SECOND INTERNATIONAL CHECKER MATCH - America vs. Great Britain, A.J.Heffner. Chicago, 1927. h, vg, 459p, The games with annotations. $15

BOSTON 1922, FIFTH AMERICAN TOURNEY FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF AMERICA, The games annotated by Alfred Jordan and M. D. Teetzel,  Hannibal, 1923. h, vg, 398p. $18

LONG - HORR MATCH GAMES 1923, Detroit, 1923, h, exc, Notes by Newell Banks, 50p, $12

GONOTSKY - GINSBERG 1925, Chicago, 1925, with notes by Gonotsky for this 30-game match, h, exc, 50p.  $18.  b) Chicago, 1925, p, a variant edition with slightly different notes and only 48 pages, $12



HOW TO PLAY GO GAME, H. Kambayashi,p, exc, TES Center, Tokyo, 1955.  p, exc, 85p. A fabulous game which has stood the test of time. $8


THE ART OF PRACTICAL WHIST, Colonel Drayson, London, 1882, 3rd ed, $10, good, sl. warped, $10


THE RETREAT- HITLER'S FIRST DEFEAT, Michael Jones, h, mint, sheer beastiality on both sides oscillating between cannibalism and bravery beyond compare. 328p. $6 

 OAK KNOLL BOOKS CATALOG THIRTY, - HISTORY OF PRINTING, p, exc, circa 1981. 104p. 742 entries. $8

 THE BOOK BLOCK, David Block, circa 1982, p, exc, 73p. 638 entries. Books about books, printing history,typography, calligraphy, paper making, fine bindings, illustrated books. $10.


GAUGE FIELD THEORIES, S. Pokorski, Cambridge U. Press, 1987, p, exc, Advanced Theoretical Physics,  394 p. $12

IS GOD A MATHEMATICIAN?, M. Livio, NY, 2009, h, mint, with dj. 308p. This treats the intriguing question as to why mathematics is so unreasonably effective in formulating the laws of nature.In so doing the author reviews the basic structure of science in a fascinating account. $26

SMALL WORLDS - The Dynamics of Networks Between Order and Randomness, D. J. Watts, Princeton/Oxford, 1999. p, mint, 262p. Applications are in many fields from physics and mathematics to sociology, economics, and biology.  $25

SYMMETRY, M. Du Sautoy, NY, 2008, h, mint, with dj, 1st US edition. 376p. An interesting treatment of one of the basic ideas in mathematics written for the non-mathematician. $26

PERFECT RIGOR - [A GENIUS] + [The Mathematical Breakthrough of the Century], M. Gessen. The fascinating story of the Russian mathematician (G. Perelman) who solved one of the most intractable problems in mathematics: the Poincaré Conjecture.242p. h, mint, $26  

THE POINCARÉ CONJECTURE, D. O'Shea, NY, 2007, h, mint, 293p. This book is about the shape of the universe. Until recently Poincaré's conjecture was unproven. A wonderful book. $26

THE TROUBLE WITH COMPUTERS - Usefulness, Usability, and Productivity,Cambridge, MA, 1995.T.K. Landauer, 425p.  A thoughtful book which will  sometimes make you laugh and sometimes make you recall moments when you would like to strangle your computer and return to the good old days. But also with serious discussions of solutions too. $25

EULER'S GEM - THE POLYHEDRON FORMULA AND THE BIRTH OF TOPOLOGY, D. S. Richeson, Princeton, 2008. h, mint, with dj. 317p. A brilliant book which gives the lay person insights into the wonders of topology. $28

EUCLID IN THE RAIN FOREST - Discovering Universal Truth in Logic and Math, Joseph Mazur, NY, 2005, h, mint, with dj. 334p. The author examines the three types of logic that are the basis of our knowledge about the world we live in in an highly readable way. $25

