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RUSSIAN CHESS YEARBOOKS(SHAKHMATY ZA year GOD). These books which ran fro 1946 to 1962 are frequently overlooked in terms of their importance for highlighting the best of Russian chess in this period since there are excellent annotations to many seminal games by top-notch Soviet players and often good articles on endgame studies and chess problems. Here we list all of them with more detailed descriptions for each one. All are hardbacks. There are usually x-tables for major events as well. Many internal USSR games. h, vg covers worn & somewhat soiled. In these books there are hundreds of games with power and beauty!

    1947-1949, 459p, 131 games & game positions. The World CH by Botvinnik; International games; the 16th USSR CH; Queen endings by Keres; Soviet EG Studies by Korol'kov. Larger format than the subsequent volumes. h, vg $75 b) h, vg, $70.

    1950, 339p, 103 g&gp. Budapest candidates tourney; Venice tourney; Semifinals to the 18th USSR CH; Amsterdam 1950; the Caro-Kann Def. the Theory of Bishop Endings by Averbakh; Compositions in Actual Games. h, vg, larger format. covers worn & soiled, $45


    1951-52, 244p, 61 g&gp. International games; the Soviet CH won by Keres; B&N endings by Averbakh; EG studies by Kasparyan; h, exc, $45. b) h, fair, covers worn & soiled, $20


    1953, 320p, 57 g&gp.  International games; Selected games from the Zurich Candidates  tourney; games from Russian tourneys; The slav Defence by Suetin; Bishop endings by Averbakh; Some EG studies by Farago. h, exc, $40

    1954,368p,92 g&gp. an article on Botvinnik-Smyslov by Levenfish; the Olympiad in Holland; Selected Team Tournament games within the USSR; Games from International Matches; and additions to Soviet chess literature by Sakharov. h, exc, $45. b) h, vg, $40.

    1955, 287p, g &gp not given. International events; the Ukrainian CH; Hungary vs the USSR by Mikenas; Compositions by Kofman; Chess literature by Sakharov.h, exc, $45. b) h, fair covers worn, $35

    1956, 336p. 97 g&gp. 23rd USSR CH; International Games; Alekhin Memorial by Romanovski; The English Opening; h, vg, worn & discolored, autographed by the very strong US master, Raymond Weinstein. $40

    1957, 511p, 107 g&gp; 24th USSR CH; Various USSR events; The Two Knights Defence by Estrin; The Early History of Chess in Russia by Maizelis; Chess Problems by Kofman; EG Studies by Korol'kov. h, vg,covers worn & soiled. $55

    1958-1959, 503p, 145 g&gp. Botvinnik-Smyslov; 25th USSR CH;International Games; Chess Literature by Sakharov. h, exc. $60


    1960, 496p, 146 g&gp. Botvinnik-Tal; Semi-Finals to the 28th USSR CH by Boleslavsky;Various USSR events;  Chess Compositions by Koffman & Umnov. h,vg, covers somewhat discolored & worn.  $40.. b) h, vg, $45

    1961, 366p, 118 g&gp.Botvinnik-Tal; Student Team Tourney;  USSR CH; Chess in the Ukraine; Endgame Studies,  h, vg, $40. 


    1962, 304p, 81 g&gp. International games (many Fischer games); h, vg, covers worn & somewhat discolored. $40

1889 - 1979 90 JAHRE SCHWEIZERISCHER SCHACHVERBAND, p, mint, Crisovan & Riethmann, Schönenberg, 155p. No games but full records of events, key players, and many photos. An excellent chronology of Swiss chess. $60


BACHMANN'S SCHACHJAHRBUCHER, these volumes, some with as many as three in a single year, comprise a valuable collection of the best games as selected from Bachmann's survey of the literature in the period 1891 to 1930. Most game have light notes. Sometimes there are x-tables and sometimes summaries of the events reported. 1900, h, fair, covers worn pages sl. browned, 222p, $40. 1903, h, fair, covers worn. 2p in xerox, $40. 1905, h, fair, 122 + 59p, some pages loose, $30. 1907-II, h, fair, 208p, shaken, sl. browned pages, $40. 1907-III, h, vg, 136p, $65 1910-I, h, exc, with the entire Lasker-Schlechter match with notes, 184p, $80. 1910-II, h, exc, some marginalia, with bookplate of a famous collection, 247p, $75. 1911-I, h, exc, 218p. $75. 1913, h, exc, 351p, $90. 1914-I, h, vg, 184p, $65; 1914-I, h, exc, $75.

