, NY, 1987, p, mint, 176p. $10 

THE RICHTER VERESOV SYSTEM (1.d4 Nf6 2.Nc3 c5), Jimmy Adams, Nottingham, 1978, p, exc, 240p, a thorough treatment. $20


MODERNES SKANDINAVISCH, M. Wahls, Nettetal, 1997. 302p. German. A very thorough treatment. p, mint, $28


THE SOLTIS VARIATION OF THE YUGOSLAV ATTACK, Steve Mayer, San Francisco, 1995, p, mint, 333p. A fine analysis of one of the wildest and most exciting line in the Sicilian Defense. $20

SCHVENINGEN 6bBb5+ (THE VITOLINS VARIATION Sandler, Tal,Wojtkiewicz. London, 1989. a scrappy line! $9

THE SICILIAN DRAGON, D.N. L. Levy, 2nd ed, Dallas, 1976, h, mint,with dj, 243p. Abstruse analysis                                                                                                                                                                     which  wins for those who know it even today, $10

THE COMPLETE DRAGON, E. Gufeld & O. Stetsko, Seattle, 1997. p, exc, 352p. If you play the Dragon, this is still one of the best books to refer to. $24

THE ROSSOLIMO SICILIAN, V. Bologan, Alkmaar, 2011, p, mint, 238p. A powerful Anti-Sicilian that avoids tons of theory. 3. Bb5. $25.


1.b4 - THEORY AND PRACTICE OF THE SOKOLSKY OPENING, J. Konikowdki & M. Soszynski, Milford, 2009, p, mint, A thorough treatment of a good surprise opening that is quite playable. $29


ISPANSKAYA PARTIYA, Andrei  Malchev, 2-vol. set, Vol. 1, Sofia, 1975, h, vg, with dj, 459p. 2040 lines (MCO format, but with 2147 complete games to supplement those lines). Vol.2, Sofia, 1981, h, vg, with dj, 467p, 2167 lines (MCO format, with 2271 complete games to supplement those lines). In Russian. A stupendous achievement!  For the Spanish Game player a treasure trove! Sold as a set, $87.      Vol. 2, alone, h, vg, $45. 

ISPANSKAYA PARTIYA, V. Nenarokov, Moscow/Leningrad, 1932, p, exc, 48p, the Spanish Game in the light of Russian understanding in the early 30s.scarce. $45

THE RUY LOPEZ REVISITED, Ivan Sokolov, Alkmaar, 2009. A ver good up-to-date work on offbeat weapons & unexplored resources in this ancient but still deadly debut, treating especially the Schliemann Gambit (Jaenisch Gambit), Cozio Variation, Smyslov Var. (3...g6), Bird's Defence, and the Classical Variation. 271p. Excellent for the player wanting to use surprise Black systems against the Ruy. p, mint, $28

THE COMPLETE CHESS OPENINGS - THE SPANISH GAME, 4.Bc6 dc6 w/o 5. d4, 5.Nc3, 5. 0-0, C. Leach, over 500 games + 6 in the addenda. p, mint, 1994. 89p. $19 

THE COMPLETE CHESS OPENINGS - THE SPANISH GAME, 4.Bc6 dc6 with 5. d4, 5.Nc3,  C. Leach, over 300 games + more in the addenda. p, mint,1995, Great Britain. 68p. $16


THE PIRC IN BLACK AND WHITE, J. Vigus, London, 2007, 381p, a very detailed treatment of the Pirc with 87 complete games, p, mint, $26


THE POLISH DEFENCE, M. Basman, a chess tape, with accompanying small booklet, $10.


THE TWO KNIGHTS DEFENCE, J. Pinski. London, 2003. A defence to 1.e4 which leads to some wonderfully wild and complex analysis.p, mint, $20 

THE VIENNA GAME, Konstantinopolsky & Lepeshkin, Macon, 1986, p, vg 118p. $18

THE WILLIAMS GAMBIT, William L. Williams, Yorklyn, 1997. Paperback, 64 pages. An aggressive gambit first played in the 1840's by Elijah Williams in England. One of the main lines now is 1 f4 d5 2 e4 dxe4 3 Nc3 Bf5 4 g4 e5 5 h4 Be7 6 gxf5 Bxh4+ 7 Ke2 Nc6 8 Bh3. The gambit was further explored in an international postal gambit tourney from 1990-1993 in which six ICCF/WCCF Postal Masters took part. $8*