THE NUMBERS BEHIND NUMBERS - SOLVING CRIME WITH MATHEMATICS, K. Devlin & G. Lorden, NY, 2007, p, exc, 244p. An intensely interesting book for anyone  involved with assessing the role of various types of numerical evidence in criminal cases. Written with  good explanations in 13 example cases. $14 


AMERICAN ANTIQUE GUNS AND THEIR CURRENT PRICES, M. Rywell.  1950-51. 40p. Over 2000over 2000 pistols and revolvers listed. Prices are useful only on a relative basis.  $4

THE GUN COLLECTOR'S HANDBOOK OF VALUES, C. E. Chapel, NY, 1951, 2nd Revised edition. h, vg, 397p, with many illustrations. The prices of today are usually ten times and more than the 1951 prices. There are also good verbal descriptions of the numerous rifles and pistols, $25

JANE'S WARSHIPS RECOGNITION GUIDE, NY & London, 1999, 2nd ed. 502p, p, exc,

A very interesting book which shows many ships including even aircraft carriers  of countries I never knew even had them such as India, Brazil, Thailand,  and Spain, $9


DATA ANALYSIS, S. Brandt, 3rd ed, NY, 1999, with CD -ROM with programs in FORTRAN and C. 652p. A sophisticated treatment by  a German physicist. h, mint,   $56 

1961-1962 COMPLETE CATALOG OF DOVER BOOKS IN ALL FIELDS, 21p. With a smattering of chess titles as well as mostly science, mathematics, medicine, literature, etc. $2


A CHRISTMAS LETTER. G. Borrow, Phila, 1942, p, vg, a strange mixture of history, religon, remembrance... very small edition by the Moncure Biddle Press, 63p. $25


A SHERLOCK HOLMES ITEM, Envelope with Stationery of the Baker Street Irregulars (with drawing of Holmes on the cover), dated Aug 23 1948 to Dale Brandreth with 3-cent Francis Scott Key commemorative postage stamp. $6


A SUPERB COLLECTION OF ILLUMINATED VELLUM MANUSCRIPTS AND WORKS ON THE ART OF ILLUMINATING FROM THE LIBRARY OF W.J.GILBERT OF ST. LOUIS, Catalog 999, Stan Henkels, June 8, 1909, p, exc, 11p, 312 entries with 5 color examples of fine illuminations, $25


A UNIQUE COLLECTION OF AUTOGRAPH LETTERS OF GREAT HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE- STAN HENKELS CATALOGUE No. 1139, AUCTION OF JUNE 2nd 1915, Embracing 29 letters of George Washington with extensive passages therefrom; 35 from General Sullivan; 13 from General Enoch Poor, 7 from Genl. Philip mSchuyler; 14 from Genl. Gates Genl. Stephen, Genl. Lord Stirling and others; and 81 letters from Signers of the Declaration of Independence; and and 59 letters by Revolutionary Statesman. p, vg, 91p, 454 entries, $65


AB BOOKMAN'S WEEKLY- SPECIAL MEDICAL ISSUE, April 26, 1982, about 65 pages dedicated to reviews, ads for medical book specialists, etc. $3


AMERICANA CATALOG- THE LIBRARY COLLECTED BY THE LATE JOSEPH B. SHEA OF PITTSBURGH, American Art Association Anderson Galleries , NY, 1937, p, exc, 212p, 674 entries. This catalog, like many others of that era are themselves full of interersting facts and history due to the detailed listings. $40


AMERICANA RARA ENGLISH & AMERICAN FIRST EDITIONS COLLECTED BY WILLIAM D. BREAKER American Art Association catalogue for auction of April 7, 1937. h, exc, 79p, 135 lots. Henry Longfellow editions; The Editio Princepd of Homer1 1488/89 in a beautiful binding with pictorial panels tooled in relief; A fine copy of the first issue of Hamor’s rare and famous work on Virginia, London, 1615; .First edition of Eliot’s Indian Bible , the Indian edition of the first complete bible printed in America, 1663 (title page reproduced); Vespucius Americus, 1st dated edition, 1504. and many more items of extreme rarity and historical importance. $60