CESKY SPOLEK SACHOVNI V OLOMOUCI 1897-1937 & SACHOVY KLUB HODOLANY 1927-1937, p, exc, Czech.20p. History of these clubs with two photos. scarce. $38


ENGELHARDT'S SCHACH-TASCHEN-JAHRBUCH, Germany, an excellent serieswith much information such as x-tables for the year's key events, places to play chess in Germany, some articles, names & addresses of chess federations in various countries, etc. 1964, h, exc,376p. $14. 1968, h, exc, 380p, $14. 1959, p, vg, $6


GROB'S SCHACHKALENDER 1946, H. Grob, p, vg, covers worn, 106p. $13


INTERNATIONALES SCHACH-JAHRBUCH 1948/49, Bern, 1950, photos, records, articles, 126p, p, vg, $24

MASSACHUSETTS STATE CHESS ASSOCIATION 1949, 45p, p, exc, includes some interesting material such as Weaver Adams autobiography, "Chess in Boston" by John Barry, lists of Massachusetts State Champions from 1932 to 1948, City of Boston Champions from 1934 to 1948, a number of Curdo's games,...$25


PRISMA SCHAAK BOEK 10. H. Bouwmeester, Utrecht/ Antwerpen, 160p. p, exc, $15.


SACHOVY SBORNIK 1955, L. Alster, h, exc, ELRS, 272p, Many annotated games from Czech players & event & extensive sections on chess problems & EG studies. $30


SCHAAK JAARBOEK, an excellent Dutch series which includes mainly annotated games for that year. 1970, p, exc, 164p, $14. 1972, p, exc, 159p, $12. 1973, p, exc, 159p, $14. 1975, p, exc, 125p, $14. 1976, p, vg, 166p, $11. 1979, p, exc, 123p, $16.


SCHACH BUNDESLIGA 1980-83, Eising, & Treppner, p, mint, 117p, 40 annotated games + league results, Strong players icl. Pachman, Spassky,... $16


SCHACH BUNDESLIGA 1984-88, Eising & Treppner, p, mint, 128p. Many annotated games from the league. Even Spassky played in some matches. $18


SCHACH-CHRONIK 1977-1980, Dr. W. Lauterbach, p, mint, 275p, Many annotated games with extremely strong players (Karpov, Spassky,Korchnoi,..) $26


SCHACH-CHRONIK 1981-1982, Dr. W. Lauterbach, p, mint, 251p, many annotated games by very strong players. $26


SCHACH-CHRONIK 1984, Dr. W. Lauterbach, p, mint, 115p, similar to the preceding two items. $20


SHAKHMATNYI EZHEGODNIK, Moscow, 1937, Grekov & Maizelis. h, exc, 416p. Much excellent content incl. content by Alatortsev, Belawenetz, Bohatyrchuk, Botwinnik, Lasker, Kan, Panov,...X-tables and annotated games from Soviet events from 1932 to 1935, Games from the most important foreign tournaments & matches, a section on new developments in the openings, an extensive article on R &P endings by Grigoriev and and an artcle on chess problems. Scarce. $195


SVERIGES SCHACKFÖRBUNDS ÅRSBOK 1970-1971, p, exc, 48p, no games. $7. 1975, p, exc, 64p, local results, photos (one of Tal vs. Kinnmark with Karpov nearby; another Uddenfeldt vs Petrosian), $8. 1977, p, exc, 64p, results, photos (one of Tony Miles), addresses, $8


THE BATSFORD CHESS YEARBOOK 1975/76, K. O'Connell, London, 1976, p, vg, 152p. Selected annotated games, x-tables for key tourneys of the period. $10


THE BRITISH CHESS FEDERATION YEAR BOOK OF CHESS, Great Britain, another long-running series: 1936/37, p, good, covers chipped, 366p, $13. 1937/38, p, vg, 366p, $28. 1938-1945, p, vg, 243p, $28. 1946/47, p, vg, 307p, $28. 1948/49, p, vg, 295p, $20. 1955/56, p, vg, 243p, $20, 1958/59, p, vg, 288p, $20. 1959/60, p, vg, 300p, 1971/72, records of local tournaments & matches, rules, clubs, Association names & addresses, records of international matches,… 311p. $24


THE YEAR BOOK OF CHESS, E.A. Michell, Great Britain. A series which ran from 1907 to 1915/16. Each volume has brief accounts and selected games from chess events from around the world with brief notes. 1907, h, vg, $38. 1907, p, vg, $30. 1909, p, vg, outer covers lacking, $28.  1915-16, p, vg, covers worn,many good games not reported elsewhere, $32.

1915-16, h, exc, $40.  1915-16, h, vg, covers worn & lightly spotted, $36.