AUCTION SALE OF MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS & PRINTS, A.L. VAN GENDT & CO., 1977, 104p, p, exc, Old & Rare Books, Theology & Church History, Judaica & Hebraica, Dutch History & Literature, Old & Modern Prints, Maps & Drawings, Miscellaneous Books. $1


BOOKS FROM FAMOUS PRESSES OF THE 19th & 20th CENTURIES, Magg Bros. Cat. No 855, 1958. 36, p, exc. $18


BOOKS ON MUSICAL SUBJECTS, 1961-62 catalog 1, Oscar Shapiro, Shapiro was also a dealer in chess books (only rarer items) and occasionally had some Philidor items since Philidor was a lesser-known composer in music. 11p, 443 items, p, exc, $6


COLLOID AND SURFACE CHEMISTRY STUDY GUIDE V- PART 1, J. Th. G. Overbeek, Center for Advanced Study & Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT. 1970. Ringbd, exc. Several hundred pages (paginated within each chapter. A fine presentation by a world-class Dutch surface chemist. With many good problems and detailed solutions. $35


COMPLEXITY - A GUIDED TOUR, M. Mitchell, h, mint, 349p. If a person wants to understand many of the frontier problems in the sciences, this is a first-rate introduction requiring minimal mathematics. Did you ever wonder what it is that guides self-organizing structures like the immune system, the global economy, and the human genome? Read this book, understand and be fascinated. $28


DIGITAL DICE, Paul Nahin, Computational Solutions to Practical Probability Problems, 21 sophisticated but useful probability problems with full well-explained solutions. 263p. Uses clear thinking but not advanced math to solve them. h, mint, $27.


ENGLISH-JAPANESE DICTIONARY, Sanseido's New Concise 10th edition. p, exc, on rice paper. 1344 pages. With case. $14


GALAXY, Science Fiction Magazine, Aug. 1969, includes the story The White King's War, p, vg, $2


GUIDE TO GAMES & PUZZLES, H. L. Rinker, Dubuque, 1997, p, mint, 256p. A catalogue of hundreds of games and puzzles along with photos of many and with descriptions and monetary valuations of all the items. Quite interesting to browse to find all-but-forgotten games and toys of one's youth. $18


I WAS TORTURED IN THE PASADENA JAILHOUSE. Bobby Fischer, self-published by Fischer in 1982, does not deal with chess. It is an account of his arrest and imprisonment in 1981 on the suspicion that he was a bank robber and his subsequent mistreatment and incarceration in a Gestopo-like way.14p. A real piece of Fisheriana. $99


LATHROP HARPER CATALOG 219 - MEDICINE- SCIENCE - TECHNOLOGY & NATURAL HISTORY, 1975, p, exc, 120p, 350 entries incl. many great rarities incl. some incunables. $8


MATHEMATICS IN NATURE - Modeling Paterns in the Natural World, John Adam, Princeton,2003. p, mint, 360p. An intensely interesting book for anyone in either the physical or biological sciences. From a review in the American Scientist: "Mathematics in Nature is an excellent resource for bringing a greater variety of patterns into the mathematical study of nature, as well as for teaching students to think about describing natural phenomena mathematically." The author is Professor of Mathematics at Old Dominion University and coeditor of A Survey of Models for Tumor-Immune System Dynamics. The degree of mathematical sophistication needed for understanding is small. $24.


MATHEMATISCHE METHODEN IN DER HOCHFREQENZ-TECHNIK, L. Poschl, Berlin/Göttingen/ Heidelberg. Springer-Verlag. 1956. 331p, h, exc, with the withdrawal stamp of the former famous Franklin Institute Library. Highly technical and advanced electrical Engineering. $20

RACING PLANES AND AIR RACES, 1969, 1970, 1971, & 1972 Annuals bd in one. , R. Kinert, Fallbrook, 1969, 70, 71, 72. h, exc, With many photos. 96 + 105 + 96 + 112p. $18


RARE AMERICANA FROM THE LIBRARY OF THE LATE LEVI Z. LEITER, Sale Catalog Feb. 15 & 16, 1933. An extremely nice catalog due to its reproduction of some wonderful documents in parts such as Thomas Jefferson's own copy of his notes on Virginia with MS additions in his autograph; First Edition of the André Court Martial, 1780; Probably a Unique Copy of Eliot's Indian Bible One of the Largest and Finest in Existence. 1680 "Mamusse wunneetupannatamwe up-biblum God naneeswe..."; The Second Work Printed by Bradford, one of the Rarest Books Relating to Pennsylvania, Thomas Budd, 1685; One of the Largest Private Collections of Confederate Books and Pamphlets, 5 pages in fine print of documents of the Confederate States, hundreds of pieces, said to be inferior only to those in the Library of Congress and the Athenaeum in Boston; Washington at Valley Forge- The Darkest Hour, 10p; p, exc, 106p. 263 items with first-rate descriptions. $48


RARE BOOK CATALOGUING & BOOKS AND SOCIETY IN HISTORY, two topics treated in a 1980 issue of AB BOOKMAN'S WEEKLY, p, exc. $8


SCRABBLE PLAYERS HANDBOOK, L. Tiffany, p, vg, 146p. rules, strategies, $10


SOLDAT - REFLECTIONS OF A GERMAN SOLDIER 1936-1949, S. Knappe & T. Brusaw, h, exc, NY, 1992. A fascinating story of a German officer in this period including the invasion of Russia, the Italian Campaign, etc. $10


SPIES OF THE AIRWAVES, Hugh Skillen, A History of the Y Sections During the Second World War, Pinner, 1989, hardback, excellent condition, with dust jacket. viii + 550 + 45 pages. An intriguing story of wireless intercept espionage during WWII by a leading expert who was deeply involved in these activities for four years in WWII in North Africa and Great Britain. With many illustrations and details of the operations which were a vital part of the Allied victory. Small edition. $35


SUPERCOMPUTING AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF SCIENCE, W. Kaufmann & L. Smarr, NY, 1993, h, exc, with dj. 238p. Pasrt of the excellent Scientific American series. A book that can be read and enjoyed by anyone interested in the many ways that supercomputers impact virtually every aspect of modern life. $28


THE COMPLEAT STRATEGYST, J. D. Williams, NY, 1954. Being a primer on the theory of games of strategy, h, exc, with dj and a protective plastic jacket. A seminal work on the subject. $30


THE FREDERICK S. PECK COLLECTION OF AMERICAN HISTORICAL AUTOGRAPHS AND A FEW VERY RARE BOOKS, Samuel T. Freeman catalogue Feb. 17, 1947. p, vg, 105 p, 203 lots. Include. the first edition, first issue of Whitman’s Leaves of Grass; Benjamin Rush (signer of the Declaration of Independence) to Major General Lee, July 23, 1776 (one page reproduced); Letters by at least 20 other signers of the Declaration of Independence; ALS Francis Lightfoot Lee to Col. Landon Carter, March 19, 1776. Scores of letters by other Revolutionary War notables such as Jefferson, Washington, as well as later presidents. $85


THE MCKENNY-HALL PORTRAIT GALLERY OF AMERICAN INDIANS, J. D. Horan, NY, 1972, 373p, with some 240 color plates, based on paintings, of famous American Indians. A remarkable book. $45.


THE NUMERATI, S. Baker, Boston & NY, 2008, h, mint, with dj. 244p, Every day most of us leave behind a long trail of personal information just by living in the modern world. Companies like Yahoo! and Google are harvesting that information an average of 2500 details about each of us permonth. Who is looking at this data and what are they doing with it? That's what this book is about. $25.


THE SEARCH FOR SOLUTIONS, H. F. Judson, NY, 1980, h, exc, with dj. 211p. A remarkable book which lays out the foundations of our scientific knowledge and maps our universe from the single cell to our solar system. $20


THE SPLENDID LIBRARY AND COLLECTION OF HISTORICAL AND LITERARY AUTOGRAPHS OF THE LATE MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM A. READ, To be Dispersed at Public Sale Jauary 8 & 9th, 1936 at American Art Association Galleries, New York. h, vg, with pencilled bids for many items. 287p, 485 entries. With reproductions from many of the items including The Original Account of the First Indian Massacr in PennsylvaniaOct. 16, 1755. The Greene Collection—58 letters and an autograph memorandum book by General Greene. Autograph letters by Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, early editions of Shakespeare's plays, autograph letters by Lafayette, and hundreds more. $45


TURF AND SPORT DIGEST, a 1963 issue with an article on Horses on Postage Stam[ps, 3-page article + color cover. The entire issue. $4


UNCERTAINTY, David Lindley, NY, 2007, 1st ed, h, mint, qith dj. 257p. Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr and the Struggle for the Soul of Science. Largely a history of quantum mechanics with some entertaining vignettes about the top physicists involved in the convoluted tale of development of one of the two greatest physical theories of the past century (the other: relativity). Written without equations. $25.50


UNIVERSALIS INTRODUCTIO IN OMNES RESPUBLICAS SINE POLITICA GENERALIS, Werdenhagen Ioann Angelii.- Amstelodami, Apud Ioann Iansonium, 1632. In-24 (5.8 x 11.1cm) Portrait of the author in frontispice, 30 introductory pages + 767 pages main text. Bd. in vellum, h, fine condition. . In Latin. $350


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS CATALOG FOR 2010, 90p, p, exc, a catalog with many fascinating new books, $1


VALUABLE AUTOGRAPH LETTERS RELATING TO THE FRENCH REVOLUTION AND EMPIRE, Stan Henkels Catalogue No. 1143, for the auction of June 23, 1915, in Philadelphia. Embracing fine letters and documents signed by Napoleon Bonaparte and members of his family, his marshals, generals and statesmen; The celebrated love letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton and other letters of Lord Nelson and two gold snuff boxes presented by Napoleon Bonaparte. p, vg, front cover soiled. With pencilled notes of some bids. With full fold-out reproductions of five of the most interesting items. $60


VECTOR ANALYSIS, K. A. Stroud & D. Booth, NY, 2005, p, mint. The best book I have seen so far in learning elementary vector analysis. Hundreds of examples and exercises with solutions. 346 p. Covers partial differentiation, polar coordinates, multiple integrals, differentials and line integrals, surface and volume integrals, vectors, vector differentiation, vector integration, and curvilinear coordinates. $39.

VISUALIZATION OF NATURAL PHENOMENA, Wolff & Yaeger, NY, 1993. h, exc, with the CD-ROM that has over 100 Quick Time animations covering a wide range of visualization applications.  374p. A very useful book for anyone who wants to display data in a visual format. Fascinating to others as well. $24


VOYAGES AND TRAVELS, Magg Bros, London. One of the world's top sellers of rare books: vol. 6, Part 1, Cat. No. 875, 1961, p, exc, 56p. $16. b) Vol. 6, Part II, Cat. No 888, 1963, p, exc, pp. 57-120, $16. The set of two vols, $30.


VOYAGES TRAVELS COSTUMES, Rosenkilde & Bagger, Copenhagen, 1977, Cat. # 186. p, vg, 223p. An impressive catalog with extensive entries for many rare books. $18


WESTERN AMERICANA ISSUE, in a 1979 issue of AB BOOKMAN'S WEEKLY, valuable to collectors of Western Americana, $12